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The Greek Billionaire and his Secretary (0.5)

That mouth of hers had better uses, and he was just the man to teach her.

It started as one of the worst nights in 27-year-old Stavros Manolis' life. A powerful and lethally good-looking Greek billionaire, he could have had any woman - but the one he wanted, he had lost, and so here he was now, attending her farewell party, forced to bear the sight of her in her husband's arms.

But that was just the start.

When Willow Somerset, a curvy 24-year-old junior editor, joined his table taunting and embarrassing him with her mocking laughter and sly words, he burned with a mixture of offended pride, anger... and desire. She was everything he disliked in a woman, but his body felt differently.

Someone clearly needed to teach her some manners, needed to let her know there were better uses for her mouth than letting it run away from her.

Luckily for Willow, that person was him.
- Goodreads

So this is a little short story to Willow and Stavros' before she becomes his secretary.


fuck you photo: Fuck you j58fx5.gif

I totally forgot that Willow was the editor to Damen's story (The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire) so that reminder was a nice surprise. And Willow is definitely different from Marian's other girls I've read recently. She actually reminds me of George (Georgina from The Demon Duke and I) because they both have potty mouths and are kinda rough. *snickers*

It starts off at Willow's home as she reluctantly leaves to go to a party, but the scene is Damen and Mairi's party. Stavros and Willow are forced to sit together because of assigned seating. Prior to this, Willow and Stavros had met before, and things didn't go well. Tonight isn't any better.

Willow's basically the girl version of Stavros, unwilling to go the distance to be proved a failure. The only difference is that while she refuses to fail in the real world, Stavros doesn't want anything to do with the hardships of love. This gentleman and lack-of-filter editor are the last people you want sitting together, but just like chemistry, someone starts running around screaming cause they're on fire and another's running into walls and elevators and shit  they explode. They both call each other out on their shit, and she runs off to the elevators when it becomes too much.

run away photo: House Run 2a4zepu.gif

Stavros runs after her, and when she keeps yelling at him-

"God, what I'd do your mouth-"

fuck you photo: TRUE BLOOD t6313d.gif

This billionaire who's been seen as nothing but a gentleman is finally starting to crack. He didn't crack with Mairi, the girl he'd thought he always loved. No, he's cracked with Willow, and I don't think he can admit to it. So he kisses her to silence.

They have this huge amazingly HOLY SHIT sexy scene in the elevator and out in the parking lot, but when he presses her, she freezes and admits that she can't do this because it'd be her first time. Even a tempered hard cock like Stavros won't push it at that point, but when she proposes that they still do stuff without him taking her v-card...

hip thrust photo: Hip thrust hipthrust.gif
They get it on again.

They both agree that this will be a one-night stand, seeing as he'll be returning to the States and they don't like each other (just wanna get it on, right?) Their sexy time extends to his hotel room, and-

faint photo: faint tumblr_m4hnui4QYz1rpexth.gif

GOD this was hot. Like holy shit. The majority of this little review would be about how fucking hot all this sex is if it weren't for the fact that I can't just make this review about that. Can I? No. No, no... right?

smolder photo: Matthias and Mark- Smolder tumblr_ndr6brzSAc1tm49xdo2_500_zpstkg5aavl.gif

The next morning, she wakes up to Stavros dressed and leaving, and despite knowing that she agreed to it being nothing more than a one-night stand, she still can't stop herself from hoping. She thought there was something between them that night, but when he tells her "I never want to see you again", she blames herself for hoping that anyone would really want her.

oh lord photo: dear lord tumblr_m2iaqyA2R11r0xg5d.gif

It ends with Stavros in the States looking for a secretary, and when Damen sends him 'the perfect one', he immediately sees her in, only to balk at the sight of Willlow.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Manolis."

HAHAHA Good afternoon, you jerk-off! That was a really sweet teaser to their story. (Psst, it's free right now on Amazon) I'm really gonna love Willow. She seems like the kind of girl who's always been cautious, but with Stavros, will drive this man up the wallll. XD And Stavros!

hot guy photo:  2m6vg9j_zpsec8eace1.gif

Holy shite, mate, you just may be my favorite billionaire... you've got the whole "I'm a gentleman, but I'm really a dirty guy... and I'm not talking about my billions" thing going down for you. Like. Hooooolly shiiiittte. This was just the short story and your aggression out of bed had me like-

seizure photo: seizure 33879032.gif
*Jesus Christ, though, that GIF seizure better not be real*

lol. I say thumbs up to this. The beginning was a little confusing for me at first because I didn't have a sense of Willow, so it was weird getting into her scene of not wanting to leave without the hint words. I also feel like the end was a little sudden. Not the part where he's leaving, but the part where he starts thinking that she may already own his heart. Why would she own his heart, because she's the only one that got him hard and bothered? I think I would've liked it better if he'd thought about 'the heart' when he got to know a little more about her, and not just when they're having sexy time.

