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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Bearly Ever

When Ever Jackson came to Arcadia to find her missing sister, she certainly didn't expect the close-minded response by residents of the small town. Nobody, it seemed, wanted to speak with or help her in any way, but she was determined to figure out her sister's whereabouts. Too bad the pesky sheriff decided to stick his nose where it didn't belong but, lawman or not, Ever wasn't giving up and leaving Arcadia without a fight.

Sheriff Aidan Tucker preferred it when the human world stayed out of his Shifter town. He has a low opinion of humans to begin with, and having one poking around does nothing to endear himself to them. That is, until he gets a whiff of her, and realizes with a shock that the little spitfire who won't back down from a fight is human, and his mate.

Well, hell.

The human could get herself killed without his help, so Aidan decides to tag along whether she wants it or not.

But there are secrets in his town that go beyond mere shapeshifting, some even the Sheriff doesn't know, and Ever Jackson may be right in the middle of it all...

- Goodreads

I was gifted this story by the author (yay yay yay) in exchange for an honest review. Ha. Joke's on them cause I always give honest reviews. :D But then again I might not have read it without their appearance in my life (or my Goodreads mailbox) sooooo guess there is no joke. It's a jokeless day right now.
*Ignore me. Hospitals make me weird.*
*Ignore that too.*
*Ignore that, too.*
*God, I am a grammar Nazi.*
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Okay moving on.

First off, when I get approached for reviewing books, a majority of them are in major need of help or just have their own flare. The few are amazingly evil (you know who you are) or read just like a book I purchased myself. That being said, Bearly Ever immediately came off as a book I picked up from the shelf and scored. It was a good first impression.

I loved the opening with a look into Aidan's fairly average day as Sheriff in shifter town. It was a very cool way to start the book. Ever's entrance into it was just as amusing, and it was an overall relief to get a feel of Arcadia itself. The images and impressions came so easily, it was just awesome.

So Ever's lost her sister, but when she arrives in Arcadia, everyone is giving her the cold shoulder and she just doesn't understand why. The only reason why she gets to stay is because the old lady who rents out to her is seriously lonely and because the only thing that would have her seen out also happens to be her mate- but she doesn't know that.

And speaking of mates, Sheriff Aidan takes her reason for showing up into account after he handcuffs her and throws her in the back like a criminal-

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And he takes her against his will to see his very young-looking dad, Marshall Tucker, but they only get as far as knowing that she was kidnapped via security video. It doesn't sit well with either man that Ever's sister was able to come into town undetected. Arcadia is a quiet place, and it doesn't like outsiders. They go through all these hoops to find any lead on her sister, and when she's forced-

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-to stay at a hotel with Aidan, she wakes up the next morning in a lax state and nearly fucks the shit out of mauls his delicious self. Girl can't deny she has the hots for him!

ME LIKEY photo:  tumblr_ljpup3RT7A1qaz9rho1_250.gif
(he isn't complaining lol)

She freaks out after his phone snaps her out of the lust haze and attempts to keep her distance, but she's already realized just how much she's attracted to him. Poor Aidan doesn't know how to tell her what he is, but a few pages later, he gets saved from having to think of a way to tell her. Why? Cause someone runs them off the road and he changes into his bear form to get them out of the burning car, only to look down and see her staring at him with wide eyes. Not unconscious. What does she do?


It was a cruel way for her to find out what Arcadia really is, but she takes it fairly well once she gets to calm down. But then she gets hit again with the fact that her sister, Sonya, isn't human like she thought, but Changed. And the idiot didn't tell her first! He let her hear it when he had to tell his stepfather! I mean, I get that he didn't exactly have the 'perfect time' to tell her, but he should know by now that everything is completely hectic- there will never be a perfect time. And then to top it all off, the talk of mates comes up, and Julian (see: asshole) spoils it for Aidan by telling Ever that she's gonna be tied to the Sheriff for the rest of her life. What a way to scare a modern girl, the prick!

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And geez, he's the mate of Aidan's little sister, but she didn't want anything to do with a guy who couldn't grow up, so she left Arcadia. I feel bad for him, but at the same time, he really does need to shape up. There's no way Aidan or Marshall, Aidan's daddy, will let him see Anna otherwise.

So Julian and Aidan fight because Ever gets freaked out again about the mating thing, but Aidan's mother, Eleanor, comes to the rescue. She takes her back home, gives her a good talk. She answers Ever's questions about being able to choose who you love rather than letting the mating thing choose for you. Eleanor is the perfect example, because she was Changed and left for dead before Marshall found her. They'd been together for at least a century because they were a good pair- she had the power to soothe and they had good chemistry. She thought she was in love with him... until her actual mate came along.

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Despite what Ever thought, Eleanor actually fought against the mating thing for years before Marshall figured out what was going on. He initiated the break-up because he didn't want to be the cause of such pain, and it was so sad when she told Ever that he'd gone as far as to kick her out of their home and call her names in order to get her to finally accept her mate, Derek. Marshall never fully recovered, however, and after she left, he became a recluse. And let's not forget that his age is unknown, meaning he could be from the Revolutionary War or the time when the pyramids were still in style.

