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The Art of Kissing a Greek Billionaire (Greek 6)

It's not always happily-ever-after when you marry a Greek billionaire.

24-year-old Mairi was once an old-fashioned hopeless romantic, a schoolteacher who flew all the way to Greece in hopes of finding her own Greek billionaire to fall in love with.

She found it in Damen Leventis, a handsome billionaire who was alpha to the core. He was everything she had dreamed of... except for the fact that he didn't even know what love was. A lot of tears had to be shed, a lot of heartache had to be felt, before the billionaire finally realized love was what he felt for her.

Now that they're married and with a baby in tow, Mairi thought it's all happily ever after until... that boy.

And... that kiss.


Before reading the book:
holy shit photo:  tumblr_ljvsfydNiZ1qfjmth.gif

After reading the book:

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I'm so happy I read this! Took me a while but I figured I might as well get it done before a whole semester goes by again.

The prologue begins with Damen having another nightmare, a bundle of his worse memories fucking it up with Mairi. I thought it was a great way to start the book, considering that every time a Greek Billionaire book started, it centered around Damen learning too slowly where trust and love was concerned. Every time. All five books. *tsk tsk* So you can imagine why he'd have nightmares about Mairi: her leaving him, his past self hurting her, not being able to do anything, forever being weak without her, etc.

Mairi wakes him up with her genuinely pure statement of love and they have their morning ritual fun to cleanse the fear from his body. *winks* Damen decides that Greece holds too many painful memories of their on again/off again relationship, so he proposes they go back to her home state, Florida. When he mentioned Florida and how his sister would be more than happy to attend school with Katya (Ioniko's younger sister) in the States, I freaked. Out.

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Katya goes to Christopolous University!!!! Know what that means!?!?!??!?!?

excited photo:  tumblr_ljjr5fSGiz1qea34k.gif

So with assurance from her husband, she agrees, and the family moves. It's a new day for the married couple, but I'm wondering where the baby Nala is. You would think that she'd be in the first paragraph with them, right? Well it turns out she was with the aunts for the weekend (like I assumed) so Mairi and Damen got some time to be their sexy and cute selves before it's time to leave for Mairi's first day at work.

Now I don't know why I didn't think about this. Mairi's a teacher, so what else would she work as, and considering how protective Damen is, where else would she teach? BUM BUM BUMMMM SHE'S A FUCKING PROFESSOR AT CHRISTOPOLOUS UNIVERSITY. Damen still doesn't know why he agreed to let her work again (Hell, I wanna know why he'd pick CU- doesn't he know that hotties are there????), but he drops her off, and it's an adorable send-off for his wife before she starts her day. But as she leaves and he drives off, a figure stands at the distance, catching sight of Mairi and-

eric northman photo: eric northman tumblr_m3y5csyQCB1r27gkro1_500-1.gif
He wants her.

devastated photo: devastated crying tumblr_inline_mtjjys2fMM1rm302o_zps8c5303b4.gif
*And so the shit makes his appearance*

Mairi already feels the woes of it being the first day, and when she trips and sprains her wrist, it doesn't help matters. The bodyguards permitted to watch her storm to her aid, and it causes everyone to notice her. And notice her, they do. Mairi Tanner- the infamous and seemingly ordinary gold-digger who captured Damen Leventis.

She urges the guards to leave her, and what do you know? He appears. Leon Arlotta. The handsome young man takes her to the infirmary and leaves her there, but not before he steals a kiss.

gasp photo: Gasp! jm_zps38e6ffb9.gif

Mairi is torn about what happened because, as history shows, Damen never took such news well. It was Derek all over again. She video chats with Velvet, one of her best friends also with a Greek billionaire, and their talk is hilarious. Velvet makes her repeat what she says in order to get her to tell Damen rather than hide it from him and make matters worse. Her help just doesn't exactly help the situation:
"Repeat after me. Damen."
"Something happened."
"Something happened."
"I became a cougar."
"I became a cou-what?"

- The Art of Kissing a Greek Billionaire

bent over laughing photo: laughing stephenfrylaughing.gif

I love her.

Class starts so Mairi goes to another class to teach, but whoa! Leon's there, only who knew that he'd be of actual help? Rumor's gone 'round that Mairi is the horrible gold-digger media has depicted her as, but when she starts to worry, Leon lightens up the mood and has the whole class warm up to her with his relentless teasing of having the hugest crush on their Professor.

Aww. He's kind of a twat for doing anything that could ruin Mairi's happiness, but apparently I have no faith in Damen or Mairi even after being with them for five books. Mairi's done with work and we're all treated with the sight of Damen in his dark, formidable suit with- are you ready? -a floral carrier with beautiful Nala tucked away safely.

She greets her family with a smile but Damen isn't stupid, he knows something's bothering her. He also catches sight of the young man watching them due to "primitive instincts" (LMAO), and later calls him to threaten inform him that there is nothing he can do to ruin their love for one another.

Now it was interesting to get a bit of info on Leon: he's on scholarship, broke, and supporting a family back in Milan. Damen also knows more than we're told, one of them being something I'll tell ya'll later. So anyways, Damen is fully aware of Mairi's situation, but he knows better than to act rashly. He trusts her, loves her, and will support her in figuring it out for herself, as she requested. I loved seeing him trust her, and I'm glad there wasn't any bad drama.

