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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: My Werewolf Husband

What if you were married to the most handsome, powerful, and strongest werewolf prince on earth- one who's in love with you as much as you're in love with him -when one day he suddenly doesn't remember who you are?

A strange twist of fate offers 24-year-old Misty the chance to save her loved ones from war, but it comes with a price. One moment, she's the beloved wife of a wickedly hot alpha. The next thing she knows, she's single and broke again, and she's still curvy. Also, Domenico Moretti is no longer a werewolf.

Worse, he's turned into an irresponsible playboy, a billionaire's black sheep son, and to save both their lives, Misty has to make Domenico fall in love with her all over again.

The catch: Misty can't tell the human Domenico who she is or who they are to each other, and she has to capture his heart... in just one day.

- Goodreads


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I loved this little treat! Thank you, Marian! It's a gift for those who've read The Werewolf Prince and I, Misty and Domenico's tumultuous love story. I knew this was coming out, but I'd never seen the synopsis, and I just about died when I did read it. I was literally like:
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now imagine this thing crying after reading.
I know.

So I quickly read this little thing before whatever else I'd put on the To Do list and- just pages of tears, man. Pages of tears. I may be a masochist for being addicted to her books, but I absolutely love Misty and the way she goes about life, be it her love for Domenico or her naivete. She's always been the breeze of fresh air dancing- or tripping, in Misty's case -through a dusty old window to let in new life. In this case, Domenico is the proverbial window, but in this small story, she wishes to learn about a traitor in their midst for Dom's sake and winds up with the task of making him fall in love with her in 24 hours. At least Ariel had three days, though. Yeesh.

The whole thing was exciting and painful to read as I mentally watched her break down at the sight of a fully operated man slut her husband had become in this other reality. She learned more about what her hubby had wanted to know from the jinn, but most of the story was consumed by how frighteningly easy her heart can break. She saw that there was a family issue that needed to be fixed between Dom and his father, and when she helped to mend it, she- like always -selflessly began to wonder if he wasn't better off without her. Some call it selflessness, others call it low self-esteem, but she began to wonder if he really did love her, or if he'd just gotten used to her being around. *sad face* She helps him and prays that he hears her love for him as the clock ticks, and in the end he finds her and proclaims his love for her.

Now... I rated this four stars because of the whole 24-hour love thing. I love love- I adore it! But love in 24 hours? He didn't seem like he fell for her in 24 hours, more like he fell back in love with her because of their already strong bond in the real world, and there's a difference. I wasn't entirely convinced that he just fell for her because she did a very good deed for him, especially when you take in the fact that it took a lot for him to admit he loved her in their first series together.

Still, this installment brought on a lot of cute stuff that only Misty could do. It made me laugh so hard on the inside I felt like bursting. Bursting into tears was just as easy, but we already know that's one of Marian's super powers (Yes I will now be doing Calys references).

This was a fun read for those who already know the series and its people, but if you haven't read anything from Marian, feel free to tackle this down and enjoy the steamy scenes, the crying, heartbreaking chapters, and the rekindled love of a werewolf and human who went through hell to get to where they are now. <3

Happy Reading :)

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