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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Dire Blood

Elise Kavanagh died while killing the mother of all demons, and her fight should be over. But nothing is ever that easy where the Godslayer is concerned. Elise has been resurrected--and she came back as a demon.

Now the most powerful witch in the world, James Faulkner, has been dragged to Hell and accused of violating an ancient treaty. The punishment is eternity in Hellfire. Elise is the only one who can save him. But it means following him into Hell to face inhuman urges, the secrets in her past, and the horror in her future.

The Godslayer's fight isn't over yet. It's only just beginning...

- Goodreads

Total game changer, here!!!

Elise is back (well most of her, since Yatai took her arm, so she's only got The Mark on one of her hands now), and it's all thanks to Yatam's blood, The Father of All Demons' life force running through her veins. She gets her stuff back from the Union's base with Anthony only to run into a ten-year-old kid looking for his parents. And the little dude's got paper magic, a powerful style only James had been privy to. She, Anthony and Nathaniel hide out and, once and for all, Anthony leaves. It was probably her "asking" him to go with her to Hell to get James that set it for him. And seriously, good riddance. He's a human who took too long to realize that she didn't really need him, let alone love him. Sure, she sacrificed herself to save him, but that was due to a guilty conscious always nagging on her about putting her friends in danger. That little voice in her head was mildly surprising, as we all know she can be a very blunt bitch, but it's not too surprising; she's a boss-ass bitch, not a heartless one, despite popular belief.

It's a rough way to find out that her aspis is a father, and just before young Nathaniel tells her that he sought her out specifically to help him get his parents out of Hell, the Union captures them and secretly tricks Nathaniel into having him give a certain demon in Dis a message. The paper magic copied from James's very own by a Union member turns out to be a portal changer and you can bet your ass Elise was pissed at Zettel for having given Nathaniel such a dangerous thing. It would've opened up on the kid and killed him if he'd been holding it when it activated. Yeesh! This is one of the reasons why I cannot stand Zettel. He is like the bad guy that has no redeeming qualities, except maybe maybe his bond with his aspis (who is equally annoying).

Zettel, a Union member (and pain in my ass) sends Elise and Nathaniel to Dis, and she finds out that not everything is right in the sixth ring of Hell. There's a rebellion, and the leader reveals himself to be the main judge who was kicked out and replaced by a hooded fraud. That right there was a nice touch that I hadn't seen coming. Elise searches through Hell with Nathaniel to look for her aspis and Hannah, the kid's mom, and when she finally gets to the palace, she runs into someone she never expected to see.

Her mother, Ariane. But she doesn't recognize her newly-turned-demon daughter, and at first you're like "What the hackles?" However Ariane has not seen her daughter since Elise was taken to the Garden all those years ago, so it's understandable that she wouldn't automatically recognize her daughter, especially after she died and came back 'slightly' different. Still, she doesn't give her a second look, at least not until the very end when she and James are macking on each other. "What?" you might be saying. Yes. They kiss. More times than one.

Isaac, Elise's father, and Ariane are not the happy couple I had assumed them to be. Ariane's fucking the hooded figure who turns out to be the angel that stirred up all this shit, and when Isaac finds out their secrets, he gets killed. His death was to keep the secrets secret, but he was also a touchstone among many to help upkeep the Laws intact so that no angel and demon could pass into the other worlds. Metaraon, the angel, wants all the touchstones gone so he can break the Laws.

Elise saves James and Hannah, and they're all taken back to the rebellion's hideout. She gets tattooed here in order to gain access to all the locked doors in the palace, and requests James to do it. It's here, with her skin bare and his hands at work, that they finally get to talk. James still can't believe that she's Elise come back to life. For one thing, she's now got black hair and pale skin compared to the red locks and freckles he was used to. She looks and feels different. She looks like Yatam. But Elise convinces him that it's really her, and something in him changes. James had had to live in a reality where Elise was dead, and for days he'd thought about all the regrets he had from over the years spent with her. Things he wished he'd done different. Things he wished he'd told her. He refuses to make the same mistake again, so he kisses her.

