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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Chased

My name is Yanna Everleigh. I used to think that being an old-fashioned virgin would be enough to keep gorgeous, sexy billionaires away - well, at least the kind who didn't do love at least. But I was wrong. If anything, it simply made my billionaire want me even more.

His name is Constantijin Kastein. He blows hot and cold, arrogant and cynical one moment and then disarmingly sweet the next. He makes me forget all about waiting for true love and just go for mind-blowingly hot sex. But he's also Netherlands' #1 playboy, and I'm my own worst enemy. I must be on my guard.

Maybe if I play hard to get and pretend that my heart doesn't beat madly every time I see him - pretend that my body doesn't go weak when he's close - maybe he'll finally stop trying to seduce me.

Or not.
- Goodreads

How (Not) To Be Seduced by Billionaires' Chased was just great; the 'total package' for me. It kind of even came off as classic, but that might have been because I was just going back through it to write its review, as I'd read this a while ago. XD Some of Marian's work are more on the funny side, some on the other side of the serious line, etc. But this book had it all- especially the heart ache.

It starts off on a hilarious note with Yanna being late for an interview/meeting and sitting right next to the hot guy who also happens to be the owner of the company. Mr. Constantijin Kastein himself. XD And when she sees him, she says, 'Oh shit'!

She's the last to be interviewed by Constantijin, and he hires her! And then he says:
"Not let's get to us."

He totally ravages her, and for a minute, she surrenders to his sweet mouth and roaming hands. Her girls are getting his attention and he has her saying what he wants when his assistant walks in. Eek! And worse yet- the older woman acts like it's happened before, and when she leaves, Yanna makes a run for it with tears in her eyes, feeling like a traitor to her better sense.

Yanna returns to work as part of the new marketing team despite that embarrassing moment of weakness, and during lunch, he sits with her. She offers friendship in the hopes of deterring his interest in her (because she's only looking for Mr. Right, not Mr. FuckMeYes), and true to his lecherous ways, he fingers her under the table until she's spent and then says he enjoys this new friendship. XD!!!!
*I want that friendship.*

And enter Drake Morrison, the guy who always seems to pop up and save her not just at work, but everywhere she gets into trouble. It almost has her seriously wondering if he's Mr. Right. She has a presentation that goes very well, and Constantijin gets jealous when he sees her talking to Drake. So jealous, in fact, that he takes her to his office and eats her out until she's crazy and delirious.
"You're mine."

Yanna is starting to fall for him, but she has to keep reminding herself that he's a playboy- and playboys doesn't do the 'couple thing' or what she's looking for. After another presentation, it's seeing him with her co-worker, Arian (and allowing the gold-digger to shamelessly flirt with him) and getting complimented by Drake that prompts her to lie to Constantijin when he asks if she's going on a date. That makes him even more jealous, and he actually shows up at the shower, demanding to know who she's with. The poor thing can't even answer him before one of the strippers for the bridal shower is shouting about getting naked! XD She tells him the truth, and they end up making out-
*snort. That's putting it fucking lightly*

-but when he tells her to say that she's his, she can't, because if she does, she'll be giving in. He thinks she's playing her (though her silence doesn't help, either) and leaves, but his assistant, Glenda, talks with Yanna and eventually reveals that she's the only woman to make him celibate.

She and George go to Vegas during vacation, and who shows up? Yes. Constantijin.
"I missed you."
. . .
"You are so fucked."

(George said that to her) XD I love George! He sees how much the two are into the other, and when Yanna gets worried about people finding out that she's "seeing" the big boss, he ends the chapter with:
"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

After lunch, she and George head down to the pool. Constantijin shows up later and applies sunscreen on her, but she slaps his hand when he touches the sides of her breasts, and after a small fight she storms off- and gets pushed into the pool! LOL They're so fucking cute, and then things get really hot when he has her against him in the water. She starts getting drunk on her lust though, and, finally not giving a shit, she rubs against him.
"Don't start something you can't- won't -finish."
"Who says I won't?"

BINGO! Hahahaha A billionaire has probably never run faster, but they get to his room, and they start getting into it- whhhheeeeeennn his stupid machine goes off. And some bimbo named Selena goes, "Oh! You're in Vegas, too? I'm naked and hot-"

It's such a buzz kill. And it makes her feel even more self-conscious about being with him. He tries to change her mind, asking her what he needs to do, so she tells him. "Court me." But he can't. He refuses her right there in her face, and after walking her back to her room, he leaves. And it was the last she saw of him for the weekend.

T________T Ugggghhhh stupid- baka! -billionaire! I loved the first book, but seriously- that cliffhanger!!! You can bet your ass I rushed to get the second one. XD I really liked the book. :3 It was hilarious, heart-jerking with cute scenes between Yanna and Constantijin when he wasn't being so thick-headed... George: he's so cute. ^.^ Arian- *sigh* -unfortunately still has her own evil role in the series. :P She didn't get run over by a bus.... I know, right?

I recommend this book to those who liked this review! The book's a hundred times better. I should know, because I reread it, and it still made me cry. XD

Happy Reading!

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