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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: When Fangirls Cry

Wonderful white marlin!

Fish-loving Saffi March is no longer a boring post-grad student by day, hopeless fangirl at night. Now that Sweden's #1 Sex God Staffan Aehrenthal is in love with her, it's only a matter of time before she has her happily-ever-after... right?

Devastating daggertooth pike conger!

Staffan Aehrenthal is determined never to fall in love again. Saffi hasn't told Staffan she's pregnant - and he ends up learning about it from the tabloids. She had made him believe in happily-ever-after endings but now he knows it's an illusion... just like the Saffi he thought he knew and loved.

Optimistic Oriental loach!

With Staffan and the whole world mistakenly thinking she's carrying the baby of a desert prince, a happily-ever-after for her and Staffan doesn't seem possible any longer. But Saffi is determined not to lose hope, not even if the man she's only ever loved is the man who's hurting her the most.

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It starts off with Saffi at a Celsius concert with her new friend, Brittany, who's what Saffi is to Staffan in fangirl terms. (Make sense?) She lied about being somewhere else because Staffan sees Celsius as the enemy, but when the group introduces a surprise guest, they're bouncing all around trying to figure out who'd make Celsius an opening act-

Yup. It's Staffan fucking Aehrenthal, Sweden's #1 Sex God and a member of the Pussketeers.

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She's freaking out! However, Staffan's man Bob finds her in the crowd and takes her back with a warning of how pissed off Staffan is this time. There, we briefly meet the Pussketeers and the final member, Rathe, who takes Saffi over his shoulder to get to the limo because she doesn't want their relationship to be public just yet. Staffan later takes her away and down an alleyway to give her mind-blowing sex. *__* I love sex in alleyways. So taboo and risky like 'Oh, fuck, will I get caught? I'm a naughty gir-

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In the beginning, Saffi is sick with worry about what Staffan will say when he finds out she's pregnant. All his words of loving everything she says is not enough to assure her, but when she continues to wait for the 'right time', fate fucks her over, and Staffan finds out- in the form of a pic with Saffi and her ex-betrothed coming out of a store with pregnancy tests.

Now he's ignoring her. And just in time for her father to run for office again. For fear of him losing because of the scandal and for the sake of Saffi's poor mother's health, they basically blackmail Staffan into marrying her. Saffi never wanted it that way, but now that it's happened, she refuses to give up on them just because the situation isn't at its smoothest. She tries everything to show him how much she loves him, but he just keeps firing back, refusing to hear now what he perceives as lies.

"When will the fucking lies end?"

She's always told white lies during their time together when she screwed up or had to make an excuse to keep their love a secret, but now that she's pouring her heart out, he just can't believe anything anymore. And that's sad. He thinks her baby's the foreign prince's, and so he continues to treat her like the conniving slut he thinks she is, talking to her old nemesis who ruined her life in high school, flirting with her and treating Saffi like she doesn't matter. Even when he takes her to see his family in Stockholm, he loses focus of his hatred for a moment before pulling back a thousand miles farther. But all that is washed away when the girl who broke his heart long ago shows up at his hotel, asking for money. He's finally over her and her poison, but when she tells him that she met Saffi, he freaks.

"Someone will come and that person - if he's smart - he's going to snatch Saffi away and then you'd be too fucking late."

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ugh I hate her

That made him crazy, and when he gets a text that Saffi had been seen leaving for her brother's office in tears, he hauls his ass over there, not knowing the reason but feeling with everything in him that he can't let her go, even when he still hurts.

After endlessly telling him she loves him, he finally snaps and yells for the truth. But that's just it, he refuses to hear the truth! She never had sex with anyone but him, but apparently he just can't hear it. So she tells him... that she had spent a night with Jeremy, the prince, in a moment of loneliness. That does the trick, and he takes her back. From there, their first sex scene made me feel empty because he only took her back after hearing what his small self-esteem wanted to hear. :( Ugh, and it was in a cab, too! So hot. T_T I'm crying over how perfect this would've been if it hadn't been tainted by the foreshadowing of what her (soon to be revealed) lie would lead to.

