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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: The Demon Duke and I

Tomboy. Potty mouth. Cyber geek.

That's who 24-year-old photo blogger Georgina "George" McCartney really is. But because her father's death suddenly makes her a "ward" of her odious step-aunt, George's world is turned upside down as she's forced into leading a life of respectability in the kingdom of Chalys, where ladies dazzle in corsets and petticoats, gentlemen go a-courting with carriage rides and grand balls, and anything electrical or digital is forbidden.

Kidnapped. Hunted. Seduced.

All George wants is a stolen adventure after dark, but instead she finds herself drugged - or at least she thinks she is. How else can she explain the way she finds her beautiful, sexy, and powerful captor, Silviu, absolutely irresistible? Plus, he's crazy. He kisses George like he owns her, tells George creatures from Hell are after them, and he believes his demon half will gain a soul by making her his heartkeeper. Say what? Does he mean 'housekeeper'?

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First of all this book is even more special to me because Marian gave me a shout out on this book's dedication page. :D Thank you!!!! That's like a dream-come-true for readers!!!!!!!! And it's so unexpected...unbelievable... and she didn't have to do that. (You didn't have to do that, Marian!)

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But on to the review!

Ohhhh mmmmmmyyyyyyy ggggggooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddddddd wwwwhhhyyy

I LOVE this! It was only 154 pages, but damn! I want more! T_T

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Marian Tee went back to writing adult characters, but I seriously think this book shows her maturity in her writing. Or maybe it's because everyone's living in a Victorian-influenced era? I don't know, but gosh! Holy shit balls! O.O So George is a real potty mouth, but it's a defense mechanism for her. She's different from the usual innocently naive girls Marian writes about, which is also a refreshing experience in its own way. She's hilarious, though, and I love that her antics, foul mouth and stubbornness make Silviu smile.

George lives in Asphodel, a town in the kingdom of Chalys, but before that, she lived in the states with her parents and four other guardians. Her step-aunt, aka Lady Beyotch, has been trying to hook her up with guys she can control because of all the inheritance left to George which, by the way, can't be touched by her until she turns twenty-five. (That's months away). The opening starts off with her leaving her room via the window and telling her friend, Desire, to not say a word to her aunt. She wants to take pictures of the woods on a particularly beautiful night of the full moon. It'd have been a great idea- anywhere else.

A full moon might mean a glorious night in most parts of the world, but not here -
never in Chalys.

It switches to Silviu Draghici's POV, and we see him coming to the realization that he is about to die because he has yet to find his heartkeeper, the woman who would give his damned half a soul and thus his redemption. He is the Duke of Brimstone, the home to supernatural creatures in Chalys that hide from the humans. His Galere, his blood bonded brothers, join him that night to reluctantly wish him farewell. Mihail, the vampire; Adrijan, the half-cetus; and Ilie Marcovici, the wolf. All marquis and heirs to the territories of their own race within the kingdom. Already this is starting out awesome, and when Silviu waves goodbye and decides to have a little 'stroll' through the Woods of the Wraiths before his death, he stumbles upon a trespasser.

A very, very foul mouthed trespasser.

Their meeting is hilarious because the whole time she's cursing at her uncooperative camera, he's watching her with slight amusement that he never felt towards a human before. Still, a trespasser is a dead human, and as he prepares to kill her, she turns- and then it hits him. She is The One. The poor woman goes through a lot- even goes so far as to take her shirt off in the hopes of performing a Filipino legend about being immune to illusions set upon a person by the elementals. Silviu sees her undressing and in the end confronts her.

*Mmm, "confronts" her.*

She agrees to be his heartkeeper in order to be let go, and almost immediately, he falls weak. And then of all the luck, imps and arch demons appear, trying to kill one or both to attain the title and power of the Duke of Brimstone. She would've run for it, but the sight of all these creatures makes her reach out to her captor.

Better the devil you know than the devil you don't.

She gets sent away on his horse Granite, the last of the Pegasus, and flies off. However, the thought of leaving him doesn't sit well with her, and in the end she goes back to help fight. The Galere think she's crazy, but might be the perfect stubborn match for their friend. Later on she passes out, and wakes up in an unfamiliar room. Ilie is sent to check up on her, part of their plan being to let rumors fly about him and the new human possibly being involved, and although he knows Silviu would kill him for sleeping with her, he wouldn't mind if she slept with him, because it would only then mean that she was not meant for Silviu, and thus easier to kill and be rid of. His blood brothers aren't too happy with her because of the seemingly convenient timing of her appearance ("she could be a witch!") and the Duke's almost death, but things backfire when Ilie falls for her. o.o And the worse part? He knows she'll never be his.

