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Kellion (Heart Racers #6)

This is a full-length standalone biker romance novel with a HAPPY-EVER-AFTER ending.

His name is Kellion. Beautiful. Wicked. Dashing. Alive. That's what attracted me the most about him- that he's so full of life, it makes me feel like I'm not dead inside.

I thought he was just like all the other bikers of the Afxisi, America's most popular and exclusive underground racing club. Someone too rich, too gorgeous for his own good, someone too full of himself to be human. But then I saw a secret side of him. Realized that he had just been pretending all along. Realized that he needed me, and that broken part of him drew me in, like a moth to a flame.

Now, I want to be the one to make him smile. Really smile, and not like all those fake smiles he used to make the girls around him fall in love. I want to make him think of me, just me. I want to belong to him, just him. But most of all, I want him to know I love him. Not the biker, not the billionaire's son, not the hot guy. But him. Kellion.

Even if his smile tells me he'll end up tearing me apart, I need him to know he's not alone. I'm his to love or destroy. Whatever he wants- I'm his.

- Goodreads

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Easily the cutest and light-hearted thing Marian Tee's written recently. They were so adorable!!!!

We see Aria's life before the story takes place, and it's a really sad one. She's got a beautiful voice, but with horrible parents, she's used for her talent to satisfy their unhealthy habits. There's only one good thing in her life: Ashton. Adorable, three-year-old nominated cutest baby brother in the world. He's always happy, and despite how bad their parents are, he still loves them. (T-T) And then she gets a visit from the police...

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*why. why. why. why. why. why. why.*

The precious boy died from a gas exhaust leak after he was left in the van so their shitty parents could go to a fancy restaurant. The only relief she can get from this is that the officials believe he hadn't suffered. And so now the only good thing in her life is gone, and she loses her voice that day.

Then we have Kellion, this adorable guy-
*Jesus you make him sound like a teenager*
-and just like the rest of his biker family, he comes from money and runs from a hurting past that- ugh -he just keeps going back to. His hurting past? It's the girl he's loved all his young life, his parents' goddaughter. The problem? She has never seen him that way, and despite knowing how much he loves her, she can't return the feelings.
*Okay, it royally sucks but come on, it's a 'Oh Thank God' moment right now*

Two years later, we see Aria at Christopolous University, volunteering for the Evil Red-Headed Queen Bobby (Heart Racer) at her center for the hearing impaired. This present time starts a little before the end of the last book, Click, where Aria hears Kellion save one of the other deaf kids helping out at their booth on campus. She hears and sees his hands signing, and she can't help but think about how her brother would've been alive if someone good like this savior had been around to see him in trouble. Something in her shifts at the thought, and on the night of the party (won't say which one- go read, you lazy bum!) she meets hottie Kellion Argyros, aka her savior. How does she find out? He signs to her, and she has no idea what he's saying (LOL) but then Bobby calls her and she turns, only to cringe when she realizes she just gave herself away.

"Well, fuck. You're not Deaf, are you?"

It was her first word in a long time. ^_^ And she knows that voice. Her savior. She freaks and runs away, but Kellion is curious now, too. He nearly shoves himself on her, a good tactic well deserved for someone like Aria, but then he just stops it all, and I just adore the scene with Aria and her friends, two of them being KC and Lace, lovely ladies of the past and future books of Tee. Eeeekk! But anyways, both are too proud to figure out why it just stopped so MJ and Bobby decide to lock Aria in his room. Dude is drunk off his ass, but it's because his mother ("mother") forgot to tell him he was gonna be a big brother. He's always disappointed in the people who are supposed to love him because they just never seem to see him. He'd missed Aria terribly, and he kisses her when she asks too many questions- her first kiss! -but after she hears his stories, she leaves his room crying.

It's all good things, I swear, but it doesn't mean Helios and the rest of the board members have to go easy on him. The next morning, they make Kellion feel like shit, fucking around with him until he realizes that they were talking about Aria. He thinks the worse because he can't remember anything that happened, but she lets him know that he never made her cry for bad reasons. He reminds her so much of Ashton, his good heart, his inability to ever hate the people who wouldn't even remember to think of him if no one else was, and it moves her enough to tell him with words. It's just a few words, but it's such an improvement and shock that Kellion is just as touched and another part of their destiny is woven together. <3

For reasons the lot of you don't get to know, I won't spoil the delicious details and giddiness that makes this story SO FUCKING CUTE but I will say that Aria finds out about Jack, the girl Kellion loved. UGH. I had such a hard time with this triangle- how can you fall for a couple meant to be together when the guy is still kinda dedicated to the other girl?!?!?!
(Can anyone say, Beholden?)

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But no, seriously, when Jack texted Kellion because she needed him and he- *inhales air through teeth* -let's just say I went crazy. And cried. And went crazy. So Aria finds out about Jack, but she doesn't hold it against him. Just like the synopsis says, she will always love him and let him do anything he wants with her, even if it means breaking her into pieces. She sets it up to where Jack can be with Kellion again, but when Kellion actually sees Jack instead of Aria, he's confused, and Jack knows that it's too late. Long story short, they end up together, but FUUUUUCKK the graveyard scene was a little too much for my heart. T_T No one likes being told they were a rebound unless they were immediately after being told that they were the greatest fucking thing on the planet.

It's just a whole bunch of adorably cute shit that is just TOO. CUTE. to handle. Kellion is a really good story to lift up your spirits after that horribly tragic love story- cough MJ cough -that just tore into your body like ruthless dogs too starved to know the difference between matter and air. Haha I'm just fucking with you. No really though, that story still gives me after-tears, but it was worth it. I think. Maybe. Idk. When I stop crying at the thought of it, I'll let you know how I feel about it.

Helios, President of their biker club, has happily stepped down.
Kellion is the new president of Afxisi.

There was a typo here and there with the version I got, and another edit overlooked was Yuri's sister being called Hailey and Hallie throughout the book. Otherwise, everything was great. I loved Bobby's role in being Aria's tormentor/friend/gf defender against Kellion. It's always great to see old faces. The ATM center!!! Sweet Baby Jesus. And can I just say, I will never look at Ariel the same way again. Ever. (Thanks, Marian)


About KC's mysterious story with the man mentioned, named Yuki. Her ex?!?!?! You have some explaining to do, Lucy!!!! (And by Lucy, I mean Marian.) What the heck happened?!?!?! KC and Yuki ended up together in Drawn!!! It says so right HERE!!! And then I read this and they're not?  What the hell happened?! That's the scariest thing I've ever read, and I just finished Helios!!!!
*-Julio, get the stretch!*
*hip thrust*

No, no, no, Helios, not Julio! Go away Bruno Mars.
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So yeah. I have half a mind to withhold any reviews! In fact I'm not doing anymore reviews until you tell us what happened!

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That's a total lie. I'd shrivel up again if I didn't do my reviews, but still!!!!!
Bakit. T______T

To end it, here's a gif that is probably nothing in comparison to Ashton but it's SO CUTE, and it reminded me of how much Aria loved to make him cry because he looked so cute.

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Happy Reading =^~^=

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