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The Art of Kissing a Greek Billionaire (Greek 6)

It's not always happily-ever-after when you marry a Greek billionaire.

24-year-old Mairi was once an old-fashioned hopeless romantic, a schoolteacher who flew all the way to Greece in hopes of finding her own Greek billionaire to fall in love with.

She found it in Damen Leventis, a handsome billionaire who was alpha to the core. He was everything she had dreamed of... except for the fact that he didn't even know what love was. A lot of tears had to be shed, a lot of heartache had to be felt, before the billionaire finally realized love was what he felt for her.

Now that they're married and with a baby in tow, Mairi thought it's all happily ever after until... that boy.

And... that kiss.


Before reading the book:
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After reading the book:

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I'm so happy I read this! Took me a while but I figured I might as well get it done before a whole semester goes by again.

The prologue begins with Damen having another nightmare, a bundle of his worse memories fucking it up with Mairi. I thought it was a great way to start the book, considering that every time a Greek Billionaire book started, it centered around Damen learning too slowly where trust and love was concerned. Every time. All five books. *tsk tsk* So you can imagine why he'd have nightmares about Mairi: her leaving him, his past self hurting her, not being able to do anything, forever being weak without her, etc.

Mairi wakes him up with her genuinely pure statement of love and they have their morning ritual fun to cleanse the fear from his body. *winks* Damen decides that Greece holds too many painful memories of their on again/off again relationship, so he proposes they go back to her home state, Florida. When he mentioned Florida and how his sister would be more than happy to attend school with Katya (Ioniko's younger sister) in the States, I freaked. Out.

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Katya goes to Christopolous University!!!! Know what that means!?!?!??!?!?

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So with assurance from her husband, she agrees, and the family moves. It's a new day for the married couple, but I'm wondering where the baby Nala is. You would think that she'd be in the first paragraph with them, right? Well it turns out she was with the aunts for the weekend (like I assumed) so Mairi and Damen got some time to be their sexy and cute selves before it's time to leave for Mairi's first day at work.

Now I don't know why I didn't think about this. Mairi's a teacher, so what else would she work as, and considering how protective Damen is, where else would she teach? BUM BUM BUMMMM SHE'S A FUCKING PROFESSOR AT CHRISTOPOLOUS UNIVERSITY. Damen still doesn't know why he agreed to let her work again (Hell, I wanna know why he'd pick CU- doesn't he know that hotties are there????), but he drops her off, and it's an adorable send-off for his wife before she starts her day. But as she leaves and he drives off, a figure stands at the distance, catching sight of Mairi and-

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He wants her.

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*And so the shit makes his appearance*

Mairi already feels the woes of it being the first day, and when she trips and sprains her wrist, it doesn't help matters. The bodyguards permitted to watch her storm to her aid, and it causes everyone to notice her. And notice her, they do. Mairi Tanner- the infamous and seemingly ordinary gold-digger who captured Damen Leventis.

She urges the guards to leave her, and what do you know? He appears. Leon Arlotta. The handsome young man takes her to the infirmary and leaves her there, but not before he steals a kiss.

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Mairi is torn about what happened because, as history shows, Damen never took such news well. It was Derek all over again. She video chats with Velvet, one of her best friends also with a Greek billionaire, and their talk is hilarious. Velvet makes her repeat what she says in order to get her to tell Damen rather than hide it from him and make matters worse. Her help just doesn't exactly help the situation:
"Repeat after me. Damen."
"Something happened."
"Something happened."
"I became a cougar."
"I became a cou-what?"

- The Art of Kissing a Greek Billionaire

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I love her.

Class starts so Mairi goes to another class to teach, but whoa! Leon's there, only who knew that he'd be of actual help? Rumor's gone 'round that Mairi is the horrible gold-digger media has depicted her as, but when she starts to worry, Leon lightens up the mood and has the whole class warm up to her with his relentless teasing of having the hugest crush on their Professor.

Aww. He's kind of a twat for doing anything that could ruin Mairi's happiness, but apparently I have no faith in Damen or Mairi even after being with them for five books. Mairi's done with work and we're all treated with the sight of Damen in his dark, formidable suit with- are you ready? -a floral carrier with beautiful Nala tucked away safely.

She greets her family with a smile but Damen isn't stupid, he knows something's bothering her. He also catches sight of the young man watching them due to "primitive instincts" (LMAO), and later calls him to threaten inform him that there is nothing he can do to ruin their love for one another.

Now it was interesting to get a bit of info on Leon: he's on scholarship, broke, and supporting a family back in Milan. Damen also knows more than we're told, one of them being something I'll tell ya'll later. So anyways, Damen is fully aware of Mairi's situation, but he knows better than to act rashly. He trusts her, loves her, and will support her in figuring it out for herself, as she requested. I loved seeing him trust her, and I'm glad there wasn't any bad drama.

They make love, but devious Damen makes her pay by giving her a hickey that she doesn't notice until she's already at school the next day, as Mairi only teaches twice a week at CU. She freaks out, but is also called by Dean Blanchard, who informs her that parents (aka mommies) are threatening to pull their children out of CU because of her. They don't want a gold-digger to influence their daughters or seduce their sons.

