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Unforgiven (The Unseen Trilogy #2)

Mackenzie Day is reeling from the death of her best friend, Maddie. She's lost her rock, her partner in crime, and her only family in one fell swoop. With that loss, Mac has lost track of herself, and the things she cares about, including her mind-reading abilities.

When the opportunity for vengeance arises, she becomes so blinded by her hatred that she no longer recognizes the person she's become. As her empathy towards others slips away, even she can't believe how far she is willing to go to claim justice for Maddie.

Without her moral compass and her sense of self, how can she possibly stop a group of mind-reading terrorists from killing tens of thousands of people? Can she see past her anger to care about anything besides retribution? How can she save her newfound family, when she can't even tell the difference between herself and those who are truly unforgiven?


Firstly, let me just say that it is amazing how this series' synopsis can tell the whole story without hinting that it's telling the entire story. Okay. Wonderment over. *Until the third installment lol*

Whoa. So in the last installment Unseen, Mackenzie was taken back to their HQ where she learned that the attack on the train- the train her best friend was on -was targeted by the enemy. She's angry, pissed, and out for blood. End of book one. In the first few pages of Unforgiven, she's an immobile wreck. The drastic change in mood is immediately catching, and I get the feels as Maddie's death finally hits her, and she doesn't know how to cope. How do you cope when you lose the only thing you ever really knew in your life? For ten days, she's a vegetable, never leaving her room or the comfort of her bed until Owen, her reinstated boyfriend, comes to pick her back up. He refuses to see her sink further into her grief, so he tries to give her another reason to start living again. I thought this was sweet, considering that she was a judgmental bitch to him at the end of Unseen.

That's why it's so SAD that although he's being super supportive, she can't think of being anything but polite with her gratitude. Mackenzie's literally unable to feel. She just isn't the same person, anymore. She's disconnected.

AND THEN, a little over two weeks later, the boss David calls her in to start her training again.

angry photo:  tumblr_li6k88kEbW1qayzvw.gif

I was so fucking annoyed! Annoyed with her for letting her emotions get her so riled. Annoyed that she was in such a shitty situation that ultimately fucked with her head and gave her no other choice. Annoyed that her dad (yeah David's her dad) that he can't even give her a fucking month before he starts hinting jabbing at her to continue working. Like what the fuck!? I know it's too soon. She knows it's too soon. He should know it's too soon. So what happens?

She goes back to training.

wtf photo:  Confusedtaylor.gif

Tracy, the woman training her, senses that her mind is far from healed, but her concerns die a miserable death fall on deaf ears. By then I was fucking annoyed with David for making her work after such a huge blow to the brain, cause not only is he training a damaged mind, he's training a down dog out for blood. Dude's basically making a weapon of mass destruction out of his own daughter. You just fucked away all your brownie points.

The whole time I'm reading, I'm pretty much annoyed with David for being such a fuckboy. I was consistently frustrated with Mackenzie, but it wasn't because she was stupid or anything. I think I was more annoyed with her situation. You can't help but feel bad that she really has no other option, and I can't fault her for the things she does in the beginning because of her time of grieving.

No, I change my mind. I was majorly turned off by her hypocritical actions. First she breaks up with Owen for being a "murderer" when he fucking SAVES people, and then she turns around and tortures/MURDERS one of Maddie's killers? My emotions are all over the fucking place. Relieved Maddie's killer got what he deserved. Disturbed by Mackenzie's easy way of SERIOUSLY MENTALLY TORTURING a guy before killing him via le bus. Was he a sick fuck? Yes, but we don't care about sick fucks. We care about Mackenzie, and the fact that she turned into such a cold... thing really makes my skin crawl out of... displacement. I just don't know how to feel.

She was strong. She broke. She rose from the flames, but she came out a different person. I like this person, but knowing who she was before she became a psychotic badass kills the enjoyment a bit. And I think this confusion of whirls and what-the-fucks is one of the main reasons why I love this book. I'm just like...

amazed photo: Jesus Face jesusface.gif

The plot is pretty good, targeting a group of innocents while maintaining a sense of mystery because you know some serious shit's about to go down. There were times when it didn't feel like I was reading, and then some moments tripped me up, be it a few phrases overused by every author known to man, or simply awkward scenes that just didn't do it for me. Like her body being possessed. That just didn't... eh... Erickson has some amazing way with her words, which is why seeing other general phrases or sentences makes me wonder why she's using something like that when she's already got her own special blend.

Romance is in here, though it's more on the 'what will happen next' than actual romance. Some sweet scenes, yes, otherwise I wouldn't put this on the romance shelf. The supportive characters were cool, mostly Tracy. She had a depth to her that really reached out to me like Mackenzie did, minus the frustration. SOOOO I'm a little miffed at the way she died. Yeah, DIED. The suddenness of it and her existence just getting lost in Mackenzie's own personal hell was a little off-putting. I didn't like that she just... disappeared until it was appropriate to bring her up again. I needed more time with her. :/

You can purchase this on Amazon or do what I did:
sign up for her newsletters and get Unforgiven in return.
I now have a love-hate relationship with this series and enjoy her newsletters.

