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(W)REC(K) A SET: Alphas Prefer Curves

BBW Romance boxed set!

Hot alpha males come in all flavors, from fierce shifters and swaggering rockstars to bad boy bikers and seductive billionaires, men of action and passion. In this collection of standalone BBW romance novels and novellas by the writers of the wildly popular Curvy Girl Romance group, the hunky heroes all have one thing in common: These alphas prefer curves.

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I review as I read with bundles, so this will be updated repeatedly until finished.
Books read is not in order, so scan through.

Dangerous Protector by Milly Taiden- 5 stars
Cynthia Vega had a good reason to leave James Brock, the only man she loved, after accepting his marriage proposal. Now she's back. And he's not willing to ignore their chemistry or the past.

The Paranormal unit was hilarious, a comedy relief and safe haven (see: family) for the serious, soul-staining work they do. Most of their victims are found dead, but the ones they do rescue make it all worth it. When Vega comes back, it puts Brock through a horrible tirade with himself: ignore the woman who broke his heart after vanishing for ten years or refuse to let her slip through his fingers again?

He chooses right. Their sexual tension builds as they're forced to work together, and when Vega searches for her missing cousin, he helps her, and eventually they come back together with lots of hot sex. But he needs to know why she left him, and as they meet some members of her crazy family and the small town they live in, it isn't long until we see why she left him: her bloodline is tainted with mental diseases. She left him because she loved him enough to let him go so he could have a normal wife and family, but he calls her crazy and they get back together <3.

When she didn't even check to see if she had the illness, at first I was a little shocked because she'd left a guy she loves for ten whole years. You're gonna leave that man over a fear you could've checked? But then she mentioned kids and passing it down, and then it made a little more sense. The copy I got had a few errors in this story. Otherwise I loved the world I visited. I so wanna see that taunting tiger again XD

A Prowl On The Wild Side by Erika Masten- 4 stars
Curvy girl Vanessa is haunted by nightmares, dreams of being an animal, and sleepwalks naked. What's she doing losing her heart to a 6'4'' Nordic Adonis with fangs and fur? That's just crazy.

Vanessa thinks she's crazy because the super-senses and memories she has are all denied as her imagination by her brother and boss. It isn't until she decides to approach the sexy Nordic god she's been unceremoniously flirting with from a distance (for months) that she enters the world of shifters. Her dream of being a lioness is not a coincidence, and the wolf with piercing eyes is no mistake to overlook.

So I'm not gonna lie, I totally read "6'4'' Nordic" and thought:
eric northman photo: Eric Northman TrueBloodericpromolickfinger2.gif

Eric Salo is a yummy wolf who's long accepted the warrior life- it's either die in battle or risk searching for his mate and failing, losing the rest of his humanity to the beast and succumbing to the final transformation before living the rest of his life as a four-legged predator. Sounds real sucky, doesn't it? So when he spots Vanessa coming at him, he can't help but play with the temptation of having her for just a few moments- before he accidentally brings trouble to her. Not only has her big brother, Aubrey been hiding her latent self from the world, but he's been working for The Agency (government killers of supers) to keep her invisible from the agents and the shifters- especially the Panthera. And Eric exposes her to all of them.

Aubrey kinda makes it up to her in the end, and Vanessa chooses her delicious wolf over the wonderful offer of getting to breed with her own kind. It's a cute ending to the story, but it made me wonder about their future after HEA- what if one of them came across their mate? But at the same time, I have to wonder if in this world, "mate" is really just another word for "most compatible" rather than 'soulmate', in which case it makes more sense lol. This rating's a star away from perfect because some sentences throughout the book were missing words and were worded weirdly or too long, tripping me up a lot and forcing me to reread or go back a few lines. It ruined the enjoyment, otherwise I really liked Vanessa and Eric. :3

Bear Biker Love by Harper Ashe
He's a sexy, leather-wearing Alpha bear who needs to find his mate. She's a curvy, brunette BBW who believes in fate. Will they take a romantic ride with destiny?

