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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: The Art of Wedding a Greek Billionaire

Once upon a time, there was an ordinary girl who grew up listening to bedtime stories where there were no knights in shining armor or Prince Charming. Instead, it had Greek billionaires and this little girl dreamt she'd one day have Her Own Greek Billionaire to live happily ever after with.

When this little girl grew up, she realized that not all fairytale weddings came with happy-ever-after endings. Sometimes, those who speak the words "I love you" don't really mean them, and those who can't utter the words end up being the ones who truly mean them.

This is my story.
I mean your story.
I mean, Mairi Tanner's story.
- Goodreads

It's ended! The frustrated and amazingly pure and demanding and make-a-girl-go-ballistic love story has finally come to an end, and it did so in such a perfect way, I couldn't imagine it ending in any other scenario. When Mairi first set her dreams on finding her Greek Billionaire (whom replaced those silly Prince Charmings lol) she locked eyes with Damen Leventis and knew right away that this was love at first sight. The feeling, however, was not properly returned. Damen lusted after her, but he didn't want her as a permanent partner- he wanted a forever mistress for the marriage his company had rearranged a while back.

Mairi was deterred at first, but then she realized that if she were to love him, they could overcome anything. And she battled through a lot of waves to get to where they are today.

They've gone through so much drama in this series. Over and over again he slowly let her into his heart only to forcibly kick her off the cliff when something triggered his suspicious mind. I'm not very happy with him for being such an asshole to Mairi, but at the same time I can't exactly blame him. He lived a loveless childhood with a mother who was never there for him where it mattered, so it would only be right for him to be a little more than suspicious with someone like Mairi; a young woman too pure in love to be real. But UGH at the same time, you want to choke him! Because just when he convinces you he loves her, something happens, and instead of believing in her, he believes in the enemy and shows that he didn't really love her after all. So sad. T_T

Her love for him did eventually change him, but shit- there was a lot of drama. O.O And don't even get me started on their miscommunication. People, communication is key. Their assumptions in this story had me cringing because their insecurities from the past made them think the worse of the other yet at the same time they still stayed with each other. I felt like I was holding my breath the entire time I read this, waiting for one of them to blow up. But they didn't. They stayed together, and I think I know why: because they came to accept that no matter what, they will always love the other. And it was that realization that it made the rest of the book flow nicely with its tying of the loose ends and whatnot.

funny gifsThe last novella is an epic epilogue, and I can't wait to see the mother get what's due to her! Oh man, this woman drove me up the wall! His mum Esther thinks of Mairi and practically sees Brooklyn Decker rocking the teeny-weenie bikini, marking her territory in Greece, hunting for a rich husband to catch. The mother truly is a wicked, wicked old woman with a nose job (yes I went there) but she got what she deserved in the end! And there's only more delicious payback to come. Mwahahaha. And OMG Marian, you just had to choose the name Acheron, didn't you?
*sighs happily*

Of all the characters Marian Tee has written, I've got to say that I had the hardest time with Mairi and Damen. Mairi had so many things going against her that it was heartbreaking to see her have to go through degrading things just to have the public realize how good and genuine of a person she really is. Damen was so stubborn and scared of being hurt that whenever something suspicious about Mairi came up, he chose to execute her for it rather than accept that she could never hurt him like the rest of the world could.

Another thing that makes this couple different from the rest of Tee's for me is what I like to call their 'touch with reality'. They were the first couple to be separated and have one of them be intimate with a third party. There was always drama and incidents with the other couples, but those had been vengeful and angry. This particular intimate moment had been out of friendship. It was an attempt at proving that the person still might have had a chance at surviving without their other half. It didn't work, of course, but it still pretty much traumatized me. O.o

This is one of the stories where I'm glad it's done, because I don't think Damen has anymore good points with me. If he fucks up one more time... smh. I recommend this to those who love sappy romance, hot sex scenes (yes there's sex!) and heady drama. What sold this story to me was Mairi's type of love that I don't really see in a lot of the pages these days, and who doesn't love seeing an arrogant man be put in his place with nothing but a loving hand?

Happy Reading :)

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