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Swish (Heart Racers #3)

Helios Andreadis is the aloof and powerful president of Afxisi, an ordinary college org during the day and an underground bike racing club at night. Afxisi means 'rise' in Greek, symbolizing the cornerstone in which all the club's rules were founded on. Every member of the club has his own story to tell, his own tragedy to overcome, and a self-made cage to break free from.

The younger son of a famous Greek politician from an adulterous affair, Helios had migrated to the United States in hopes of putting to rest his older brother's jealousy. Past betrayals had taught him to be hard and unfeeling, but his heartless ways would soon be put to the test when a shy, stubborn girl literally skidded into his life like some backup dancer auditioning for the King of Pop.

Her name was MJ Cartwright. She wanted to apply as the club's official photographer, but any job would really do since as it turned out, all she wanted was to be close to one of Afxisi's daredevil drivers. That man was her secret crush and the more time Helios spent with MJ, the more he wanted to kill that man, whoever he may be.

Helios was determined not to let MJ's secret crush take her away, but neither was he ready to put a name to his feelings. To do so would make him vulnerable, and that he would never allow to happen, not even if it meant having to hurt MJ instead.

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Gollum is displeased!
Gollum is sad!
Gollum want eat Julio-
*It's Helios*

Sorry, had to let that out. OK. So I loved MJ's brain and how it functions on an entirely different frequency, it really adds to her innocence. I think it's what allowed her to be who she is despite having had a horrible childhood with that jerk of a father.

When her mother died, it left her with an alcoholic father who enjoyed doing motorcycle tricks over his daughter, all for the sheer joy of mentally torturing her. Why does he enjoy it so much? Because she's not really his daughter (sorry for the major spoiler, you won't find out til after. Like, after). However, he kept her around to feel good knowing that he was treating someone else's daughter like shit, a guy he really didn't like. From the time she was young, he would make her lie down so he could do jumps over her. Over the years she eventually learned a mantra, to lie still, breathe, and never close her eyes. She lived in terror on and off the floor, wondering when she'd get beaten up again because James lost his temper.

One night she sneaks out, scraping her elbow along the way out the window, and we see how she uses pics of her injuries to make money. It was how she was able to get her expensive camera (T_T). While outside, she hears someone in pain, and it's there that she sees Ricky, a man we'll later meet in the book, a man who raised Helios after they left Greece and his horrible family who disowned him.

She witnesses him being bullied by a bunch of brats, sent there to torment Helios by his jealous older half-brother, but before she can stop it, a motorcycle comes and runs them off with gunshots. The savior pulls his helmet off and she quickly takes a pic of the young man she now admires before running back home. James beats her up again for having snuck out, but now she has something else besides her mantra to keep from falling into the darkness: a man who could save her.

Fast forward to the present time, and she's attending Christopoulos University, the school where Helios runs the bike club. She plans to join it just to be closer to him, but when she gets to the place, she sees the door being closed so she rushes to get in and ends up skidding right into the building on her knees. Helios, Yuri and Kellion are there to witness it. Helios raises a brow at it.

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*aha, so cute X)*

She just wants to die but can't help looking back at him while trying to act like she isn't. Kellion totally sees it, but he and Yuri ask her why she's there. Helios already sees how innocent and pure she is, and because of it, completely rejects her. He doesn't want something like her in his club, a place she wouldn't fit in at all, but he really just doesn't want her there because she makes him feel something, and he'd worked hard all this time to be the emotionless, grouchy president that he is to the rest of the world.

I thought it was hilarious when she mistook him for not having the ability to speak better English and decided to slow her speech down like he was an idiot. He got so mad XD

He really tries to get her to leave when Kellion and Yuri find out- and vocalize it aloud -that she's there because she has a secret crush among the officers of their club, αύξηση (Afxisi- ooo that looks pretty *_*). They let her stay because both the officers see that she might be good for Helios, and Yuri gives her a room right below theirs, which is the top floor. Yuri's younger sister, Hallie, gives her the tasks she must do and a few weeks later, we see her doing her job as a member. Her first task is to wake the officers up for their morning classes, and it's fucking adorable. But then she has to wake him up, and when she walks in, she sees him sleeping with another woman in bed. She's used to it by now, but it still sucks, and Helios is just as annoyed that she has to be there when he's fucking someone else.