Bear The Heat by Catherine Vale
Rescuing Sonya from a fire is only the beginning. It's instant chemistry, a passion that burns as bright as the very fires that threaten to consume them.

Heartbitten by Aubrey Rose
When a snarky billionaire vampire meets a curvy grad student, he loses his heart and finds true love.

Distracting the Billionaire's Son by Jordan Bell
Curvy girl Jessica discovers a distraction in Jonah that could help them both forget the troubles that soon threaten to destroy what fragile pleasure they've found in each other.

The Billionaire's Curvy Guide by Danielle Duncan
When Zoe and Bastian meet, it's magnetic. But Zoe doesn't want to risk her job and Bastian won't back down. Only one of them can win this battle of wills- but what will the loser really lose?

Soldier by Liliana Rhodes
Hitman, killer, Dante Gambino, that's who I am, but none of it mattered until I met Gia. I will protect her and keep her safe, but doing so will push her away forever. I must kill her brother.

Something True by Malia Mallory
Rocker Liam Smith's in trouble- again. A charity founded to entertain hospitalized kids seems ideal for his community service, and the director Shelley Taylor is as curvy as his favorite guitar.

Heart Racer by Marian Tee- 5 stars
Greek billionaire biker Leandro Christopoulos wants snarky Roberta as his fake girlfriend, and he's willing to lie about loving her to make it happen.

This story is two separate novellas, Heart Racer and Driven by Love, put together to have a HEA. I go into a whole rant about the first book here, and the second one riiiighhht over here. Otherwise, enjoy.

Leandro's been a very bad boy in all the right ways by female standards, but after his dad ends up in the hospital, the Greek billionaire exiles himself to the States in the hopes of changing his image to help aid in not only his father's recovery, but in regaining political points for him. And what better way to do that than have his playboy image settle down with a pretend girlfriend?

rolls eyes photo:  eyeroll.gif

He sets his eyes on Roberta aka Bobby, but when he sees the snarky, intelligent and very guarded girl naked, he decides to pursue her. He even listens to his cousin's advice about Bobby only having sex for love, and before he knows it, he's fallen for her and blurting out the words to keep her with him. He knows he'll regret it just as much as he knows that if she ever finds out, he'll lose her forever.

And he does lose her, by falsely accusing her of something and exposing the truth to hurt her. He realizes the mistake far too late and when his dad dies, he repents for a year before getting her back. It only appears that she's moved on, but in actuality, her own pretend boyfriend is what's keeping her from completely losing it after Leandro's betrayal. Leandro and Bobby have a very rough get-back-together, but they realize the love they have for one another is worth fighting for, and they end up together. <3

This couple is crazy. Don't get me wrong, Leandro's adorable with his attempt in being a better man, and I totally loved watching him change for Bobby without even knowing it, but he is as stubborn as she is prideful. The maturity in the year they were separated certainly made him more drool worthy, and I cried when Bobby kept hurting him with her pretend beau. While he matured, she dulled out. He fought for her so hard until she drew the last straw for him, and it wasn't until then that she decided to go after him. A little back and forth- I wanted to choke her, but I understood that she almost lost her mind with his lies so it's understandable that she'd be scared to "give in so easily".

I love their love and their story. Everything flowed nicely, I cried; laughed; hid in my room during the naughty scenes. Really loved it. <3

Jade by Olivia Rigal
For a young genius like Jade few things are a challenge except maybe a bowl of ice cream or a normal conversation with a guy. Until Oliver shows her curves are meant to be rocked.

Kings of Asphalt by Alexx Andria
Curvy reporter Zoe Delacourte wants MC leaders Jax Traeger and Hunter Ericksen. Some might call them bad men but Zoe doesn't care! She wants the bad boys in her bed!

Operation: Burlesque by Michelle Fox
When Ruby Palmer signs on to work as a seamstress for the steamy Cirque D'Amour, the spotlight won't take no for an answer, and neither will the circus' handsome, enigmatic magician, Blake Cannon.

KANE by Eliza Gayle
Kane Gunn has a kill order to fill and when he catches the curvy woman who's become his obsession he is consumed by a desire that overwhelms everything, including his quest for justice.


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