They make love, but devious Damen makes her pay by giving her a hickey that she doesn't notice until she's already at school the next day, as Mairi only teaches twice a week at CU. She freaks out, but is also called by Dean Blanchard, who informs her that parents (aka mommies) are threatening to pull their children out of CU because of her. They don't want a gold-digger to influence their daughters or seduce their sons.

wtf photo:  waitwtf.gif

However, the Dean assures her that despite the crazy accusations and bad press, the school will stand behind her and give her their full support. <3 Oh! And I loved what I'm gonna assume was a foreshadow for Ioniko. When Mairi later calls Damen to inquire about his mother's diabolical plans to be more of a bitch to her, she decides to tell him what happened with Leon by asking him if he knows about the books she reads, and he's like, "You mean the ones where the billionaire falls for the secretaries and the nannies-"

excited photo: excited 2n7ihd-gisellehappy.gif

Before I go on, I have to tell you that we get introduced to Jane, Nala's nanny, and the hilarious story of how she got this job because all she needed to have/do to get the job was be awesome and not fall for Damen. How did she prove this? By having a polygraph on her while Damen grudgingly walked around half naked. XD I love you Mairi, you are hilarioussss!

So back to my assumptions: we all know (well the readers know) Mairi had two other guys falling for her, Stavros and Ioniko. We also know that Stavros already has his love story- with his secretary. So what are the odds of Ioniko falling for a nanny? Particularly Jane, the nanny? As in the only bloody nanny mentioned thus far? And really, is it too far-fetched to assume that, since Damen used examples like 'secretaries and nannies' and the 'secretary' bit is already accounted for with Stavros?

high five photo: Community High Five CommunityHighFive.gif
Maybe, maybe not hahaha

During their phone call, Damen tells her that he must leave for Greece to settle the shit his mother has brought up, and he's gonna settle it for good, whether Mairi likes it or not. He left his mother alone because she felt pity for the woman, but his mother has crossed the line for the last time. He also doesn't like the thought of Mairi and Nala traveling to Greece without him, but it can't be helped. So back to what I mentioned a few paragraphs before- when she asks him about the books and he's like "yes, what about them?" she tells him that she wants to tell him what happened but doesn't because the billionaires in the books always go crazy at the news, and they already have a history of him going apeshit on her-

Girl just blurts it all out in one minute with what he says is a "five-minute explanation" before hanging up so she can avoid hearing anything bad. Damen's amused and beyond pissed off, but not at her- at Leon. 

whew photo: whew whew_zps6c8e7c01.gif
*Thank God*

He texts her saying he still loves her and doesn't want to divorce her, but that if she doesn't want the punk to die, she has twenty-four hours to deal with it, or he will. Ooooooooo. Lol. So she does, but in the form of having him over for a meal, and with bodyguards at the ready, per Damen's conditions. Leon's still a punk, but he's handcuffed, something that he hints is a painful memory of the past. He eats with Mairi and taunts the videos watching them, but she notices something. A kindred spirit. It explains why she'd let her guard down around him despite his intentions of having her for himself. She also learns that he pursued her because his own father had fallen for a married woman. However, he lost her to riches, and so Leon hoped (just as Mairi hoped with Damen) that he would have better luck. This revelation allows her to finally relax, an action that he immediately notices. She even tells him so, and this new Mairi is someone he doesn't know how to act around now.

Later on, Mairi, Nala and Jane fly out to Greece, but not before we get a cute phone call between the couple, where Damen admits that he'd feel better if she'd had one of her slaves to accompany her, aka Stavros or Ioniko. They both know Stavros is happy with his secretary and Ioniko is a friend, but it was nice to see a bit of that old jealously that we used to have in the series. And Damen gave her a puppy!!!!! <3 <3 <3

She flies to Greece and runs into Alina, her husband's old fiance. The girl just can't stand the happiness Mairi's given, so she starts telling her all the things her therapist says, which is basically bad shit about Mairi cause, you know, what therapist would actually tell their wealthy client that she's a spoiled little rich shit who can't take a losing with some pride and dignity? Mairi holds herself fairly well, but she totally loses it with this chick for the last time and- well, all I'm gonna say is-

meow photo:  emma-watson-meow_zpsb890f05b.gif


The bodyguards don't let her live this down once they tell her husband about it, a thing she will soon regret later on. After that drama, she meets up with Damen, and we get a POV on the mom, and how she wakes up late to rats in her bathroom and everything is fucked up. One thing after the other leads to a deliciously fucked up time for her, and she's even forced to take the cab to the airport, where Damen makes her meet them. Do I feel bad?

wtf photo:  everyonewtf.gif

On one hand, I do, but then I just remember all the bad things she did, and it's like, "Hmm, you couldn't have gone all Hangover on her and put a tiger in there, too?"

