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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: The Species Within

Kira, a huntress plagued by dreams of fire and pain has worked tirelessly to rid her city of the scourge that has nearly destroyed it... nostvores, mythlend creatures with dark and vast appetites for blood and sex. She does this not only because they had killed so many people in her life, but also because she has an edge that no other human had... she has their abilities. The problem was, these abilities were killing her and she feared time was no longer on her side.

So the moment she found out that Darius, a nostvore leader was threatening to awaken an indestructible species to help him enslave all humans and mythlends, and that she may be the key to his plan, she knew her only choice was to risk her life with the little time that she had left and join her enemy to find out why, and to make sure his plan failed. If that wasn't dangerous enough, the more time she spends with the Vanatre nostvore Emmerich, and the mooran Kuron, who she brings with her for protection, the less she wants to kill them. Instead, she feels an unexplainable attraction towards them both, and she fears surrendering to such desire with either is a deadly game to play, for she would not only be risking her life, but quite possibly her heart.
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A great fantasy read!! I absolutely adore a special heorine who's tough enough to have everyone pondering if the big boys are good enough to play with her. Kira has a swirl of silver and blue eyes that glow when she uses the abilities that represent the two DNA streaks within her, DNA that come from a version of werewolves and vampires, only in this book they're known as lycrould and nostvores, and society doesn't know about them. Her parents' death at the hands of nostvores is the foundation for her reason of killing them, but with the ability to sense the deaths of all the mythlend's victims and the limit on her life, she makes it a mission to kill all of them and save her human race before time's up.

The book opens to her hunting a newly turned nostvore and letting the reader know what her world is like. There's a war against humans and mythlends (as the supernatural are called) but the media misjudges the deaths as a result of rivalry gangs. She then goes on to attack an entire faction of nostvores and lets one survive to give her leader a message of his impending death at her hands. Darius hears of the human with glowing eyes and is surprised that 'there is another', as he'd "found" one just like Kira years before. Intrigued, he visits Raidan, his old leader turned enemy, telling him about the threat, when in reality he's searching the mansion for a map that will help him move forward in his master plan. Raidan and his second in command, Emmerich, don't trust Darius and yet also noticed the fear in his eyes at the mention of a human that shouldn't exist, so Emmerich is sent to find her.

And he does, though his appearance distracts her in the middle of a hunt and gets her back sliced open. She surprises him with her abilities to sense him and almost injure him, and eventually he follows her back to her place. Her apartment is in the middle of an abandoned area that's heavily guarded by Kuron, a mooran that eats all living things by sucking out their essence. A mooran is very hard to kill, but she'd seen one killed and so used this information to survive a match with Kuron. The outcome was a pact that she'd keep the information to herself if he let her live in the apartment (which is in his territory) and continue to keep people, both human and mythlend, away. He's also attracted to her, but she trusts no mythlends, so is a total bitch to him so she doesn't forget to keep her guard up. When she dreams the same dream once again, something is different, and realizes it's the nostvore from earlier. He somehow found a way to visit her in her dream.

She catches him in her apartment only after she walks out of her bathroom naked (LOL!) and gets knocked out when she refuses to cooperate, though not before he tastes her blood (it surprises him) and the two make out. *wiggles eyebrows suggestively* She comes to, handcuffed to Emmerich's bed, and when she still refuses to answer any of their questions, they bring in someone to torture her. A man, I might add, who has a 100% success in getting info out of his clients... hehehe well dude's shit out of luck, because she tells him nothing, even after he gets frustrated with his tools and resorts to tearing into her. However, as soon as he tastes her blood, he freaks out, spits some in a tube, and then runs out.

Darius gets a clan of lycroulds to join him in attacking Raidan's mansion, and while under attack, Kira gets a visit from the other 'special human', who claims that she is the key, not Kira, but wants her out of the way anyway. She almost kills her but Emmerich comes back in time. After the battle, Raidan and the others learn from her blood that she is dying, and use that to get her to go with them to the other side of the world, where Darius will be heading to reawaken the Hunrati, an ancient vicious race that had been trapped and put asleep, they were so unstoppable.

Kuron goes with them and they all head to Elysia where the sleeping Hunrati are, along with Claritis and his own group of people, the only form of supporters that were willing to believe Raidan about the Hunrati and Darius. The adventure there is intense, and this is also when she starts to realize that she likes Emmerich and Kuron, but honestly, the whole time I was like, "Okay, when is she going to recognize something in the 'now dark and magical forest' or relate something to her nightmare and freak out?" And guess what- it came! I was just anticipating this scene, when they come across a part of the forest where their destination should be and she spots a woman from her dreams, and then the rest of them, and hears them say, 'You have come for us', before passing out.

