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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Wolf Fight

From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Marian Tee

Calys Adelardi, the princess also known as "the human monster", may only be alpha if she can find a strong, kind warrior to champion her cause. She's determined to marry for the good of her pack, but meeting a playboy werewolf prince makes Calys think twice about her noble priorities.

His name is Alejandro Moretti. He's the strongest shifter she's ever met, but he seems prouder of his skills in bed than in battle. When he tells her he'd be her Cavaliere, Calys is overjoyed... until she finds out his offer comes with a price. For every instance he does his duty, Alejandro expects Calys to pay it in his bed, whenever and wherever he wants.

- Goodreads

Obviously that last part doesn't sound at all terrible, but if you're a serious girl who knows the difference between a fuck buddy and a tumble in bed with a lover, you'd want his price to be a little deeper as well, right? 

So.... I'm back in the craziness of Marian's books and-
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Seriously, when will she have her own soap opera series?
The feels of these romances, man.
The feels.

Soooo I loved this book! I haven't read any of her books in almost a year (HOLY SHIT THAT'S SCARY) but I'm pretty sure it's because one of her last books made me cry to the point of not wanting to read anymore just so my friends wouldn't think I was a psychotic nut who randomly cried at flashbacks of heart pains. I tried the social life and it's a little judging towards bookworms but annyywayyyysssss- 

If you've read The Werewolf Prince and I series, this book takes place after the first one. Just a little FYI.

Calys is this adorably frightening human who was adopted- along with her sister -into a pack of panthers. She may look delicate and innocent, but aside from being one of the greatest fighters in The Den, a darker side of her is infamously repressed, dangerously awaiting the next time something idiotic comes along to harm Calys, someone she loves or something she stands for. Her title "The Human Monster" comes from the blackouts she has whenever some unfortunate SOB decides to do something very naughty. From the age of seven, people would turn up missing or dead, and it didn't take long before other packs began to realize that she was the cause of it. It didn't exactly endear others to her, but it saved her human hide the trouble of having to fight off bullies who thought that her given status was nothing more than a title among the shifter world. However, it won't help her when her father must pass down the title of Alpha, and so she searches for the perfect shifter to take her side above her pack.

Enter The Den: an underground secret fighting arena beneath the grounds of Florida, a place where the best fighters come for blood and glory. Calys goes under the pretense of a young boy in order to fight whilst looking for a Cavaliere, but when her aching breasts from her last match get the best of her, she quickly gets found out by The Masked Wolf. Deemed a superhero, this ultimate fighter is the best of the best, and she is his #1 fan. It's also duly noted that he is a #1 fan of her breasts, the very ones that she tried to rid the aches from and the reason for her identity being found out lol

It's lust at first sight, and not only is The Masked Wolf- aka Alejandro Moretti -intrigued by her lovely parts, he's also in awe of the fact that Leatherface is a human girl. It's actually a real turn on for him. And speaking of Alejandro-

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haha I had to do it (and if you don't understand, I feel sorry for you... blessed be!). But back to what I was saying, Alejandro is very much interested in this girl, and that says something, considering that the only time he thinks with his dick is when he's getting back at the men who humiliate his big brother, Domenico (his story, btw. holy shit is what I say
--> The Werewolf Prince and I). In case you didn't know, Alejandro is a twin, and neither take lightly to their big bro Domenico being humiliated and called a dog because of the issues he's having with his human love. Alessandro, his twin, takes out his anger with old fashion knuckles and blood. Alejandro takes the more subtle approach- with the bullies' lovers, and he makes no effort in hiding the fact that it was him who made them scream.

He's a bit of a sneaky one, isn't he? But it is because of his way of revenge for his brother that he gets deemed a playboy, and when he starts to act like it himself, he gets into HUGE trouble when he meets Calys. Why? Because she's not looking for a careless fuck-and-duck with him. It's either all or nothing, and when he doesn't take her seriously, he breaks her heart.

Ugh, can I just-
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Now, she wasn't completely devastated, but she did tell him that he couldn't touch her if he wasn't going to be her consort (husband) as well as her Cavaliere. He ignored her words and had fun with her anyway, and because of it, the next morning is beyond awkward. It'd be easier for her if she just dumped him, but even though he hurt her, he is the only one to make her actually see the opposite sex, and he's the only one who's made any sort of progress with her 'darker side'. Alejandro plays the asshole, though, and Calys even tries to ignore him as she takes on another offer as her consort, but her plans to get back at him a little backfire when her proposer- fucking Pasquale -calls him a dog and she fails to correct his rudeness. It ends with Alejandro thinking she really does think of him as a Moretti dog, and so to get back at her, he tells her that while he will be a dutiful Cavaliere to her in public, in private, she will be his dutiful sex slave.

Aha, get it girl!!!! Right???

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Again, that's not really so much of a bad thing, but he really thinks that she has no respect for him, and that sucks for her. She can't believe the mistake she made, but she'll just have to roll with it or something.

This story is unbelievably hot with a capital EROTIC but adorable and just so- awww haha. I love that Marian always has something special with her characters. In Calys' case, it's believing in superheroes and using superhero movie quotes on Alejandro and the others. XD This was still too short for my taste, though. I wish it was a little longer. XD

My favorite part would have to be where they first met- his aggression is fucking hot! Sweet baby Jesus. 
*Forgive me, Father*

The setup was nice and the story line was short and to the point. Calys has a bit of Marian's other girls in her, but her status and darker side makes her a little more mature, somehow. idk. Maybe I just haven't read her work in a while XD Aside from that sad fact, I loved Wolf Fight and I'm already reading the next one. It was hilarious, hot, and dosed with the good-good drama that Tee masterfully brings on. 

Happy Reading =^~^=

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