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AAAHHH! Death's Dawn!

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Okay, so I've been slowly DYING a little every passing day, wondering when the hell Death's Dawn was going to come into my life. Even a small synopsis or a teaser about the damn thing would've satisfied me enough to calm me down (just kidding!) but noooo~ nada. Nichts. It be like a wasteland not knowing, and I be on the Internet after reading Night Embraced looking like-

For some reason, it never occurred to me that she has a blog/site and just might have some information *ding-ding-ding* about the upcoming book! So I finally looked her up- after like, what, six months? -and after snooping around her wonderful blog, I found the synopsis for book number five! There aren't too many spoilers for the fifth installment, but I hear it's the final book in the series (???) and the point where the prophecy will finally happen.

The cover for Death's Dawn is amazing like the other ones. Did you know the author makes them herself? Very crafty, and she does a post on her thoughts and reasons behind each cover. Some of it blew my mind, I had no idea some were drawn for a certain reason- but anyway! If you haven't read the books or heard of the series until now (aw) allow me to stuff it down your throat fill you in on it!

[prepare yourself]

Tianna is a young woman who was raised by her wizard mentor because of certain abilities, like the power to heal others. Due to her light blue eyes, silver hair and particular aura, her village calls her a witch and wants nothing to do with her. But despite their harsh treatment, she holds no ill will towards them- only sadness and a yearning to be wanted and accepted.

While hunting in the forest, she comes across four strangers who end up knowing her mentor. They have a serious first impression on each other. :3 The men are from Haven, each representing a different section that their dragon selves come from. One of them (Marcus) is happily mated and the youngest (Seth) is more in awe of Tianna than in lust, but the other two- Nathaniel and Gabriel -both have the hots for her. Especially Nathaniel, the playboy who has never thought of settling down anytime soon. Until he meets Tianna. The Draak allow her to join them on their adventure via her mentor as they search for the savior that this ancient prophecy speaks of, but eventually they come to realize that it's Tianna. She is the one that will save Lagrangia from evil aka the Wizard Sett aka the extinct-save-for-one black dragon clan mastermind. Unlike the other Draak, Tianna has multiple dragons within her; Red Sett for the warriors, blue for the healers, black for the wizards, green for the tracker Sett, violet for the architects, and silver for the craftsmen. But she is also part fae from her mother's side, and it's this combination of races that allows her to coexist.

Well... to coexist as harmonious as possible. You see, mixing the Setts is usually impossible, and there's a reason why. The result of someone like Tianna is her having six different personalities (not even including the other races, which I will not say >:3), each going with a different Sett. Throughout the series, she learns more about herself (and herselves), but the most prominent ones are Tianna, when her Blue Sett dragon is in control, and Tia, when her Black Sett comes up to take over the body. Tia is a split personality as all the Setts are different and made to seek other dragons from their own Setts. So, for Tianna, she has six different parts of herself reacting to a different dragon. Even if she were to mate with- say, a blue dragon, she would still have her other five inner Setts longing for their respectable mates.

It's a hard and difficult life for Tianna, especially for those who don't understand what she goes through as the series continues. Here's a little taste of their first meet-and-greet:

   Nathaniel sniffed the air and whispered, "Can you smell that scent in the air? What do you think it is? It can't be coming from the pig." The scent was wonderful and he breathed it in deeply, causing his body to shiver.
   Gabriel also caught the scent, but it wasn't affecting him as much as Nathaniel. He replied, "Hmmm, it smells heavenly, but right now I'm more concerned about my stomach."
   They continued their advance on the boar.
   In a low voice Gabriel murmured, "There's an arrow stuck in the boar's right side." He snuck a little closer. "The wound looks fresh. There must be a hunter close by." He sniffed the air again, only detecting that unusual, but very pleasant, scent.
   The boar was starting to stagger as the bleeding from the wound increased.
   "He's ours!" Nathaniel exclaimed in an emphasized whisper. "Let's get him first. I'm starved."
   Gabriel waved Nathaniel to the left as he proceeded to the right. They had the boar cornered, but he wasn't going to go without a fight. Nathaniel saw an opening and lunged, trying to grab the boar's back legs, but it spun and slipped through his grasp. He cursed as he fell to the ground yelling, "This pig is slippery!"
   Gabriel waved him back into position and readied his bow. He was just about to release, when something whistled within inches of his right ear. It was so close to the side of his face that he felt a slight breeze. He watched in shock as the boar dropped dead with an arrow through the side of its head.
   Gabriel whirled around, with his arrow still drawn, searching for the person that shot the arrow. The mystery was quickly solved when Tianna dropped out of a tree, squarely between the two men and her prey. By the time she straightened up, she already had an arrow drawn and was pointing it back and forth between the two hunters.
   She glared directly at Nathaniel and said in a calm but determined voice, "You're incorrect sir. The pig's mine." As their eyes met, she felt an odd sensation in her chest and her heart skipped a beat.
   Nathaniel instantly dropped his weapons and exclaimed, "I love these woods. It rains women!"

shock GIFs photo: OMG Andy-Dwyer-Shock_zps161bde55.gifLOL I love Nathaniel. Hated him for a while in the beginning, and despite me being a total spoiler, I won't tell you this time, because I want you to READ IT and find out for yourself just how good it is. Oh- warning: there's drama that'll give you heart burns, chest aches and an overflow of tears, but they're so worth it, in my opinion. I'll say this: there's definite romance between her and Nathaniel... annnnnnd.... the black dragon, Kai.

Ooohhh totally didn't see that one coming! Remember what I said about multiple personalities/Setts and total heart aches? I don't know about those who've read it, but I know that when I was forced to go through some heady scenes, the entire time it was happening, I was just shaking my head. And hitting the screen of my kindle. Maybe choking it a little (There's no commitment to that testiment). There were moments when I wanted to kill some of the guys, I got so involved! And anytime an author makes you want to choke a fictional character, you know something's aright and then some.
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But seriously, though. I grew so fond of Tianna and the others that whenever someone hurt her or horrible situations came up to stress her out, I kept trying to help her out, giving her helpful advice and insight. Shouting my opinions or thoughts to her in the hopes of her hearing me and actually listening. I think at one point in Unquiet Slumber, I was shaking my head, murmuring, ", don't do" the whole time I was reading a scene. Yes, it was that bad (in the good kind of way). All I gotta say is, prepare yourself for when you read this. Prepare yourself.

The romance and drama alone draws you in, but now for the fantasy! It's a new world where fantasy and humans live together, yet don't. Human villages exist, but they live in their own worlds, where dragons and the fae don't exist outside fairytale pages stacked together up high in the bookshelves. When Tianna leaves her village, she goes with the Draak knowing that the magical stories her mentor told her are true. What she isn't told, however, is that she isn't human, and she finds that out later. Haven, a... er, haven, for the Draak is a mountain that hides from its enemies and unwanted wanderers and keeps its occupants safe. If allowed, a pathway to the tunnel will show itself and then the mountain will open its entry to the other side. Tianna loves trees, so when she goes to Haven, she plants a tree of her own and names her Autumn. The very special tree interacts with her and becomes one of her most cherished beings in her life. It's really cute.

The Black Sett is very interesting. Kai, the only known black dragon left (besides Tianna) lives where his Sett used to, before they all died. I won't say why or how or what, but let's just say that Kai... has a very, very interesting dwelling.

A lot of stuff happens in one novel alone, which is one of the reasons why I love the series. It keeps me entertained, always surprisng me with something new. The interaction between the characters are also great, which is why I get chest aches or burst into laughter (or hot flames, lol) and get thoroughly depressed when the end comes and the adventure has to wait for another year.

