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The Ice Around My Heart (How Not To Be Seduced by Dukes #2)

A young ordinary girl falls for a rich, handsome duke. If this were an ordinary love story, she would have been his bride.

Instead, she becomes his mistress.

In taking the eighteen-year-old Mary Ashton with him to London, Rathe Wellesley - the 5th Duke of Flanders and England's #1 Heartthrob - knows that his most cherished woman would become the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons.

Even so, Rathe is unable to keep himself away from her. Mary used to think she had the power to change the duke's outlook on love. But when someone starts spreading lies about her, making Rathe and the whole world believe that she's too young for him ---

When she looks into Rathe's eyes now, she fears that no matter what she does, the duke will ultimately choose... to leave her.

- Goodreads

After the synopsis:

wtf photo:  Confusedtaylor.gif

WHAT THE FUCK, RATHE?!?!? Ugh, I used to be so confused about his hang-up with age because my own parents' ages are twenty years apart, but reading this a while after their first story gave me a different POV of his problem. Being 21, an 18-year-old does sound a little young, but it doesn't make them young. And if they're in love, it shouldn't cause such problems! His own damn parents are an example!

After the book:

Well, we're all human, too, and as we know, we tend to let our fears get the best of us. Soooo I guess he's excused. :P But no seriously, after reading this, his hang-up is explained in full. The first book was almost like a 'let's bring him and her together' and only now do we seriously see the drama part of their relationship.

(Don't get me wrong, book 1 was hella dramatic-)
*Did you just fucking say, 'hella'?*
You hella got a problem with that, huh?
*Kill me now.*
(Long story short, this is where all their drama comes in.)

Rathe is facing one of his worst fears: the woman he cherishes above all else is in danger of going through the exact same hell his own young mother went through with his father. But what he doesn't understand is why they'd hide shit from him. Like the prenup that he learned from in the first book? Why would they keep that from him when he'd grown up with trashy tabloids calling his mother a gold-digger for marrying a rich man at such a young age?

So his worry for Mary only worsens with his feelings towards his father, a man he's never been close to because of the way his mother is treated by the world. He just can't see why the dad won't do shit.

And poor Mary! She thinks she has a friend in Camille, but that "longest friend ever" spiel is only a plot to get Rathe as her Duke husband. And her daddy's in on the plot, too!

ew photo: ew why would you do that im condescending rn rusrsrightnowuramess.gif

She's honestly one of the most sneakiest little shits ever. I don't like her, and neither does Alyssa, aka Mrs. Wellesley. Alyssa adores Mary, and she helps her out when she and Rathe have their first fight. Everything was going well, but Camielle (see: evil bitch) convinced Mary to skip out on a dinner with Rathe so she didn't embarrass him like last time. Mary's already fearing that she's too young to know better like Rathe them, so she opts out, but that puts a damper on Rathe, and of course Camille is only more than happy to be there to point out with a lie that Mary wouldn't have fun in such an 'adult' environment.

wtf photo:  guyintie.gif

This only further spreads Mary and Rathe apart. The Duke is too proud to do anything, and he also cares for her enough to think that the last thing she needs is him in his life to complicate everything. He does not want to go through what his parents did. It wouldn't be fair to Mary. So he distances himself, and he knows it hurts her, but in the end, he believes it is for the best.

fuck you photo: Girl - Fuck You tumblr_lg62p5Fr811qa25kg.gif

Mary gets discouraged for a while, but with a visit from Alyssa, she decides to fight for him, and fight she does. Shit happens, and in a heated argument, Rathe yells at her for not being like Camille, a woman. This totally sinks her ship, but with another talk with Alyssa, she gets right back to it. And we find out that Alyssa really was a gold-digger. It was Rathe's father who loved her hardcore! Eventually she fell in love with him after they married but they hid that secret from their son because neither wanted him to lose his love or respect for his mother. :/ And Alyssa foreshadows the ending when she tells sweet Mary that because she's so young, their situation is different from her and her husband's. Should she ever get hurt by her son, she will help her get away to heal. AND WE ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS T_T

So Mary is willing to do it again, but by then, it's already been weeks, and Rathe has had enough with the fucking tabloids picking on his family about being 'pedophiles' for having young lovers. So in a moment of desperation- and a heated argument between lovers -he takes Camille's offer on taking off the heat by pretending to be engaged to each other.


