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The Greek Billionaire and his Secretary (0.5)

That mouth of hers had better uses, and he was just the man to teach her.

It started as one of the worst nights in 27-year-old Stavros Manolis' life. A powerful and lethally good-looking Greek billionaire, he could have had any woman - but the one he wanted, he had lost, and so here he was now, attending her farewell party, forced to bear the sight of her in her husband's arms.

But that was just the start.

When Willow Somerset, a curvy 24-year-old junior editor, joined his table taunting and embarrassing him with her mocking laughter and sly words, he burned with a mixture of offended pride, anger... and desire. She was everything he disliked in a woman, but his body felt differently.

Someone clearly needed to teach her some manners, needed to let her know there were better uses for her mouth than letting it run away from her.

Luckily for Willow, that person was him.
- Goodreads

So this is a little short story to Willow and Stavros' before she becomes his secretary.


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I totally forgot that Willow was the editor to Damen's story (The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire) so that reminder was a nice surprise. And Willow is definitely different from Marian's other girls I've read recently. She actually reminds me of George (Georgina from The Demon Duke and I) because they both have potty mouths and are kinda rough. *snickers*

It starts off at Willow's home as she reluctantly leaves to go to a party, but the scene is Damen and Mairi's party. Stavros and Willow are forced to sit together because of assigned seating. Prior to this, Willow and Stavros had met before, and things didn't go well. Tonight isn't any better.

Willow's basically the girl version of Stavros, unwilling to go the distance to be proved a failure. The only difference is that while she refuses to fail in the real world, Stavros doesn't want anything to do with the hardships of love. This gentleman and lack-of-filter editor are the last people you want sitting together, but just like chemistry, someone starts running around screaming cause they're on fire and another's running into walls and elevators and shit  they explode. They both call each other out on their shit, and she runs off to the elevators when it becomes too much.

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Stavros runs after her, and when she keeps yelling at him-

"God, what I'd do your mouth-"

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This billionaire who's been seen as nothing but a gentleman is finally starting to crack. He didn't crack with Mairi, the girl he'd thought he always loved. No, he's cracked with Willow, and I don't think he can admit to it. So he kisses her to silence.

They have this huge amazingly HOLY SHIT sexy scene in the elevator and out in the parking lot, but when he presses her, she freezes and admits that she can't do this because it'd be her first time. Even a tempered hard cock like Stavros won't push it at that point, but when she proposes that they still do stuff without him taking her v-card...

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They get it on again.

They both agree that this will be a one-night stand, seeing as he'll be returning to the States and they don't like each other (just wanna get it on, right?) Their sexy time extends to his hotel room, and-

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GOD this was hot. Like holy shit. The majority of this little review would be about how fucking hot all this sex is if it weren't for the fact that I can't just make this review about that. Can I? No. No, no... right?

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The next morning, she wakes up to Stavros dressed and leaving, and despite knowing that she agreed to it being nothing more than a one-night stand, she still can't stop herself from hoping. She thought there was something between them that night, but when he tells her "I never want to see you again", she blames herself for hoping that anyone would really want her.

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It ends with Stavros in the States looking for a secretary, and when Damen sends him 'the perfect one', he immediately sees her in, only to balk at the sight of Willlow.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Manolis."

HAHAHA Good afternoon, you jerk-off! That was a really sweet teaser to their story. (Psst, it's free right now on Amazon) I'm really gonna love Willow. She seems like the kind of girl who's always been cautious, but with Stavros, will drive this man up the wallll. XD And Stavros!

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Holy shite, mate, you just may be my favorite billionaire... you've got the whole "I'm a gentleman, but I'm really a dirty guy... and I'm not talking about my billions" thing going down for you. Like. Hooooolly shiiiittte. This was just the short story and your aggression out of bed had me like-

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*Jesus Christ, though, that GIF seizure better not be real*

lol. I say thumbs up to this. The beginning was a little confusing for me at first because I didn't have a sense of Willow, so it was weird getting into her scene of not wanting to leave without the hint words. I also feel like the end was a little sudden. Not the part where he's leaving, but the part where he starts thinking that she may already own his heart. Why would she own his heart, because she's the only one that got him hard and bothered? I think I would've liked it better if he'd thought about 'the heart' when he got to know a little more about her, and not just when they're having sexy time.

And as for Willow, I could understand her thing with him because for virgins it's a little different with their first time, but for Stavros? It just seemed a little sudden to go from disliking her to then believing she has his heart just because of the guilt he felt. He seems so cynical, it'd be weird for him to think in that way. Unless her mouth and easy sense of obeying him really did things for him, in which case I'd have liked to see it delivered a little more between the sexy time.

Nonetheless I'm totally gonna go on and read the next one.

Happy Reading! =^~^=

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