Friday, January 17, 2014

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Paradise Damned

The final book in The Descent Series.

Elise Kavanagh is being held captive without weapons or allies.
The only way out of the garden is to kill God Himself.

James Faulkner's son has been taken by Metaraon, but James is caught in Limbo
and helpless to save him.

An army of half-angel, half-demon hybrids is converging on the gates of Heaven,
where the Union prepares for a final battle.

The end has arrived.

- Goodreads

This made me feel like I got ripped apart and undone in the Garden but with a big smile on my face and I'm so confused and content but sad.... *sighs*.
On with the review!

Elise woke up in James's place with a familiar face looming over her, and with a smile she greeted him with a feeling of longing. "Adam," she called him, and the Godslayer forgot all about her former life. She's in the garden again, and this time, He intends to keep her. The garden is no longer a place that resembles the beauty it once was when she'd first been taken to Him. She knows it's all an illusion, and with every fighting chance she has, Elise must constantly tell herself that she is Elise Kavanagh, and she needs to escape. But the garden changes so many times, it's hard to keep track of what's real and false. And then there's her dear friend and old roommate Betty, whom Metaraon had brought back to life to 'help convince' Elise in killing Him once and for all.

So many things are revealed and laid out in this, and we finally understand what happened. Elise was chosen even before she was born to be the one to kill Adam, who has taken on the role of 'God', and this novel is the day that she is forced to accept her destiny.

I thought this was a great ending, but at the same time, the saddest. Elise goes through a lot, and now that I've seen everything that's happened to her, I can understand why she is the way she is. I also understand why James acted the way he did as well, though it's still a bummer. I get that his coven was the one to prep Adam's brides, but at the same time, I'm wondering how he could live with betraying her. I'm so torn. On one hand, the coven's his family and he swore an oath, but on the other hand, he's known Elise for years now. He fell for her! So how... *shakes head*. Their paths are both very long and wide roads- I really hope they find their way back to each other!

Paradise Damned was intense, and I liked Reine's take on God and the garden and such. For those who are a little religious, I think you'd enjoy this because it isn't actually God she's having to kill, but Adam. I'm pretty spiritual, but even I had my doubts about liking this when it mentioned a Godslayer. I know, it's weird, but still- :P

I recommend this series to those who who like the angels/demons thing, with action and adventure.

Happy Reading =^~^=

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