Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire (The Art of... 1)

Schoolteacher Mairi Tanner is not a gold digger, she just knows what she wants her Mr. Right to be--handsome, Greek, and oh, a billionaire, too! Is that so bad?



So I got this arc from the author, and damn it but I totally should've seen that cliff-hanger coming!- (it's Marian!) -but I was so getting ready to finish the other books and thus assumed that it'd be a full story like the others. T_T

Mairi is a special girl. Instead of being raised by her aunts (omg love them!) to dream of princes, she dreams of marrying Greek billionaires.

(Say she's a gold digger and I'll cut you... er, down)

It goes from her as a high school student being bullied for her dreams to eight years later, with her teaching English in a prestigious school in Greece to be noticed by Her One. She gets him, but he only sees her as a must-have. It isn't until she's thinking he's in love with her, too and he's determined to not be fooled by her 'calculating gold-digger' ways that she finds out he's betrothed and taken...

And has been for about five years now, since the girl was fifteen.

Weeks pass before they meet up again and he tells her he wants her (NEEDS her) in his life, but then when she accidentally mentions marriage, he tells her, "What did you think this was?" And then he says, "Did you think I broke up with my betrothal?" And THENNN THE FUCKER GOES,
"I wanted you in my life as my mistress."

And that is where their relationship endsssssss (for now) in this book. :((( UgHhHhHhHHHHHHHH 
I gots to know!!! Mairi reminds me of London in that Disney series because they both go "Yay me!" Kinda cheesy but it's ridiculously adorable when it comes from Marian Tee's work. I don't know why. I think she and her refreshingly cute gals and alpha males have grown on me. :P

Damen is aggressive and knows what he wants, and he's just enough of a jerk and rich idiot to make me and my eyes sweat throughout the entire story. I liked the setting (first book to read with that kind of setting!) and I enjoyed the fast pace. It didn't linger too much on some scenes and pulled on my heart strings.

This book is a part of the Billionaire Bad Boys of Romance boxed set. A definite recommend and worth buying the box set for~!
(And do it NOW while it's still $0.99!)

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