Damen's mom makes a total ass of herself in her nightgown and haggard appearance, making the media present very happy, and even after Mairi pities her, she still fucks up, and Damen dismisses her without the privileges he originally gave her. We even find out that she was going to wed Diana off to some eighty-year-old man! Diana was the mastermind behind the rats, not Damen, which I kinda figured cause it seemed a little childish for Damen XD But yeah, what a bitch! Trying to whore her daughter out to some old geezer because of his money. T_T And when the bitch starts bad-mouthing Mairi's dog, she may or may not have let it slip that she named the dog Eslee, a nickname for Esther, the bitch- 


high five photo: liz five HighFivefaster.gif
Oh, the memes the press got out of that expression 

It ends with them having a moment all to themselves despite the hectic scene with Esther and the others, but it ends with them being cute and Damen teasing Mairi for what his bodyguards told him. (wanna know what it was about? Go read it)

I loved loved loooooovvved this story, and I don't know why I didn't read it sooner. I thought it'd make me cry, but not one tear was shed. *proud reader here* It's exactly what Marian said it was, a novella about their happily-ever-after. Did I worry that she lied? Yeah. Cause it's Marian. And her stories always make me cry. T_T (Sorry Marian lol)

This is a great series to get into for the hardcore romantics out there. Instead of princes to fawn over, it's Greek billionaires, and for the hardcore romantics, it's hardcore romance, be it happiness or tears. It was an extremely wild ride between Mairi and Damen. She had a lot to go through to get the billionaire to see that he still had a heart, but it was all worth it.

And okay, who's also wondering if Nala will eventually meet Alexei, Staffan and Saffi's son? Hmmmm?????

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Oh and, uh, Happy Reading :)

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Bearly Ever

When Ever Jackson came to Arcadia to find her missing sister, she certainly didn't expect the close-minded response by residents of the small town. Nobody, it seemed, wanted to speak with or help her in any way, but she was determined to figure out her sister's whereabouts. Too bad the pesky sheriff decided to stick his nose where it didn't belong but, lawman or not, Ever wasn't giving up and leaving Arcadia without a fight.

Sheriff Aidan Tucker preferred it when the human world stayed out of his Shifter town. He has a low opinion of humans to begin with, and having one poking around does nothing to endear himself to them. That is, until he gets a whiff of her, and realizes with a shock that the little spitfire who won't back down from a fight is human, and his mate.

Well, hell.

The human could get herself killed without his help, so Aidan decides to tag along whether she wants it or not.

But there are secrets in his town that go beyond mere shapeshifting, some even the Sheriff doesn't know, and Ever Jackson may be right in the middle of it all...

- Goodreads

I was gifted this story by the author (yay yay yay) in exchange for an honest review. Ha. Joke's on them cause I always give honest reviews. :D But then again I might not have read it without their appearance in my life (or my Goodreads mailbox) sooooo guess there is no joke. It's a jokeless day right now.
*Ignore me. Hospitals make me weird.*
*Ignore that too.*
*Ignore that, too.*
*God, I am a grammar Nazi.*
bad teacher photo: Bad Teacher AD-2.gif
Okay moving on.

First off, when I get approached for reviewing books, a majority of them are in major need of help or just have their own flare. The few are amazingly evil (you know who you are) or read just like a book I purchased myself. That being said, Bearly Ever immediately came off as a book I picked up from the shelf and scored. It was a good first impression.

I loved the opening with a look into Aidan's fairly average day as Sheriff in shifter town. It was a very cool way to start the book. Ever's entrance into it was just as amusing, and it was an overall relief to get a feel of Arcadia itself. The images and impressions came so easily, it was just awesome.

So Ever's lost her sister, but when she arrives in Arcadia, everyone is giving her the cold shoulder and she just doesn't understand why. The only reason why she gets to stay is because the old lady who rents out to her is seriously lonely and because the only thing that would have her seen out also happens to be her mate- but she doesn't know that.

And speaking of mates, Sheriff Aidan takes her reason for showing up into account after he handcuffs her and throws her in the back like a criminal-

stifled laugh photo:  tumblr_loqus6H35Y1qbszu1.gif

And he takes her against his will to see his very young-looking dad, Marshall Tucker, but they only get as far as knowing that she was kidnapped via security video. It doesn't sit well with either man that Ever's sister was able to come into town undetected. Arcadia is a quiet place, and it doesn't like outsiders. They go through all these hoops to find any lead on her sister, and when she's forced-

raised eyebrow photo:  raisedbrow.gif

-to stay at a hotel with Aidan, she wakes up the next morning in a lax state and nearly fucks the shit out of mauls his delicious self. Girl can't deny she has the hots for him!

ME LIKEY photo:  tumblr_ljpup3RT7A1qaz9rho1_250.gif
(he isn't complaining lol)

She freaks out after his phone snaps her out of the lust haze and attempts to keep her distance, but she's already realized just how much she's attracted to him. Poor Aidan doesn't know how to tell her what he is, but a few pages later, he gets saved from having to think of a way to tell her. Why? Cause someone runs them off the road and he changes into his bear form to get them out of the burning car, only to look down and see her staring at him with wide eyes. Not unconscious. What does she do?