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However, the Dean assures her that despite the crazy accusations and bad press, the school will stand behind her and give her their full support. <3 Oh! And I loved what I'm gonna assume was a foreshadow for Ioniko. When Mairi later calls Damen to inquire about his mother's diabolical plans to be more of a bitch to her, she decides to tell him what happened with Leon by asking him if he knows about the books she reads, and he's like, "You mean the ones where the billionaire falls for the secretaries and the nannies-"

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Before I go on, I have to tell you that we get introduced to Jane, Nala's nanny, and the hilarious story of how she got this job because all she needed to have/do to get the job was be awesome and not fall for Damen. How did she prove this? By having a polygraph on her while Damen grudgingly walked around half naked. XD I love you Mairi, you are hilarioussss!

So back to my assumptions: we all know (well the readers know) Mairi had two other guys falling for her, Stavros and Ioniko. We also know that Stavros already has his love story- with his secretary. So what are the odds of Ioniko falling for a nanny? Particularly Jane, the nanny? As in the only bloody nanny mentioned thus far? And really, is it too far-fetched to assume that, since Damen used examples like 'secretaries and nannies' and the 'secretary' bit is already accounted for with Stavros?

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Maybe, maybe not hahaha

During their phone call, Damen tells her that he must leave for Greece to settle the shit his mother has brought up, and he's gonna settle it for good, whether Mairi likes it or not. He left his mother alone because she felt pity for the woman, but his mother has crossed the line for the last time. He also doesn't like the thought of Mairi and Nala traveling to Greece without him, but it can't be helped. So back to what I mentioned a few paragraphs before- when she asks him about the books and he's like "yes, what about them?" she tells him that she wants to tell him what happened but doesn't because the billionaires in the books always go crazy at the news, and they already have a history of him going apeshit on her-

Girl just blurts it all out in one minute with what he says is a "five-minute explanation" before hanging up so she can avoid hearing anything bad. Damen's amused and beyond pissed off, but not at her- at Leon. 

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*Thank God*

He texts her saying he still loves her and doesn't want to divorce her, but that if she doesn't want the punk to die, she has twenty-four hours to deal with it, or he will. Ooooooooo. Lol. So she does, but in the form of having him over for a meal, and with bodyguards at the ready, per Damen's conditions. Leon's still a punk, but he's handcuffed, something that he hints is a painful memory of the past. He eats with Mairi and taunts the videos watching them, but she notices something. A kindred spirit. It explains why she'd let her guard down around him despite his intentions of having her for himself. She also learns that he pursued her because his own father had fallen for a married woman. However, he lost her to riches, and so Leon hoped (just as Mairi hoped with Damen) that he would have better luck. This revelation allows her to finally relax, an action that he immediately notices. She even tells him so, and this new Mairi is someone he doesn't know how to act around now.

Later on, Mairi, Nala and Jane fly out to Greece, but not before we get a cute phone call between the couple, where Damen admits that he'd feel better if she'd had one of her slaves to accompany her, aka Stavros or Ioniko. They both know Stavros is happy with his secretary and Ioniko is a friend, but it was nice to see a bit of that old jealously that we used to have in the series. And Damen gave her a puppy!!!!! <3 <3 <3

She flies to Greece and runs into Alina, her husband's old fiance. The girl just can't stand the happiness Mairi's given, so she starts telling her all the things her therapist says, which is basically bad shit about Mairi cause, you know, what therapist would actually tell their wealthy client that she's a spoiled little rich shit who can't take a losing with some pride and dignity? Mairi holds herself fairly well, but she totally loses it with this chick for the last time and- well, all I'm gonna say is-

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The bodyguards don't let her live this down once they tell her husband about it, a thing she will soon regret later on. After that drama, she meets up with Damen, and we get a POV on the mom, and how she wakes up late to rats in her bathroom and everything is fucked up. One thing after the other leads to a deliciously fucked up time for her, and she's even forced to take the cab to the airport, where Damen makes her meet them. Do I feel bad?

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On one hand, I do, but then I just remember all the bad things she did, and it's like, "Hmm, you couldn't have gone all Hangover on her and put a tiger in there, too?"

Damen's mom makes a total ass of herself in her nightgown and haggard appearance, making the media present very happy, and even after Mairi pities her, she still fucks up, and Damen dismisses her without the privileges he originally gave her. We even find out that she was going to wed Diana off to some eighty-year-old man! Diana was the mastermind behind the rats, not Damen, which I kinda figured cause it seemed a little childish for Damen XD But yeah, what a bitch! Trying to whore her daughter out to some old geezer because of his money. T_T And when the bitch starts bad-mouthing Mairi's dog, she may or may not have let it slip that she named the dog Eslee, a nickname for Esther, the bitch- 


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Oh, the memes the press got out of that expression 

It ends with them having a moment all to themselves despite the hectic scene with Esther and the others, but it ends with them being cute and Damen teasing Mairi for what his bodyguards told him. (wanna know what it was about? Go read it)

I loved loved loooooovvved this story, and I don't know why I didn't read it sooner. I thought it'd make me cry, but not one tear was shed. *proud reader here* It's exactly what Marian said it was, a novella about their happily-ever-after. Did I worry that she lied? Yeah. Cause it's Marian. And her stories always make me cry. T_T (Sorry Marian lol)

This is a great series to get into for the hardcore romantics out there. Instead of princes to fawn over, it's Greek billionaires, and for the hardcore romantics, it's hardcore romance, be it happiness or tears. It was an extremely wild ride between Mairi and Damen. She had a lot to go through to get the billionaire to see that he still had a heart, but it was all worth it.

And okay, who's also wondering if Nala will eventually meet Alexei, Staffan and Saffi's son? Hmmmm?????

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Oh and, uh, Happy Reading :)

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