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Think about it.
That's a lot of shifter power and craziness to maintain.
Like seriously.

So now Ever understands what happened and it goes well for her and Aidan in her mind, but that's when they get attacked by the same people who kidnapped Sonya.

The men go looking for the women, and when Ever wakes up, she finds out that her sister is a Chimera, just like Aidan's parents: they have the ability to change into more than one animal. Ever's bitten everywhere, but her body's rejecting the change. She's dying. Aidan couldn't have come at a better time, too when he shows up with help, and he bites her, hoping that their mating bond will help her body to better accept the Change. There's just one problem: Daddy Marshall came to aid them, but a particular scent turns his ancient-ass self nuts and he goes psycho on everyone that smells like it. What is it, do you wonder?

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Are you ready?
It's the scent of his mate.

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His mate is Sonya!! LMAO It was a hilarious scene to read. Here Aidan goes outside, hoping to calm down his psycho dad, and then psycho dad goes all, "Why do you smell like my mate?" and the son's like "Oh fuck" and I'm just like-

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The bad guys are dead, Marshall is calmed, Sonya's freaked the fuck out because she saw him when he was Changed (think scary-ass monster), and Ever is alive and bitching at Aidan. *smiles* All seems done and good, but then Nadine Sharpe, a Brahma (think leader) comes and says that Sonya has to go with her. Ever isn't having it. And it was a sad scene for me :(

See, when Ever woke up in Sonya's cell, Sonya would always talk with open-endings about what was done to her. I assumed rape because it's- in my opinion -the worse thing ever, but it was never proven. Until Nadine put Ever in her place by telling her that Sonya was introduced into Shifter society by being 'repeatedly raped', and that it was a sole reason why she had to come with her to feel secure.

cry photo: DEAN CRY dean_crying.gif
I assumed rape but I didn't really-
I hope Marshall made the assholes pay-

Marshall asked Aidan why he smelled like his mate, just as the others (bad guys) did.
Was he smelling her on them because they handled her as their prisoner...
Or because they all raped her?

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*I'm gonna drive myself crazy thinking about this*

Ever's heartbroken, but with Sonya agreeing to go, what can she really say? And if it means her being as far away from Marshall as possible, then so be it (poor guy). Oh, and the plot of this story that I didn't exactly shed enough light on is this:
*Amazing reviewer, ladies and gents*
*Oh shut up.*

Sonya got mixed up with a crazy Shifter cult lead by a man named Hendrix who believed in Luna, a goddess meant to be worshiped by Shifter society. He's crazy, and he's also- bum bum bummmm -Nadine's mate thought to be dead for over a century. Yikesss. And Oh! Julian gets a little glimpse of happiness because Anna's there as Nadine's helper.

MAN! I just feel so bad for these blokes. Marshall's so old (mentally) that he's slightly crazy and manic, so that doesn't help him with Sonya, especially when she saw him as a monster tearing into her rapists. Then there's Julian, who's still got a lot of growing up to do, so that hurts him in his chances with winning Anna back. They just can't catch a break :/ But I really feel bad for Ever. She and her sister were never really that close because foster care tore them apart, but she still cares for her sister. My heart hurt with her when Sonya boarded the helicopter and didn't even acknowledge her presence. I wanna be mad, but at the same time, she was raped and traumatized, so it's like-

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In the epilogue, two weeks have passed. Marshall's disappeared (three guesses where he's gone), leaving Aidan in charge of Arcadia. Ever and Aidan are fucking like energized bunnies rather than a _____ and bear (hahahaha) and in the next scene, the big day has come where Ever will Shift. There to witness are Derek and Eleanor (bear and grey fox) and Davis, Aidan's half brother and Anna's twin (mountain lion). She still feels horrible about her sister not wanting to talk to her, and she understands that it's a selfish thought considering everything Sonya went through, but still..... ugh downer.

Ever takes a deep breath, closes her eyes, and begins to change. She's a...... lioness! And the story ends with her hitting her quickly-turned-bear mate over the head and running for a fucking adorable game of tag.

I loved this book so much XD It's like reading a story that you get off the shelves, and I haven't had any of those ARCs yet so it was a nice surprise when reading it. The flow was great, I loved how the POVs matched the characters. The characters! I loved their individuality and their own mini stories in this thing.

My favorite part: when Ever walked outside the hotel, saw a bear cub and freaked out because she was worried about seeing the mama bear who is always in proximity of her young. Aidan accidentally made her feel silly, so she makes him look outside, only to be told there's nothing there. She looks back outside with Aidan and finds nothing but a giggling butt-ass naked little girl with a mischievous look on her face.

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I recommend this book for those who love shifter romance. So many things can come from this story, and I loved that it made me smile and laugh out loud. It even made me sad at some points. I look forward to future installments.
*wiggles eyebrows*

Happy Reading =^~^=!

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