It was a cruel way for her to find out what Arcadia really is, but she takes it fairly well once she gets to calm down. But then she gets hit again with the fact that her sister, Sonya, isn't human like she thought, but Changed. And the idiot didn't tell her first! He let her hear it when he had to tell his stepfather! I mean, I get that he didn't exactly have the 'perfect time' to tell her, but he should know by now that everything is completely hectic- there will never be a perfect time. And then to top it all off, the talk of mates comes up, and Julian (see: asshole) spoils it for Aidan by telling Ever that she's gonna be tied to the Sheriff for the rest of her life. What a way to scare a modern girl, the prick!

seriously photo:  tumblr_lu5p68VyE31r1cbfr.gif

And geez, he's the mate of Aidan's little sister, but she didn't want anything to do with a guy who couldn't grow up, so she left Arcadia. I feel bad for him, but at the same time, he really does need to shape up. There's no way Aidan or Marshall, Aidan's daddy, will let him see Anna otherwise.

So Julian and Aidan fight because Ever gets freaked out again about the mating thing, but Aidan's mother, Eleanor, comes to the rescue. She takes her back home, gives her a good talk. She answers Ever's questions about being able to choose who you love rather than letting the mating thing choose for you. Eleanor is the perfect example, because she was Changed and left for dead before Marshall found her. They'd been together for at least a century because they were a good pair- she had the power to soothe and they had good chemistry. She thought she was in love with him... until her actual mate came along.

gasp photo:  tumblr_lji644gLHe1qegw8l.gif

Despite what Ever thought, Eleanor actually fought against the mating thing for years before Marshall figured out what was going on. He initiated the break-up because he didn't want to be the cause of such pain, and it was so sad when she told Ever that he'd gone as far as to kick her out of their home and call her names in order to get her to finally accept her mate, Derek. Marshall never fully recovered, however, and after she left, he became a recluse. And let's not forget that his age is unknown, meaning he could be from the Revolutionary War or the time when the pyramids were still in style.

holy shit photo: HOLY SHIT 2rn7gwh.gif
Think about it.
That's a lot of shifter power and craziness to maintain.
Like seriously.

So now Ever understands what happened and it goes well for her and Aidan in her mind, but that's when they get attacked by the same people who kidnapped Sonya.

The men go looking for the women, and when Ever wakes up, she finds out that her sister is a Chimera, just like Aidan's parents: they have the ability to change into more than one animal. Ever's bitten everywhere, but her body's rejecting the change. She's dying. Aidan couldn't have come at a better time, too when he shows up with help, and he bites her, hoping that their mating bond will help her body to better accept the Change. There's just one problem: Daddy Marshall came to aid them, but a particular scent turns his ancient-ass self nuts and he goes psycho on everyone that smells like it. What is it, do you wonder?

slow smile photo: Slow Smile SMileSlow.gif

Are you ready?
It's the scent of his mate.

laughing photo: laughing tumblr_lukpekdTnJ1qip73ao1_500.gif

His mate is Sonya!! LMAO It was a hilarious scene to read. Here Aidan goes outside, hoping to calm down his psycho dad, and then psycho dad goes all, "Why do you smell like my mate?" and the son's like "Oh fuck" and I'm just like-

laughing photo: laughing gals laughing-1-1.gif

The bad guys are dead, Marshall is calmed, Sonya's freaked the fuck out because she saw him when he was Changed (think scary-ass monster), and Ever is alive and bitching at Aidan. *smiles* All seems done and good, but then Nadine Sharpe, a Brahma (think leader) comes and says that Sonya has to go with her. Ever isn't having it. And it was a sad scene for me :(

See, when Ever woke up in Sonya's cell, Sonya would always talk with open-endings about what was done to her. I assumed rape because it's- in my opinion -the worse thing ever, but it was never proven. Until Nadine put Ever in her place by telling her that Sonya was introduced into Shifter society by being 'repeatedly raped', and that it was a sole reason why she had to come with her to feel secure.

cry photo: DEAN CRY dean_crying.gif
I assumed rape but I didn't really-
I hope Marshall made the assholes pay-

Marshall asked Aidan why he smelled like his mate, just as the others (bad guys) did.
Was he smelling her on them because they handled her as their prisoner...
Or because they all raped her?

distraught photo: Distraught giphy_zps80fe4efa.gif
*I'm gonna drive myself crazy thinking about this*

Ever's heartbroken, but with Sonya agreeing to go, what can she really say? And if it means her being as far away from Marshall as possible, then so be it (poor guy). Oh, and the plot of this story that I didn't exactly shed enough light on is this:
*Amazing reviewer, ladies and gents*
*Oh shut up.*

Sonya got mixed up with a crazy Shifter cult lead by a man named Hendrix who believed in Luna, a goddess meant to be worshiped by Shifter society. He's crazy, and he's also- bum bum bummmm -Nadine's mate thought to be dead for over a century. Yikesss. And Oh! Julian gets a little glimpse of happiness because Anna's there as Nadine's helper.

