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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: The Art of Trusting a Greek Billionaire

Once upon a time, there was an ordinary girl who grew up listening to bedtime stories where there were no knights in shining armor or Prince Charming. Instead, it had Greek billionaires and this little girl dreamt she'd one day have Her Own Greek Billionaire to live happily ever after with.

When this little girl grew up, she found what she was looking for - but he did not believe in the same bedtime stories.

When she told him she loved him at first sight because he was a Greek billionaire, he did not think she was a hopeless romantic. Instead, he thought she was a gold digger.

This is my story.
I mean your story.
I mean, Mairi Tanner's story.


I got this ARC, the second installment following The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire, from USA Today and NYT bestselling author Marian Tee in exchange for an honest review. Am I done with the formalities now? Yes? Good.

exciting GIF photo:  skinsminihyperventilating.gif AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHOOOLLYYSHIIIIT. HOLY SHIT. Holy. Shit.
So, let me fangirl for a minute, k?
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Okay, I'm ready. The book starts off with a party going on, and then Damen accepting a family ring from his fiancee *heart shatters*. He should be concentrating on the life meant for him, but he can't stop thinking about Mairi, the woman who is and will always be his, no matter what anyone says. Mairi is heartbroken and is trying to get over the fact that she just wasn't good enough for him to love her. She saw him once but ran away and told him- begged him -to leave her alone. And he backed off, until his rival Greek Billionaire Ioniko Vlahos called to fucking spell it out for him that Mairi was not his, and could easily be his now because he will not take no for an answer this time.

Let me just say, I'm so happy he didn't make a move on her. Ioniko doesn't usually play the hero of the day, but he dons the cape for Mairi's sake, especially towards the end. <3 *whispers: we love you, Io.*

Damen calls her for a straight hour one night, Ioniko being one of the reasons, but after one of her best friends answers the phone and yells at him, she later gets a call from Damen's sister, Diana (her student at the school she teaches in), to meet her after hours because of a personal problem. She gets there only to find Damen waiting for her, and after he tackles her down before she can run away again, he begs her to teach him how to believe that she loves him. He needs to believe in love. O.O Okay, if I had a man tell me to convince him to believe that I loved him, I'd have cut off his fucking balls! But he didn't mean that, he just meant that he's never believed in love and really wants her to help him accept it, like help him get over his issue so he can be with her. Right, Damen?

A week later, after having talked this over with her two aunts (in the form of a book plot, lol) she's out on a date with a stranger because Damen proposed they see other people while taking things slow between them. He doesn't think she's really in love with him, and if she dates, maybe she'll come to realize that. However, his stalker-ass is watching her with the dude and after an hour's passed, when the guy touches Mairi's mouth, he flips a bitch and texts her something that'll get her to panic and call him back. She gets the text and, viola, she excuses herself and runs to the bathroom to call him. It's dark in the WC, though, and then the light comes on and Damen is there, kissing the daylights out of her.

He fucks her (holy shit, does he FUCK her. Like...*shudders*) in the bathroom with the pent-up jealousy of seeing the man undress her with his eyes, and decides that this 'seeing other people' bit is not working out for them. They get caught in the bathroom, and he clears it up with the fact that he's Damen Leventis, but it hurts Mairi at the thought of the other workers assuming that he was in the stall with his fiancee, Alina. But that doesn't deter her! She's found her foundation in keeping strong, by thinking of this as a book: if they really love each other, like her aunts say about her 'characters' in the book she's writing, nothing else matters.

Right after this, it shows Damen and his best friend, Stavros Manolis, sitting together at a tennis match their companies sponsored, and Stavros asks him about the girl that's so obviously caught Damen's attention. He tells him after the match that he shouldn't make the same mistake he did in losing the girl meant for him. O.O This Stavros dude is getting a little too much attention here, meaning he's either getting his own story or is going to be a huge thing in this story (or the next installment). So, you know... I'm pretty slow when it comes to names. Keep Stavros in mind for later, k?

high five GIF photo: Tina Fey high fives herself tinyfeyfive.gifAnywho, everything is good again, even when Damen's horrible mother tries to scare her off after her surprise visit to his house. LOL She actually tells the mother that she'll blackmail her by telling the world he's a masochist that needs her whipping touch if she tries to get her fired from the school. XD You're epic, Ms. Yay. And it all seemed alright, until the next chapter when she finds out that the school is having Teacher's Day with two of their VIP sponsors. Can you guess who?

Ioniko Vlahos, and Damen Leventis... and his fiancee, Alina Kokinos.

She manages to isolate herself from the group before hugging her knees to her chest, waiting for her phone to ring. And it does!

"Mairi? It is Ioniko."

Damen should've been the first to call her, and Ioniko, hearing how sensitive and fragile she is over the phone, gently tells her that he just wanted to make sure she was okay if she'd heard the announcement about Teacher's Day. The line beeps, alerting her of another caller, and Ioniko softly encourages her to answer it.

Damen is cold on the phone because his uneasiness at having hurt her again makes him sound like an ass, but to Mairi, he just sounds indifferent. And then she tells him that she was talking to Ioniko when he called, and this is where he starts to fuck up, getting defensive and mean with each question getting answered by another demanding question.

