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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: First Visions

Two years ago, 21-year-old Kate Edwards became deathly ill and slipped into a coma. While unconscious, she crept into the mind of a missing boy and awoke with the knowledge of his location. Friends and family were skeptical and wary of her new ability to see into the minds of others. Their fears promoted Kate to keep her psychic powers a secret. Feeling alienated, she dropped out of college and spent most of her days holed up at her mother's home.

Now another child has been abducted. Police detective Jared Corbett seeks out Kate for her help in solving the case. Reluctantly, Kate agrees and they must work together to bring 8-year-old Cori Preston home to her family. Although attracted to one another, Jared has a girlfriend with ties to the abduction case and Kate is sarcastic and guarded since her coma. With visions she can't control and an uncontrollable attraction to the detective, she wonders if she can leave the past behind and finally stop hiding from the world. Otherwise, Cori may be lost forever.
           - Goodreads

Loved it! It's hard for me to come across any good ghost/cop/psychic stories with romance, the funnies, some *cough-good-cough* drama and a cool chick. Kate is the best friend I've always wanted. XD I love her sarcasm and witty tongue, but most of all I understand why she's like that, and I think that's why I was so enamored with her as soon as the first page lit up on my Kindle.

Kate has been keeping her powers to herself for two years now, spending most nights in the minds and memories of others. She can't control what or who she sees, and it only thickens her armor whenever someone comes along to ask her about it. That day after her coma was a living hell for her; she got isolated by people who were supposed to love her and constantly hounded by those who only wished to use her. Her own father left them, and she had the pleasure of seeing him with his new girlfriend in her dreams. Not fun. That's pretty tough for a college girl, especially one like Kate, who becomes an anti-social hermit.
*Yeah, but a really cute hermit. Like a kitty-hermit hybrid.*

She's got an awesome friend, though. In fact, the story opens up with her and Julie talking on the phone. FYI Julie's doing most of the talking. The doorbell rings, and when she goes to answer it, she sees a cute guy standing there in the rain. My first instinct was to a) not answer it or b) get a weapon just in case. Her friend's?

   Kate whispered into the cell phone, "This unbelievably gorgeous guy is standing on my doorstep."
   "What are you waiting for? Serial killers are rarely hot, so I'm sure he's safe," Julie assured.
   Kate rolled her eyes- she hoped if this guy ended up dismembering her, Julie would blame herself for that awful advice.

They're hilarious together, seriously. X) But anyways, she answers the door with a 100 megawatt smile and meets Detective James Corbett of the Franklin Police Department.That gracious smile doesn't last for long, however, when he tells her the visit is about an article she was in a few years ago. Major mood killer, there. She goes from 'great host' to 'spitfire' and tries anything she can short of throwing him out to leave her and her past alone. But he's begging her for her help.

   "Just listen to me for one more minute," he pleaded. "Please." She shot him an annoyed look, but sank back down on the couch. He eased down on the arm of the couch and continued, "The girl who's missing, Corinne Preston, is my girlfriend's younger sister-"

OUCH~!!! What a way to really kill the mood, dude. T_T She definitely doesn't want to help him out, now, but she's not heartless. It bothers her that a child is missing, but she refuses to go back to that fiasco of a life the first time people thought she was psychic. She'd gotten tons of letters before and couldn't get a vision on all of them. Did she really want to live with the guilt of disappointing another family? Could she live with herself if she didn't try? She takes the picture he thrusts at her and forever has Cori's face branded in the back of her eyes, and then her mother comes home.

applause GIF photo: applause 2ni8cvm.gif Woman deserves a standing ovation. I love her mother! XD The woman comes in with a bunch of groceries, requesting help, and after Jared helps her, she greets him enthusiastically and goes, "Oh, I didn't know Katie had friends in the department." And Kate's like, "Of course my mother would think he was here on a social call and not to arrest me for something." lol That's another thing that I loved about this book- how close their relationship was. She loves her father, but her mother's her rock, something that I also have in common with my own. <3 So Ms. Edwards gets Jared to stay for dinner despite the fireballs Kate is throwing their way (no, not actual fireballs were thrown) and then the night ends with her mother telling her that he couldn't keep his eyes off her when she wasn't looking. Eekk! ^_^

The following hours, however... not so eekk. :/ She has a vision of Cori's kidnapping that sends her out of bed screaming, and it takes her mother hours of soothing and telling her it was just a bad dream to put her back to sleep. It hurts Kate that her own mother doesn't believe her, when in actuality, she does, and it's because of Kate's latest visions that her mother decides to visit Detective Corbett the next morning and tell him about her daughter's psychic abilities and recent vision regarding the case.