So try this out. Unquiet Slumber is currently FREE on Amazon, and if you've liked anything I said so far, you'll love the book and want the rest (which, btw, are 0.99!). In all honesty the books are worth a little more, but I realllllllly would like the price I get them for now. XD Don't judge me, I'm a poor college student!

Happy Reading :3

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Cover Reveal: The Rockstar I've Loved for So Long

Cover Reveal!
It's in great? :D

Done by Clarise of CT Cover Creations

She does a lot of Marian Tee's covers, and this one does not disappoint.

I'll add the synopsis later.

This is part of a bundle called the Rock Gods of Romance due to come out around the week of 12/2.

Look out for it! Keep up with the info 
on Marian Tee's page.

Happy Reading :)

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Rock Me: Sexy

Forced into a job she didn't want...

When fate conspires, Katie must leave behind the prestigious world of documentary film-making and step into the fast-paced world of low-brow reality television. Reluctantly, she becomes the Executive Producer for Rock Star Diaries, a reality show following the band Cold Fusion on tour. From day one, she is intrigued and challenged by the sexy rockstar, Tyler Matthews.

A chance to outshine the brightest spotlight...

Tyler Matthews, lead singer for the rock band Cold Fusion, loves being in the spotlight. He leads the life of a bad boy rockstar to perfection. He's got everything at his fingertips: power, fame, money, sex, drugs and rock'n roll. 

But sometimes the spotlight can burn too brightly, especially when a 'fake' reality show begins to unmask the superficiality of his life.

A passion that eclipses it all...
Katie is no fool; she knows that Tyler is trouble with a capital "T". The tattooed and cocky hunk goes through women faster than he goes through alcohol. Never in her wildest dreams, did she think she would fall hard for him.

Tyler's got it all. So why can't he get the sexy producer out of his mind? One taste has always been enough for him before...

Everything changes...
When lines blur and fiction becomes reality. Scandal, deceit and sacrifice become the cruel price of fame. Can an unexpected love between the two most unlikely of people survive the cold harsh realities of life in the glittering spotlight?

Rock Me: Sexy is a full length novel and a part of the Rock Me series. It can be read as a stand-alone novel or in any order with the series.

- Goodreads

I got an ARC from an author who got it from an author (lol) in exchange for an honest review. Here's my review:

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The End.

Haha! Just kidding. I'm not done with the review. I loved it! First of all let me tell you that I judge my books based on how boring they are to me and what exactly goes on in the thing, romantic-wise or other. This book entertained me and my hormones the whole way, and I loved the chemistry between Tyler and Katie! It was a forbidden and tempting hookup that ended up with either of them loving the other and not knowing it until it was too late.

Katie is a very hard and talented worker, but the people who don't know her only think that she's got a great rep because of what's between her legs, and who she allows down there. Her boss and mentor, Hugo, fires her so she can make a name for herself instead of hiding in his shadows. I really liked Hugo- he was a total... er, promiscuous yet powerfully respectable man who truly saw something in Katie and liked her for it. When he tells her that she has to do a reality show, however, she's a little out of her comfort zone. But that doesn't stop her!

She shows up and fakes it 'til she makes it, going so far as to mistake Tyler's manager for the rockstar himself and mistaking the sexy Tyler for her new assistant, Michael. It's not even an hour into the meeting before he's stroking her leg underneath the table. Bad boy! And Katie thinks so, too, but it takes everything in her not to open her legs just a wee... bit... more...

Cat's out of the bag when they talk about the band members, and Tyler's face pops up. She's embarrassed at the mistake she made, but like a pro she takes it in, learns from it, and kills with it. Katie is that kind of woman. She stays strong throughout most of the book, but with so many misunderstandings and tabboo things going on between the two, she eventually succumbs to him and starts to miss him to the point of not minding a one-night stand with him. And they have sex, but in the end, it just isn't a one-nighty for her, and during their time together in the bedroom, she knows she feels a connection.

But then the next morning comes up, and he asks her to get going. He's still cold and indifferent, and it hurts her. It's one assumption right after the other between these two, and one final assumption ends with her sacrificing her job and him thinking that she'd betrayed him for the money. T_T I wanted to hit Tyler for assuming such things about her, but he's not psychic- he couldn't have known. *sigh*

I'm glad it's a stand-alone because they do get things cleared up and end up together. ^_^ I think I would've died if it ended with them not knowing what really happend. Their character development was great; Tyler realized that sex with the entire female population wasn't enough in comparison to the kind of love Katie wanted, and Katie saw that her career wasn't everything. They both learned a lot about themselves and each other and just what exactly it is that they want in life. The other members were funny with their own personalities, though it's not surprising since they've got their own stories prior to Tyler's.

Overall, it was an entertaining read that hit all the right buttons. Loved the sex. Loved the telling'n showin of a rockstar's life. The drama. The anticipation. The way it was written. I think that if I had to point out any bad things about this book, it'd be the fact that Tyler doesn't have a warning label. :P

Happy Reading!

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Wanted

Perhaps time and distance are the best antidotes for a vengeful heart. Nope, that's a lie. The pig must die.

The Princess: Happily ever after? Zaina doesn't believe in it. Now revenge on the other hand... All she has to do is: cut her hair, dress up as a boy, call herself Little John, join the traveling circus, guard her soul against the evil sorceress, battle dragons and avoid the lethal tip of the mysterious Lord Hood's blade. It's perfectly easy. Oh, but don't forget the potion, the one that's intended for the villain who ruined her. It ends up in the wrong hands, causing everyone to fall in love with her except the one she desires most.

The Outlaw: If there is one thing Lord Hood is good at, it's sniffing out a lie. And the newest member of his troupe, the lad Little John, is lying about something. Hood just has to figure out what. In the meantime, he will continue to steal from the rich and give to the poor and evade the bounty hunters who pursue him. For one day soon he will return home to avenge the murder of his betrothed and perhaps that will ease the dark stain upon his heart.
- Goodreads

D.L. Snow writes a fine tale centering around Zaina aka Little John and Lord Hood. Sound familiar? I loved going on the adventure with Zaina and coming across small references to other childhood fairy tales.

In this first installment, Princess Zaina is returning from her betrothal's kingdom because the bastard had snuck into her room and deflowered her, only to then turn around and claim her impure the next morning. As a result, she is to face her shame before her kingdom and then be beheaded. The rage she feels for her foolishness is deep, but she refuses to go down quietly, and so fakes her death so that she may go back to the kingdom of Lorentia and kill the heartless Prince Cahill who'd ruined her life. She comes across Lord Hood after disguising herself as a boy, but instead of being killed, she's taken into his group as his little helper. Hood knows she's lying, but with technical truths, he can't figure 'him' out. Hood reminds her of a gargoyle with his too sharp and deformed features, but his black eyes are memorizing, and her reluctance to cower under his gaze both fascinates and wearies him.

She grows to like the rest of the group, all men who sing and perform plays for the villages they visit. They make a trip to a poor land near the kingdom in which her dear cousin Wilhelmina resides. At first Zaina fears going to Dunvale within the kingdom of Dunvegan, a place where dragons are said to be born and its occupants are mining dwarfs with jewel-colored eyes who must always give their findings to the King Elwood. While the men practice for a show, Hood sneaks out in disguise to seek a witch for sleeping powder. However, instead of a witch he finds another, more powerful one with unusual height and red ruby eyes. She makes him promise to come back after his travels, and once he gets his powder, he leaves, though not before hearing the witch murmur his true name and title.

