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Shadowed Threads (Rylee Adamson #4)

"My name is Rylee, and I am a Tracker."

When children go missing, and the Humans have no leads, I'm the one they call. I am their last hope in bringing home the lost ones. I salvage what they cannot.

O'Shea is AWOL, and Tracking him is proving to be harder than I expected.

Not to mention the small fact that I have the Beast of Bodmin Moor chasing me across Europe, in a race against the odds, and my life as the prize.

But those things are minor compared to the secrets that finally come to light.

Secrets I wish had stayed hidden in the darkness...
                       - Goodreads

*****STARS: 5*****
*WARNING: major spoilers*

Rylee's finally found another Tracker to teach her, but the old, dying and stubborn Jack is stalling her lessons, which is stalling her rescue mission for the guy she's realized she can't live without, and nobody's got time for that. Liam O'Shea's wolf has taken over and is on a witch-killing spree with the whole community after his hide. Rylee needs to find him, but with a compelled Guardian on her own tail, this supposed-to-be easy mission is becoming a lot harder than it should be.

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So let me just tell you all of the shit she has to go through, because a lot of problems come up for her while on her man-search. Her ex-sister/best friend-who-tried-to-kill-her, Milly, calls to tell her that she's pregnant and wants her to be the godmother (you can imagine that reaction). Doran, the daywalker Shaman, and the one person to possibly help her get O'Shea back, is under orders to kill the young witch, Pamela, and is now passed out in Jack's house after their little fight. Dragons (yes, dragons) kidnap her and the others to go through a binding process that ends up disappearing into the background until she needs Blaz (her bind) to give her a ride at the end of the story. Then there's Faris, the crazy-ass powerful vampire, who finds her and tells her that her sister, the one who's been missing for ten years and was later thought to be happy and content in Europe, is going to die in the next twenty-four hours if she doesn't come with him.

Does it sound like a lot of stuff is happening? That's because it is. A lot of things, that is. The whole time I'm reading this, I kept getting a little surprised at all the new creatures that were popping up at (seemingly) random moments. I'm going to start with the prophecies.


Now, I'm not much of a fan of prophecies unless they're introduced smoothly. I didn't think this one was. It was a cool way to put the prophecies in all of the different races' textbooks, but it was so sudden. And when it mentioned a 'she', and she refused to believe it was her that they were talking about, I was a little annoyed (just a little) because it described her own situations that happened between her and every particular race. That isn't a coincidence, Rylee! She was actually really stubborn in this book, but at the same time, I can't completely blame her, because a lot of shit's happened to her. Who wouldn't get a little wobbly?

So now we know that there's a prophecy going on with her being in the center of it. The other races are coming out in this book and are either trying to kill her or aid her. Like the dragons? The one named Blaz was sent to fight her to see if they were meant to fight together or not. They share blood during the fight and end up being binded, but since neither want anything to do with the other, they part ways, and don't see each other again until she needs a ride to the Child Empress' HQ.

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Ah, the Child Empress. This part of the story was actually pretty awesome, because of how it started in book 1 and grew up until this point. Rylee sensed her younger sister in the last book, but felt that she was happy and content in her new life, so she didn't look for her. But when Faris came to her and told her about her sister's future death, she dismissed his warning as more tricks and lies and went off to search for O'Shea, as originally planned. She found the guy- well, wolf -but then she felt her sister's confusion and death, and it almost destroyed her.

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It tore me apart to see her so distraught, but at the same time... I DON'T KNOW. I was so annoyed with her when she started listening to Faris, and things just got complicated between me and her. I couldn't get why she was being lead so many times, believing things while being blatantly bitchy and cautious with others. Seeing her so sad and knowing she hadn't done anything sorta depressed me. And like --- okay, so Faris gets her to do a blood bond with him in exchange for an oath that she'll kill the Child Empress, then yells at her to not take off the veil hiding her face, and none of this clicks with her? There were like at least three sketchy hints that he was being a skeeze, how did she not see that?!

She finally finally gets curious, knocks off the veil, and then freaks out about the face behind the veil. It's Berget.

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Other than that, smaller stuff happened that still messed her up, but at least she got her family back. Everything is better now, they're all together, and it all goes back to 'normal'. Until they find Milly in Jack's library, reading the texts that hold the prophecies.

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JESUS does this bitch ever give up??? I'm getting rather annoyed with her, but you know, I'm getting this really weird feeling when it comes to hating her. In the first book book, it was obvious that she was a bad apple and Rylee didn't want to believe it. Then she finally started to hate the bitch, but now it's like... I don't know, like she's not getting the whole picture of what's actually going on. I'm starting to think if something else is making all this Hate Milly thing possible to... *shakes head* Anyway, she manages to take one of the books, the purple one, that not even Rylee had been able to read.  And the purple book is supposed to be for The Blooded. Oooooo.

Again, I just felt like a lot of stuff happened while she searched for O'Shea. Sometimes it felt random and all over the place, but at the same time, I enjoyed it. Like the dragons. I love dragons, so they were a treat. Milly... became a background problem that couldn't just be ignored but at the same time didn't really have a part in the main story anymore. I liked Pamela, Eve and Alex, her 'pack' and family. Oh, and Jack. lol Crazy, rude old bastard... The overall feeling I got was this:

Shadowed Threads was a part two for Raising Innocence, a way to bring back what the last book scattered and left unfinished. It was also a way to introduce the prophecies, which is a major turn in the series.

It's just a lot packed all into one binding. The same kinda happened here and there in the other books, but it wasn't like this. Though I must say, the first book did hint at an epic thing, so at the same time, this whole thing seemed pretty fucking amazing. It's got this whole 'woman-just-trying-to-help-and-gets-sucked-into-major-prophecy-spotlight-while-figuring-her-own-shit-out' thing going on. It's subtle but not. I like it.

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The one thing I love about certain series is when it starts off normal and turns into a full-out fairytale. This was one of them, which is why it's a five-star rate for me instead of four. It certainly was fast-paced because of all this new information being added in. If you haven't read the series, I highly recommend you start with the beginning, or else you'll not only spoil it for yourself, but ruin the first moments of experiencing something new with the characters. Then again, if you're reading this spoiled review, then you kinda already fucked it up for yourself, you know? Oh well.

And to leave you with this quote from the book:

"The devil will tell you nine truths, so that you'll believe one lie.
Lots of supernaturals like that too."

Happy Reading =^-^=

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