Wednesday, April 1, 2015

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: The Rockstar and His Fangirl

Saffi March used to be "just a fangirl of rockstar Staffan Aehrenthal, who's also known as Sweden's #1 Sex God and one of The Pussketeers, a world-famous trio of billionaire best friends.

Now that she's Staffan's wife, Saffi thought it would be happy-ever-after forever. And it was so... until one day, Staffan suddenly started being cold to her.

Hoping to salvage their still-fragile marriage, Saffi invites her husband to a luxurious train vacation. It's all or nothing for her, and if she doesn't succeed in making Staffan love her again then maybe... maybe it's time to accept that she and Staffan were never meant for each other.


Saffi and Staffan were one of the first couples I fell for when I discovered Marian Tee. Their happily-ever-after being questioned or given another 'what-if' gave me a heart attack!!!!!! Shame on you, Marian. You're a sadistic lady.

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But back to the review. I was right! Saffi was assuming the worse because Staffan was hiding something from her. What I was not expecting was that she was pregnant!!! Awwwww~! But they already have their baby boy, so I'm gonna assume that this is right after they got back together and before they went on Ellen at the end of their second book, When Fangirls Cry.

So I basically gave away the climax, but it's totally cute! I guessed that she was pregnant when his POV started and he was waiting for her to 'figure it out', but I didn't know this story's timeline so I second-guessed myself lol. Saffi has a big mid-happy-marriage crisis about her supporting Staffan, especially when that bitch of a fan-

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-tells Saffi she isn't being a good fangirl. The thought kind of disappears in the drama but I think she didn't really need to change because she will always be the perfect fangirl, so the question was more of a 'are you gonna second-guess yourself' kinda thing. Staffan was adorable on the waiting so he didn't hurt her.

It was, overall, a cute treat for those who've read Saffi and Staffan. It's also a nice teaser to wanna read about these couples: Just what makes Staffan so alluring that Saffi would question their situation? What is it about Saffi that has turned such a playboy into Mr. Dedication?

Marian Tee's one of my favorite authors, and I especially love her treat-stories. I highly recommend this and the author. Her stories make you cry and laugh at the same time. The things she comes up with are just too embarrassing and cute to not laugh at!

Happy Reading :)

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