MAN! I just feel so bad for these blokes. Marshall's so old (mentally) that he's slightly crazy and manic, so that doesn't help him with Sonya, especially when she saw him as a monster tearing into her rapists. Then there's Julian, who's still got a lot of growing up to do, so that hurts him in his chances with winning Anna back. They just can't catch a break :/ But I really feel bad for Ever. She and her sister were never really that close because foster care tore them apart, but she still cares for her sister. My heart hurt with her when Sonya boarded the helicopter and didn't even acknowledge her presence. I wanna be mad, but at the same time, she was raped and traumatized, so it's like-

holy shit photo: holy shit holyshit.gif

In the epilogue, two weeks have passed. Marshall's disappeared (three guesses where he's gone), leaving Aidan in charge of Arcadia. Ever and Aidan are fucking like energized bunnies rather than a _____ and bear (hahahaha) and in the next scene, the big day has come where Ever will Shift. There to witness are Derek and Eleanor (bear and grey fox) and Davis, Aidan's half brother and Anna's twin (mountain lion). She still feels horrible about her sister not wanting to talk to her, and she understands that it's a selfish thought considering everything Sonya went through, but still..... ugh downer.

Ever takes a deep breath, closes her eyes, and begins to change. She's a...... lioness! And the story ends with her hitting her quickly-turned-bear mate over the head and running for a fucking adorable game of tag.

I loved this book so much XD It's like reading a story that you get off the shelves, and I haven't had any of those ARCs yet so it was a nice surprise when reading it. The flow was great, I loved how the POVs matched the characters. The characters! I loved their individuality and their own mini stories in this thing.

My favorite part: when Ever walked outside the hotel, saw a bear cub and freaked out because she was worried about seeing the mama bear who is always in proximity of her young. Aidan accidentally made her feel silly, so she makes him look outside, only to be told there's nothing there. She looks back outside with Aidan and finds nothing but a giggling butt-ass naked little girl with a mischievous look on her face.

excited photo: lotte excited tumblr_llr12lb6G01qi55qj.gif

I recommend this book for those who love shifter romance. So many things can come from this story, and I loved that it made me smile and laugh out loud. It even made me sad at some points. I look forward to future installments.
*wiggles eyebrows*

Happy Reading =^~^=!

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Tree of Ages

"The seasons are changing. The lines are faltering, undoing the old and bringing life to the new. Trees will fall, and changed earth will be left in their place.
A storm is coming."

Finn doesn't remember much about her previous life, and in a world that has been changed by the wars of the Tuatha De, where trust is hard to come by, answers are even more difficult to find.

Little does she know, an unknown evil tugs on he strings of fate, and the answers she so desperately seeks may be more important than she could have ever imagined.

- Goodreads

I was gifted this book (yay me!) in exchange for an honest review (yay you!). But I do honest reviews anyway so it's a 'yay me!' too!

Tree of Ages was amazing. I loved the way it started off like an epic, smack in the middle of the overall story with pieces of it being revealed along the way. Finn is a pretty snarky tree (shoulda been a pine needle, honestly) but her development into human society gradually revealed that she was never just bark and roots, but one of the most important people in this entire magical fight.

On a not so random night, Finn finds herself as a human woman rather than the tree she remembers to be. An elderly hermit by the name of Aed helps her, and in result they go on a journey so she can find a way to be returned to her original form. Or was it ever? As they travel, fractured memories begin to resurface, and with the knowledge of human things that a tree (even an intelligent one) would not so easily grasp, she becomes reluctant in accepting the fact that she might not have always been a tree. Because if that was the case, then what was she before, and why was she left in such a state for all those years?

Finn and Aed stop at an inn only to be spotted by a particular party- red-headed twins, a hired body, and a noblewoman and her guard. The hired body- Iseult -immediately knows Finn on the spot from an old page he once looked at as a child. She is Finnur, a cleric for her people the Cavari, an enemy clan of his own, the Ui Neid. Thought to be the last of his kin, Iseult decides to urge one of the historian twins- Anders -into coaxing Aed and his female companion to accompany them on their own journey. And who knew that luck would be on their side? Turns out, Aed is The Mountebank, a notorious and powerful man who lived well in the hundreds with the rumors of a wayward daughter. Anders can't help but plead to have such a treasure with him and his sister, and with both parties needing something from the other, their voyage begins.

So much happens for Finn, ranging from the reappearance of the fae to the reemergence of feelings that she as a tree would have never been able to comprehend. And Aed brought up a good point in the end. Finn may had been changed into a tree, but he did enjoy the change in her. When she'd appeared on the ground bare as a babe, she had no thoughts for anyone or anything save her own goal to be returned to her old state. The book's length changed all that, however, and he saw it in the way she not so secretly worried about leaving Kai, a friend-turned-captor-turned-confusing-man, behind back at the old smuggler's hideout.

With the action and plot-revealing, my favorite part of this would have to be the way every character gave me their own impression: Aed as a worried father-figure for Finn, the way Iseult slowly cared for Finn, and Kai quickly falling for the Oak Child soon after promising to exchange her for a hearty ransom. The character development in this thing was just great.

This book was action-packed with more things than I care to spoil here (seriously, a lot went on), but I did enjoy reading her scenes with the fae and the way they helped her without question. How cool. I also liked it when Finn got closer to Iseult. I'm still debating on whether or not I'm happy with the possible love triangle.

bert photo: Bert Bert.gif

But Kai's starting to really grow on me

eyebrows photo: eyebrows eyebrows.gif

And can I just give a shout-out to Aed?
You're such a cool dude.
I love you. <3

The whole thing flowed nicely: the tone of the story, the slight slang and phrases, and it all fit and matched whoever's POV was present. The characters weren't two-dimensional, and it was a great idea to reel the reader in with a man like Aed, an old hermit you can't help but love, grouchiness and all.