Oh, backtrack. Okay, so whenever she has a nightmare, it's the same one. She's in a dark place all alone by herself, watched by many eyes, and being whispered to, telling her to join them. And then she gets set on fire from the inside out and is in eternal pain before turning into nothing but bones. Creepy and horrible, right?

So she wakes up and knows where they have to go, they get to the city Kartarus where Darius already is, and Kira goes after Shar, the other special human, after a battle unfolds. However, Darius had wanted that all along, because should his human fail to wake up the Hunrati, Kira's presence would be there to do it. And that's exactly what happens. While fighting with Shar, she gets stabbed and stumbles over the chamber's threshold that Shar had run to, the place where the Hunrati are to be awakened. A barrier goes up to trap her in, and Emmerich arrives too late. She's in familiar pain, and her heart aches at the thought of not knowing what could've been with Emmerich. She tells him she loves him, notices the symbols of power on the floor, and then chants a spell to get him out before making him promise to keep Darius from taking over the Hunrati. Then he's transported out of the chamber, and she blacks out.

When Emmerich realizes that she'd moved him out of the city, he goes back in the hopes to save her, but then the earth trembles and the city starts to crumble. He gets to the tunnel only to see its entrance caved in, and then the earth beneath his feet opens, taking at least half the city with it. There's no way she could've survived that, and it destroys something in him, before rage overtakes him and he joins the battle still going on. And then a ferocious roar pierces the night and stops the fighting, and feral snarls and screaming echo from within the city before everything turns silent.

"What was that?" asked Raidan.
The sound of a maniacal laugh drew all their attention away from the dust cloud.
That laugh came from Darius, who was still surrounded. "That, my dear former leader..." he said between his fits of laughter,
 "... is your death."

Large forms emerged from the dust, green eyes glowing with the sounds of gnarling teeth. Everyone's weapons turned toward the new threat to prepare for the worse, and then-

IT. ENDS!!!!!

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Oh, the deceit! The deception! You deceived man! Ne- oh, sorry. Wrong story. :P

But still! Occkkkkkk- that To be continued... totally killed me. Such a great cliffhanger though, haha. XD I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Mucho grande. Viele. The story, the adventure (the sex), the characters and Kira's development emotion-wise, the whole setting of the world (and the sex), the plot- I loved it all! When I saw that there was going to be a love triangle, I was a little weary, but the synopsis won me over because it just sounded too interesting to not try out. I'd endure a love-tri for this. XD And it wasn't bad! The way Kira was made me understand why she'd fall for both of them. For one thing, Emmerich and Kuron are mythlends, and she hates those races, but even when she realizes that she likes Emmerich, she also finds that she has feelings for Kuron, though she doesn't know what those feelings are. Emmerich is such an old, stubborn alpha ass learning to live again when Kira comes into his life. And Kuron, with his hot human form and scary-as-hell's-crack true monster form, is such a cutie with Kira while still being that mythlend that everyone gets cautious around. I mean, he does prefer mythlend flavor, after all. But he behaves... most of the time. :) And even some of the supporting characters made me smile, like Eagan or Hedona, the nostvore who delivered Kira's message to Darius in the beginning.

I think Kira was just such a cool chick, and very strong, though it also ends up being her weakness because it gets in the way of her being with Emmerich. Finding this book was like finding a delicious triple chocolate and peanut butter brownie in a sea of Easy-Bake oven cupcakes, I don't know why this tickled me so much, but it did!

Some might not like it because of the torture scene, with the cutting and slicing and dicing, and there is a multiple POV and a few alpha males. Oh, and sex. X) Really hot scenes, too! *sweats* LOL And okay, so I could be desperate here, but Kira has green eyes when they aren't glowing silver and blue. And the lycroulds and nostvores were created from two people (a woman close to death and a man bitten by a wolf) who were used in the spell to put the Humrati to sleep, and she is a human with both the mythlends' DNA... and there's a connection here between her and the Hunrati with that trippy dreams she has Ijustknowit! T_T I'm not crazy!

So overall, I love this, and if we have similar tastes, you'll go crazy over this too XD

Click here to read the first two chapters for free!

Happy Reading!

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