It's a huge blowout in the house when Kate finds out that her mother could've been helping her all these years to not feel like a freak, and she leaves. She ends up at Jared's apartment- she night Google stalked him X) -to tell him about her vision, and then leaves when things start getting a little inappropriate, beginning with him answering the door shirtless and ending with him offering her the couch so she doesn't drive late at night. Ho, ho, ho! She doesn't take up his offer (boo) because it would be wrong (sigh- that makes sense) and crashes over at Julie's house. She makes up with her mom the next day, and from there, is officially a part of the case, though she makes him promise that her name will stay out of it.

Her visions get her clues like the type of car the perpetrator used or the kind of atmosphere he lives in, but another thing she gets from her dreams is the feeling that the family knows him. None of them say they do, however, when she later gets a good look at his face in one of her dreams and draws it out for Jared to show the parents and sister. The case goes from an all-time high to an all-time low when her crush on Jared starts to take over. She becomes more attracted to him and the fact that he's the closest- and greatest -thing to a friend she's had in years. But all that goes to shit when she has a vision of him and his girlfriend, Nikki, fighting about his nonstop talk about her. "I feel sorry for her," he says, and that totally kills her. He'd only been pretending to be her friend so he could use her for her visions! But wait, folks, the torture doesn't stop there. After the couple make up, they start making out. And then groping each other. Then the pants come off- WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP! She got out of the vision just when he started rising Nikki's dress, but the damage is done.

applause GIF photo: applause applause.gif
*Great job, Asshole*

UGH I don't know how Kate survived that, I would've vomited to death or something if I ever saw my crush tell his hot girlfriend that I was just a charity case to him, and then get jiggy with her in the kitchen- EW, no, thanks! So I'm just as pissed as Kate is, and when he comes over to the library to show her the types of cars she might have seen in the dream, she's hostile, and he takes it as a sign of frustration at something else *rolls eyes* and forces her to go feed the ducks with him.

... Sigh. Jared's such a... damn, why does he have to be so sweet and taken? -_- Obviously she's going to hate him a little less, he took her to feed the fucking ducks. They have a talk and his sincerity convinces Kate to take him up on the friendship he keeps pushing, but after a night of trying to get over him by going to a bar and then deciding that she doesn't want to go with Mr. Happy Hands, she calls him to pick her drunk ass up. He's livid, and almost cold when he saves her from two pushy guys outside in the parking lot. But then she tells him about a vision she had of him, and his first day of kindergarten with his parents when they were still alive.

Now, this is very significant to him because his eccentric aunt (the one who convinced him to seek out Kate, actually!) raised him after both his parents died, and he blames himself, because they'd been on their way to get him when he was scared of staying over someone else's house. :(

He stops a block away from her house to get out of the car and silently freak out, but when she follows him out, he surprises her. He's not freaked out about what she can do, he's amazed, and unbelievably happy that she could see them when they were still alive. But it also opens his eyes for the last time, as he realizes that he's this close to cheating on Nikki with her, and when drunken Kate goes to kiss him, he tells her he won't be that guy. She runs away from him, humiliated, ashamed and pissed (at him or herself, she doesn't know) and wakes up the whole neighborhood with their chasing. Her mom opens the door in time to put on The Ice Queen persona and kick him off her property- *GO MOM!* -and then it's just her and her weeping daughter.

They are no longer talking, and Nikki even goes to visit her and scare her away, but that doesn't work. Kate already knows who Jared's chosen. :( So she leaves, but later on, after giving evidence of the bad guy's car, possible connection and face, she gets a phone call from a media website. And then she gets more calls, and the media start showing up on her front lawn. Someone's leaked her name to the press, and now they know that she's playing psychic on another child abduction. It's starting all over again.

