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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Hereditary

Beatrice Harrow has the blood of a tainted creature running through her veins. It makes her more powerful, more beautiful and more despised than any other being in the human kingdom. So she is naturally suspicious when the ever-smiling Cale and his comparatively tacit counterpart, Prince Hazen, befriend her.

Armed with an ability that is becoming more threatening to her own health by the day and a repertoire of surprising friends that may or may not have her best interests at heart, she quickly finds herself struggling against forces much bigger than any of them. How long until her tenuous connection to each kingdom is severed, and she is forced to choose between humanity and the tainted creatures?


This was a great book! OMG I love it so much. It has everything I love:
  • Magic
  • 'old world'
  • fantasy races ie elves, fae, synfee
  • killer chick
  • hot guys

Beatrice "Bea" Harrow is a synfee, a deadly race that was driven into another world a long time ago for fear of their alluring beauty and rumored hunger for flesh. Bea isn't a full one, her mother being a synfee and her father being human, but when her mother dies, her dad joins the Black Guard and she is sent to school to better harness her powers. She's special for being a synfee, but even among her own kind, she's special. Along with having bender abilities and the power to control fire, wind and water, she has the Force.

It was- for lack of a deeper understanding -a connection to the energy
in what flora surrounded me.

When she's happy, daisies appear, and when she's mad, dark clouds form in the sky to match her anger with rolling thunder and lightning strikes. Bea tries to tone it all down, however. She'd inadvertently created a glamour around herself to not only suppress the golden features that make up her synfee heritage, but contain the things that made her dangerous: her compulsion, the dark edge in the back of her mind. Her hunger.

When Bea goes to the Academy, Cale is the first to befriend her. She eventually is put with Cale and Prince Hazen to help each other out during a class assignment, and from there, the story gets more juicy. Hazen has his own click of "cool people" despite having a strong connection with Cale, though it isn't until later that we find out they like to be in each other's minds to calm their own.

Bea will soon come into her own, but she'll die if it isn't done right. Nareon, a full-blooded synfee, stalks her in order to save her when the dark edge becomes too much for her to handle. He seems to want something from her, but she has no idea what it is. It isn't until after her 18th birthday- weeks after, once she wakes up from a coma -that she finds out why. Nareon is the dark king of the synfee, and their lands are being targeted by other Forces. He needs Bea. I actually liked this relationship a lot, because despite the man being evil with intentions of using Bea to secure his throne and power, he fell for her. She figured out that he loved her mother, and therefore fell easily for herself, and it's because of that kindness that she can't help but like him back.

This was such a great book, it had me on edge the whole time, wondering what was going to happen. I liked the academy and the students that gawked at her wherever she went. I also enjoyed the weird relationship she had with the other guys in her life. Cale, who is basically her white knight in shining armor, is attracted to her, though she doesn't share the feeling. Prince Hazen, who is always so cool and aloof with her, slowly warms up to her presence but still plays the field. He was the hardest one I had to come to terms with, because in the beginning, I thought she'd end up with him, but then he'd be kissing and having sex with an elf, Kaylee, a girl whose mind is- according to Hazen -uncomplicated. She's still a bitch to Bea, though, so I don't like her. But that's not the point.

The point is, she and Hazen don't go through the usual "love at first sight" spiel. If anything, they're friends first, and then- well, 'better' friends. It's obvious that he gets jealous at the attention she gets or gives where other men are concerned, but at the same time, he continues to stay with Kaylee. Then there's Harbringer, the retired professor and dude who ended the war between humans and synfee and banished the tainted race. He's a young, hot prof with the powers of copying others', and he isn't immune to Bea's charms. His attraction to her was a little weak to me, it didn't convince me enough. Hazen and Cale, I could understand. Nareon, too. But Harbringer? It could be that it was because he saw her at her weakest and it endeared her to him, but that's just me digging, and if I have to dig...

Just like Hazen was the hardest to contemplate, Bea and Harbringer's 'coming together' was my favorite. There was one part in the book where Bea got drunk and was taken outside the palace rooms by a guest, who was rather rough with her despite her weak protests. She blacked out just before he pulled her dress up, and then she woke up with roots hugging her near a tree. I immediately knew that she'd been raped and the plants were trying to keep her safe, and when pages passed and her home got invaded by the castle guards who'd found the body days later, they had Harbringer read her mind. At the time, he didn't care for her all that much. The only thing he knew about her was the charm she gave off for looking 'lost' and her weird relationship with Nareon. But when he searched her mind from that night, and he made her see the rape that her mind had subconsciously closed off, something changes. Once her family and friends find out what happened and help her get through it, she meets with him again at the Academy, and his attitude towards her if obviously different. He's more wary, but he finds her brave for the strength she showed after having gone through such a horrible act of violence.

The rape was unexpected because this was recommended to me by a friend who likes to keep it pretty PG-13, and at first, I couldn't understand why the rape was added into the book. It didn't make her better, it turned her darker and less sure of herself. I think, however, that this was her surviving life, and don't get me wrong, she does get better over time and regains a little of her old self. If she's going to help Nareon with his kingdom and the battle against his enemies, she'll need the thick armor. It was all pretty heady.

The ending was also unexpected, but good. Putting her on the throne while still keeping Nareon around by having him be a part of her was interesting, but I wish I hadn't read the second book's sneak peak. That beginning was rushed with a lot of things suddenly happening, but aside from that, this was a great book.

It was so unbelievably awesome. The style of writing made it all easy, simple and quick. The characters were lovable and hate-worthy, and I enjoyed the world they lived in. What stood out the most for me was her relationship with all the guys. I thought she'd fall for one of them, but she ended up just 'being' with them. There was no complicated commitment or issues, and I thought it was refreshing. I recommend this to everyone, YA fans being the youngest, and there are a few swear words and not-so-PG-13 scenes, but it was still pretty tame. I may or may not read the second book, depending on my friend. I'm waiting for her to tell me how it goes.

Happy Reading =^~^=

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