Lots of hilarious stuff happens, but the sex scenes! Every time they started getting closer and frisky I was like-

goal GIF photo: Camacho minicamacho.gif

That's all I'm saying. Oh. And dayum. Ok, I think I'm good. X)

Their time spent together, slowly getting used to the other, was so entertaining. And I loved that George was so... well, very rough around the edges in comparison to some other ladies I could name. XD! LOL And Silviu- whew. That is one seriously fine ass half-incubus/angel. Like, seriously... seriously...

Sex was supposed to be the thing that fully bound them together, but there was another thing they had to do if Silviu wanted her to gain immortality; he had to get her guardian's blessing. Oooo, that's another thing! :D They go undercover while heading over to her estate, and stop at a tavern. There, she has to pretend to be Ilie's human pet, and meets a lot of different creatures that totally made me smile. And hey, Silviu's a big strong, powerful duke- it shouldn't be too hard to convince her psycho aunt, right? WRONG. Because her aunt is not a normal gold digger. Oh, no. She's Delphine LaLaurie, aka the Red Witch.

UGH! So Silviu found out who her aunt was, but because she has a tendency to open her mouth, he didn't tell George, and instead had her tell her aunt that she had fallen for a marquis, and had come back home. When she asks him if his plan was to do her for the weekend and then dump her, and he doesn't say anything, she leaves him, hurt and ashamed. Weeks pass, and it takes a toll on her, despite her stubbornness to show any weakness.

A new plan is formulated, one that involves Ilie (poor thing) inviting and 'inviting' Lady Beryl and her daughters to the Duke's Ball, a welcome home party and a get-together to help the Duke choose his bride. George has no idea about the ball, only that it's a party, and after Ilie convinces her aunt that she is his human pet, she ends up with Silviu again in Brimstone.

They're together again, Silviu plans to kill her evil aunt (which means he won't need her guardian's blessing) -  it should be all good! But Lady Beryl doesn't completely trust the marquis, Ilie, and so she has a chameleon disguise himself as Ilie to take some of George's hair. Then "George" goes to Silviu and tells him that she kissed Ilie, and liked it. A lot. It's hurting Silviu, so he lashes out by dancing with the other women at the ball and ignoring George. It's when he kisses one of them (tongue included) that she makes him meet with her in the library. And then he tells her he doesn't love her. She'll be easy to replace.

"Just get out of my face tonight, milady. I never want to see your face again."

She's been such a tough chic all this time, but just when she started to lower her defenses because of him, he cuts her deep. And she gets taken- again -because of it.

Silviu and the Galere have a huge fight when the false lie is confronted, but they get to the library too late. They go after her and rescue her, but when George wakes up, she doesn't want to fight with him. It's just... Too. Much. :( After they deal with the chameleon, he apologizes to her in a very humbled position and she forgives him. :) It ends with them having breakfast with everyone two weeks later, talking about the laws she wants to change, and she and Silviu having 'breakfast' back in their room. ^.^

It was a sweet ending with an extremely sad/stressful few pages of heartbreak between Silviu and George at the ball. Loooved it! But WAIT! We got a sneak peak for Book 2, and OH MY GODDDDD. It shows four of the guardians George mentioned back in the states, her 'family': Rage, Knife, Storm and Dark. They're old, seemingly grumpy, but when they arrive in Chalys because of an invitation, something changes. The farther they venture into familiar lands, the younger they become, and then they're four strong, handsome and severely dangerous men. Apparently ready for 'revenge' and to protect their 'princess'. X))))) And then when they ask about the Duke and his engagement, their driver tells them that it was called off, and that the girl, Georgina, 'ran away or something'. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! The sky turns dark and stormy and they leave the scared driver before disappearing into the Woods of the Wraiths.

"That's dangerous territory!"
"We are home now."

excited GIF photo: Tamaki Excited gif ab3899ce.gif

I NEEDDDD to know what's going to happen! Her four "guardians" are supernatural and are sworn to protect their PRINCESS! George is a princess! And one of them wants revenge for the nymphs that were killed, but Silviu's mother became a heartkeeper because she was blackmailed to protect the nymphs. So what does that mean??? Am I reading too much into this??? o.O?!

I recommend this soooo muuuch. It's one of Marian Tee's shorter novels, but it's a great, entertaining and sizzling hot story. X))) I so cannot wait for the rest of the books. XD

PS- the whole time Lady Beryl was mentioned, I kept think of the bad guy from Sailor Moon.

No? Not the same for you? Maybe it's just me, then... lol and on that note-

Happy Reading!

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