On the day of production, a young player who acts as a girl is unable to go on when his voice finally breaks. So they make Zaina do it, and they put on the play for the dwarfs. The play is about Niviea, a beautiful girl who is taken in by dwarfs, only to be later poisoned with an apple by a hag and placed in a coffin where the dwarfs watch over her until a prince comes and falls in love with her. Very Snow White, hmm? :) Zaina improvises a little when her prince tries to kiss her, but she's a huge hit with the audience, something that shocks Hood and the others, as they've never had a reaction before. Hood later finds out why, though, when the mayor shows him why he, in his hag costume, is so despised. Niviea is real, and she is a sleeping blonde beauty under a spell. Zaina and Much, one of the men of their group, come across 'Niviea' only for Zaina to realize that it is her cousin, Wilhelmina. Much seems a little distracted whenever he looks upon the sleeping Mina. Subtle hint for a future book, perhaps?

Zaina and Much discovered her bespelled cousin because she was ordered to do a census on the village, but she mistakes Hood's orders as a trick to rob the poor people of whatever else they have. She tells the mayor about the deceit when she later catches them with riches, but then she finds out that they were giving the village riches, not stealing from them.


Now they're on the run from the king's guards that the mayor called, but when Hood gets shot by an arrow, Zaina goes back to the witch he first sought out. The witch helps Zaina out, but she knows her true identity and tells her that Hood must never find out who she is. Zaina doesn't understand, but if she does ever tell him, he and the rest of their group will die. So she heeds the witch's words, gets healing aid and a love potion for her vengeance and rushes back to Hood's side. She runs into some soldiers along the way and gets saved by a dragon when one of them tries to rape her. She saves Hood in time by applying the ointment, but at her cousin's kingdom's borders, she almost gets found out when the captain of the guard mistakes her for Wilhelmina. They're all safe now as they head to lands where no one will hopefully think to look, but a moment alone with a sleeping Hood in the wagon results in her finding out that he wears a wax mask- and once she peels it off and starts having her way with him (hmm) he joins in while still under the influence of a dream. He wakes up and is horrified at doing what he did with Little John and forces her out, but while running, she gets caught by one of the guys, Arther Bland. Her secret as a woman is now exposed.

Meanwhile with Hood, he's distraught at the sexual things he'd done with Little John. He was abused by his uncle as a lad and so feels very disgusted with himself. But worse yet is the fact that Little John has seen his face, and now that he knows who he is, he decides that John must die.

And that's how it ends! What a tease. T_T So as you can see, a lot happens in this book, and there's more to the story that I didn't talk about. I liked the little things it teaches you as well, like how back then only men were allowed to be players, which is why Zaina is forced to play the princess instead of their cook's daughter. The characters were likable, Zaina grew while with the merry crowd and Hood was just a hot guy to read about, really. XD Very mysterious. I so desperately wanted him to find out about Zaina, but apparently that doesn't happen 'til the second book. T_T

Overall, it's a nice read. I liked reading the story and wondering if this was a Snow White reference, or one for Sleeping Beauty. I know I'm not crazy when I say Tweedle and Deedle, non-related twins who are a part of the merry group, are definitely small allusions to Alice in Wonderland. I'm sure of it!

I recommend this to those who love old-time settings and fantasy with a bit of sexual tension-and-release scenes. I enjoyed the style of writing and how it matched the setting. Again, I can't wait to read the next one.

Happy Reading :)

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: The Species Within

Kira, a huntress plagued by dreams of fire and pain has worked tirelessly to rid her city of the scourge that has nearly destroyed it... nostvores, mythlend creatures with dark and vast appetites for blood and sex. She does this not only because they had killed so many people in her life, but also because she has an edge that no other human had... she has their abilities. The problem was, these abilities were killing her and she feared time was no longer on her side.

So the moment she found out that Darius, a nostvore leader was threatening to awaken an indestructible species to help him enslave all humans and mythlends, and that she may be the key to his plan, she knew her only choice was to risk her life with the little time that she had left and join her enemy to find out why, and to make sure his plan failed. If that wasn't dangerous enough, the more time she spends with the Vanatre nostvore Emmerich, and the mooran Kuron, who she brings with her for protection, the less she wants to kill them. Instead, she feels an unexplainable attraction towards them both, and she fears surrendering to such desire with either is a deadly game to play, for she would not only be risking her life, but quite possibly her heart.
               - Goodreads

A great fantasy read!! I absolutely adore a special heorine who's tough enough to have everyone pondering if the big boys are good enough to play with her. Kira has a swirl of silver and blue eyes that glow when she uses the abilities that represent the two DNA streaks within her, DNA that come from a version of werewolves and vampires, only in this book they're known as lycrould and nostvores, and society doesn't know about them. Her parents' death at the hands of nostvores is the foundation for her reason of killing them, but with the ability to sense the deaths of all the mythlend's victims and the limit on her life, she makes it a mission to kill all of them and save her human race before time's up.

The book opens to her hunting a newly turned nostvore and letting the reader know what her world is like. There's a war against humans and mythlends (as the supernatural are called) but the media misjudges the deaths as a result of rivalry gangs. She then goes on to attack an entire faction of nostvores and lets one survive to give her leader a message of his impending death at her hands. Darius hears of the human with glowing eyes and is surprised that 'there is another', as he'd "found" one just like Kira years before. Intrigued, he visits Raidan, his old leader turned enemy, telling him about the threat, when in reality he's searching the mansion for a map that will help him move forward in his master plan. Raidan and his second in command, Emmerich, don't trust Darius and yet also noticed the fear in his eyes at the mention of a human that shouldn't exist, so Emmerich is sent to find her.

And he does, though his appearance distracts her in the middle of a hunt and gets her back sliced open. She surprises him with her abilities to sense him and almost injure him, and eventually he follows her back to her place. Her apartment is in the middle of an abandoned area that's heavily guarded by Kuron, a mooran that eats all living things by sucking out their essence. A mooran is very hard to kill, but she'd seen one killed and so used this information to survive a match with Kuron. The outcome was a pact that she'd keep the information to herself if he let her live in the apartment (which is in his territory) and continue to keep people, both human and mythlend, away. He's also attracted to her, but she trusts no mythlends, so is a total bitch to him so she doesn't forget to keep her guard up. When she dreams the same dream once again, something is different, and realizes it's the nostvore from earlier. He somehow found a way to visit her in her dream.

She catches him in her apartment only after she walks out of her bathroom naked (LOL!) and gets knocked out when she refuses to cooperate, though not before he tastes her blood (it surprises him) and the two make out. *wiggles eyebrows suggestively* She comes to, handcuffed to Emmerich's bed, and when she still refuses to answer any of their questions, they bring in someone to torture her. A man, I might add, who has a 100% success in getting info out of his clients... hehehe well dude's shit out of luck, because she tells him nothing, even after he gets frustrated with his tools and resorts to tearing into her. However, as soon as he tastes her blood, he freaks out, spits some in a tube, and then runs out.

Darius gets a clan of lycroulds to join him in attacking Raidan's mansion, and while under attack, Kira gets a visit from the other 'special human', who claims that she is the key, not Kira, but wants her out of the way anyway. She almost kills her but Emmerich comes back in time. After the battle, Raidan and the others learn from her blood that she is dying, and use that to get her to go with them to the other side of the world, where Darius will be heading to reawaken the Hunrati, an ancient vicious race that had been trapped and put asleep, they were so unstoppable.

Kuron goes with them and they all head to Elysia where the sleeping Hunrati are, along with Claritis and his own group of people, the only form of supporters that were willing to believe Raidan about the Hunrati and Darius. The adventure there is intense, and this is also when she starts to realize that she likes Emmerich and Kuron, but honestly, the whole time I was like, "Okay, when is she going to recognize something in the 'now dark and magical forest' or relate something to her nightmare and freak out?" And guess what- it came! I was just anticipating this scene, when they come across a part of the forest where their destination should be and she spots a woman from her dreams, and then the rest of them, and hears them say, 'You have come for us', before passing out.