And as for Willow, I could understand her thing with him because for virgins it's a little different with their first time, but for Stavros? It just seemed a little sudden to go from disliking her to then believing she has his heart just because of the guilt he felt. He seems so cynical, it'd be weird for him to think in that way. Unless her mouth and easy sense of obeying him really did things for him, in which case I'd have liked to see it delivered a little more between the sexy time.

Nonetheless I'm totally gonna go on and read the next one.

Happy Reading! =^~^=

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A Fling with the Greek Billionaire (Mediterranean Affairs)

She's an impulsive and flirtatious artist. He's a workaholic billionaire and a control freak. A one-night stand is all that should work for the two of them, but all it takes is a single taste to make them realize they want more.

28-year-old Nik Alexandropoulos desires revenge. Furious at Daria's deception, Nik is determined to teach her a lesson she won't ever forget. He would do everything to make the beautiful liar fall in love with him.

He would make her believe in a future for them, a damn happy-ever-after, and once she does, it would be Nik's absolute pleasure to destroy her dreams and introduce Daria to the other woman he intends to marry.

This can be read as a standalone, but a prequel for A Fling with the Greek Billionaire is also available.
- Goodreads

glaring up gif photo: Zero Glaring gif Glaring.gif

Oh my God, Marian, this is one of the worst plots you could've thought of. I cried just reading the synopsis. While reading it?
(see GIF above and the following ones below)

If you read the prequel, you'll know that Daria and Nik hooked up in Greece after an unusual magnetism neither could fight. When Nik proposes that they try 'this thing' out, he tells her that the one thing he can't stand are liars, so he asks her two things: do you have any skeletons? (strike one); have you ever had any lovers? (strike two). Daria refuses to tell him about her mother who was mocked for wanting to find true love in younger guys, and she, thinking he's referring to guys she's actually been in love with, decides not to tell him about the twenty-eight frogs she'd fallen for. He was actually referring to sex partners, however, and when he does a background check on her, not only does he find out about the frogs, he goes on to assume that the bloodless sheets (she'd secretly replaced in embarrassment) mean she'd lied about being a virgin.

Nik is pissed, and as it says at the very top, he wants revenge.
Now the story:

It starts off right where the prequel left off, Daria delighted in finding her prince and Nik conflicted with strangling her or mauling her against the wall. The thing with Nik is that he absolutely cannot stand liars, so for Daria to be so perfect and then lie to his face- it's too much for his already jaded heart. It doesn't help that he jumps to conclusions, and the more unbelievably awesome this thing seems with her, the worse his conclusions become.

rolls eyes photo: eyeroll 2cpdrmf.gif

She does all the mushy things that go with a relationship and despite his disgust, he finds himself going along with it. Holding hands. PDA in public. Feeding each other. It's one surprise after the next, but you know Nik. If it's perfect, it's because she's just that great an actress.

He's a dumbass.
animated gifs photo: *In deepest voice ever* "Latrice..." tumblr_m1trd6PBLl1qbjvlto1_500.gif

What I don't get is why he didn't just ask her about it, but then we wouldn't have a story, would we? And besides, the dude has such serious trust issues, that you can't really blame him when situations come up and it looks worse than it really is. He's never known love before, and with Daria, she's just too much of a firecracker to not disappear on him at a moment's notice.

She slowly gets him to answer her questions about him, and although she could care less about what number's in his bank account, he still thinks she's using him, so he keeps his privacy on a leash. They're having sex all over the island (poor, private Nik lol) and spoil us with a treat of some ocean sex during a diving tour. However, their 'happy place' comes to an end when Victor, a horrible disgusting mother fucking cow of a frog-

wide eyes photo: *wide eyes* tumblr_inline_mk6hd9k2zs1qz4rgp_zps0dbb30c3.gif

....er, right. Victor's one of the frogs who treated her like shit, and his presence on the boat only becomes a reminder to Nik that she lied to him about being a virgin. To shut Victor up, she throws a Gatorade bottle at him (lmao) and Nik absently comments, "What the hell is it about you and Gatorade bottles?"

