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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Rock Me: Sexy

Forced into a job she didn't want...

When fate conspires, Katie must leave behind the prestigious world of documentary film-making and step into the fast-paced world of low-brow reality television. Reluctantly, she becomes the Executive Producer for Rock Star Diaries, a reality show following the band Cold Fusion on tour. From day one, she is intrigued and challenged by the sexy rockstar, Tyler Matthews.

A chance to outshine the brightest spotlight...

Tyler Matthews, lead singer for the rock band Cold Fusion, loves being in the spotlight. He leads the life of a bad boy rockstar to perfection. He's got everything at his fingertips: power, fame, money, sex, drugs and rock'n roll. 

But sometimes the spotlight can burn too brightly, especially when a 'fake' reality show begins to unmask the superficiality of his life.

A passion that eclipses it all...
Katie is no fool; she knows that Tyler is trouble with a capital "T". The tattooed and cocky hunk goes through women faster than he goes through alcohol. Never in her wildest dreams, did she think she would fall hard for him.

Tyler's got it all. So why can't he get the sexy producer out of his mind? One taste has always been enough for him before...

Everything changes...
When lines blur and fiction becomes reality. Scandal, deceit and sacrifice become the cruel price of fame. Can an unexpected love between the two most unlikely of people survive the cold harsh realities of life in the glittering spotlight?

Rock Me: Sexy is a full length novel and a part of the Rock Me series. It can be read as a stand-alone novel or in any order with the series.

- Goodreads

I got an ARC from an author who got it from an author (lol) in exchange for an honest review. Here's my review:

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The End.

Haha! Just kidding. I'm not done with the review. I loved it! First of all let me tell you that I judge my books based on how boring they are to me and what exactly goes on in the thing, romantic-wise or other. This book entertained me and my hormones the whole way, and I loved the chemistry between Tyler and Katie! It was a forbidden and tempting hookup that ended up with either of them loving the other and not knowing it until it was too late.

Katie is a very hard and talented worker, but the people who don't know her only think that she's got a great rep because of what's between her legs, and who she allows down there. Her boss and mentor, Hugo, fires her so she can make a name for herself instead of hiding in his shadows. I really liked Hugo- he was a total... er, promiscuous yet powerfully respectable man who truly saw something in Katie and liked her for it. When he tells her that she has to do a reality show, however, she's a little out of her comfort zone. But that doesn't stop her!

She shows up and fakes it 'til she makes it, going so far as to mistake Tyler's manager for the rockstar himself and mistaking the sexy Tyler for her new assistant, Michael. It's not even an hour into the meeting before he's stroking her leg underneath the table. Bad boy! And Katie thinks so, too, but it takes everything in her not to open her legs just a wee... bit... more...

Cat's out of the bag when they talk about the band members, and Tyler's face pops up. She's embarrassed at the mistake she made, but like a pro she takes it in, learns from it, and kills with it. Katie is that kind of woman. She stays strong throughout most of the book, but with so many misunderstandings and tabboo things going on between the two, she eventually succumbs to him and starts to miss him to the point of not minding a one-night stand with him. And they have sex, but in the end, it just isn't a one-nighty for her, and during their time together in the bedroom, she knows she feels a connection.

But then the next morning comes up, and he asks her to get going. He's still cold and indifferent, and it hurts her. It's one assumption right after the other between these two, and one final assumption ends with her sacrificing her job and him thinking that she'd betrayed him for the money. T_T I wanted to hit Tyler for assuming such things about her, but he's not psychic- he couldn't have known. *sigh*

I'm glad it's a stand-alone because they do get things cleared up and end up together. ^_^ I think I would've died if it ended with them not knowing what really happend. Their character development was great; Tyler realized that sex with the entire female population wasn't enough in comparison to the kind of love Katie wanted, and Katie saw that her career wasn't everything. They both learned a lot about themselves and each other and just what exactly it is that they want in life. The other members were funny with their own personalities, though it's not surprising since they've got their own stories prior to Tyler's.

Overall, it was an entertaining read that hit all the right buttons. Loved the sex. Loved the telling'n showin of a rockstar's life. The drama. The anticipation. The way it was written. I think that if I had to point out any bad things about this book, it'd be the fact that Tyler doesn't have a warning label. :P

Happy Reading!

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