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Burn (Heart Racers #4)

Helios Andreadis is a changed man. Now understanding how much one eighteen-year-old girl means to him, the gorgeous, powerful head of the billion-dollar underground racing club Afxisi is willing to do everything it takes to win the girl he loves back.

MJ Cartwright is no longer the blindly optimistic girl she used to be. She used to believe she could have a future with a sun god, but now she knows famous underground bikers who look like Greek gods are way out of her league. All she wants now is a normal kind of love- but what would she do if someone like Helios Andreadis takes extraordinary lengths to prove he can be the normal guy she wants?

What does she do when Helios Andreadis even goes as far as leaving the club and his Presidency to be with her day and night and prove to her how much he loves her?

Will she allow herself to love him again, even knowing it means risking a second heartbreak, one she might not be able to survive?

- Goodreads

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Helios is the scariest of them all, but him quitting the Afxisi to try and be a normal guy for MJ was just fucking adorable! The lengths he went to was definitely an eye opener for MJ. The Afxisi is his life, and for him to quit it for her shows her how much he wants to prove to her that he loves her. He even cut his beautiful golden locks (I feel like he'd kill me if he ever read that line) to appear more normal.

Before their story, James goes to see the creepy human trafficker, Manolito, who wants MJ for his personal use. It's a foreshadow of the dangers that await MJ, but with the current problem Helios has in just trying to have her talk to him, he doesn't want to further freak her out about being in danger. After that creepisode, for the first few chapters, MJ denies wanting him and tries to avoid the inevitable, but eventually she caves in when it gets too heartbreaking and she agrees to make him earn her love as he wishes it to be. Dude totally feels bad for the way he made her ever compare him to James *bleh*. So she makes him do really hilarious stuff that a 'normal guy' would do, but when her friend, Katya Vlahos (why the hell does that name sound so familiar), shows her a Greek media website with a picture of Helios making out with some Russian model, she just can't take the fear of being stupid all over again, so she "dumps" him again!

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He's sick of his brother, Herod's jibes so he goes to Greece for a confrontation, only to realize that it's his step-mother doing it, all because she wants him to look bad so their company doesn't choose him to lead everything. It drives Helios nuts because he wants nothing to do with the business, but he threatens her to leave him alone because it's messing up his life. And then he leaves.

In the meantime, MJ is with Jack, a friend of Katya's who helped in making Helios jealous, but when he suddenly kisses her, she feels like she majorly betrayed Helios. Back in Greece, Helios is asking Yuri about the updates on James- MJ's horrible father -and Manolito, the human trafficker who wants her, but he's got nothing, meaning they're either on the down low or they've learned how to hide from the Afxisi. It bothers Helios to no end but he doesn't tell MJ about the danger she's in, not wanting her to be afraid and even more stressed out than she already is with him.

When he comes back to the States to confront her, the guilt at having another guy kiss her eats at her and she tells him she can't see him anymore. Even assuming that they did more than kiss, he still wants to suffer if it means being in her life, but that thought completely freaks her out, and she tells him goodbye. He doesn't give up, however, as he confronts her again in the cafeteria, publicly putting himself out there just to show her that he means business. And then a bunch of bikers come and cause a ruckus to get him out of there.

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 Fucking perfect timing, boys

MJ is beyond worried now, and it gets worse when she learns that because Helios isn't a member of Afxisi anymore, it's open season for anyone who wants to come at him. The heart racers no longer shield him, but she still has someone call them while she goes after them herself. She battles her fear of bikes and rides one to his rescue. Helios is getting the shit beat out of him, but even when the Heart Racers Afxisi come, they can't do anything unless he initiates an order- thus taking back his membership. He doesn't want to stop being a normal guy if it means risking any chances with MJ, however, so he takes the beating, and his brothers are forced to watch him get hurt over and over. Until another motorcycle comes, and he's astonished by the sight of his girl on a bike.

She tells him she doesn't want a normal man but him, and he groans about why she hadn't told him that before they beat him up, and then with a nod from him, the Afxisi are going ham on the idiot bikers sent by Herod and his mother. It ends with them all being together again, and we see another hilarious POV of Helios having to deal with his jealous and possessive nature where she's concerned XD But then she's alone in a room... and gets found. By James.

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And then she's taken.

I loved how the book ended like a happily-ever-after and then BOOM- cliffhanger. But it's not really a cliffhanger. But it is. T_T The second installment made me love Helios and MJ even more, and I was surprised at how cute and light this was where Helios is concerned. He can be so scary sometimes T_T And MJ- it's always sad to see people deal with their fears but I'm glad she came to her senses about loving him- too bad he had to get kidnapped by a bunch of bikers for her to realize it XD

The book I was gifted with had a typo or two, but the whole thing was so perty and put together. It all flowed nicely, and I liked how the characters still had their own voice and personality. I love love love the Heart Racers, and I'm not gonna lie- I already read Click like two days ago, but it was really sad so that's why I'm only now posting the reviews for Helios and MJ T_T And did I mention how much I love the Heart Racers?

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I'm single

And just in case that was too fast for you

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Come at me, bruh.
*Oh yeah*

I recommend this series and especially the author. Every book can be so sad and hilarious but still be adorable and hot- like sexually hot- like dirty sex what-the-hell-how-is-that-possible hot. I'm totally digging Christopoulos University. Can I transfer? XD

Happy Reading =^~^=

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