Oh, backtrack. Okay, so whenever she has a nightmare, it's the same one. She's in a dark place all alone by herself, watched by many eyes, and being whispered to, telling her to join them. And then she gets set on fire from the inside out and is in eternal pain before turning into nothing but bones. Creepy and horrible, right?

So she wakes up and knows where they have to go, they get to the city Kartarus where Darius already is, and Kira goes after Shar, the other special human, after a battle unfolds. However, Darius had wanted that all along, because should his human fail to wake up the Hunrati, Kira's presence would be there to do it. And that's exactly what happens. While fighting with Shar, she gets stabbed and stumbles over the chamber's threshold that Shar had run to, the place where the Hunrati are to be awakened. A barrier goes up to trap her in, and Emmerich arrives too late. She's in familiar pain, and her heart aches at the thought of not knowing what could've been with Emmerich. She tells him she loves him, notices the symbols of power on the floor, and then chants a spell to get him out before making him promise to keep Darius from taking over the Hunrati. Then he's transported out of the chamber, and she blacks out.

When Emmerich realizes that she'd moved him out of the city, he goes back in the hopes to save her, but then the earth trembles and the city starts to crumble. He gets to the tunnel only to see its entrance caved in, and then the earth beneath his feet opens, taking at least half the city with it. There's no way she could've survived that, and it destroys something in him, before rage overtakes him and he joins the battle still going on. And then a ferocious roar pierces the night and stops the fighting, and feral snarls and screaming echo from within the city before everything turns silent.

"What was that?" asked Raidan.
The sound of a maniacal laugh drew all their attention away from the dust cloud.
That laugh came from Darius, who was still surrounded. "That, my dear former leader..." he said between his fits of laughter,
 "... is your death."

Large forms emerged from the dust, green eyes glowing with the sounds of gnarling teeth. Everyone's weapons turned toward the new threat to prepare for the worse, and then-

IT. ENDS!!!!!

animated gifs photo: do you even lift? lift.gif

Oh, the deceit! The deception! You deceived man! Ne- oh, sorry. Wrong story. :P

But still! Occkkkkkk- that To be continued... totally killed me. Such a great cliffhanger though, haha. XD I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Mucho grande. Viele. The story, the adventure (the sex), the characters and Kira's development emotion-wise, the whole setting of the world (and the sex), the plot- I loved it all! When I saw that there was going to be a love triangle, I was a little weary, but the synopsis won me over because it just sounded too interesting to not try out. I'd endure a love-tri for this. XD And it wasn't bad! The way Kira was made me understand why she'd fall for both of them. For one thing, Emmerich and Kuron are mythlends, and she hates those races, but even when she realizes that she likes Emmerich, she also finds that she has feelings for Kuron, though she doesn't know what those feelings are. Emmerich is such an old, stubborn alpha ass learning to live again when Kira comes into his life. And Kuron, with his hot human form and scary-as-hell's-crack true monster form, is such a cutie with Kira while still being that mythlend that everyone gets cautious around. I mean, he does prefer mythlend flavor, after all. But he behaves... most of the time. :) And even some of the supporting characters made me smile, like Eagan or Hedona, the nostvore who delivered Kira's message to Darius in the beginning.

I think Kira was just such a cool chick, and very strong, though it also ends up being her weakness because it gets in the way of her being with Emmerich. Finding this book was like finding a delicious triple chocolate and peanut butter brownie in a sea of Easy-Bake oven cupcakes, I don't know why this tickled me so much, but it did!

Some might not like it because of the torture scene, with the cutting and slicing and dicing, and there is a multiple POV and a few alpha males. Oh, and sex. X) Really hot scenes, too! *sweats* LOL And okay, so I could be desperate here, but Kira has green eyes when they aren't glowing silver and blue. And the lycroulds and nostvores were created from two people (a woman close to death and a man bitten by a wolf) who were used in the spell to put the Humrati to sleep, and she is a human with both the mythlends' DNA... and there's a connection here between her and the Hunrati with that trippy dreams she has Ijustknowit! T_T I'm not crazy!

So overall, I love this, and if we have similar tastes, you'll go crazy over this too XD

Click here to read the first two chapters for free!

Happy Reading!

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Club Shadowlands

Her car disabled during a tropical storm, Jessica Randall discovers the isolated house where she's sheltering is a private bondage club. At first shocked, she soon becomes aroused watching the interactions between the Doms and their subs. But she's a professional woman--an accountant--and surely isn't a submissive... is she?

Master Z hasn't been so attracted to a woman in years. But the little sub who has wandered into his club intrigues him. She's intelligent. Reserved. Conservative. After he discovers her interest in BDSM, he can't resist tying her up and unleashing the passion she hides within.

- Goodreads

This was a really good book about Doms and subs. For one thing, I liked that throughout the story, there would be small information dropped about what a good Dom should be, and even the author gives a little note in the beginning about choosing the right Dom and being careful, because it is a very intense relationship that can go either really well or really horrible, if done wrong.

I've read books with BDSM before (50 Shades! woot-woot!) and a lot of them were about Doms and/or subs who had tumultuous pasts. Master Z, however, is a psychologist who doesn't like vanilla sex but doesn't have the need to punish his subs. He's not so much a tortured guy as he is a guy who simply likes dominating. It's a good thing, too, I think, because Jessica is so new to the BDSM world and isn't completely (or at all, really) comfortable with admitting her inner sub preferences, let alone anything sexual being displayed out in public.

Her time with Master Z was a very strong thing that started out unexpectedly and slowly grew into something more as he explored with her everything sex stands for. Sex was boring before she met him, and now she knows why, though she's a little reluctant to admit anything at first. It wasn't really even 'just sex', either. She realized her feelings for him and he with her, and overall it was just a really sweet D/S (can I do that?) read. <3

I mean, I really liked that it was a sweet story while still having that intense Dom/sub relationship. ^_^ Does that make sense? I think it does. I recommend this to those who- well, like reading about this stuff lol. I might even say that for those who are slowly starting to read about this, read this! It's soft and sort of an 'entry level', you could say. The worse that happens to her is getting paddled six times for breaking the rules. :P Jessica's a normal modern working woman with some discomforts about her body image and soon gets to enter her own Wonderland where everything that she is, is beautiful and something to be proud of.

Happy Reading!

PS-Galahad the cat takes the cake, even if he only had three pages of spotlight <3

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: The Dragon King and I

Alexandria Greyson is cursed! How else can she explain why every man within sniffing distance comes running to her rescue? She's not even trying the least to look pretty but she attracts men like a magnet. When a man is killed while trying to bring her an umbrella, she realizes that her condition isn't going away on its own and she'll need to find a cure if she ever wants to live a normal life.

So when her "Fairy Godmother" sends her on a quest to cure the curse that's been plaguing her, Alex is doubtful but willing. Together with her beastly Prince Charming, she starts gathering all 6 ingredients that make up the cure. 

Everything was going smoothly... 

Until the last ingredient involves the heart of the one
person she has learned to love: 
A dragon's heart.
- Goodreads

This is a grand treasure with fantasy, fairytales upgraded and saucily dirtied, and... a...
DRAGON!!!!! <3 
*I like dragons :P*

dragon GIF photo: Dragon GIF Dragon.gif
Okay totally irrelevant to the review- but how can I not add this in? 

Alexandria is a modern American version of a fairytale princess: beautiful, rich and cursed. A man dies in the beginning while trying to retrieve her umbrella, but one night, something pounds and scratches at her door, whispering that he can smell her. She ignores the freak on the other side of the door, but when her poor neighbor tries to intervene and gets ripped apart because of it, she decides she's had enough with her curse killing people and let's her friend Rachel coax her into seeing a psychic. However, she arrives late to the appointment and is told by the assistant that because of that, she is considered an 'oath breaker'. The psychic she was supposed to see is a powerful witch, and when a meeting is not met between two magical beings, the contract involving the psychic's help is thus void.

