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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Damnation Marked

There's a shadow in the earth deep below Elise Kavanagh's territory. A shadow is falling upon local demons to devour their flesh and harvest their souls. And it's coming for Elise next.

The Union has an easy way out. They want to send Elise into hiding again with her former partner, James Faulkner. All she has to do is surrender the territory and trust that they can protect the ethereal ruins, the dark gate, and the city she's come to know as home.

Greater powers have other plans for Elise and her fabled power as Godslayer- plans that mean surrendering her life and blood to the most powerful demon alive. But if she descends, there's no turning back. Once she gazes into the abyss, it will gaze back into her... and Elise will be damned forever.

- Goodreads

This was intense.

Damnation Marked was amazing, and a lot of stuff happens. Some I hated. Some I loved. A lot had me going, ".... O.O ....."

This book was great like all the other ones, and it's the beginning of the end for Elise's world. The Mother of all Demons has had enough of living, and unfortunately for Elise, the demon woman decides to end the world- and her own existence -in Elise's backyard. There are a lot of action scenes and drama between Elise and James, and we get a glimpse of Elise's past in the Garden.

I thought this was a powerful part in Elise's life. The world is ending and the only way to save it is with her blood. Her Godslayer's blood. Her relationship with Anthony ends, and I thought it was about time, because they were two completely different creatures trying to stay together. Elise was a cut-throat kopis operating on a completely different level, and Anthony- in all honesty -was just too sweet (though he had his annoying moments) a human to be involved with such violence, especially when he couldn't handle it.

Sacrificing oneself is a major character development plot, and although Elise struggles with the 100% acceptance at first, the guilt of ruining her friends' lives because of what she does ultimately had her decide to save the world. She couldn't run like she'd wanted to, and I thought it was grown-up of her to choose others over a life of running with James, the man she loves. Yet at the same time, she managed to also make it practical, which is what she is.

The writing flowed nicely and the cast has grown on me long enough to feel what they're feeling even when a small glass window comes to leave me as an audience rather than a participant. The book goes back and forth in time to explain the plot of the day with enough mystery and suspense to keep you interested. Eventually, you get familiar with the years frequently visited and it actually becomes a little fun, like detective work.

One of my favorite parts is the end, when James tries to convince Elise to leave the city with him so they can run away together, be together. She agrees and they get on the helicopter, but her guilty conscious weighs down on her at the last minute, and she decides to save the ones she has left behind and then kisses James goodbye.

A sad smile. "Always."

*Och. That broke my heart.*

And then she jumps out of the helicopter to sacrifice herself. Yatai is a little more crazy now. She kills her brother and steals Elise's arm to open the gate to continue her self-destruction, but not before the effects of their Godslayer blood takes its turn, and then Yatai dies once and for all. Elise bleeds out and dies at the feet of the statue holding Lilith's essence, and the Union finds her body. Malcolm, a kopis she and James knew (and Elise's ex-boyfriend) is the commander in charge and calls James to tell him the bad news.

The text that Anthony gets from Ben the Psychic was clever! I liked how Elise died and then Anthony gets a text of coordinates with a 'say hi for me'- oooo~ The whole thing was great.

I recommend this book if you're interested in this kind of genre/action. I will warn you that some parts aren't exactly normal, as in if you're not very open-minded, a few Elise scenes won't make you happy. There's sex (yum!) and a very powerful heroine who gets shit done, no matter the situation.

Happy Reading :)

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