laughing photo: laughing britlaughing_zps9589720d.gif

LOL I love her so much

Daria knows she can't get out of this one, but she's scared. She's scared he'll walk out of her life for already having lied to him (twice), so she says he was just a stalker. BBBEEEEEEEPPPPP. Wrong answer missy!!!! He blows up immediately about her lying and she ends up telling him he was a frog, which only angers him further by questioning her about her virtue. They have a huge fight with him storming out and her praying to God for one more chance. He comes back, and the next morning, he gets a little taste of what it would be like without her when she's not in bed the moment he wakes up. She's taking pictures somewhere nearby but that's not the point.

THE POINT is that despite what he thinks is best for him, he still demanded she be right back at his side. Doesn't matter if he's looking for her out of love or anger, he's still looking for her. But...

sigh photo: sigh tumblr_m326b4cjZu1qe7cae.gif

When he does find her, he sticks around because he wants his revenge. </3 He plays along with loving her like she does him, but Daria's not an idiot. She can tell that something's off, but even with the quick looks of loathing she sees in him, his actions speak differently, so she doesn't think much of it. It isn't until they're eating and he incidentally hints at marriage that....



his pretend wife comes up to them.

crying photo: Crying - Ariel tumblr_lqh06kpXGr1qdlkgg.gif
Literally me ^ I can't deal with this right now.

So Miranda is an escort who took his virginity after he realized that his house's cook was in love with him. She was a good girl, but he didn't believe in love, so he broke her heart and made sure to make sex as nothing more than sated urges. That was ten or so years ago.

Miranda, in on Nik's plot for revenge, comes strolling up acting like she'd been looking everywhere for him. Daria is devastated by the sight of such a perfect woman, but she can't just stop the love because of some woman. Until Nik introduces her as his fiance.

shocked photo:  omg7_zps08329706.gif

It's here that he then reveals all the things she lied about, telling her he knows who she is and who she'd really been with. She wants to correct him about the misunderstanding, but his sense of betrayal won't let her. He leaves her begging and running after him until Miranda tells her to stop, with Nik reiterating her words. Couple of assholes basically like-

falls to knees gif photo: From tumblr. HAVEYOUNOSHAME.gif

This ending of Part One had me so SAD because Nik's inability to forgive her for (what she believes are) small lies leads her to a path of thinking that doesn't do well at all. She feels like the slut the world made her out to be, and after screwing up so badly with Nik, she finally begins to believe that people like her deserve to be alone.

crying=2 photo: crying2 crying2.gif

Part Two opens up weeks later to two very depressed idiots, Nik and Daria. She hasn't drawn in forever, a passion thought to never dim, and Nik's going about life like a robot. Miranda, a girl who's had it bad in life and is now a self-efficient rich woman, doesn't understand what the fuck is going on. She's the perfect woman for any man lucky enough to have her, and she wants Nik, so why can't she finally be the woman who's chosen?

I get that she had a hard life, and if anything, this insight on the disgusting things she's had to do to get herself and her best friend out of their personal hellhole endears me a little to her. However, the bitterness of realizing that Nik can only fuck when he's thinking of Daria enrages her to come up with her own plan of revenge. She emails Daria to come work for a firm in New York, and Daria, seeing it as a second chance from God, agrees to fly out.

Too bad she doesn't know that she'll be working for Miranda and Nik... on their wedding.

wtf photo:  omgchris.gif


wtf photo:  wtfever.gif

Nik's just going with it, trying to be his cool and aloof self with his 'fiance' but Daria doesn't miss the hunger in his eyes. And as far as Daria's concerned, they aren't married yet, which means she still has a chance at getting him back. Only a fool would waste God's second chance.

Miranda reveals her plan to Nik, saying he can use Daria like a mistress and fuck the interest out of himself so he can finally be done with her (and give 'them' a chance).

pitch perfect photo:  pitch-enough.gif
*What the fuuuck Marian?! It just gets worse and worse!!!*

Nik, knowing that he'll never get enough of Daria, does just that when he proposes it to her in the company studio she's staying in. At first he thinks she'll object, but she doesn't, again seeing it as a sign that there's hope. She doesn't like the thought of being a paid mistress, put she'll take him any way she can if it means more time with him. She agrees, and their affair begins.

