Friday, November 15, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Trapped into Marriage

From Billionaire's Bad Boys of Romance Boxed Set, USA Today Best Selling Author Dez Burke writes a saucy tale of what happens when Fate puts two complete opposites together...

With its regular price of $2.99 on Amazon, get it for $0.99 with nine other bad boys waiting- demanding -to be fallen for!

Blackmailed into marriage to rich, gorgeous, Nick Vitale, Keyonna Hayes is determined to teach him a thing or two about love. Soon intrigue, heartbreak, and betrayal ensue, and the two fight to regain a love that was always destined to be theirs.


Keyonna gets a call from her ex saying he's back home from Afghanistan and wants to meet up at his party. She, on the other hand, has fallen out of love with him, and has been for a few years now, ever since he left and made her see that she was putting in enough effort in their relationship for the both of them.

She goes there to make it clear to him that she's a different woman now, but when she does, a certain man happens to be sitting nearby listening in on their words, and he doesn't look impressed. She leaves the room to get away only to run into him again. Nick Vitale. He tells her that he's disgusted by women like her who play with men when it suits them. She's appalled at his accusation, but when her ex comes right back to 'prove her wrong' about her own feelings, she leaps for a 'once-and-for-all' and kisses another man in front of him. Nick just so happens is the only man nearby, but he also has a fiance, and she storms off after seeing Keyonna kissing him- and him responding in kind.

Nick is set to inheriting his billions once he marries, but when his spoiled brat fiance leaves him out of pride, he has no choice *snort* but to turn to the one woman who screwed it all up. And since he has an excuse... 

Keyonna will not marry someone so cold and calculating, but when she's blackmailed into it, she decides then to prove that there's something between them, whether he wants to admit it or not. And trust me, it ain't just the burning lust that melts their fiery and frost-bitten exteriers. As they grow closer, love slowly blossoms. However, on their wedding day Keyonna notices him talking to his stepmother, a woman from their own generation, and when her ex's annoying cousin tells her about the rumors between the two of them, she follows their fleeting forms and then blanches when they share a kiss.

The poor guy was jumped by the woman who broke his young heart years ago, a woman who loved his father for the money and power that Nick didn't have at the time, and when he sets her right, he returns to the wedding, only to realize that Keyonna is nowhere to be found.

She's run to Italy, and she stays there for weeks wallowing in her own depression. She can't understand how she could fall for a guy, or how he could do something like that after everything that happened between them. A handsome stranger comes up as a form of what she could have if she moves on, but she can't. After everything, she still loves her husband, and he knows that.

Nick finally finds her after his ex-fiance runs into Keyonna and blurts about it, but when he finally catches her, she gets into an accident and loses all memory. The betrayal. The hurt. The kiss. She doesn't even remember the day they got married, but for Nick, it's another shot at not screwing it up. They both come back as a happily married couple, but it still bothers the both of them that the problem was not confronted and taken care of. Nick still has no idea why she'd run off to Italy, but when he gets yet another visit from his stepmom at his office, she reveals that she'd kissed him for his wife's benefit, and he shakes her.

Keyonna finally remembers their wedding day and goes to confront her husband about what she saw, only to see him holding his stepmother. The drama. They talk it out and clear the air of what happened. They live happily ever after (until book two, I suspect).

Author Marian Tee, Burke's co-author in the bundle ($0.99 right now, people!) was kind enough to shoot me with this arc and her own. Trapped into Marriage was a nice read! The spoiled review made it seem longer than it was, but nonetheless it was entertaining and did things that good books do to readers. I liked the development within the time they were given, and it was more enjoyable for me because it was a little more than just hot sex, as this is a part of a boxed set with naughty billionaires. ^_- Becaue it's only about 198 pages, it was also fast paced and didn't linger too long on any one thing. I recommend!

PS- if you haven't already figured it out with all the words I dropped, this has sex and so may not be suitale for those who break out in hives at the "sight" of steamy sex and alpha males. :3

Happy Reading!

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