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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Reviled (The Master and His Soul Seer Pet 2)

This is a love story between an innocent girl and a jaded man, a pet and her Master, a soul seer who has yet to realize she's meant to save the world... and a powerful vampire who has yet to understand his heart still beats.

18-year-old Zari Baltimore
has her first taste of heartbreak upon finding out that her Master, the powerful and gorgeous vampire Alexandru, has long been in love with someone else.

Wishing for distraction,
Zari tries to keep her mind off her unrequited love by playing truant at La Scala Legaturia, a training ground for strengthening bonds between Masters and pets. But it doesn't work. She also tries to spend more time with Lord Erou, hoping it would make her Master jealous as well, but it doesn't work either.

Then Zari has another vision- of her fighting for her life against a demon -and suddenly, she's got more distraction than she bargained for.

- Goodreads

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UM. WHAT? On one hand I wanted a bitch slap (or two) for the other woman, but at the same time, the ending was perfect T_T.

Reviled starts off with a murder just outside the school buildings, a human man found with his neck ripped open by a human mouth. Zari isn't supposed to be there because it'll draw attention to her, an order her Master specifically gave her. However, when two girls are up for suspicions, only one of them gets looked at- and it's the wrong one.

Zari can't let go of the vision she had of seeing the other girl- Miranda Donnelly -kill, so she befriends Rhapsody Norwood when everybody else isolates her, set on clearing the false accusations. Rhapsody's a new student with an anonymous Master, but because of how odd she is, not everyone warms up to her. She's a cool chick, very robotic and to-the-point, but I suspect there's a lot more under her skin. It shows up later in the book.

Alexandru and Zari are adorable with their continued grumbles and relationship as pet and Master, but as he hunts down another demon on his mission, he suddenly comes back to the school, giving off the impression that he came to find out why Zari had been missing her classes. She feels like she's slowly losing him, and doing these things- missing classes, spending more time with Erou as she distracts herself with finding a way to reveal who the real killer is -might get him to finally show how much he does want her as a pet.

While with Erou, she has a vision of the monster again, but then she and Erou run into her Master, who's been watching them this whole time. He knows the other vampire wants his pet, but he will never give her up. Then Erou yells at Alexandru for wanting her, and when he demands Alexandru to admit that he wants her as more than a pet, Alexandru can't- and Zari sees it in his eyes.

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Oh, no.
I can't breathe.

It isn't until she touches him that she gets a vision- of the demon, her Master's target, hiding somewhere in the area. Her Master never came because he was worried about her like she and Erou had thought, it'd been because that target had come to the school. She can't take it anymore and she shouts about not feeling like his pet anymore, especially when they both know why he does his missions so well- so he can make Katarina proud of him.

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She later hangs out with Rhapsody when she can't be around her Master, and the girl cheers her up a little, but it all goes downhill when she later notices something on the message board. They have a new doctor, Katarina Anton. Then it shifts to Alexandru's POV, and we get a wonderful, ever-so-fucking-sweet peek into his mind as he tells us the reason why he calls out to Katarina (I REFUSE TO CALL HER KAT) in his heart after/during every hunt.

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Congradulations. You are officially the most hated Master.

Not knowing if it's a coicidence, Zari visits the new doctor, only to find out that this older, beautiful woman is in fact the Katarina that her Master gave his heart to. She doesn't know how to feel, and it doesn't help that she can see why her Master fell for her. She wants Alexandru happy, but if she just keeps on hurting, is it really such a good thing to be his pet any longer?

She eventually finds the demon and goes after it herself, but not before calling her Master so he can locate her and hopefully save the poor Miranda. Katarina ends up saving her, something she doesn't know how to feel about, but then everyone else is there to help- including her Master. Zari is relieved to see him, but when Katarina starts calling him, Alexandru sees the light die in her eyes, and that does something to him. He can't let his pet go like that, so he ignores Katarina's calls, immediately feeling guilty for it but knowing that if he ignores his pet to go to her... something bad will happen.

He reaches out for Zari, even goes so far as to reprimand Katarina when she tries to talk to him again-

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-and it's a little satisfying, but then she goes "Oh, I know that you need to see to your pet first, but I'm here to fight for you now and I will have you blah blah."

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"Bitch, what?"

SHE IS SO ANNOYING. And I've seen enough of their POVs to rightly say so! First he falls in love with her because he wanted to be saved and she seemed like a cool chick at the time, but then she leaves him because she can't handle the pressure (not fighting for their love! Grr! She's bad for you!) and tells him she'll always love him. And you know what? That's total bullshit because she knew that- as a good guy -he would take that in a literal way and thus make her the only love of his stupid life! UGH! Alexandru I just wanna-

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Like seriously.

It ends with Alexandru pampering her in their room, and when she remembers that he told her he'd let her go if she ever asked, she looks up at him to ask and, seeing the look in her eye, he begs her right back with his gaze not to ask him of it.
"You are so unfair, Master."
Even as she tells him this, she lays down on his lap and lets him pet her as she soaks him in. He feels guilty for making her stay in a position that obviously hurts her, but he can't let her go. It's a really sad and touching ending. T_T

The world of Reviled continued to float off the pages as I read this and I enjoyed seeing more of Alexandru (grr) and Zari. The heartache is definitely there because she struggles between being a good pet and knowing when to look out for herself, (cause her Master sure as hell won't! Not in the way she needs him to be) but the worse struggle of all is just deciding on whether or not her Master is good for her, and that is a very scary- nearly impossible -thought for a pet to have.

She's an amazing pet so she won't ever leave him, but if it means having to deal with the pain in her heart to the point of death, is he really such a good Master in the end? He can't even give her his heart, because a woman from his past has it. Katarina doesn't even deserve it because of how she's treated him. We all know she's only coming back because of Zari. UGH!!! CURSE YOU ALEXANDRU.

But back to the review. The story flowed very nicely all together; the POVs, the plots and background stories, all of it. The characters stayed true to themselves and I liked seeing some of them mature/change. I cried a lot when the bad parts came up because of how personal the relationships between pets and Masters are for me, but Zari was so cute with her Master that I couldn't help but laugh at their moments together, as well as her time with her seemingly newfound friends, Erou and Rhapsody. I hope Alexandru starts getting a taste of his own medicine because I'm at the brink of killing him myself. T_T

I recommend this series regardless of how frustrating the Master is because of how good the story is and will be in the future. I also recommend this author because of how crazy she can make me most times- okay a lot of times -with her books. They've all got their own shit to deal with but their loves are always worth it all, and that is why I have no doubt that they'll end up together. I just wanna see him suffer a little. :P

And now some parting words before I leave-

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Katarina, I forgot to give you a gift!

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Happy Unbirthday!

Have another gift.

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But you know what I think?

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That must be it.

Praise Jesus.

And a Happy Reading to the rest of ya =^~^=

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