Time passes and although Nik originally only planned to see her for Mondays and Fridays, he ends up spending more time with her than he does Miranda. The plan completely backfires on her, and it pushes her enough to face a suicide attempt. Her best friend, Danny, calls Nik about the incident but Daria knows it's just another ploy of Miranda's. In a fit of anger, she tells Nik that he can't leave her because it's 'her time'.

sigh photo: Sigh nqe2de.gif

It sounds a little harsh and bitchy to Nik, but she knows that Miranda would never commit suicide, so instead of seeing a 'poor woman', she sees a conniving strong fiance unwilling to give up Nik. But Daria isn't going to give up, either. However, Nik takes her insistence for selfishness and it only encourages all the bad things he thought about her. Their days of bliss, all the good hours spent in Daria's fresh-air and genuine affection, goes out the window. Daria threatens to leave if he walks out that door. He reminds her that threats don't work when it comes from a cunt he pays to fuck.

bitch slap photo: Bitch Slap 1213228129.gif
(and tbh this is how I feel with all of Marian's guys)

He visits Miranda, but when he realizes that Miranda's fallen for him, he leaves, and a pissed off Danny spins lies about Daria laughing in Miranda's face over having Nik following her around like a dog. The POV switches to Daria's friends, Alyx and Yanna, telling her that her plan to 'leave' is the worse idea ever, but Daria won't listen. Her impulse to never think things through prompts her to do the plan to get Nik back, and when Nik does come back, it's just a mess.

blank stare photo:  1znn7h2.gif

Done with all the lies that are BLOWN out of proportion on his end, he makes her look like an idiot in front of the other employees in the building. She still runs after him, but then another frog comes up, (where the fuck are all these frogs coming from???)  reminiscing about his dick scaring her off, and it just adds to the lies of Daria being a slut. It's the last straw for Nik, and yeah, he tells the frog to back off, but after saving her from the creep, he blows up on her again. And he doesn't stop there, oh no. He calls her mother a slut, too.

bitch slap photo: Bitch Slap ctr-022.gif

The one thing Daria will never tolerate is someone bad-mouthing her mother, the one person in the world she loves and idolizes. She slaps Nik in the face for the low blow, and after a few more exchanges, he kicks her out of the building. It ends with Daria refusing to cry, practically punishing herself with the weight of everything that's happened. She'd been doing it for a while in the book, but even now, she refuses to cry, refuses to give herself the relief it comes with.

The. End.

wtf face photo: wtf stewie1.gif

Just kidding lol it's the end to Part Two. Part Three opens up with Nik feeling lost.
*Aw, pobrecita*
*You mean -cito?*
*No, I meant -cita.*

Alyx leaves him a message saying what a DUMBASS he is for missing out on a great woman like Daria and how he's a DUMBASS for believing the twenty-eight sleazy frogs over the woman who loved him. She ends the message with daring him to check out their stories but says he probably won't because he's a DUMBASS.

fat amy photo: Fat Amy tumblr_inline_mmi5glfdh61qz4rgp.gif

The scene skips to Nik visiting Iolanthe (the young cook who loved him) and her little sister, Leah, the one who'd given him a panda phone cover (AND INDIRECTLY GIVEN DARIA THE SIGN FROM GOD THAT NIK WAS THE ONE FOR HER). She got cancer along the way so he vowed to financially take care of her- it was the least he could do. His visit prompts her to ask him if he's finally found the one, and when he admits to having lost her as well, her answer is as simple as the act itself: 'get her back'.

And then of course Iolanthe has to go and add that he needs to promise he'll protect her sister when she's gone, and she promises she'll stick around long enough to meet Daria. T_T Damn it, Io. You better have a life after this.

Another skip scene and it's with Miranda this time, showing that they can be friends again despite the drama that happened. But she tells him about Danny's lies that night at the hospital. And if her best friend can lie about Daria, isn't it possible that those frogs Daria had seen could have lied, too? It's a tall order for him to take, but she ends her advice with, 'I think she's it for you'.

gasp photo:  shockfriends_zps88e0cd60.gif

I'm pleasantly surprised by you, Miranda.

