Monday, July 7, 2014

Unwillingly Yours (WARNING: Love Moderately 1)

Nerdy. Boring. Unavailable. 18-year-old Jaike Hepburn is happiest when those words are used - and they always are - to describe her. Anything is better than the truth... until she meets a billionaire heir who makes it impossible to deny her true self.

Gorgeous. Charming. Friendly. As part of both a business and political dynasty, 21-year-old Derek Christopoulos is used to living his life in the limelight, pretending to be the embodiment of a modern-day prince. Throughout his life, he's kept his secret side leashed, waiting patiently for that one girl who'd find pleasure in belonging to him, body and soul.

Even as the feelings he arouses in Jaike pushes her into the arms of his rival, Derek knows it's only a matter of time before the truth between them is laid bare.

She is his, and he is hers.
- Goodreads

This is a makeover of Tee's WARNING: LOVE MODERATELY, and is currently being sold in a boxed set called Tangled. I was given an ARC of the set by Marian Tee (this story included). I'm totally loving the set so far!

This was a short story, with a peak at the lives of Jaike and Derek. The two both hide sides that neither wants the world to see, but together- and alone -they could set the freaking planet on fire with their passion. Unwillingly Yours was an entertaining piece, and it'd make a great novel. Just saying. *cough* *cough*.

Jaike is the typical shy girl who has an outgoing boyfriend that dotes on her and makes her feel loved. However, he's recently been acting distant and she doesn't understand what's happened until she sees him at a party with another girl practically humping his lethargic ass on the couch. She's humiliated and hurt, but Derek sweeps in to rescue her. Now if only she'd let him help without biting his head off.

They started on the wrong foot that resulted with Derek losing her to Dick (her now bf being humped), but it's that night at the party that we see the flashbacks of how they all ended up there, and the decisions they make that dictate their future. Jaike and Derek recognize that pull in one another, but with neither willing to risk their neck for it, their chance disappears and they go through all this drama before they finally end up together. I liked the whole build up of their shared passion and the characters themselves, but this was just so short that I couldn't enjoy them like I think they should be enjoyed. There was more drama and pain (ugh the PAIN) than gooey happy times between the two, but hey- they burn bright. Again, this really could've been an amazing book if it were longer. Otherwise, it was a really great tease to some good drama and yummy love.

I recommend.

Happy Reading :)

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