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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: The Art of Loving a Greek Billionaire

Once upon a time, there was an ordinary girl who grew up listening to bedtime stories where there were no knights in shining armor or Prince Charming. Instead, it had Greek billionaires and this little girl dreamt she'd one day have Her Own Greek Billionaire to live happily ever after with.

When this little girl grew up, she found what she was looking for. He loved her, too, but the whole world did not approve.

This is my story.
I mean your story.
I mean, Mairi Tanner's story.

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

OH MY GOD?! Marian how could you end it like that????

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This one was the most intense. Mairi and Damen finally have their happily-ever-after, now that Damen's come to realize that he really loves her and doesn't think that she's some gold-digger, but the world is not happy, and they are out for blood.

True to their competitor's word, Mairi can't find any school to take her; she's been blacklisted. But most of all, she can't let anyone know what's been happening because if the world found out that she couldn't get a job, it'd be an embarrassment. And God knows Mairi would kill before letting Damen know (okay maybe not commit murder, but it's still very serious). However, Ms. Yay- as she was known at her last job -doesn't lie well, and it puts Damen on edge. Just what is his lover hiding?

That question plays on a lot of insecurities that he thought he'd ridden himself of, when he broke off his engagement to his competitor's daughter and proclaimed his love for Mairi within the same minute. But he brushes it off almost immediately, knowing that he cannot go down that dark path again if he wishes to keep her. However, incidents on poor Mairi's end keep popping up, and it only darkens his worry more until one day, he gets a two-thousand bill spent at a spa. From Mairi. And she keeps brushing off his small-worded concerns with light smiles and assurances that she's just fine and living the life of a billionaire's girlfriend, the life that he had always recommended she take but always felt reassured of her non gold-digger membership when she didn't.

killer GIF photo: Time Killer 656.gifIt isn't Mairi's fault, though. One of her interviews at a school ended in disaster when the disgusting staff member unzipped his pants and tried to make the moves on her in hopes of blackmail and 'getting her under his command'. Like, EW, talk about creepy.

I really wish she'd told Damen, then. I'd have been more than happy to see that little weasel-dick straining in his ropes as he sinks to the bottom of the ocean! GRR--- *breathes* So that's why Damen got a two-thousand dollar bill, because she felt dirty and disgusting and tried to feel clean again. But she keeps it secret because she doesn't want him to kill the guy. And I'm so sad because it's here, when she starts acting weird (she's a really bad liar) that Damen starts having his insecurities come back. And. That's. Not. COOL!

Communication is KEY people! And hiding things from your significant other is never a good idea. Never ever ever ever!!! Why? Because if you keep secrets, your guy will think you're cheating on him and using his money as the gold-digger he always thought you were, and then the next thing you know, he'll be colder and meaner to you until one day he mistakes a meeting with another guy as a date and calls you a GOLD-DIGGING BITCH WHO JUMPS BILLIONAIRES AFTER SHE DRAINS THEM!!!!!

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The point is, secrets kept in the hopes of saving your loved one from pain only gives them MORE pain. But you know what?! I'm sick of DAMEN!!!! I was so pissed at him when I got to the ending. He mistook a dinner between friends (well, 'friends' to Mairi) for her cheating on him with another billionaire, and after an old high school nemesis (where the hell did this bitch come from???) gives him a printed out blog of Mairi's old diary with plans on getting her Greek Billionaire, he lets his insecurities fuse with his darkest fear and has them jump to the conclusion that because his business is being attacked by their competitor, she's abandoning ship and trying to snag another billionaire. I- what?

*He thinks that because his stocks are going down, he thinks she thinks he's getting poorer, and therefore needs to go get another billionaire who isn't going broke.*

And this dude is nothing but PRIDEFUL- guy's Greek and rich! -so that one assumption pushes him off the deep end and he waits until she's sleeping and comfortable before he tells his housekeepers to throw her out. Just like that! And then when she refuses to leave until he himself says so, he pops up from one of the rooms and yells at her right there! He calls her a gold-digging bitch, a liar and sore mistake for having chosen her over a "real lady like Alina"-aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

That's it, I'm done with him. I hate him and his insecurities! You motherfucker!!! *breathes* Mairi is so shattered by this that she can't do anything but cry, even after he tells her that if she doesn't get off his property, he'll have her arrested for trespassing. And she does get arrested, numb and a complete mess. For her one phone call, the only person she can think of is Stavros, the guy she'd had dinner with, and he bails her out, utterly at a loss for a broken Mairi. He told Damen he'd kill him if he ever hurt Mairi, but the most he'll have to settle for is a good hunt down and a punch. A punch, I may add, that is both satisfying and applause-worthy, but of course it turns into a huge fight and they get arrested. Damen is disgusted but Stavros gets it through his thick skull that nothing happened. It's the beginning of dread for Damen at this point, and when he realizes- YET AGAIN -that he's fucked up, he-

Okay I don't really care about him right now, but he knows he's got a shitload of groveling to do and will have to PLEAD to the gods that her aunts even THINK about MAYBE letting him see dear Mairi again, cause if the aunts don't want you to know where she is...

I'm so mad at Damen but at the same time I just can't completely hate him for his insecurities. Like, seriously, I want to, but can't. The struggle is real. It was an amazing read for me, as always with Tee's work, and her Greek billionaires make me consider converting from my usual hunks of Highlanders... maybe. lol. If you've never heard of Marian Tee before, she's a great writer from the Philippines who writes innocently naive heroines with hearts light and persistent enough to chase away the darkness in her troubled and illegally sexy heroes. This author is on a roll and should be looked out for. Like all her books, I recommend this to those who love alpha males and sweet girls, but I suggest you read this from the beginning and start with The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire.

Happy Reading :)

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