Their make-out sessions come up every once in a while from here on out. Metaraon manages to have all the touchstones slaughtered at James's high trial, and the Union is just another pain in the ass. When Elise meets up with James at the palace just after the touchstones are dead and she kills Metaraon, they kiss, and Ariane sees that. She can't believe her daughter's alive, but most of all, she can't believe the sight of them together. The utter look of anger she shoots at James foreshadows yet more crazy shit, and she destroys the only portal that allows people to go in and out of Hell.

It ends with Elise getting tricked by the real judge into giving him some of her blood to get out of Hell, only for him to tell her that as the 'Father of all Demons', she'd always had the power to go home. All she had to do was want it badly enough.
*I know, Elise says the same thing.*

James kisses her with enough heat for her to want to be with him at home, and poof, they end up at his dance studio. She asks him how long he's loved her after his confession, but when he actually says it, it doesn't sound like a confession. It sounds like an apology. They finally get together, but yet another foreshadow looms over them, in the form of her little voice telling her that something feels wrong. After they have sex, she watches him while he sleeps and he goes upstairs to make breakfast. She gets up a little later and goes to follow, but ends up in a grey void, and then He is there, and he takes her, but not before she mentally cries out to James.

The scene flips to James's POV, and he's staring out the window sensing her movement when suddenly, he feels her disappear. Then he realizes what's just happened, and his shoulders slump.

"Finally," he sighed.

OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!??!??!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??

Obviously there is more going on than I am being told. T_______T I freaked SO HARD and immediately bought the other books.

In this book, we learned yet a little more about the whole big picture. James had lived with Hannah, Ariane and his sister Christine for a while when they came to study with his aunt whom he'd lived with. They got visited by Metaraon and this guy named Landon, who chose among the three witches to bare a child with Isaac, the kopis. Ariane was chosen and got pregnant at sixteen, and James met his future kopis about a decade later, though it was brief since he walked in on them training and Isaac shielded her from his view a second later. Within that gap period, James had fallen for Hannah and was going to marry her, but then a visit with Landon made him "see" whatever secret we still don't know about, but it changed his mind enough to realize that he has a destiny, and it doesn't include Hannah.

Oh, and did I mention how much everyone treats James differently? Like, seriously- there's a huge emphasis on how much importance James has. A lot of people treat him as if he is a powerful and dangerous thing, or a guy with a major destiny.

So as far as I know, James is powerful and has a destiny that involves Elise and his son, and the fate of the world. They didn't want him anywhere near Elise, which explains Isaac shielding a young Elise from him, drilling into her little mind never to have an aspis, and the present-time Ariane freaking out when she saw him kissing her. I think there was a prophecy (well another one) about Elise destroying the world if James somehow hooked up with her, or got involved in any way. I think. I don't know. God, now I'm second-guessing myself. T_T

We definitely find out Elise's purpose. Isaac and Ariane were chosen to bare a prophetic child who would be conditioned as a weapon; as a Godslayer. Then they were to send the 'weapon' to Him, who had been given human wives all this time to sate himself. She was to kill Him, but instead she'd been eating apples from the Garden to give herself her memory back and so later acquired the angel Samuel's help, and escaped back to Earth in Russia, where James then found her. And they'd been together ever since. There's still some major plot holes in this, but everything is slowly coming together, and it's so exciting.

Elise is a little more emotional now, and more sympathetic, compared to the way she was before. A lot happened in this book and overall it was awesome. I'm so enamored with this series. The author did a great job of luring me in, cause I'm spending money on prices my cheap-ass normally would've run away from.

I recommend this series to those who loved the synopsis and HIGHLY suggest you go read the first book (IS FREE, NO?) as well as the rest, otherwise this book won't make much sense. Different POVs are in here as well as the other books (don't think I mentioned that in my other reviews), there's sex in this, and some might not like the way Elise is. Annnnnd I've wasted enough time on this review. Now I'm gonna go read why I shouldn't want James to croak over and FUCKING DIE.

. . . . .

Happy Reading. =^_^=

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