Things did get a little chaotic with this and that happening to the characters, and some scenes seemed a little slow at times in comparison to the rest, but it was an overall enjoyable read that I would recommend to those who love all things fae with adventure and a hint of romance.

Hell, I purchased Xoe: Vampires, and Werewolves, and Demons, oh my! because I liked this. It was also free on Amazon. This broke college girl deeply appreciates these things. :D

Happy Reading!

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From Gods (Descendant Prophecies #1)

Did you just see a flash of lightning across the sky on a clear sunny day? It's not from Mother Nature. It is most likely from Mason Grand, swoon-worthy demigod, one of Zeus's descendants.

Skylar Rome is supposed to be having the best summer ever before she heads off to college. Little did she know, her whole life was about to change while visiting her cousin. Nearly drowning at the beach due to unknown forces, one of the Grand brothers she'd just met, Mason, saves her life.

Cool, collected, mysterious, and dangerously good-looking, Skylar is drawn to him from the start. Though she knows he is the type of guy good girls stayed away from, it seems he is always saving her life, and the attraction was inevitable.

Upon meeting the brothers, strange things begin to happen. When she accidentally kills one of the brothers, it throws her life into turmoil, as they search to find the answers.

Implausibly, she gets caught up in
a world of
the descendants of ancient gods,
all who have super powers. 

Not only is her discovery difficult to accept, evil beings are after her. Running out of time and running for her life, she must unravel a mystery. What do they want from her? Forced into a battle set into motion long before she was born, will she find the answers, or will she die trying?
- Goodreads

Well, hello there, good-looking Grand. All four of ya. Except for Remus. Remus, you suck.

fuck you photo: Fuck you 3.gif

Bad demigod. You get no cookie.

I was so excited when I saw this for free on Amazon. In the beginning I desperately tried to figure it all out before the last page but obviously the plot is thicker than the first book. Darn. lol.

Skylar isn't the average girl she thought she was, and when her dad disappeared, I thought he was a god, but then of course she meets Mason, who- after saving her countless times and confusing the hell out of her with his hot/cold *don't look at me* attitude -tells her that they're all dead and their descendants are the only things that remain of them.

Mason and his other three half-brothers come from Zeus' line, but with the speculation of Skylar being a demigod, Remus and Everette are the first to question if she is the 'keeper of death', a title they heard from a prophecy concerning them and the rest of the good/evil fighters. After yet another attack by creatures, Mason takes her to his house for safekeeping but leaves to go do something. His half-brother, Remus, and the one that gives Skylar the creeps, comes home with two women, only to throw them out the second he smells Skylar's sweet scent. She was raised human so obviously she denies anything Remus has to say about her real heritage, but when he tries to rape her, she fights back, and somehow ends up turning him to stone before he turns to ash and disappears.

thumbs up photo: Glee - Lauren - Thumbs Up tumblr_liqmakGGyK1qgllag.gif

What? Dude had it coming. You can't rape and think you won't get punished for it.
Just saying.

She freaks out at what just happened and runs away. Mason eventually coaxes her back to trusting him, but she still feels weird being around his family, knowing that she killed their brother. Yes, Remus was an ass, but he still had his moments, and it makes her feel worse when the others start wondering where he's gone off to. It alerts Everette to thinking that Skylar is somehow in the middle of it all. He's right.

They search for the Oracles only to find the last one, and she looks into Skylar's soul and sees-


Skylar's the descendant of children born from Hades and Medusa. Did the stone-thing clue you in? Yeah, it did for me, too. You see, when the gods realized that they were slowly dying, Zeus and Poseidon decided to spread their seeds to continue living in some way or form. Hades was banned from the fun things so to keep up, he produced with Medusa. Skylar learns this parentage from a 'cousin' of hers, a redhead named Alena who's a crazy stalker. She is working for someone higher up, someone powerful enough to control the vultures and creatures that kill demigods. But Sky isn't evil. She just has the blood of evil people lol.

And she isn't alone. There are other descendants of Hades, but she is the rare few whose blood can kill with just one touch. When Mason and his family are kidnapped by the Oracle and Alena, she saves them. Everette and Amanda- the brothers' 'cousin' they helped out -decide not to kill her after they hear why she killed Remus, but they still don't think she's the greatest. She then becomes a priority to protect, but when Alena attacks again, she takes Skylar's blood and turns them into weapons by mixing them with bullets. Kinda reminds you of Constantine with Keanu Reeves.

No? Well fine, then.
keanu reeves photo: constantine keanu reeves 19cjv4vntwcdigif_zps2e1caadf.gif

The last battle ends with two of Poseidon's sons coming to help Skylar and Mason frying Alena to a crisp.

fist bump photo: Bump Bump.gif

Noah and Tim were the creepers following Skylar everywhere throughout the book, but it turns out that they were given the orders to protect her at all costs. By who? They won't say. Annoying, right? Right.

