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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: The Greek Billionaire and I

From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Marian Tee

When the powerful, sexy, and gorgeous Greek billionaire Mykolas Sallis finds a misplaced cellphone and reads its messages, he becomes intrigued with its owner, a woman who seems to possess the rare combination of beauty, wit, and lots of snappy comebacks.

When curvy 24-year-old schoolteacher Velvet Lambert speaks with the Greek billionaire the first time, she knows right away she's out of her league. She does her snarky best to resist, but in the end she still finds herself saying 'yes' to a marriage of convenience, pretending she isn't head over heels with him, and trying not to lose hope even if she knows Mykolas only sees her as a prized possession.

This is a spin-off from the Greek Billionaire Romance serials. It is a standalone and no-cliffhanger (thank God!) novel featuring Velvet, Mairi's friend and fellow schoolteacher.
- Goodreads

The message he finds in her phone:
How about going for a movie tomorrow night?

Thomas, you're a good guy, so I'm
going to tell you the truth once
and for all.

What is it?

I'm a lesbian. I want your dick-
but not for the reasons you're
hoping for.

I thought I'd be immune to Marian's stories by now, yet here I am typing away with dry snot on my shirt and wet eyes. Marian, you owe me a new shirt. T_T

The introduction to their relationship through the phone was a brilliant, adorable way for them to get to know each other. And it brought a yummy reason for me to love phone sex all the more! Both have trust issues, and although both also have cynical views on the world and in the world of love, it is Velvet who finds herself sticking her neck out for the two of them.

With a secret life supposedly put behind her and the druggie parents she wishes she could forever forget, Velvet has a horrible secret: she may not be as strong as she's made herself to believe. Mykolas also has a secret, and it's his perception and conclusion that everything- even love -comes with a price tag. Both reveal their darker sides to themselves, but it doesn't stop him from proposing to her in order to keep her all for himself.

Love... Velvet freaks when she realizes that she loves him, though it's only been a day since she finally came to see him face-to-face. Months were put into their relationship over the phone, but surely even that is too short? She's terrified of how she's let things get away from her, but if there's one thing she's come to realize, it's that love makes you stronger. Even Mykolas struggled to accept it, but he knew she was genuine, and a week later, they were married.

And then a horrible misunderstanding had him thinking that she and another lover were scheming him for his money, and he does the worse thing he could ever do: have her walk in on another woman pleasing him to show just how replaceable she can be. It's the biggest dick move EVER and it completely shatters any trust Velvet ever had with him. Five weeks pass before anything is done and he finds out that he made a horrible mistake.

When he searched for her and humiliated himself to repent for the hurt he'd caused her, I cried like a baby. Hell, I cried when he let another woman go down on him. And when he told Velvet that he changed his last name to hers in order to show her just how serious he was about needing her to forgive him again. I wanted to DIE when she couldn't accept his apology after he found her- even after he told her he took on her last name -and it was just sad yet at the same time understandable. I wouldn't have been able to take back the man who broke me so readily without first shoving his pride aside to see the truth. Ugh.

But Velvet couldn't stand the humiliation he put himself in with the media and thankfully she rescued him and they made up and kiss kiss kiss. The epilogue was humorous and light-hearted, I really enjoyed seeing a slice of their happily-ever-after with each other. They're certainly a funny couple, what with one being a bit spontaneous and the other not knowing how to handle the other's next scare without adding another ten years to their white hairs. lol. Overall, I was thoroughly entertained.

I fell in love with sappy love again and heady lust. The trust that it takes to give someone their heart was a struggle, as illustrated in the story. It took courage and a chance at a great love, and a lot of people are afraid of doing that. One of the reasons why I love Marian Tee is because the romance she writes about are all one-time romances. They're the ones that are rare and could only happen with courage, sacrifice, and possible heartbreak- over and over again -before the innocence in the heart can heal it and bring the two hearts together. Reading about powerful and demanding alphas is a major turn-on, and I especially love reading about them changing for the better, and all because of a genuine woman in love.

Some say it's unrealistic, but I think it's possible. You just have to want to do it and have it.

I recommend this to all the heavy romantics out there who enjoy a good conversation between Witty and Stubborn, sexy hot sessions, drama that will make you cry no matter where you are, and a sappy love that can only ever really be appreciated through a heart's wish. Sappy, I know, but it's so good and sweet.

Happy Reading =^~^=

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