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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: That One Time

23-year-old Ayah Chandler believes in love at first sight, and she should- since it only took that one time for her to fall head over heels for a man who looks like an angel but seduces like the devil.

Billionaire Nic de Koningh grew up trusting no one but himself, but all it took was that one time with the free-spirited Instagram-loving Ayah to question everything he believes and doesn't believe in.

As they meet once more in the exotic urban paradise of Hong Kong, Nic and Ayah finally have a chance to discover the answer to the burning question in their hearts.

Can love spring from a moment of connection or is it an illusion that will only scar them for eternity?
- Goodreads

I LOVED IT! I feel like I say this a lot, but I love Marian Tee's work. Her stories are just so cute and embarrassing with OMG did-that-happen moments, it makes you squeal!

This is currently 0.99 on Amazon for the first two days so get it now while it's still that cheap! It's a great quick read that will definitely stick with you and make you want to look up the other books written by Ms. Tee.

Ayah and Nic's first meeting is HILARIOUS. She collects souvenirs and when they're on a plane, she's trying to reach for his free throw bag but falls face first on his cock (and it reacts!). EEK!! lol The whole thing is hilarious and he's nothing but amused with this chick who's not ashamed to say that she collects stuff she can't afford and enjoys continuing her mother's tradition. Their time is short but he's so fascinated with this woman who isn't intimidated or trying to get anything out from him. He's still a little guarded, though, and gives her his gardener's name instead of his own, but immediately regrets it, as the sound of another man's name on her lips drives him up the walls. XD So he makes her call him Lieverd as a nickname and kisses her- her first kiss! -and things get really hot under the blanket he pops out. Like, seriously.

He gives her her first two orgasms and she happily falls asleep after they talk, but when the plane lands and they're the only ones left, he wishes her awake. He's gambling on fate waking her up so they can continue whatever it is they have, but she doesn't get up. So he leaves, and she wakes up, saddened that he hadn't waited. She still hopes though, and, like her mother taught her, she continues to wish that she'll see him again.

It's a few days before she gets any kind of sign from him, in the form of a tag of himself in her instagram photo with them holding hands. A year later, they're still in contact, but a few things are wrong here. He's still using his fake name, and he's told her he's married, on the verge of finalizing a divorce, and too poor to visit her in Hong Kong. And Ayah, being the ever innocent girl, believes him and genuinely doesn't mind. She's got a servant's heart, a person who loves to serve people and does so without wanting anything in return. Her life is pretty good, though there was one family of two that she had to deal with, Mrs. Lee and her nineteen-year-old son. FIRST OF ALL Mrs. Lee is a horrible tipper (as in she doesn't tip) but then when her son goes and kisses a surprised Ayah, the hag goes off on her and calls her a gold-digger!!! I wanted to slap her. >x(. But other than that crazy bitch, her life's pretty surreal in beautiful Hong Kong. Nic's life, on the other hand, is in chaos. He's contemplating marriage with a major gold-digger just to forget Ayah once and for all because he doesn't know if she loves him, and it isn't until his cousin spells it out for him that he realizes he wants Ayah, or at least wants to take a chance.

So he visits her, but her near-and-dear friends are wary of this foreigner who oozes predator sophistication. Unlike Ayah, they think he's been playing with her this whole year and so they get a little payback by making him participate in the speed dating that Ayah had unintentionally joined to help out a friend (and a very scary friend, I might add). It's torture for poor Nic, and he's this close to shutting down the whole thing and getting every man fired just for looking at her XD! But she sees him, and we get a laugh when she looks at his name tag and it says, "Ayah's owner." LOL! She likes it a lot (I liked it, too! hehe) and is completely embarrassing herself, accidentally saying what's on her mind out loud and making some people sputter, tsk tsk! haha. However, his sudden appearance after repeatedly telling her that he can't be seen with another woman just yet makes her assume that he's proposing (O.o!!!!) and so she kisses him and goes, "I'll be the best wife ever!" You can imagine the look on their faces, 'cause everyone who knew froze in that room.

Now he's got Ayah thinking he'd proposed when he'd only wanted to see where things went with them as a couple, and he's freaking out over the phone call with his cousin. He hasn't told Ayah the truth yet, and even when his cousin tries to say she won't mind, he knows different. Ayah won't see the truth as a plus for her getting a billionaire, she'll see it as him lying from the very first time they met. She'll feel betrayed, so he can't tell her just yet. He has cold feet on marrying Ayah based off of a misunderstanding, but his cousin basically says: "It's fate, because I don't think I'd be able to have gotten a guy like you any other way," and, "Would you regret not having married her if your life ended?" It makes him realize that mistake or not, however it started doesn't matter- it's how it ends, and he wants to be Ayah's last and happily ever after. So they explore her new home and she takes him on trips, determined to pay for all of it because she thinks he can't afford it and would like to do this for him. One of their trips involves a trip up and down in a cable car... all I gotta say is, I will not be able to look at another cable car the same way again. Ever.

Their day is wonderful and she's as happy as she can be, but then the gold-digger who'd been trying to get to Nic crashes in on them and spells the beans (and some lying worms.) Heartbroken that he lied to her, she feels like she was played and humiliated and runs off, never wanting to see him again. She leaves later on, needing to go back home to Florida, and boards a plane, only to wake up to Nic. He first gives her a bag that's filled with souvenirs that he'd gone and collected from around the world on planes and even shows her the instagram account he made to take pictures of them as well, so she knew he did it himself. Then, when she doesn't say anything, he worries and says nothing but apologies and the grief it caused him to know that he hurt her when he never meant to. He begs her, but hears a click and looks up to her smiling. Nic tells her that everyone in the plane is a relative of his, and with a shocked look on her face, he proposes to her, using them as witnesses to his commitment.

It's a happy day for Ayah and Nic as they're now married and enjoying their wedding, and she meets his older brother and finally has sex with him. ^_~ The wait was totally worth it. And oh my God, the ending! The next morning, he takes a picture of her and she sees it, thinking it's super sweet. But then she sees the caption.
Exhausted after a hard night's fuck!

Niiiiccc! She's mortified, LOL and he takes another picture of her with her face hidden under her hair in embarrassment.
Embarrassed after a hard night's fuck!

It ends with her asking him to cancel his instagram account, making for a very funny ending. I can only imagine the time they'll spend together. :3

This was a great novella for the holiday, a cute romance based off of fate, wishes, and taking a chance. I love her style of writing and how she makes me love (or hate- grr Mrs. Lee!) her characters. As you know from my review, I recommend this to those who enjoy sex (you'll love the scenes!) and drama and dominating alpha males falling for innocently naive girls with hearts worth more than the billionaires they catch. This is 0.99 for only a little while longer so hurry fast and purchase it on Amazon!

Happy Reading :)

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