pissed off photo:  tumblr_luadkj0KOB1qa8mq1o4_250.gif


Ewwww!!!! He cannot seriously think such a thing would fly in any dimension!!!! But he does it, because it is fucking brilliant, and it'll break Mary's heart, which will deter her from loving him and he can be his usual miserable ass self. But he doesn't think! This is his logic:

If I'm engaged to Camille, my bff, the tabloids will fuck off, Mary will die of a broken heart and I can sleep better at night. Good plan!

disgusted photo: Simon's disgusted simondisgusted.gif
*It's a horrible plan! Ew it's ugly, go away!*

But he doesn't realize just how hurt she could get, not until he spots her at his own fake engagement party. His parents learned about Camille's wicked ways moments before his agreement, but he doesn't take the time to hear his dad out, and Camille's already got Mary's phone situation covered. And the bitch even invited her to their engagement party, pretending she was helping a sister out! Grrrr. So Rathe freaks when he sees Mary, finally getting the lit lightbulb that she's gonna shatter to pieces when he hears about his engagement at his own party when he can't even tell her he loves her!

He pushes her away, but it only hurts her more, making her think that he really wants her gone, and then he makes the huge mistake of looking for Camille for help and mistakenly telling her who he is looking forrrrruggghhhhhhhh. It hurts her, but not as much as when Camille decides at that time to announce that she and Rathe will be getting hitched.

wait a minute photo: fry wait a second frywait.gif

This reminds me of a scene from Boys Over Flowers or SOME other type of Korean drama, where he becomes engaged to this girl via his mama but, like, the girl who loves him just dies on the inside, embarrasses herself (awwww) and walks away in shame. He runs after her but she's like 'wtf' and he's like 'aw, shieeeettt' and goes to leave with her to talk, only to leave with the arranged woman instead! Aiyaaaaaa- but the review lol. Right. Getting back to it.

This bitch is so crazy, she even drugged her female guests to make them sex crazed (ok not exactly but you get the point) so that she could sic them on him to prevent him and Mary from speaking. He gives up on being polite and throws his way out of the group but they just keep coming.

*They keep coming.*
*cough cough*

He can't talk to Mary about the whole thing but desperately searches for her- and then he sees her fainting. She wakes up in the hospital heartbroken and tired, and Alyssa keeps her promise. She sends her away. A year later-

shocked photo: shocked funnyreachout_zps6a36f926.gif 

-Mary is living her dull life in Scotland (SCOTLANDDDDDDDDD <3 <3 <3) and finally caves in with accepting the television her friend, Saffi (SSAFFFFIIIII <3 <3 <3 <3) delivered to her house. Thinking it's for her friend's rockstar husband and his concerts, she turns it on, only to see that it has nothing to do with her traitorous friend. It's about Rathe. And his new reality show.

All fourteen episodes are about him opening his life and his family's to the world while basically begging Mary to come back. It's done in such a fine way too that it really makes me want to watch it, and I don't even like reality shows that much. T______T She can't handle the episodes and the love so clearly there on his face, but with a scene change to Florida, we see Rathe and the gang at a premiere for season two, and they all watch in surprise as, instead of the teaser, it's Mary- in an all-white room. Teasing Rathe and telling him that she's still single and would love to be his wife if he asks one last time.

It was just so fucking cute. Everything! He runs out of his chair when the camera zooms out and shows that she's in the hotel waiting for him, and the epilogue-

swoon photo: swoon 2zt9gsnjpg.gif
That's all I'm saying. lol.

Alexei, Saffi and Staffan's baby boy made an appearance both in his mommy's tummy and as the adorable one-year-old!!!!! Seeing Saffi them really was a great way to end the Pussketeers first round of books. Haha. Hint. Hint. Marian. (LMAO)

Aside from the good book-crack of seeing old faces, I loved the struggle. It was so much more real to me and I don't know why. Maybe it's because he's a duke? I don't know. But I totally felt his worry for their age gap when compared to his parents, and his father's disapproval because he doesn't want his son to suffer the way his mother did. Alyssa reminds him that their love is special and worth it, which is another reason why I love the way the parents became the mini superheroes trying to save their son's happiness. I just felt like the character development and plots amongst the peeps was a little more solid. I likey.

thumbs up photo: thumbs up thumbs.gif

As always, I enjoy my lady porn and the way it acts like a drama I can direct in my own mind. I cried more times than I probably should've, but I also laughed at Mary's poor moments and just giggled whenever the Pussketeers or Alexei came up on the pages. I loved this ending and the way it just all seemed to fit with the guys and gals' happy-ever-after.

I definitely recommend :)

Happy Reading! =^~^=

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