Thursday, December 26, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Prescribed for Love

Prescribed for Love follows Catriona through her wild travels into 15th century Scotland. One minute Cat is celebrating her graduation from pharmacy school in modern-day Boston, the next she finds herself confronted by the sexiest man she has ever seen (and he's got a big sword!) Sure she is in a dream, Cat simply follows when the sexy dreamboat asks for her help. Little does she know what the future... err... past holds in store!

- Goodreads

I loved that this was about a modern woman whose future was destined to involve a Highlander from the past. She's a smart and independent woman who gets transported back in time by a herbal book only to wake up in an old hut and have a handsome highlander barge in to demand her assistance in healing his sister, believing she is the resident witch.

She knows almost nothing about diagnosing and healing, but after a quick recommendation of cutting out gluten (bread) for his sister's diet to help her get better, she's locked in a room under Alasdair's orders. He doesn't understand why the witch wouldn't know spells for a cure and so attempts to scare some inspiration out of her, but doesn't anticipate her climbing out of the window of his keep until it's too late.

Cat hangs out back in the hut she woke up in and meets the real resident witch, who says that she's been sent back in time because of a wish she made. She never made a wish when she picked up the book back in Boston, but after meeting Alasdair, she decides that maybe she was sent back to help him and his people. During her mission of fulfilling her 'wish' so she can go back home, she tries helping out in a lot of the problems present on Alasdair's land and doesn't mind a casual fling with the sexy laird along the way. What isn't in her plans, however, is falling for the highlander, or finding her brother at the end of Alasdair's ire weeks later!

This was a pretty good story. I loved it automatically because I'm always looking for books with modern women getting sent back in time in Scotland to fall in love ^~^. (If you know any, hit me up!) It started off interesting and I liked the way it was written, but when Cat found out she was pregnant, and she freaked out about it, my excitement for it sort of began to dim. I was reading this with the mindset of ever-after romance, but was surprised when she dreaded being pregnant because it caused problems with her only wanting a short thing with Alasdair and staying in the past. When she finds out she's preggo, she doesn't tell him because as much as it pains her to keep a father from his child, she knows that if he were to ever find out, he'd never let her go, and she is set on returning home.

I'd be okay with her wanting to return to her life and brother (before he showed up) but when constantly asked about why she wants to return, all she basically says is, "I just have to." Originally it was because her brother, her only family member, was back in the present and wondering where the hell she was, but when she accidentally wishes him in the past and Alasdair finds him in a misunderstood situation, her reasons go from 'family' to 'just because'. I didn't really like that too much, because there wasn't a solid reason for her needing to leave her dream hunk and the father of her unborn child. She even admits to herself that he's a dream come true, but because it's in the past, she just can't commit. Had they met in the present, she'd have been all gung-ho for the whole thing, but because there's a few hundred years between the gap...

That slightly put a damper on the romance for me. Another thing was the way Alasdair acted. He was really cute and all, just different from the other highlanders I've read about, and he even came off as a little modern to me. And throughout the book, he never once reacted to Cat's strange way of acting as a modern woman. He wasn't shocked at her dirty mouth even though back then it was a real no-no. It was small stuff that got to me, really. Especially the ending, when she only then realized that she wanted to be with him after she was forced to go back to the future because of a serious injury.

Overall, this book was a pretty good read. It had a lot of my personal favorites regarding plot settings and it was entertaining. The only thing to keep in mind is that this isn't a total insta-love read, as I mentioned up above.

Happy Reading :)

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