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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Wolf Kisses

Werewolf prince Alejandro Moretti used to be my bodyguard. But now I know I have to let him go. While he's able to protect my life, he's also the one breaking my heart.
Calys Adelardi has found out she's not really a human monster. And she may not be a pack princess for long, not when the Panthera suspects her of being a murderess.

Alejandro Moretti once thought love was foolish and unreal. But when Calys decides to leave his life for good, he's forced to confront his fears. Can he find the courage to risk his heart... and if he does, will it be too late to win his princess back?

- Goodreads

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*tears of joy, I swear*
*wait that doesn't sound right*

I definitely know now that this story could work as the three separate installments they are right now, or as a single book. Either way, I loved the journey I read with Calys and Alejandro; their love story was a hot and rough ride, opening more possibilities of peeks into new worlds.

By now it's revealed that Calys is not only a Souri- a mythical race (think powerful angels) -but one of the three lost princesses, and her mother the queen, her brother the prince and their cousin have found her in the nick of time as she stands on trial for the murder of her fiance (ah, dear old idiot Pasquale). This part was a little abrupt for me, explaining all of a sudden that Calys was a Souri rather than an adopted human with an innocent psycho twin in her mind, but I went with it. Her dark side is explained as well, as her mother and brother tell her that it is strictly a royal trait among the Souri, though the transition does put a physical toll on the host.

After the drama she goes through with Alejandro, it's nice to finally see her not only find out her origins, but have a solid place to add to her caring father, sister and cousin (Venetto, Anastasia and Stefan). They're a little too caring, however, as the peace after dealing with vampires and the Hernandez pack lead to them wanting a good match for her. It really sucks cause the one match she wants, wants nothing to do with her.

And she wants nothing to do with him, not after the way he continuously breaks her heart and makes her body burn, and so she releases him as her Cavaliere, deciding to do things on her own and for herself, like a true Alpha female should. Her family stands behind her in the decision, but she can't help the slight feeling of wrongness.

It's only when he finds out about her possible pairing with another man that Alejandro loses it and confronts her. She- *tear* -admits that she doesn't want to be a second best for him if he can't love her, so he Marks her himself after a hot hot hot night of sex together, but he still can't tell her he loves her. 

Okay, okay. Alejandro, darling?
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I totally get that you're scared of getting hurt and your hellcat is a bit of a- well, hellcat, but YOU ARE SO FUCKING STUBBORN. Why would you take so long to admit to yourself that you love her, only to tell her the ONE THING SHE NEVER WANTS TO HEAR and then act like an obsessed animal trying to claim his woman? You can't claim her and not love her, buddy! It don't work that way!

And yet in Alejandro World, it does. He lets himself live in denial, hurting her in the process, and gets mad when something happens to endanger her. He's gotta be one of the most stubborn wolves I've ever met. It's like he tries to keep Calys in a safe bubble so he doesn't have to get hurt or see her in any danger.

.... end of Alejandro rant

Something major happens in the story that I won't spoil- oh, who am I kidding. So Calys has to decide on a husband, but her brother gives her a pleasant surprise when there is one more bidder, and it is none other than Prince Alejandro Moretti himself. He finally got his act together and put his bid in as her husband, but even that glorious sight gets fucked up when he vows all the right things... and vows to never love her.

Like, what the fuck, dude? I'm seriously gonna go into another rant... but anyway the second part of his vow puts her in a major funk, and while she searches for her father for advice and guidance, she finds her father. Dead. Everyone hears her cries, she gets accused of being the murderess by her own crazy cousin, and she goes nuts. She and her people are winning, but then the cousin Raoul forces her to stop with her father's corpse. She and Alejandro are later imprisoned, she for being a possible murderess and he for- well, he's a scary ass wolf. It isn't exactly a secret that he'd fight for her. She's broken down in her cell, and Alejandro- being the major ass that he is -gets her to toughen up long enough for them to carry out their plan for revenge.

She waits after he leaves, and then escapes with control over her dark self. She is destruction personified as she hunts down her cousin, tearing through familiar faces and those she no longer has mercy for. Calys finds her cousin who, stupidly, admits to being her father's murderer, and the major Judges in their world end up hearing all of it, clearing Calys and giving her the green light to tear into Raoul. She gets her revenge, but then her dark self turns on Alejandro when he approaches her and tries to kill him for having hurt Calys when they both trusted him. Alejandro sees the error of his ways after she almost cuts him to pieces, but she sees the sincerity in his apology, and she makes him wait a while so Calys can heal before having him again.

A year passes, and Calys wasted no time in becoming a strong Alpha female for her pack and proving that she could do it without a Cavaliere or consort at her side. A huge party is being thrown, and her sister alerts her of Alejandro's arrival via the guards, but when she sees him, it's with another beautiful woman- and they share a passionate kiss. Without thinking of the fact that he has a twin, she embarrasses him in front of everyone by publicly telling him to fuck off.

She finds out her error after she sees the woman with Alessandro, but despite her apologies and attempt at humor, he doesn't make it easy for her. 'An eye for an eye'. She tells him she'll do anything to make him see that she feels really bad about the mistake. In return, he ravages her against a door before going back to ignoring her. On one hand it was hot, but at the same time it was a majorly JERK THING to do. Who fucks and ducks the ones they love? Oh, and then the scene changes to him not letting her into one of his clubs, but the moment he hears she's in danger, he runs out wondering why- why it always takes for one of them to be in mortal danger for him to realize the truth.
*I wonder the same goddamn thing.*

He catches her in an attempt to tackle down the guy they've been hearing about, the one supposedly in charge of Calys' assassination. His last words are ominous and forebodes a time of shadows and blood in their world before Alejandro breaks his neck. The installment ends with Alejandro giving us her another scare about leaving her when he's actually telling her he needs to be her Cavaliere again, not just her lover. Dawww. We get an epilogue with them being all cute and shit as husband and wife, and it ends, with the promise of more Moretti to come. :3

This couple was one of the more intense romances for Tee, what with their situation and background. I definitely got more of her style- super power? -out of this book. How do I know? I cried. Several times. lol. God knows I looked ridiculous to my family, crying in the corner like someone died.
*Too soon, man. Too soon.*
*Sorry, Venetto.*

Not only was I entertained, I started to have mental pep-talks and fights with the characters as I read through the pages. Calys was a bad ass chick with a cute quirkiness for superhero quotes. Alejandro is still a jerk, but people come in all ranges of flavor, and he's a generally nice guy, right?

I highly recommend this author for her hot writes, way with drama and making you cry without being in the room. A definite read.

Now, onward to Alessandro's book!

Happy Reading =^~^=

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