Rude thing say what?

Alex is first dumbfounded at the talk of magic, and worse yet when Flo tells her that they aren't human. They. As in Alex isn't human, either. However, she tucks it away to think about later and tells her how desperate she is for help, and after a while, Flo gives her a name: Seraphim.

I was serious on the desperate part. Right after leaving the psychic's residence, she goes to the address given to her and is confused at the sight of the strip club, Hungry Kitty. It's pretty dead, and when she sits in one of the stripper's sections, she silently notes the way the woman reminds her of a fae before she asks for Seraphim, only to then be told that the woman doesn't like to talk to people. She goes around the club asking the other workers, and out of stress, accidentally gives a right hook to one of the waitresses. She gets body slammed a second later by a huge ass bouncer only to be saved by the stripper she first met. Cause, and I'm quoting the stripper, 'What are Fairy Godmothers for?'

Seraphim the Stripper (I love her XD) is her assigned FG, but believe me when I say that she's slightly psychotic. She accidentally burns Alex out of anger at her missing her appointment but quickly heals it right back up. Unlike the fairy godmothers we hear about in children's books, Seraphim, like other FGs, are witches charged to redeem themselves by taking up the fairy's work of helping out families. Now, the fairies were wiped out by the Black Widows, women who killed everything and anything because of their high on dark power. Some witches who take on the now deceased faries' charges take on the fairy's name so there's no confusion. So.... for example, when the real fairy Seraphim died, the new "Seraphim" took on her name. So who is this crazy witch? Maleficent. From Sleeping Beauty. X3 Imagine Alex's shock when she finds out that little info. And I mean, come on! Can you imagine Maleficent as a stripper working in Hungry Kitty?

maleficent GIF photo: awkward awkward.gif

Maleficent gives her a list of things to get in order to break the spell.

- A lock of fairy's hair
- An item bought from the goblin's market
- A mirror (preferably magic)
- A genie's tongue
-The final breath of an honest man
- A dragon's heart

"Absolutely not."
"It's the only way, pup."

Before Mal leaves her, she tells her that like a fairytale, she'll be receiving the rest of the characters before her journey can begin. You know, the knight in shining armor, Prince Charming, blah blah. Mal then disappears, as she's only able to stay in her world between Twixt and Twain (12 to 12), and Alex returns home. A knock on her door announces the first player, Sam, but he isn't what she's expecting, though their first moment is awwweeeeeeesoooomeely adorable ^_^. Like:

"Are you the knight?"
"In shining armor?"
My heart soared- "Yes."
"Hello, no." -only to crash and burn.


You can imagine what was going on in Sam's mind when she asked him, the dragon, if he were the knight in shining armor. XD Oh, the irony in that. <3 From here on then, their adventure to get all the ingredients is one novella in itself after the other. I won't go into all the adventures because then I'd never get to my homework (T_T) but "Prince Charming" does come along, only to turn out to be the major douchbag villain-!!!!!

Another thing. During one of their adventures, she was brutally attacked in the Goblin's Market by mobs of creatures, so Sam stayed back to act as a distraction. Mal helps her find a way to get back to go and get him, and after seeing for herself that Sam had managed to destroy thousands of the market's inhabitants, she meets the dragon face-to-face, and gets her guy back. Alex eventually comes to realize that Sam was sent by Mal to act as the last ingredient, but he says that he'd been willing. He wants to die, because his brain tumor is weakening him, and with every moment that he grows weaker, a member of his tribe dies off trying to sustain him, their alpha. It's a horrible ending for them, but Alex won't deny a dying man's logical wish, so she instead tries to cherish the time she has left with him. However, a year has passed back in her world, and when she gets told this, one of her major worries is how her mother will react.

Now, her mother is a very... er, special woman. Married several times after each husband died, Danielle Woodrow comes off as cold and a cruel beauty who gets what she wants. She tries many times to get Alex to go to dinner and meet a nice doctor (yet another matchmaking trap) and just- well, in general, get her daughter to want a "better life" for her lonesome self. She's a Southern woman who detests Rachel, her black friend, and just has a sharp edge about her. This woman once told the police that her daughter had been kidnapped and sold to traffickers by a Hispanic, when in reality Alex had slept over a girlfriend's house and had just forgotten to tell her. If you're wondering, Rosalie never spoke to her again. When they need to get a genie, Sam takes her to someone he knows who could help. However, he takes her to her mother's home.

"What are you saying?"
"Danielle Woodrow is a Black Widow, and you need to convince her to help us." He grinned, the expression contagious despite the words that followed. "I'd do it, but I'd probably just end up eating her. And we really need the help."
We were screwed.

Needless to say, her mother helps her out because she's her daughter. However, when they go into the house, it's a complete mess from when she first remembered it; busy, filled with workers and light. The mansion's been unkempt, darkened, and filled with a tension that has the real Seraphim (you'll understand when you READ it) saying 'Go back, go back!' They come across vines in one section of the house, and then Alex sees a body hanging by them.


She's horrified at the sight of her friend, and only a twitch of her hand tells her that she's still alive. Now, a year's passed since Danielle spoke to her daughter over the phone, so imagine her rage and worry over her daughter when she couldn't find her. So, she takes it out on Rachel. Because of her, her baby is missing. Because of Rachel 'the oath breaker', who had promised her that she would get her daughter help via psychic, Alex now has to go through all this shit. This is what I'm assuming goes through her mind, but overall, crazy bitch just doesn't like oath breakers.

Rage at her mother fills Alex, but nothing compares to what she feels next when the music, music she knows is being played by her mother, is played louder and the vines holding up her friend starts to move, making her friend dance like a lifeless doll on strings.

scared GIF photo:  scared.gif

Okay, right there. Right there! The scene was so eerily painted and thought out that I got the shivers. It was so disturbing and frightening and- aaaahhhh!!! I might have this backwards, but it was because the author thought up such a horrifying scene that she raked in brownie points from me. LOVE IT! I mean, it sucks and I feel bad for poor Rachel, but still, that scene- *shivers*. Alex and Sam sit down with Danielle, and Alex notices that the vines are actually a part of her mother, and that she's using Rachel's blood to upkeep her youthful appearance. It disgusts Alex to no end, and yet during the entire conversation, her mother only wants the best for her. She gives her a spell when Alex needs it for the genie, though she has to promise to let her mother teach her the Black Widow ways. Danielle is a pretty crazy and dark-as-hell bitch, but at the same time, I love her because she's still a mother first to Alex. Don't get me wrong, though, I mean she tells her daughter, "Remember what we (I) do to oath-breakers, Alexandria," which is basically threatening her to keep her word about apprenticing under her, but even that doesn't bother me too much because Danielle personally doesn't like oath-breakers, and she accepts no exceptions for that, which I like (though it'd seriously suck for anyone who tried to be an exception).

In the end, Alex gets all of her ingredients. Yes, all of them. The genie they summon ends up killing Sam, but once she has all of the ingredients and gets drunk on power, Seraphim (the real one) comes up again and tells her to choose her new life, a life without the curse. However, Alex can't live without Sam, so she chooses him. She is in control of her curse, now that she's embraced it, and uses the genie to heal Sam another heart. They live happily ever after.