"Cut the bull and answer me!"
"You are not my fiancee to have a right to make me answer your question!"

sad GIF photo:  Imnotcryingitsjustrainfallingonmyfa.gif

"I wish I was in love with Ioniko instead."
"If you want to be with Ioniko, I'm not stopping you."
He should stop here and now, but he was hurting too goddam much
to stop just like that.
"I just hope he's willing to settle for my leftovers."

UGHH Dude why do you have to be such a DICK?!?! *SCREAMS* He can be so mean when he feels cornered. T_T I just want to slap him, that idiot- ughhhhhhhhh. So Teacher's Day arrives, and her grateful smile at Ioniko for making her feel better makes him jealous enough to whisper how beautiful Alina looks in front of Mairi. Then he realizes he went too far-

NO SHIT! REALLY??? Nooo, you didn't go that far!
Stabbing her nonstop in the heart would be going too far-
oh, wait.

It's a heart-wrenching night for her, because she has to make a speech in front of all of them, and then personally thank the sponsors for their generosity. But wait, it doesn't end there. The principal, after getting Damen and Alina to come up to the podium and give a small speech, starts dogging on them to share a kiss, since they rarely do any PDA. The kiss would set the school for life, with that kind of publicity.

From here, we start getting different POVs. Mairi's having a harder time breathing and sitting in her seat watching him with another woman. Ioniko, alert to the pain she's in, actually says 'fuck it' and gets up to walk towards her, no matter the change to his cool reputation. And Stavros- Ah, Stavros. Remember how I mentioned that this Greek Billionaire had let go of the girl who was right for him? Well, when his POV comes up, he arrives at the entrance of the school Mairi works in, thinking about how he'd finally tracked down the girl he lost.

Mairi Tanner.

O.O HOLY SHIT. Mairi is the girl he'd lost??!!?!? How the hell does he even know her? How does she know him??? So I'm completely clueless, okay? I forgot all the names from the first book, so I have no idea he's from The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire. It's not until THIS-

The woman stopped next to the front row seats. "There she is, Mr. Manolis."
Stavros slowly followed her gaze.
It was her.
It really was her.
And she looked... she looked exactly like how she looked that day she had been expelled for being labeled a gold digger because of him.

-that I go, "OMG! He's that Greek Billionaire?" It really blew my mind. Like, seriously. ~_~ So now he's there, Ioniko is heading her way. And Damen is trying to smooth talk his way out of kissing Alina, but then Alina kisses him. :O And it breaks Mairi's heart! He actually hears her gasp and just fucking knows she's crying, and he turns to her as soon as Alina lets him go, but he doesn't see her crying. He sees something worse.

She looks like she's finally given up on him.

And then he sees Ioniko walking towards Mairi with a purpose. And further back, he sees Stavros, looking at Mairi with something he can't explain, yet knows is the look of another rival. It's at this moment that he goes through a little episode. He could let Mairi go and let her have all the billionaires she wants and go off to live the life expected of him, or he could follow the heart that's been giving him pains and foreign yet good feelings this entire fucking time and just... do it.

So he does.

He takes off Alina's ring and tells her it won't work out between them, and then, abandoning all caution, he jumps off the stage and rushes right up to Mairi. It's a scene right out of her own head. He chooses her, tells her he loves her in front of everyone- the gasping students, the staff members, the cameras -and he begs her to let him prove his love for her. She's still in shock over having her heart broken at the sight of another woman kissing him, but she slowly comes back amongst the chaotic crowd. And, within the tight little circle of theirs created by guards, he puts her hand on his chest and says that his heart will always be hers. She does the same. Awwwww. <3

It ends with the two of them having yet another scene of incredible sex, and Damen being able to both say 'I love you' and hear it from her. ^_^ I'm so glad it ended like this. I think I would've just died if it ended with one of the other billionaires stating his love for her or something. O.O

I- and I'm being serious, now -was in tears the whole time I read it. No joke. I either had tears coming out while reading or was reading with tear stains drying on my cheeks. In either situation, I was always wet.
*lol that's what she said*

I know I'm supposed to give an honest review, but honestly? There wasn't anything I disliked that wasn't already promised me. Drama? check. Tear-inducing moments? Yuppers. Hot sex? *shudders* Um, yeees. I mean check. Alpha idiot with issues who just can't seem to stop hurting the one who loves him most? CHECK CHECK CHECK. Sweet and innocently naive girl with pure love? Check. ^_^ So I can't be disappointed with a book that I'm expecting all these things from- and trust me, it was all there. One thing that was hinted at but never happened, though, was Ioniko. In the beginning I was waiting for Io to make his move on Mairi, but that didn't happen. Instead, he really was just there to indirectly urge Damen on in getting his head out of his ass. So that's the only thing I can think of, really.

There are a few typos, but not that much, though that might've just been my ARC. Otherwise, it's fucking WORTH it. You have no idea how much I love this author's work. Every single book is filled with love and drama, it's like the Korean drama on television, but a million times better. I love it. I RECOMMEND it.

I've got finals this week, so you won't be seeing me until Saturday or something. :P
Have a great week. Hell, get this book on Amazon for 2.99 and make the rest of your week eventful for a few hours (or a few days, depending on you). God knows I had my own hours of The Feels. :3
Happy Reading :)


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