Nik's last hint that he's a DUMBASS comes in the form of a flight to Miami to see Daria's mother, who shockingly agrees to see him. The moment he meets Magnolia, he sees where Daria gets her wonder from. This meeting was pretty sad for me, because Magnolia gets to put her own two cents in what she thinks about their fight. But instead of berating him, she talks about how sweet and silly Daria is for loving a mother like herself, a drunkard and abuser who couldn't handle life after she was left by her husband for a younger woman. It finally hits Nik that he's a DUMBASS and Magnolia ends it with:

"I'm sorry, too. Not for you or me. I'm sorry for my daughter. I'm sorry that she's so silly... so sweet to find something in us to love."

i've been shot photo: Been shot tumblr_mon0qmPfrU1r6hu04o7_250_zps3c29ec67.gif

By this point, I felt that his sudden realization was a little- well, sudden, but then again I was kinda hoping he'd get hit by a bus and learn the error of his ways when some kid in the hospital wing calls him a DUMBASS for accidentally ruining her drawings of pandas after trying to get a simple drink of water. But that's just me.

pandas photo: LOLL pandaaee.gif

So Nik Alexandropoulos finally understands that he made a huge mistake, and the next scene shows him going into Daria's apartment with bruised knuckles. (That means he went to the twenty-eight frogs and made cuisses de grenouille.) He stumbles into the apartment they'd shared those last few moments together and sees the cake she made for their anniversary. He sees the message in a bottle she'd made and accidentally thrown at his head the first time they met. And then he sees a hidden calendar, one she'd made to only have Mondays and Fridays, (she'd revolved her whole world around him) and he feels like shit.


confused photo: Confused tumblr_lnfdzz2udn1qbq71s.gif

Just kidding again.

So Daria's hiding on Teleios of all places, and is teaching online art to people who find her. She's messaging her latest student and friend, Bella, and confides that she may let the begging Grant take her out. "Bella" aka Nik freaks out and lets his final plan against Daria loose. It's night time, and as she's walking around, she starts noticing... pandas. Everywhere. At first it was a print on a balloon and a new tablemat at her favorite restaurant, but when sailboats and family shirts start sprouting panda prints, she freaks, and trips on a bottle of all things.

Nik catches her, begging her to let him apologize and explain. Blahblahblah-heartbreak-blah-don'tbreakmyheartstawwwwp-blah later, he kneels before her in front of phones out and filming them, and puts on a frog mask- AWW! -and waits for her to kiss one last frog. After all the gooey mushy shit he tells her, his own heart starts to break when he hears her walking away, but the moment someone throws something at him, he rips his mask off, only to see that it was Daria- with a fucking Gatorade bottle. Crying tears of happiness.

pandas photo: rockin the fugg OuT =P bob.gif

This was such a hard story because he puts her through so much, and despite how cold he is to her, she never gives up. I don't think any of the other Greek billionaires were ever so cruel to the woman they loved (for so long), so it was especially hard to read their story. Daria, though-

crying photo: Crying tumblr_ls80ib46Go1qdlkgg.gif

She held on for dear life, and it just made me think of all the times I ever gave up. Ugh. But that's besides the point. And I knew those were frogs, too, just fyi, Daria. I think. Oh God, this is messing with my head. ANYWAYS I loved the 'Princess and the Frog' theme and it was a major roller coaster for me. Emotional and tear-duct-wise.

Last thoughts:
rolls eyes photo:  eyeroll.gif
  • I'll never look at pandas the same way again.
  • That was the cutest ending EVER
  • Miranda was awesome with having so many faces. A+ girl.
  • Alyx where's your story???
  • Those Gatorade bottles doe

Last dig:
I totally saved the epilogue for this moment; of course I'd need an 'aw' ending after going through this hell again. I shall revel in your jealousy. :3 Just get your own damn copy XD

Happy Reading =^~^=

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A Fling with the Greek Billionaire: Prequel (Mediterranean Affairs)

She's an impulsive and flirtatious artist. He's a workaholic billionaire and a control freak. A one-night stand is all that should work for the two of them, but instead they find themselves wanting more.
24-year-old Daria Everest has kissed twenty-eight frogs, and all of them had stayed... frogs. She's ready to swear off love until a twist of fate almost causes her to commit manslaughter against a Greek god. One look, and all her good intentions are forgotten. This time, she's sure of it. This handsome frog was going to turn into her prince.

Note: A taste of heartbreak ahead. This is the prequel to A Fling with the Greek Billionaire.
- Goodreads

glare gif photo:  ergle.gif

Curse you, Marian, I thought it was going to be a lot worse than it really was. *face palm*

This was a yummy prequel to Daria and Nik's story. Our heroine, the one-third to the trio friendship with Alyx and Yanna (How Not to be Seduced by a Billionaire) is a princess [see heiress] who's had one too many frogs to kiss. And by too many, I mean twenty-eight. She follows her mom's footsteps in pursuing their dream of true love, but after a while, even she begins to lose a little faith.