A few things I didn't mention: Alex refused to leave Rachel behind with her crazed mother, but Mal had shown up and transformed into her dragon form to duke it out with Danielle before snatching Rachel away. FYI- Rachel's under a sleeping spell. Oh, and Sam's second in command, Diedric, was supposed to come and kill Sam if too many of their people died off, but he never showed up. And finally, Mal's been getting cranky, saying she has other stuff to do and can't always come at Alex's beck and call. Soooo let's see who we have here:

Rachel (damsel under a sleeping spell)
Diedric (dragon)
Maleficent (no need for explanation)

Any of this ring a bell? It's another setup for a book (YAY!). OH! Another thing that the book tells you at the end is that Alex has a stepbrother who was cursed by Danielle to be a frog after witnessing her rip out and eat his father's heart. However, when her powers started to deplete, the curse withered down to him only being a frog at night. Now, this epilogue is about her stepbrother coming to Seraphim for help, but he'd done it when Alex had arrived at the strip club that first day. He's the frog!!!!! :D ..... but I suppose I shouldn't even bother mentioning it since you wouldn't understand unless you read it. T_T

Anywho, I loved this book a lot. It had a drago-

scream GIF photo:  scream.gif

-*sigh* - and a lot of fairytales/fantasy stuff that I just love to gobble up. Alex was hilarious with a pretty good head on her shoulders, and I liked that she took everything very well. She even took the news about her mother fairly well. Basically, she didn't break down and cry and do nothing. Sam was totally adorable but still had that sexy bad boy edge because of the dragon he tries to control when in her world (apparently our world is full of evil that affects all the magical peeps...hmm). Of all the villains, Danielle is simple #1 though I am LOVING Maleficent and her role in all of this. XD All the characters developed quite nicely for me, and I was just thoroughly entertained by everything.

It was a great read! I recommend this to adults, but not to those who don't like sex (O.o no judgement here) or scary things that go bump in the night.

Happy Reading! :D

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Binding Vows

Duncan MacCoinnich's task... 

Travel to the twenty-first century Renaissance Faire, deflower the Druid virgins, and go home. Only his job is not so easily accomplished with the virgin in question, Tara McAllister. Time is running out. The evil is closing in on them both.

Tara finds Duncan irresistible after what was supposed to be a mock Hand-fasting binds them. When Duncan whisks her to his home in Scotland she could accept that.

But, can she forgive him for taking away her modern life when she finds herself in the sixteenth century? And is it love they feel?

Or something else?

This was entertaining! First of all, you wouldn't believe how long I'd been searching for time-traveling romance novels with Scotland added in, and the plot? Hilarious! Fin and Duncan are brothers who go to the future to deflower the virgins so they can't be used by this evil witch. An evil witch, I might add, who was banned from their time and forced to stay old and weak in the future. Duncan tries to woo Tara into sleeping with him, but she's just not that type of girl to give it up so easily to someone she doesn't know, and he likes her too much to dishonor her in any other way. "Gwen", as the witch is called at the faire, holds a contest for the men to win Tara's fair hand, but she plans for Duncan to win. The brothers don't understand her plan until it's almost too late. Gwen plans to bind Duncan and Tara together so that when he leaves, her soul will leave with him, and her body will be left for Gwen to have so she can break her curse and the ban on her. Duncan knows that the vows Gwen is being told to say is forever binding, but just before Tara finishes, he decides to let her say it all. And then he says it back, and the two are forever tied to each other, in the present life and the next.

There's something about Tara that feels right to him, and later on he and his brother take Tara away to safety, asking (and almost failing) to take her back to his home country where she will be safe. Tara doesn't believe in this whole evil-magic thing, but she goes, and wakes up the next morning in a dress she didn't remember ever owning, in a bed she'd never seen before, with a view that screams isolation.

It was hard enough for her to accept that there were such things as Druids and witches, but when Duncan tells her that she is stuck in 1576, she blows a gasket. The two don't talk for weeks, though it isn't on Duncan's part. Tara has yet more things to take in, and after a few kind talks with his mother, Lora, she slowly relents on her anger towards him. She doesn't fully forgive him until Fin almost stabs Duncan during practice (totally planned) and she takes Duncan upstairs to clean him up. They make up and are now very lovey-dovey, and eventually get married. While they're having a ball, Gwen, whose real name is Grainna, somewhow finds a way back to Duncan's century, and she finds a loop hole in her curse: by killing Druids, her original youth slowly returns, as well as her power.

Now, Grainna's story is very sad. She was a young and magical girl who'd fallen in love and given up her virginity to a man, only to be embarrassed and betrayed when he purposefully has her catch him in the throes with another woman. Her shameless begging did nothing for him, and when her heart broke, her dark magic had the cheating bastard and his woman slowly eaten alive by the rodents within the vacinity. Ouch. So I feel bad for Grainna, but my pity stops where the bastard did her wrong. A little vengeance was understandable as well, but she let the darkness completely erode the good things that made her happy. She unfortunately fucked herself over, and the sad part is, this all started because she was in pain. So, in a way, she's a walking wound that's just too rotten and decayed to heal. That makes me very sad.

Duncan and the men of his family/guard are called away when a woman's body is found, and Grainna uses this opportunity to have Tara lured away by one of her men under her control. Tara- and her newly discovered pregnant belly -are trapped in a cottage waiting to be saved. Duncan comes after his little sister, Amber tells them all where Tara is due to a connection they have through sister-blood-sharing. After she's rescued by Duncan, she banishes Grainna with the help of the Ancients and they live happily ever after.

Book 2 is a continuous of the story following Duncan's virgin sister, Myra, who was sent away during Binding Vows in order to be kept safe from Grainna. I look forward to getting to read that later. ^_^

Overall, I liked it! Again, you wouldn't believe how long I'd been searching for books like this. Yes, there's a whole bunch out there, but they need to have a certain.... er, formula to their synopsis, or I won't find it utterly appealing. My friend was sweet enough to loan this to me (don't wanna return it just yet T_T) and I'm glad I found the author. LOL Actually, if not for Twitter, the author wouldn't have followed me and I wouldn't have found this book. :P

The Scotsmen were all very dreamy and funny, meeting up to the standards that some other authors like Karen Marie Moning and Lynn Kurland have created with their own fabulous novels of the highlands. I seriously want to know if Renaissance Faires in California are real, because I am in LOVE with those things! Though, I think this book gets my hopes up of also being whisked away on horseback by a Scotsman from the past. XP

I recommend this book, and if the cover didn't give it away, there's sex. Sexsexsexsex. :)

Happy Reading!

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Finding Kia

"Maybe you should avoid me tonight."
His arm slipped around my waist and I was drawn into his chest. "If I only have this one night with you, the last thing I'm going to do is stay away."

Kia Valentines had always accepted the fact that she was a nerd, a nobody. It was a badge she wore with honor, until the day she saved Claudia DeLorenzo's life and lost herself.

When offered the chance to shed her identity for a single night, Kia never believed it would change her life. It was one night. It meant nothing or it shouldn't have. But that single night turned out to be her undoing when she finds passion in the arms of the one person she can never have.

Adam Chaves was more than just a gorgeous face, he made her laugh, but more importantly, when he looked at her, she felt like the most beautiful girl on earth. But Adam has no idea that Kia was the girl behind the mask and Kia has no intention of telling him. But a secret could only be kept if no one else knows about it. Claudia knows and she wants something Kia isn't willing to give in order to keep it.

Will Kia succumb? And just how far is Claudia willing to go to get what she wants?

ALLYCAT READDDDD THISSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (It's YA!-

Right... Ok. I loved this! Airicka Phoenix had me at The Fire Games (or was it Octavian's Undoing?) and she got me exicted for Finding Kia. Our girl is a hilarious, sarcastic nerd that's almost too much to handle sometimes. Kia's used to being invisible, and it's a wonder she and Nessie- her only friend and total heart breaker in the school -ever got together. But they did, and it's a nice relationship. Her parents are divorced, and she lives with her mom and the girlfriend. I like the mom, and I like Joanne. They're their own individuals in the story, but are still super supportive to Kia, which is always important.