It ends with a whole bunch of gooey shit that seemed a little surprising for me because Mason was never like that up until the epilogue. And maybe like, five other scenes that I can think of. And the epilogue- her dad suddenly decides to come back! Why? Because she's been found?

I wanna know how special Skylar is among Hades' descendants. And I wanna know what's up with her dad. And those cutie surfer dudes. If they surf. lol.

It was an overall good read. A lot of things were redundant (repeating something in the details and then the dialogue) as well as some phrases like 'they grinned like blah blah'- people can grin, totally, but using a particular line for three different scenes and human experiences is a little redundant as well. Some characters seemed two-dimensional, and even Mason felt a little 'eh' in some scenes. The texting is a pet peeve, using 'giggle' instead of 'lol' or 'smiles' instead of ':)'. However, if it's intentional, then it's pretty cute.

I recommend this book to those who love anything of the Greek pantheon. It's a slow buildup to the real story, but it's free on Amazon, so you can't lose. I gave it four stars.

Happy Reading =^~^=

Update on Reviewing Books

I'm in the hospital (don't ask), so the last thing I need is to read a book I know will make me cry on a happy day. Since I am in the hospital, and I want to read, I'm going to pick out books I know won't touch me emotionally (well at least I hope not) and will review them before the ones I promised to review beforehand.

There are a few I promised to review that don't really effect me, so you'll see them on here soon. Unless something happens. Then I'm sorry. T_T

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Happy Reading!

Friday, April 3, 2015

The Ice Around My Heart (How Not To Be Seduced by Dukes #2)

A young ordinary girl falls for a rich, handsome duke. If this were an ordinary love story, she would have been his bride.

Instead, she becomes his mistress.

In taking the eighteen-year-old Mary Ashton with him to London, Rathe Wellesley - the 5th Duke of Flanders and England's #1 Heartthrob - knows that his most cherished woman would become the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons.

Even so, Rathe is unable to keep himself away from her. Mary used to think she had the power to change the duke's outlook on love. But when someone starts spreading lies about her, making Rathe and the whole world believe that she's too young for him ---

When she looks into Rathe's eyes now, she fears that no matter what she does, the duke will ultimately choose... to leave her.

- Goodreads

After the synopsis:

wtf photo:  Confusedtaylor.gif

WHAT THE FUCK, RATHE?!?!? Ugh, I used to be so confused about his hang-up with age because my own parents' ages are twenty years apart, but reading this a while after their first story gave me a different POV of his problem. Being 21, an 18-year-old does sound a little young, but it doesn't make them young. And if they're in love, it shouldn't cause such problems! His own damn parents are an example!

After the book:

Well, we're all human, too, and as we know, we tend to let our fears get the best of us. Soooo I guess he's excused. :P But no seriously, after reading this, his hang-up is explained in full. The first book was almost like a 'let's bring him and her together' and only now do we seriously see the drama part of their relationship.

(Don't get me wrong, book 1 was hella dramatic-)
*Did you just fucking say, 'hella'?*
You hella got a problem with that, huh?
*Kill me now.*
(Long story short, this is where all their drama comes in.)

Rathe is facing one of his worst fears: the woman he cherishes above all else is in danger of going through the exact same hell his own young mother went through with his father. But what he doesn't understand is why they'd hide shit from him. Like the prenup that he learned from in the first book? Why would they keep that from him when he'd grown up with trashy tabloids calling his mother a gold-digger for marrying a rich man at such a young age?

So his worry for Mary only worsens with his feelings towards his father, a man he's never been close to because of the way his mother is treated by the world. He just can't see why the dad won't do shit.

And poor Mary! She thinks she has a friend in Camille, but that "longest friend ever" spiel is only a plot to get Rathe as her Duke husband. And her daddy's in on the plot, too!

ew photo: ew why would you do that im condescending rn rusrsrightnowuramess.gif

She's honestly one of the most sneakiest little shits ever. I don't like her, and neither does Alyssa, aka Mrs. Wellesley. Alyssa adores Mary, and she helps her out when she and Rathe have their first fight. Everything was going well, but Camielle (see: evil bitch) convinced Mary to skip out on a dinner with Rathe so she didn't embarrass him like last time. Mary's already fearing that she's too young to know better like Rathe them, so she opts out, but that puts a damper on Rathe, and of course Camille is only more than happy to be there to point out with a lie that Mary wouldn't have fun in such an 'adult' environment.

wtf photo:  guyintie.gif

This only further spreads Mary and Rathe apart. The Duke is too proud to do anything, and he also cares for her enough to think that the last thing she needs is him in his life to complicate everything. He does not want to go through what his parents did. It wouldn't be fair to Mary. So he distances himself, and he knows it hurts her, but in the end, he believes it is for the best.

fuck you photo: Girl - Fuck You tumblr_lg62p5Fr811qa25kg.gif

Mary gets discouraged for a while, but with a visit from Alyssa, she decides to fight for him, and fight she does. Shit happens, and in a heated argument, Rathe yells at her for not being like Camille, a woman. This totally sinks her ship, but with another talk with Alyssa, she gets right back to it. And we find out that Alyssa really was a gold-digger. It was Rathe's father who loved her hardcore! Eventually she fell in love with him after they married but they hid that secret from their son because neither wanted him to lose his love or respect for his mother. :/ And Alyssa foreshadows the ending when she tells sweet Mary that because she's so young, their situation is different from her and her husband's. Should she ever get hurt by her son, she will help her get away to heal. AND WE ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS T_T

