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Driven by Love (Heart Racers #2)

One year has passed since Leandro Christopoulos and Bobby Granger have last seen each other. Unhealed wounds have forced them to change, but one thing remains the same- the explosive chemistry between them.

Leandro is determined to recapture Bobby's heart, but making her fall in love with him again may be impossible when he finds out that she already belongs to another man... and he also happens to be Leandro's greatest rival.

An ordinary man would have given up in face of Bobby's aversion, but not Leandro. Bobby is the only woman Leandro will ever love- and if blackmail is the only way to have her back in his life... then so be it.

- Goodreads

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So I totally died when I was writing out the synopsis above before reading the book, and then I read the book and... and...

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haha, I'm just kidding.

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So it's been a year, but a lot has happened. Leandro's father passed soon after the ending of Heart Racer, and the anniversary of his death opens the story. In their family, they give up something for a year to grieve with loved ones. Leandro's mother fasted; his younger sister gave up her social life; Leandro... gave up the right to be in Bobby's life. For twelve months, he tried to convince himself that she was having time to heal, to cope with what'd happened. He was so wrong.

Leandro's maturity (where Bobby isn't so concerned) was very evident, it oozed off the pages and I pictured him differently with the new atmosphere. Now twenty-two, Leandro has aged with the loss of his father and the near loss of Bobby, but he won't make that mistake again, which is why he takes his aggression to a whole other level when he finds out that Bobby just might be dating someone else.

During a short conference at the anniversary, his near discovery that she's seeing an old rival, racer Sebastian Gabris, has him arriving in the States to get her back once and for all. Bobby, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with the jerk. She may had been successful in her social life and appeared well put together, but the year he'd been away had been her darkest part of hell. His lie destroyed her so much that she had to seek help at a clinic in order to recover from her deep depression. It was where she'd met Sebastian, her secret friend to help be her front against the gossipers and paparazzi.

Despite the depression his betrayal put her in, she could not hate him. She loved him. Loves him. And it's a secret she might be willing to take to the grave so she doesn't have to experience that kind of hurt ever again.

Sebastian won't be able to save her from Leandro, however, as it turns out that Mr. Christopoulos is the one fronting the bill on her charity project for the hearing impaired youths. She wants to avoid him, and it doesn't help that the woman he hired to help him- Erica whogivesafuck -is completely crushing on him and leading a pack of I Hate Bobby not-so-boss-ass bitches. All of Bobby's mental training in convincing she can handle this goes out the window, and meeting after meeting is a step closer to the edge of her worse fears. His betrayal seriously messed her up because despite all of his attempts to show her he's genuine and desperate, she only freaks out on the inside and resorts to her safe plan, Sebastian.

There's only so much Leandro can take, but he endures it, and he finally gets her. And then Bobby sees Erica trying to contact him on his phone, and she runs away. And gets fucking engagedmygodgirl. BUT he clears it all up with her, and even goes so far as to get his own ring for her, hoping that if he puts himself out there, she'll take him back. But she doesn't,. So he's fucking done.

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"No, don't give up!!!!!!"
*cries on the floor*

I understand that she needed to do it or she'd never feel 100% secure, but damn, woman. Damn. Even Sebastian was annoyed with her bitch move, but she got what she wanted, so she ran after him to ask for forgiveness and a second chance. She followed him to one of his races, and there she saw Erica with him, sending him off like all the other girls do for their bikers. Bobby, in true Marian Tee fashion, channels everything she has and runs into the girl. They have a fight over the lucky trinket (it's a scarf) and Leandro's like 'What the fuck' before he breaks it up. It's funny because when Erica complains about a scratch and asks him to kiss it, Bobby blurts out, "I can kiss it!" and Erica's like-

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Bobby puts herself on the line, but when Leandro rides away to do the race, she stays there, stubbornly planting her feet there to wait forever if that's what it takes for him to see that she is terribly sorry. He finally goes back to her and they're reunited once again, but he makes her pay for it (hehe) by making her act at a conference like a total airhead who's in love with him. And what's worse, he tells the press Sebastian's gay! Poor guy XD But it got him back in his girl's life somehow sooooo <3

The story ends with them having sex on his motor cycle. You can imagine all that grinding and thrusting and...
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I just loved this love story, and I LOVED how Bobby went after him. She was so set on him in the beginning like he was with her, I didn't want to see them give up after bad things happened. The one thing I just adore are the ones who never give up, the ones who never say, "It just wasn't meant to be", and leave, never knowing if it really was the end.

Leandro's still rough, and he's rough with her when he needs to prove something, but he'd never hurt her, not unless it was during one of his jerk personalities and fear allowed him to say things so he could protect himself. Leandro would never rape her, hit her, degrade her in such a fashion when he really worships her, is obsessed with her to the point of Twilight obsession (don't kill me). I kinda ranted but I felt the need to defend him; he is not the kind of man to be confused with loser asswipes who have no respect for the things they wish to possess. That is not love. Yes, Leandro is physically pushy, but he pushes Bobby when they both know there's chemistry, and never to the point where she's trying to claw away from him. He is connected to her up to a point of knowing that to hurt her in such disrespectful measures is to be the ultimate crime. The crimes of the heart is the true battlefield, a place where everyone is either armed or naked. That is the difference some people seem to forget.

Anyways, Leandro and Bobby seriously grew a little tree in my heart where they carved their names in the trunk and shit- it's super cute. I recommend this book, but I'd prefer you look at Heart Racer so you're not confused, as this isn't a stand-alone, in case you didn't get it. Marian Tee is an author I also highly recommend. She's entertaining, and her erotic romances will make you laugh and cry. She's pretty much everything I look for, for my guilty pleasures haha.

Happy Reading =^~^=

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