One day, Kia saves Claudia, the most popular girl in school, from turning into roadkill, and in return gets invited (forcibly, I might add) to one of her infamous parties. At work, she turns into a total clutz and danger magnet due to the hotness level of a particular customer. When she goes to Nessie's house to study, she tells her all about the party invite and then finally meets her older brother when he comes home. Adam Chaves. And the customer from her job. She's totally embarrassed, but what's worse- he recognizes her! (Or is that really so bad?) It's accident after accident with her as she can't seem to control herself (or her limbs) whenever he's around. And yet he never once looks at her in a negative way. If anything, he seems amused. And he calls her Nena.

"Kia," I corrected him. "My name-"
"I know," he said. "I haven't forgotten."
Right. "You just called me Nena." Yeah, I was so not impressed.
He rolled a pink tongue over his teeth. "It's Spanish."
I arched an eyebrow. "For another girl's name?"
He laughed, shaking his head. "For baby."

excited GIFs photo:  208zjgm.gif

That scene deserved a group jump... It's a great moment for her, and when Friday comes, she goes to the party despite her many attempts at trying to get out of it, and what do you know? She runs into Adam. And when Claudia announces that the whole point of the party is to have a date for the night, she makes the girls choose among the boys' ties scrambled up in a bowl. Kia gets Adam's tie (eeekkk!) and even fights Claudia for it when the hostess tries to go back on her own rules of sticking with what you choose and not switching out.

You can't switch ties with the others.
You can't reveal your identity.
You can't kiss.
You can't leave.
You can't take another girl's date.

She and Adam have a great time together, but when he mentions that he might like another girl, she painfully tells him to give her a chance. Adam tells her he wants to give her a chance, and after a night of fun, they kiss. But she knows that he would never want her if he found out what truly hid behind the mystery, so she tells him to give that other girl a chance and leaves before the party ends.

It's a new day, and she's miserable. It's torture seeing Adam, but when she tries to return the tie to his house via the mail door, she runs into him with nothing but a towel on and ends up hanging out with him- I mean, after he dresses, of course. But hey! She got to see a little something-something when he walks up those long stairs! He catches her watching, too, and teasesingly offers to drop the towel.

hot GIFs photo: is it hot in here? isithotinhere.gif
Damn that boy is seriously fine...
*cough cough*

During their hang out, she says something that makes him look at her a little harder, but he doesn't pursue it. It's a continuous dance like this afterwards, and eventually, Claudia comes up, reprimanding her for breaking the rules. She dogs on Kia's self esteem, and after hearing it from Miss Priss herself and feeling the way she does because of Adam, she decides that she's had enough with being invisible.

"I think I want people to notice me a little. I mean, I'm getting older and I can't go out into the world looking the same way I did when I was five. You know?" I looked up at her. "I think this might be good for me."
Joanne nodded slowly. "Well, all right then. You know your mom and I will support you in whatever you decide to do."

Again, I thought the adults in her life were really supportive and attentive, while still allowing her her own freedom of things. So now Kia's got this whole new makeover (Nessie totally loved helping) and for her birthday, Nessie surprises her with tickets for the annual carnival's last day. She loves the carnival, but when she gets there, Adam shows up ten minutes later, telling her Nessie got grounded. She's disappointed, but then he pulls out the tickets, revealing that he'd been the one to give Nessie the tickets in the first place. He'd been hoping to use them to take out the mystery girl he met on Friday, but then decided that he'd never find her, and so had forfeited them to his sister.

He asks her to join him, and they have a great time. Along the way, his arm eventually finds its way around her waist, but when they go to play a game, she chooses a green bear, and when he asks why that particular prize, she jokingly says it's color.

"Forest green."

It's hilarious because it was his answer from Friday night, but she realizes too late that she just gave herself away. Claudia shows up because it's like, a rule for all evil biatches to show up when things are going great for the guy and gal, but when Adam ignores Claudia and tries to talk to Kia about what just happened, she refuses to admit anything, and he takes her home, though not before leaving her with a kiss on the cheek.

She has officially fallen hard, and then Claudia later threatens to reveal to Adam that Kia was the girl he'd been with on Friday. Kia doesn't want him to know for fear of being rejected, but when Claudia says she'll tell unless Kia let's her have Adam, she refuses and decides to tell him the truth herself. Everything is going great again, but when she discreetly asks Nessie how she'd feel if a friend were to date her brother, Nessie tells her that she'd hate them both; her brother for lusting after her friend, and her friend for using her to get to her big brother.

Ok, right there I was little iffy about Kia's train of thought after what just happened. I'd like to believe that Nessie knows Kia enough to reallly know that she would never do something like that. Kia, however, freaks at the thought of losing the only true friend she has, and so when the opportunity to tell Adam the truth comes up, she balks. Even after Claudia tells on her and Adam approaches her, she refuses to tell him.

"Leave me alone, Adam."
His eyes narrowed. A muscle flexed along his jaw. "That's not going to happen. You can hide all you want, Kia. But I'll find you."
He meant it. There wasn't a shred of doubt in my mind.
I shook my head. "If you care about Nessie, you won't."
With that, I walked away from him.


I liked the beginning and how the characters were introduced, but to be honest, the beginning was a little slow for me. I was like, "Show me the money-!" cough "-I mean, Adam!" Her sarcastic remarks were hilarious as hell, but in the beginning, they sort of got a little repetitive, but then Adam came along and then her sarcasm was funny again. I mean, seriously, she seems like she has a sarcastic remark for everything, but I do, too, so what am I talking about?

This kind of setup is always fun to read, and I like Phoenix's style of writing. Kia is a cool chick, like the other girls that I've read about so far. I loveee Adam, as well as the name, 'Adam', since there's a fae prince named Adam from Moning's Highlander seriesbutanywayyyysss! lol Every time Adam and Kia entered the pages together I'm sure I looked like this to my family:

FUNNY GIFS photo: Kai's going crazy kaisgoingcrazylaugh_zps8ebae193.gif

I recommend this YA novel to those who aren't afraid of French kisses among folks, girls with sharp tongues and drama that makes you squeal (oh, was that only me? hmm) and did I mention that Adam is seriously fangirl worthy? No? Well, yeah. He is. XD AND THE SECOND BOOK'S ALREADY OUUUUTTTT.

Happy Reading!

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Trapped into Marriage

From Billionaire's Bad Boys of Romance Boxed Set, USA Today Best Selling Author Dez Burke writes a saucy tale of what happens when Fate puts two complete opposites together...

With its regular price of $2.99 on Amazon, get it for $0.99 with nine other bad boys waiting- demanding -to be fallen for!

Blackmailed into marriage to rich, gorgeous, Nick Vitale, Keyonna Hayes is determined to teach him a thing or two about love. Soon intrigue, heartbreak, and betrayal ensue, and the two fight to regain a love that was always destined to be theirs.


Keyonna gets a call from her ex saying he's back home from Afghanistan and wants to meet up at his party. She, on the other hand, has fallen out of love with him, and has been for a few years now, ever since he left and made her see that she was putting in enough effort in their relationship for the both of them.

She goes there to make it clear to him that she's a different woman now, but when she does, a certain man happens to be sitting nearby listening in on their words, and he doesn't look impressed. She leaves the room to get away only to run into him again. Nick Vitale. He tells her that he's disgusted by women like her who play with men when it suits them. She's appalled at his accusation, but when her ex comes right back to 'prove her wrong' about her own feelings, she leaps for a 'once-and-for-all' and kisses another man in front of him. Nick just so happens is the only man nearby, but he also has a fiance, and she storms off after seeing Keyonna kissing him- and him responding in kind.

Nick is set to inheriting his billions once he marries, but when his spoiled brat fiance leaves him out of pride, he has no choice *snort* but to turn to the one woman who screwed it all up. And since he has an excuse... 

