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AAAHHH! Death's Dawn!

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Okay, so I've been slowly DYING a little every passing day, wondering when the hell Death's Dawn was going to come into my life. Even a small synopsis or a teaser about the damn thing would've satisfied me enough to calm me down (just kidding!) but noooo~ nada. Nichts. It be like a wasteland not knowing, and I be on the Internet after reading Night Embraced looking like-

For some reason, it never occurred to me that she has a blog/site and just might have some information *ding-ding-ding* about the upcoming book! So I finally looked her up- after like, what, six months? -and after snooping around her wonderful blog, I found the synopsis for book number five! There aren't too many spoilers for the fifth installment, but I hear it's the final book in the series (???) and the point where the prophecy will finally happen.

The cover for Death's Dawn is amazing like the other ones. Did you know the author makes them herself? Very crafty, and she does a post on her thoughts and reasons behind each cover. Some of it blew my mind, I had no idea some were drawn for a certain reason- but anyway! If you haven't read the books or heard of the series until now (aw) allow me to stuff it down your throat fill you in on it!

[prepare yourself]

Tianna is a young woman who was raised by her wizard mentor because of certain abilities, like the power to heal others. Due to her light blue eyes, silver hair and particular aura, her village calls her a witch and wants nothing to do with her. But despite their harsh treatment, she holds no ill will towards them- only sadness and a yearning to be wanted and accepted.

While hunting in the forest, she comes across four strangers who end up knowing her mentor. They have a serious first impression on each other. :3 The men are from Haven, each representing a different section that their dragon selves come from. One of them (Marcus) is happily mated and the youngest (Seth) is more in awe of Tianna than in lust, but the other two- Nathaniel and Gabriel -both have the hots for her. Especially Nathaniel, the playboy who has never thought of settling down anytime soon. Until he meets Tianna. The Draak allow her to join them on their adventure via her mentor as they search for the savior that this ancient prophecy speaks of, but eventually they come to realize that it's Tianna. She is the one that will save Lagrangia from evil aka the Wizard Sett aka the extinct-save-for-one black dragon clan mastermind. Unlike the other Draak, Tianna has multiple dragons within her; Red Sett for the warriors, blue for the healers, black for the wizards, green for the tracker Sett, violet for the architects, and silver for the craftsmen. But she is also part fae from her mother's side, and it's this combination of races that allows her to coexist.

Well... to coexist as harmonious as possible. You see, mixing the Setts is usually impossible, and there's a reason why. The result of someone like Tianna is her having six different personalities (not even including the other races, which I will not say >:3), each going with a different Sett. Throughout the series, she learns more about herself (and herselves), but the most prominent ones are Tianna, when her Blue Sett dragon is in control, and Tia, when her Black Sett comes up to take over the body. Tia is a split personality as all the Setts are different and made to seek other dragons from their own Setts. So, for Tianna, she has six different parts of herself reacting to a different dragon. Even if she were to mate with- say, a blue dragon, she would still have her other five inner Setts longing for their respectable mates.

It's a hard and difficult life for Tianna, especially for those who don't understand what she goes through as the series continues. Here's a little taste of their first meet-and-greet:

   Nathaniel sniffed the air and whispered, "Can you smell that scent in the air? What do you think it is? It can't be coming from the pig." The scent was wonderful and he breathed it in deeply, causing his body to shiver.
   Gabriel also caught the scent, but it wasn't affecting him as much as Nathaniel. He replied, "Hmmm, it smells heavenly, but right now I'm more concerned about my stomach."
   They continued their advance on the boar.
   In a low voice Gabriel murmured, "There's an arrow stuck in the boar's right side." He snuck a little closer. "The wound looks fresh. There must be a hunter close by." He sniffed the air again, only detecting that unusual, but very pleasant, scent.
   The boar was starting to stagger as the bleeding from the wound increased.
   "He's ours!" Nathaniel exclaimed in an emphasized whisper. "Let's get him first. I'm starved."
   Gabriel waved Nathaniel to the left as he proceeded to the right. They had the boar cornered, but he wasn't going to go without a fight. Nathaniel saw an opening and lunged, trying to grab the boar's back legs, but it spun and slipped through his grasp. He cursed as he fell to the ground yelling, "This pig is slippery!"
   Gabriel waved him back into position and readied his bow. He was just about to release, when something whistled within inches of his right ear. It was so close to the side of his face that he felt a slight breeze. He watched in shock as the boar dropped dead with an arrow through the side of its head.
   Gabriel whirled around, with his arrow still drawn, searching for the person that shot the arrow. The mystery was quickly solved when Tianna dropped out of a tree, squarely between the two men and her prey. By the time she straightened up, she already had an arrow drawn and was pointing it back and forth between the two hunters.
   She glared directly at Nathaniel and said in a calm but determined voice, "You're incorrect sir. The pig's mine." As their eyes met, she felt an odd sensation in her chest and her heart skipped a beat.
   Nathaniel instantly dropped his weapons and exclaimed, "I love these woods. It rains women!"

shock GIFs photo: OMG Andy-Dwyer-Shock_zps161bde55.gifLOL I love Nathaniel. Hated him for a while in the beginning, and despite me being a total spoiler, I won't tell you this time, because I want you to READ IT and find out for yourself just how good it is. Oh- warning: there's drama that'll give you heart burns, chest aches and an overflow of tears, but they're so worth it, in my opinion. I'll say this: there's definite romance between her and Nathaniel... annnnnnd.... the black dragon, Kai.

Ooohhh totally didn't see that one coming! Remember what I said about multiple personalities/Setts and total heart aches? I don't know about those who've read it, but I know that when I was forced to go through some heady scenes, the entire time it was happening, I was just shaking my head. And hitting the screen of my kindle. Maybe choking it a little (There's no commitment to that testiment). There were moments when I wanted to kill some of the guys, I got so involved! And anytime an author makes you want to choke a fictional character, you know something's aright and then some.
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But seriously, though. I grew so fond of Tianna and the others that whenever someone hurt her or horrible situations came up to stress her out, I kept trying to help her out, giving her helpful advice and insight. Shouting my opinions or thoughts to her in the hopes of her hearing me and actually listening. I think at one point in Unquiet Slumber, I was shaking my head, murmuring, ", don't do" the whole time I was reading a scene. Yes, it was that bad (in the good kind of way). All I gotta say is, prepare yourself for when you read this. Prepare yourself.

The romance and drama alone draws you in, but now for the fantasy! It's a new world where fantasy and humans live together, yet don't. Human villages exist, but they live in their own worlds, where dragons and the fae don't exist outside fairytale pages stacked together up high in the bookshelves. When Tianna leaves her village, she goes with the Draak knowing that the magical stories her mentor told her are true. What she isn't told, however, is that she isn't human, and she finds that out later. Haven, a... er, haven, for the Draak is a mountain that hides from its enemies and unwanted wanderers and keeps its occupants safe. If allowed, a pathway to the tunnel will show itself and then the mountain will open its entry to the other side. Tianna loves trees, so when she goes to Haven, she plants a tree of her own and names her Autumn. The very special tree interacts with her and becomes one of her most cherished beings in her life. It's really cute.

The Black Sett is very interesting. Kai, the only known black dragon left (besides Tianna) lives where his Sett used to, before they all died. I won't say why or how or what, but let's just say that Kai... has a very, very interesting dwelling.

A lot of stuff happens in one novel alone, which is one of the reasons why I love the series. It keeps me entertained, always surprisng me with something new. The interaction between the characters are also great, which is why I get chest aches or burst into laughter (or hot flames, lol) and get thoroughly depressed when the end comes and the adventure has to wait for another year.

So try this out. Unquiet Slumber is currently FREE on Amazon, and if you've liked anything I said so far, you'll love the book and want the rest (which, btw, are 0.99!). In all honesty the books are worth a little more, but I realllllllly would like the price I get them for now. XD Don't judge me, I'm a poor college student!

Happy Reading :3

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