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*someone hold me back*
A normal person would be discouraged by having to endure what she does, but she's set on making Helios see that she really likes him.

The others have grown on her and actually enjoy her company, furthering Helios' irritation because he suspects Yuri is her secret crush. The time she spends with Yuri continues to bug him, but she's only with him because he knows (like Kellion) about her crush on Helios, and if anything, he's the closest thing she has to a friend. He advises her throughout the book, warning her and encouraging her where their president is concerned. He also knows about her past, a reason why he appears more close to her than the other members, and knows about her fear of bikes. Helios finally can't take it anymore, however, and after countless fights and why-the-hell-does-he/she-hate-me, he kisses her one night- and the rest is history.

While he's thinking that he's making her forget about Yuri so she can want him, she's thinking that he's finally realized how much she's worth it all, but even when she sees that he's just insanely jealous of Yuri, she can't help but taunt him. Especially when there's that biker chick coming around Helios. Grr.

Eventually they begin to grow close in their hotness and cutesy grumbles and they get super adorable, but in true Tee fashion, it doesn't last. She meets up with Yuri, who has information on her recently bailed-out father, and when he tells her to tell Helios the truth about everything, she tells him that she can't, she touches her heart with his hand for emphasis that if she ever loses him because of it, 'he might as well cut out her own heart'. Helios is watching the whole thing on soundless video, however, and he assumes the worse because of his own betrayal concerning his brother and a woman he thought he loved. To Helios, it's the past happening all over again.

He feels like a fool, so when everyone is later watching the club do tricks, he allows the biker chick to stand with them while he has a member tell MJ that she must stand on the other side where the non-members are. She knows it's total bullshit because she's his girlfriend, but it still stings, and she goes to where the other groupies are, watching their members on the ramp. Then it's Biker Chick's turn (don't care to learn her name- grr) and when she's done, she taunts MJ into doing it, wagering a bet with Helios being the prize. Yuri quickly comes in, knowing her fear, and it angers Helios into making her do it.

"It's up to you." His words were dispassionate. "If you want to prove that you want me, then ride a bike. You should be thankful to Astrid for being so generous."
*Oh, was that her name?*
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*now I know who to sic a demon on*
His words further break her heart, and it isn't until then that she realizes something. All those times James made her help him with his stunts, she did it not because she was afraid of him- she did it because she wanted to earn his love. Maybe if she continued to help, he'd eventually learn to love her for it. And Helios was demanding the exact same thing.

It kinda snaps something in her, and she goes on the bike, sending it so far into overdrive that she bypasses the simple road she was allowed and goes up the ramp- the sight sets something off in Helios and he yells, but it's too late. She crashes, and like a rag doll, she lies on the ground with blood.

She wakes up in the hospital and the sight of Helios next to her breaks her heart, but when he wakes up and begs her to forgive him and hear him out, she tells him that she's tired of having to earn people's love, and asks him to let Astrid know that she's done fighting for him.

FAINTING photo: fainting faintingguy-apalled.gif

Her crash was so scary and sad T_T Especially where she was so hurt by the realization of how similar James and Helios were that it prompted her to do something so suicidal. The cliffhanger totally would've killed me if I didn't have book two already uploaded and at the ready.

This book was a little intense compared to Heart Racer because of how closed off Helios was to everything, but I'm glad MJ (unintentionally) drove him crazy enough to finally act on his passion. They're good for each other, it's just a matter of time before they see it. MJ is just too cute for words and I really liked how she got along with Afxisi. The storyline was interesting, it was a good pace, and I really appreciated MJ's optimism. And can I just say again, I just adore the Heart Racers and their awesome headquarters. XD

Now onwards to the next book!

Happy Reading =^~^=

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