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Unclaimed (Soul Seer #3)

This is a love story between an innocent girl and a jaded man, a pet and her
Master, a soul seer who has yet to realize she's meant to save the world...
and a powerful vampire who has yet to understand his heart still beats.
18-year-old Zari Baltimore's worst nightmare has come true.
She's become part of a love triangle, and she may likely be the one to have
her heart broken. Again.

Her rival: Katarina, the new doctor at La Scala Legaturia, a training ground
for strengthening bonds between pets like Zari and their Masters.
Katarina- her Master's one true love, and the reason why he's
unable to give Zari his heart.

Now, she has a choice to make: finish her schooling as a pet, knowing she
can't ever own her Master's heart... or take her friend Rhapsody's offer to
move to Chalys, permanently, and learn about becoming a soul seer

She tells her Master about it, hoping he will stop her from leaving... but he doesn't.
- Goodreads

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The Soul Seer series comes to an end with Unclaimed, and I totally forgot how short these stories were! T_T The first two seemed longer, or maybe it was just very brief with this one. True short story fashion and that sort of thing. And thanks a lot, Marian, you had me scared with the synopsis. 

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I just hate when such goodness is so short

Zari has had it with Katarina constantly trying to get her Master's attention and feeling- knowing -that he only stays at her side out of honor. On a field trip for another case study, she falls in the abandoned hospital and has a vision: the school, on fire, with Katarina burning. And it's all her fault.

The weight of murder on her hands terrifies her, and when her Master comes to her aid after feeling her pain, she can't tell him what she saw. If she did, he'd hate her forever, and that is something she could never have happen. However, the weight of the knowledge pulls an awful guilt deep within her soul, and unfortunately, no one besides the hunters (like Alexandru and Katarina) know about the demon running around, feeding on the severe guilt of its victims. And it may already have Zari in its claws.

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I was a little (happily) surprised at the promise that we'd finally see Zari tear Katarina a new one, but the guilt only worsens for Zari until she ends up snapping at her own Master, wishing she could just kill Katarina and be rid of all her problems. She tells Katarina about her vision, and when the doctor hears of her fate, she asks Zari to let her have Alexandru while she's still alive.

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Talk about guilt tripping

Katarina makes a huge scene later that has Alexandru running after her, but it's not out of love. He finally tells her, shortly after realizing it himself, that his love for her died when she left him. Zari has his heart now, and he won't let her go THANK FUCK. Meanwhile, Zari's struggling to keep her evil thoughts in check, and it isn't until she realizes how dark she's turned that she decides to take herself out of the equation, mostly by throwing herself at another vampire (poor guy) in the hopes of ridding herself of Alexandru, but her Master will have none of it. He tackles Zari to the floor and begins ripping her clothes off, making it clear that she'll never leave him, and he'll never let her go.

Soooooo sidenote: this scene is mostly him having sex with her while she struggles to get away until it feels too good. This personally turns me on, but I feel like a few would be put off by it. For those who do read it or see reviews pertaining to it, keep in mind that she isn't being raped. Her saying no and struggling so she doesn't fall deeper in love with him is a far cry from someone saying no and struggling because they just don't want that dick or dick. And if you're just squirmish to begin with, what the hell are you doing reading this? Go away.

Otherwise, this scene had me like:
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They reconnect, but when she kisses him, she has another vision, and this time it's Katarina and her Master burning with the rest of the school. She now knows of the demon inside of her with her Master's help, but, not wanting to be the cause of the man she loves' death, she goes out to get rid of the thing all by herself. Her solution through all the soul-tearing suffering is a little comedic relief by telling Katarina how she's sorry for all the mean things she thought of her, like the woman being too tall or muscularly manish for her Master.

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But the comedic relief ended with Katarina's own apologies, because when Alexandru comes in to save them, he gets badly burned, and their only escape route is a flimsy board kept intact solely by Katarina's strength- on the other side of freedom. She dies getting Alexandru and Zari out.

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It ends with Master and pet hearing that the school was burned to the ground but that all the students were safely evacuated thanks to their early warning. Katarina's body was taken back to Chalys, and Zari decides to go to ANEX, another school also in Chalys. She won't be seeing her Master for two years because of its location, but she promises to always be his as she grows to be an able-bodied woman who can protect the ones she loves. <3


So, there was more to the story with the demon who ate at Zari's guilt. The Red Witch was the real culprit behind it all, the one who summoned the demon and wrecked havoc on the people whose murders Alexandru them were investigating. However, the reveal of the Red Witch and her slight background story seemed a little out of place. It was all too short for me, as if this was tying things up for another series, which there will be.

Alexandru finally realizes that he loves Zari and not Katarina, but there wasn't much of that in here. Katarina started off as the bad guy, but when she died, I saw her more as a woman who just loved a man she made a mistake with. The story started off well but the ending felt a little rushed. The haunted doll and the Red Witch were interesting but again, just not enough pages to elaborate on their stories.The reveal of Rhapsody's Master (Alexandru's brother, Mihail!) was pretty exciting but it got lost in the rest of what was going on.

I so do look forward to Zari and Alexandru's next series in Chalys, where The Demon Duke and I takes place.

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This short story was a nice treat but I think some scenes for Alexandru and Zari could have been more. Zari had a very huge character development when dealing with the guilt she felt for a woman she once hated, and I think that's why I feel like Alexandru's revelation seemed vague. Otherwise this series is amazing and it's something I highly recommend. :)

SOOOOOOOOO when do we get to see Chalys??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Happy Reading!

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