Things are starting to look up, and their relationship is slowly going back to normal, though it's still tender (like she can't say 'I love you' -_-). They go to a dinner for her family's politics thing, and they have another exciting sex scene in the powder room. But then there's a commotion, and it's Jeremy the prince and a racist mayor. Saffi and Jeremy have been friends since they were children, so she knows how it affects Jeremy to be targeted just for being from a different country. She goes over to see if he's okay, but then Staffan is right there, telling her not to go. She can't just abandon her friend in the middle of such a touchy situation... but she loves Staffan... but Jeremy is a friend....

When Jeremy comes over, she asks him how he is, and Staffan is pissed. It's quiet in the car, and when they get home, he yells at her. Says horrible, horrible things to her, and when he brings up Jeremy again, she tells him that she lied about her and the prince. (Oh, Saffi!). Staffan goes crazy.


Then more horrible shit comes out of his mouth, and out of anger, he tells her that she was the biggest fucking mistake of his life. He calls her a lunatic, a major link to the past that hurt her and her family by being dubbed 'crazy', and she leaves the room. As soon as she leaves, Staffan realizes that they were really, truly over. And as harshly as he yelled at her, the thought still choked him. The phone rings and, hoping it's Saffi, he answers it.

"Sir, you need to come down quickly. Mrs. Aehrenthal had an accident."

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There was so much blood. Saffi wasn't waking up despite his cries for her to forgive him. He didn't want to live with the thought of his Saffi and their baby being lost and alone in the darkness. But then Saffi wakes up. And...

Saffi lost the baby. 

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Staffan is so relieved that she's awake but so distraught over the lost of their daughter. But he still has Saffi... until she tells him that she doesn't want to see him again. Both are hurting, believing they're being punished. Saffi for her lies, and Staffan for his mistrust in the only person who loved him so fully.  They have a funeral for the baby, and Staffan makes a speech for Lace, the name they would've given their little girl. Staffan has seen the light, but Saffi still feels the need to be punished, and with her daughter gone, staying alone without her love seems like the perfect punishment to undergo. She asks him for a divorce.

A month later, Constantijin, Staffan's friend, comes to her to tell her that Staffan will give her the divorce if she agrees to first be the PA to Celsius. She does, and two months have passed. Her boys love to torture her; her shy assistant, Bryan, is quiet but helpful. She no longer feels... lifeless. She does terribly miss her baby girl, but at least she's living again. One night in the car, Bryan, who's chubby and a redhead, accidentally drops a bottle on her foot, and he swiftly carries her away to his trailer to tend to it. Then the scene switches from Saffi's POV to Staffan's, and we realize he is in disguise. Has been, for two months. For her. But in the trailer, his disguise no longer works.

"Did you really think...this close...I wouldn't know it was you?"

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He wanted to be a part of her healing process, and in a way, he felt it was a appropriate, since Saffi had first joined with him in the disguise of H. They've both had time to heal and feel good again, and she goes back to him. :3

Four moths later, they're on the Ellen DeGeneres show telling everyone she's pregnant. :) And their story ends with a hilarious sex scene in Katy Perry's room, with the pop star herself knocking on the door and laughing.

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OK first of all, Bryan? Funny story: this guy I have a crush on lives in my hall, and my roommate is loud as fuck so I told her to call him something else, like Bryan. XD And here Staffan is, going in as Bryan- sigh.

I love this so much. :) The ending had such a serious issue that a lot of parents could relate to, but it still kept up with the hilarious bits (thanks Saffi) and the steaming sex (Staffan ^_~). Seriously, I don't know how she thinks up this stuff! But they're so entertaining. XD I think I said this in another review, but Marian's girls really are such a breath of fresh air. It's really painful to be the one who's so naive and innocent, but all her girls still keep it close to their hearts; they don't let it dim low because of harsh realities. I loved Saffi's determination to keep her and Staffan's love alive, and I felt bad for Staffan and the sense of betrayal he had. I just had a feeling that she'd lose her baby or at least have a very scary accident, but I still cried when the news came that they'd lost their baby girl. :( Her other pregnancy made it all the more better, though. :)

And the ending! One week later, Rathe Wellesley is heading to Saffi's dorm room to feed her fish (he lost a bet lol) when the neighbor's door opens, and Mary, Saffi's sweet and shy friend, comes out. Another series??? LOL

I recommend this. It's entertaining and a tear-jerker, hilarious and intense (inside the bed and out). What else can I say? It's Marian Tee.

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Happy Reading :)

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    But again it's a great review!!! :) Love it so much! TY for this! And Bryan - is he the one we've been talking about???