She vacations in Greece, writes a letter to God about her Mr. Right, asking for a sign via pandas, and puts her notes in an empty bottle to throw out to sea. Too bad she can't throw for shit, because instead of hitting the ocean waves, she hits the hot Greek behind her.

smirk gif photo: smirk sheldonSmirk.gif

The poor Greek she hits is Nik Alexandropoulos, a 28-year-old billionaire who's had it just as bad with love as Daria, but instead of sleazy frogs, it was sneaky dwarfs. Every foster woman ever given to him by the law always showed their true gold-digging colors, and it only made it worse for Nik, who eventually turned into a cold, suspicious man, forever looking out for people who lied to him.

So when a rude woman decides to assault him twice on the beach with an empty Gatorade bottle, he takes his grouchy self over only to find out how insane and arousing she is. When he approaches her with a bundle of pandas printed on his phone, she's stunned. This is her Mr. Right. Is he a bit uptight and scary? Sure, but his dominating presence and need to possess her does more than overwhelm every cell in her body. They hook up, both unable to fight this unusual pull at the other, and it looks like things might actually work out.

glare gif photo:  dumdumdum.gif

Until Daria's worry goes and fucks it up. He was about to leave the morning after, but their magnetism forced him to instead make her understand that whatever it was between them, would be seen and dealt with by him and him alone. He only asks that she not lie to him, and when he asks her if there's any skeletons he should know about, she thinks of her poor mom mocked for her belief in true love, and says no. Lie #1. Then he asks if she's ever had other lovers (aka you really a virgin?), and she says no. Lie #2.

*Okay, Lie #2 is kinda fucked up because he's asking if she's really a virgin, but for her, she's thinking of all the guys she fell for. So she wasn't lying about the virgin part, just the 'thought it was true love, oops' part.*

banging your head photo: Banging Head banginghead.gifThe one thing he asks for is honesty, and what does she do? Lie. I get that she was nervous about what he'd think of her if she told him the truth, but damn it! Does no one watch tv?! Does no one read?! These things never end up good! And the worse thing is that it's completely natural for her to clam up and tell him those small white lies. GAHHHHH

Nik, ever the one to do background checks on anyone entering his life, finds out that she's lied to him twenty-eight times. And it doesn't help that she'd changed the bloodied sheets earlier, because when he goes to check the bed and sees it squeaky clean, he assumes that the lack of blood and twenty-eight douches are proof enough that she'd lied about having lovers.

UM you know some virgins don't bleed, right? DO YOUR HOMEWORK YOU PRICK!

*Fucking foreign, uneducated backwards Neanderthal no life little shit-*
*Okay, calm down.*

The ending wasn't as bad as the author's other stories, but it was as worrisome as it was hot.
Shit like that just isn't fair.

Last words before I go on:
Victor, Daria's last frog? You're just-
sheldon photo: Sheldon 51yiph.gif

I don't know what the fuck Daria saw in you, but you TOTALLY MISSED OUT BUDDY! But you know what? I'm glad you fucked up by being a fuckboy, fuckboy, because if you'd made it worked by some bloody miracle, she wouldn't have met Nik, and he's a BETTER FUCKBOY THAN YOU.
*Hmm that didn't come out right*
*Nik's already on the shit list. Just wait til the next story to change the tune.*

Favorite comeback:
"Because I am Magnolia Everest's daughter, and I can buy your life ten times over."
- Daria Everest

Last thoughts:
  • Daria went to Japan for a year? Did she at all interact with KC and Yuki from Drawn??? God I gotta read that again.
  • Hmm, is it a coincidence that her daddy went for the nanny, and there's a possible story with a nanny coming up later? Will those things interact at all?
  • Magnolia Everest is a beautiful name
  • This True Love theme is just- gahh <3 <3 <3
  • Daria's second throwing of the bottle at Nik to get his attention was just:
sheldon photo: Sheldon facepalm BBTSheldon-laughfacepalm_zpsc7b4c4e0.gif

Daria, I love you and your determination to not let God's gift go to waste XD

I really look forward to Daria's story because of her belief in True Love.
A lot of Marian's girls are about true love, but it's nice to see a theme
on True Love. And Daria's funny as fuck, so who wouldn't be excited?
Part 2 to this just came out tonight,
and I just downloaded my ARC.

Happy Reading =^~^=