Keyonna will not marry someone so cold and calculating, but when she's blackmailed into it, she decides then to prove that there's something between them, whether he wants to admit it or not. And trust me, it ain't just the burning lust that melts their fiery and frost-bitten exteriers. As they grow closer, love slowly blossoms. However, on their wedding day Keyonna notices him talking to his stepmother, a woman from their own generation, and when her ex's annoying cousin tells her about the rumors between the two of them, she follows their fleeting forms and then blanches when they share a kiss.

The poor guy was jumped by the woman who broke his young heart years ago, a woman who loved his father for the money and power that Nick didn't have at the time, and when he sets her right, he returns to the wedding, only to realize that Keyonna is nowhere to be found.

She's run to Italy, and she stays there for weeks wallowing in her own depression. She can't understand how she could fall for a guy, or how he could do something like that after everything that happened between them. A handsome stranger comes up as a form of what she could have if she moves on, but she can't. After everything, she still loves her husband, and he knows that.

Nick finally finds her after his ex-fiance runs into Keyonna and blurts about it, but when he finally catches her, she gets into an accident and loses all memory. The betrayal. The hurt. The kiss. She doesn't even remember the day they got married, but for Nick, it's another shot at not screwing it up. They both come back as a happily married couple, but it still bothers the both of them that the problem was not confronted and taken care of. Nick still has no idea why she'd run off to Italy, but when he gets yet another visit from his stepmom at his office, she reveals that she'd kissed him for his wife's benefit, and he shakes her.

Keyonna finally remembers their wedding day and goes to confront her husband about what she saw, only to see him holding his stepmother. The drama. They talk it out and clear the air of what happened. They live happily ever after (until book two, I suspect).

Author Marian Tee, Burke's co-author in the bundle ($0.99 right now, people!) was kind enough to shoot me with this arc and her own. Trapped into Marriage was a nice read! The spoiled review made it seem longer than it was, but nonetheless it was entertaining and did things that good books do to readers. I liked the development within the time they were given, and it was more enjoyable for me because it was a little more than just hot sex, as this is a part of a boxed set with naughty billionaires. ^_- Becaue it's only about 198 pages, it was also fast paced and didn't linger too long on any one thing. I recommend!

PS- if you haven't already figured it out with all the words I dropped, this has sex and so may not be suitale for those who break out in hives at the "sight" of steamy sex and alpha males. :3

Happy Reading!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I Heart Book's FREEBIES!

I love I Heart Books on FB
One of the reasons being that they promote....
Let the feast begin!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Tempest

Sixteen-year-old Janelle never thought the gray spiral birthmark on her arm meant anything special. That is, until she meets Gary, a boy her age with a birthmark exactly like hers. Gary's attractive, brooding, and perfectly normal... except for the fact that he materialized out of a dangerous hurricane right in front of her. Janelle's certain of only one thing. Gary's mark- and hers, too -means something, but he's reluctant to tell her what.

At last she squeezes the truth from Gary about their markings. And the truth is utterly terrifying: Janelle and Gary are more connected to the destructive power of nature than she ever dreamed possible. And learning the truth about herself is only the start of her nightmare.


I recommend this to young teens. Not so much for (young) adults who prefer to not be spoon-fed the information (and then some) while reading a novel.

It starts off with Janelle and her father getting caught in the middle of Storm Gary in Florida, her dad's hometown which they just recently relocated to after a job opportunity. Her dad's calm and nonchalant attitude towards the dangerous storm annoys her to no end, but after going to a shelter, she sees the hurricane die down- and produce a boy right before her eyes.

The mysterious boy with the birthmark on his forearm is taken to the hospital, and her determination to get to the bottom of this "coincidence" leads her to then finding out about her heritage. Turns out, she, Gary and her father are Tempests, a race with the power to transform into storms at the touch of Florida's ocean water. Their names are pulled up on a list; and according to Tempest Law, they must transform. Andrina, Gary's guardian, has revealed a keen interest in Janelle, and it's later discovered that it isn't just her name coming up on the list that's got the High Leader interested. She's her mother.

Andrina is a power-hungry Tempest bent on starting a war with the humans, but at the end of the story, after Andrina is dealt with, Janelle is comforted with the real reason as to why they all must transform when summoned. As hurricanes, they balance the earth's surface and ensure humanity's survival.

A few things weren't clear to me, and that gives me a headache because this story repeated the obvious while avoiding to elaborate on the other things, like why the ocean in Florida transformed Janelle, or how the transformation of Tempests works in other places of the world. Or what about people who share the same name on the list? Which "Stacy" or "Mark" gets turned into a hurricane? Both? Neither? It was things like this that bothered me a little, but every once in a while, something amazing or a certain phrase in the book would come up, and then I'd wonder if I'd judged the author's work too soon.

gasp gifs photo: gasp 9636267660.gif

This book had a lot of promise: the thought of people transforming into hurricanes blew me away! I was amazed and interested and- well, just stunned. But then things turned bad. As I turned the e-pages of my eBook, I found myself growing less interested and more annoyed whenever obvious things were reiterated and then explained again almost nearly at the end of its reveal. The explanations were either in accompanying paragraphs or the dialogue. It was both distracting, sightly insulting and just not my kind of book in the end. If I'm flipping pages to get to the end, something's wrong.

The character development was off, to me. Janelle is a very.... erratic child I'd have liked to raise better right. Her inner thoughts and logic was young even for someone her age, as if she didn't catch on very easily to the happenings around her. Gary wasn't very interesting to me, but he didn't have annoying characteristics to point him out like Janelle did for me. I skipped a lot of the details and only read the dialogue, but even then, it was a little too slow for me.

But hey, everyone's different.

Happy Reading  :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire (The Art of... 1)

Schoolteacher Mairi Tanner is not a gold digger, she just knows what she wants her Mr. Right to be--handsome, Greek, and oh, a billionaire, too! Is that so bad?



So I got this arc from the author, and damn it but I totally should've seen that cliff-hanger coming!- (it's Marian!) -but I was so getting ready to finish the other books and thus assumed that it'd be a full story like the others. T_T

Mairi is a special girl. Instead of being raised by her aunts (omg love them!) to dream of princes, she dreams of marrying Greek billionaires.

(Say she's a gold digger and I'll cut you... er, down)

It goes from her as a high school student being bullied for her dreams to eight years later, with her teaching English in a prestigious school in Greece to be noticed by Her One. She gets him, but he only sees her as a must-have. It isn't until she's thinking he's in love with her, too and he's determined to not be fooled by her 'calculating gold-digger' ways that she finds out he's betrothed and taken...

And has been for about five years now, since the girl was fifteen.

Weeks pass before they meet up again and he tells her he wants her (NEEDS her) in his life, but then when she accidentally mentions marriage, he tells her, "What did you think this was?" And then he says, "Did you think I broke up with my betrothal?" And THENNN THE FUCKER GOES,
"I wanted you in my life as my mistress."

And that is where their relationship endsssssss (for now) in this book. :((( UgHhHhHhHHHHHHHH 
I gots to know!!! Mairi reminds me of London in that Disney series because they both go "Yay me!" Kinda cheesy but it's ridiculously adorable when it comes from Marian Tee's work. I don't know why. I think she and her refreshingly cute gals and alpha males have grown on me. :P

Damen is aggressive and knows what he wants, and he's just enough of a jerk and rich idiot to make me and my eyes sweat throughout the entire story. I liked the setting (first book to read with that kind of setting!) and I enjoyed the fast pace. It didn't linger too much on some scenes and pulled on my heart strings.

This book is a part of the Billionaire Bad Boys of Romance boxed set. A definite recommend and worth buying the box set for~!
(And do it NOW while it's still $0.99!)