So Mary is willing to do it again, but by then, it's already been weeks, and Rathe has had enough with the fucking tabloids picking on his family about being 'pedophiles' for having young lovers. So in a moment of desperation- and a heated argument between lovers -he takes Camille's offer on taking off the heat by pretending to be engaged to each other.


pissed off photo:  tumblr_luadkj0KOB1qa8mq1o4_250.gif


Ewwww!!!! He cannot seriously think such a thing would fly in any dimension!!!! But he does it, because it is fucking brilliant, and it'll break Mary's heart, which will deter her from loving him and he can be his usual miserable ass self. But he doesn't think! This is his logic:

If I'm engaged to Camille, my bff, the tabloids will fuck off, Mary will die of a broken heart and I can sleep better at night. Good plan!

disgusted photo: Simon's disgusted simondisgusted.gif
*It's a horrible plan! Ew it's ugly, go away!*

But he doesn't realize just how hurt she could get, not until he spots her at his own fake engagement party. His parents learned about Camille's wicked ways moments before his agreement, but he doesn't take the time to hear his dad out, and Camille's already got Mary's phone situation covered. And the bitch even invited her to their engagement party, pretending she was helping a sister out! Grrrr. So Rathe freaks when he sees Mary, finally getting the lit lightbulb that she's gonna shatter to pieces when he hears about his engagement at his own party when he can't even tell her he loves her!

He pushes her away, but it only hurts her more, making her think that he really wants her gone, and then he makes the huge mistake of looking for Camille for help and mistakenly telling her who he is looking forrrrruggghhhhhhhh. It hurts her, but not as much as when Camille decides at that time to announce that she and Rathe will be getting hitched.

wait a minute photo: fry wait a second frywait.gif

This reminds me of a scene from Boys Over Flowers or SOME other type of Korean drama, where he becomes engaged to this girl via his mama but, like, the girl who loves him just dies on the inside, embarrasses herself (awwww) and walks away in shame. He runs after her but she's like 'wtf' and he's like 'aw, shieeeettt' and goes to leave with her to talk, only to leave with the arranged woman instead! Aiyaaaaaa- but the review lol. Right. Getting back to it.

This bitch is so crazy, she even drugged her female guests to make them sex crazed (ok not exactly but you get the point) so that she could sic them on him to prevent him and Mary from speaking. He gives up on being polite and throws his way out of the group but they just keep coming.

*They keep coming.*
*cough cough*

He can't talk to Mary about the whole thing but desperately searches for her- and then he sees her fainting. She wakes up in the hospital heartbroken and tired, and Alyssa keeps her promise. She sends her away. A year later-

shocked photo: shocked funnyreachout_zps6a36f926.gif 

-Mary is living her dull life in Scotland (SCOTLANDDDDDDDDD <3 <3 <3) and finally caves in with accepting the television her friend, Saffi (SSAFFFFIIIII <3 <3 <3 <3) delivered to her house. Thinking it's for her friend's rockstar husband and his concerts, she turns it on, only to see that it has nothing to do with her traitorous friend. It's about Rathe. And his new reality show.

All fourteen episodes are about him opening his life and his family's to the world while basically begging Mary to come back. It's done in such a fine way too that it really makes me want to watch it, and I don't even like reality shows that much. T______T She can't handle the episodes and the love so clearly there on his face, but with a scene change to Florida, we see Rathe and the gang at a premiere for season two, and they all watch in surprise as, instead of the teaser, it's Mary- in an all-white room. Teasing Rathe and telling him that she's still single and would love to be his wife if he asks one last time.

It was just so fucking cute. Everything! He runs out of his chair when the camera zooms out and shows that she's in the hotel waiting for him, and the epilogue-

swoon photo: swoon 2zt9gsnjpg.gif
That's all I'm saying. lol.

Alexei, Saffi and Staffan's baby boy made an appearance both in his mommy's tummy and as the adorable one-year-old!!!!! Seeing Saffi them really was a great way to end the Pussketeers first round of books. Haha. Hint. Hint. Marian. (LMAO)

Aside from the good book-crack of seeing old faces, I loved the struggle. It was so much more real to me and I don't know why. Maybe it's because he's a duke? I don't know. But I totally felt his worry for their age gap when compared to his parents, and his father's disapproval because he doesn't want his son to suffer the way his mother did. Alyssa reminds him that their love is special and worth it, which is another reason why I love the way the parents became the mini superheroes trying to save their son's happiness. I just felt like the character development and plots amongst the peeps was a little more solid. I likey.

thumbs up photo: thumbs up thumbs.gif

As always, I enjoy my lady porn and the way it acts like a drama I can direct in my own mind. I cried more times than I probably should've, but I also laughed at Mary's poor moments and just giggled whenever the Pussketeers or Alexei came up on the pages. I loved this ending and the way it just all seemed to fit with the guys and gals' happy-ever-after.

I definitely recommend :)

Happy Reading! =^~^=