I felt so bad for her! She started hyperventilating and shit at the worse-case scenarios of what was going to happen to her again, but her mama tells her she's on her way home and will be right there to help her out. Kate is freaked out, but pissed. She has a pretty good idea who did this. And so does Jared. He confronts Nikki at their apartment after getting off the phone with his superiors and Kate's lawyers about the name leak, and after yet another argument about Kate, the truth finally comes out that they've been growing apart. She wants that fucking ring that he will never give, they're both stressed and changing because of the case. But most of all, they both see the connection between him and Nikki. She tells him that she understands and won't try to make something work between them when it's no use, and leaves.

O.O This part actually shocked me, because she's usually such a bitch, but I can understand her having a nice side- I mean, how else was she able to keep him with her for three years? So now they're broken up, Kate's come to accept her powers after going through her own drama at home, and then she and her mother go to a cousin's wedding reception. It's hell for her because they're so obviously isolated, though she does have a spanking cool aunt ^_- and when she gets a text from Jared, she finds him outside, waiting for her.

He came to tell her something that could've easily been told over text, but then he tells her that he and Nikki have broken up. And she's like, "What, did you expect me to still be interested in you?" and I'm like "HELL NO! He can't just show up and be like, 'Hey I'm single now let's dance.' Nein! I mean, at least let the little bugger squirm before taking him!" And she does, though within the minute, they're in the backseat of his car making out. -_- LOL I didn't really like that transition from taken to single-so-let's-get-together-yeah-yeah-yeah, but I mean what else are they going to do? They obviously have something going on, they just couldn't act on it because it was at the wrong time. But now that he's single, why not, right? It wasn't the most graceful of hookups like what I'm used to in my other fantasy books, but it is reality, so it didn't really bother me all that much after that little revelation.

So it's another "yay we're up high again!" point in the book, which means it's going to go crashing down within the next few pages. Now, when her name got leaked, I saw so pissed because then the bad guy would know about her and try to kill her or something! And that's what happened. She dropped her mom off at home after the wedding to go get some sugar from the store, and when she got back, she sensed something horrible and ran to the house... but didn't make it. Jared gets called about her abduction and tries to comfort her mother, but they all know who has her now.

She finds little Cori in the basement and- with the luck of a broken wrist from younger years (oh the irony) -she gets out of her holdings and plans an escape by catching the kidnapper from behind when he goes down the basement to check on Cori. They run, she almost dies, and Cori stabs him in the back. O.O That's some serious stuff for an 8-year-old, but thankfully (or unfortunately) the guy survives. That sucks, but then at least the little girl's conscious is safe. She does not need that on her plate on top of being kidnapped and traumatized. Kate's parents show up, her mother is hilarious as ever-

   "Honey, look! It's Jared, you remember him, right?"
   "Mom, I was almost killed, I don't have amnesia," she mumbled opening her eyes.

XD Hahaha, too cute! The story ends with Jared kissing her and promising that he'll never let anything happen to her again, and Kate coming to an understanding that now that she's accepted her visions, she knows that if another abduction comes up, she'll be all over it- just as danger will forever try to completely cover her life.

This book was just awesome! When I read the synopsis, I was like, "Hmm, let's just this out." And I'm glad I did, because I love stories where the girl's psychic and the usually gruff but handsome cop is there to help her out. ^_^ Jared isn't gruff, though, but he is taken, so he might as well be grumpy! LOL No seriously though, after reading this, I caved in and read the other synopsis of the next installments- I gave myself a heart attack when I saw that she and Jared weren't together because of something she did! You have no idea how close I was to dying that night, but then I found the fourth installment and it was like "they're back together!" so then I was all, "Whew. Not gonna die tonight." :3

First Visions is a new adult book with some swearing, very suspenseful moments (I mean, this is a kidnapping) and no sex. Kept me entertained the whole time, and I couldn't put it down. I had to know what was going to happen. I recommend!

Happy Reading :)


  1. You broke my heart with the "no sex" part. =/

    1. XD! Sorry! I guess they didn't have much time :/ Still a great book to check out tho!