Thursday, January 9, 2014

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Defying Fate

Elise Kavanah has exorcised demons, slain gods, and come back from the dead. And she's done it all with the help of James Faulkner: a powerful witch, and the only person Elise has ever loved or trusted.

But now the worst has happened. The Treaty protecting humanity from war between angels and demons has fallen. Elise has been taken by her greatest enemy and imprisoned in madness. And James may be responsible for it...

- Goodreads

Get your copy of Defying Fate, the sixth installment of The Descent Series, to follow James Faulkner and the rest of the cast as long-awaited questions are answered, heart-wrenching secrets are finally revealed and explained, and loyalties are laid out for final judgement.

Okay, is the title some kind of irony? "Defying Fate"- hmm, that didn't exactly go down with James giving her up to Him!!!!! *screams*

But that's in the last installment, so I guess I should stop complaining already.

This book was like "Dark Union" in the filler sense but at the same time, it wasn't. It was more like a "okay here's the whole back story of their existence" mixed with "previously on..." with a different POV via James to let you know what's going on with the others while Elise is doing her own thing (which is then shown in the final installment). So in a way, part of this is sort of like the first half of Paradise Damned, explaining what happened to effect the other characters that Elise comes across while in the Garden.

Although this is a filler and has NO POV of Elise's, it's still a very informative book that let's you know just what the hell this series has been building up to. And most of all, it tells you why James shouldn't be hated (too much) what with everything that's happened. I'm still annoyed with him and the way he got mentally pumped up with saving Elise AFTER his son stressed that particular importance out. I felt like he was just doing what came natural to him, which is to save Elise, but wasn't mentally... idk, approving himself of it 'til afterwards. He has serious guilt trips going on here, and he should! But then shouldn't, but then should because of what he let happen- ugh it's major whiplash. And it's hard to hate to hate him, because everything that's lead up to this moment makes sense.

I couldn't believe the revelation that is James Faulkner, and frankly, I don't know if I feel like spoiling it-
*gasp- what the fuck, no spoilers?*
*I've been in a weird funk these past few days with spoiling major plots.*
*but- you always tell all...*
*I'm wondering if that's been irritating some people, lately, so I don't feel too comfortable doing this.*

Anyyywayyss.... Defying Fate is something you do no want to skip out on, especially if you're already so far in the series. I was impatient with it because I seriously needed to know what was happening to poor Elise, but I managed, and you will, too. Just think of it as more side stories to be graced with. Think of it as prolonging this good series that you don't want to see end just yet.

Happy Reading =^_^=

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