I recommend this book not for the cool plot or secret societies of crazies, nor for the cute guys and amazing character development. I recommend this solely for the entertainment of making yourself frustrated over Mackenzie and the fucked up situation she's been put in. I blame it entirely on her daddy and praise her for the fact that she doesn't completely give up.

I think I've grown fond of you, Mac.

Happy Reading 

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Sexy Night Sunday: My Dutch Billionaire (#3)

His name is Willem de Konigh. The 33-year-old Dutch billionaire who was her first crush, her first lover, and her first heartbreak.

Her name is Serenity Raleigh. The 19-year-old childhood friend whose innocence he had stolen, and whose heart he had shattered... only to realize that hurting her meant hurting himself more.

Willem is determined to do everything to earn Serenity's forgiveness and make her love him again.

But what if it's too late?

What if Serenity has found someone else?

This is the final book of Willem and Serenity's love story.


So this is the first time I'm doing 'Sexy Sunday', which basically means I'll sometimes be choosing a book/series to fawn over in terms of its sex appeal, rating it from a stormy weather of raining men to 'damn, you kinky little fucker'. AAAAAAND I did this because there was a seriously hot epilogue in this book *cough*-Marian-*cough* but I hadn't spoiled it in my first review. Now I'm going all out.
(You asked for it, Marian)

Crude language cause I'm just that kind of kinky fucker

licking photo: god licking iphone s_6561234619e99fd16cb4f9b0763561b6.gif
My Dutch Billionaire #3 is the final installment in the love story of Serenity Raleigh and Willem de Konigh. In books #1 and #2, we learn that he was a Dutch billionaire who came into her life five years ago and helped her in ways no man had, not even her late father, who scared her into breaking her own leg just so she didn't have to dance, anymore. The accident, and the front row seat to his suicide, left her cold with a limp, and a house of two women who wanted nothing to do with her.

But then sexy Willem came into the picture. Well, he came into the house for his girlfriend, Shane (Serenity's half-sister) during dinnertime, and it certainly didn't stop him from cumming in the house in his girlfriend's mouth. Very hot scene, skank or no skank. He left, leaving Shane to think she'd snagged a billionaire for herself, and ran into a very poised 14-year-old talking to his two guards. Serenity Raleigh. After a reluctant farewell to the interesting young woman and a quick background check, Willem is either thinking about her, or falling smoothly into Fate's plans to get them together. Those five years turn into an unrequited love on Serenity's end, and when she finally confesses her love, he disappoints her with the cold shoulder.

Book #1 mostly covered their history when she was young, so the sexy level ranges around- a kitty in a basket.

box of kitten photo: kitten tumblr_lhtltclWlN1qb9ggso1_500.gif

Book #2 follows up on their reluctance to get back together after he makes the mistake of listening to Elsa-

elsa photo: Elsa frozenelsa2_zps94e68d09.gif

-but all the same, it mostly covers the adult part of their love. Did that make sense? Part One touched the five years they spent caring for, respecting and slowly falling in love with each other. Part Two came out like a nympho at a bachelorette's party waiting for the strippers to ride them eight ways to Sunday before getting gang banged on the president suite's thousand-counted Mediterranean threads.

Yes, it's that good. >:3 Willem cares for Serenity, he does, but he doesn't believe in love, so instead of trying to avoid her like the plague (which completely failed) he decides to show her that her 'love' is just the healthy, fucktastic American hot blooded appreciation for his cock-iness way of dominating the business world and the gym. Hmm, does such a man go to the gym for his body, or is he naturally like that? Does the sex make him look like that?

hehe.... *sighs* DAMMIT Marian, why am I only now wondering about this with your men?

So you've got to understand: Willem is a gentleman, courteous and perfect in public with a wall of 'fuck off' written out in the most elegant of ways. For this no-nonsense man to agonizingly play with her pussy while her stepmother and half-sister are right outside the dressing room is not only cruel and sadistic, it's hot enough to set any creative mind aflame. *Holy fuckery, Batman!* And he doesn't end there, he fucks her hard (IN PUBLIC, NOW!) until it leaves me screaming in tongues I didn't even know I could do. Oh wait, not me, her. I meant Serenity. Of course... tee hee.

Book #2 gives you that and more- *whispers* "So much more." Why then, do you ask, am I choosing the last book and not Part Two? Because of the mother-fucking epilogue, the part that isn't even technically part of the beginning-middle-end. It's the part of the AFTER ALL THIS KINKY FUCKERY. Like what?


You see, in Part Three, Serenity is dealing with lies her sister fed her, cruelly telling her about their engagement and nights whoring around town. It makes her say 'fuck it' to daddy's will about staying with her "family" and seeks shelter with her best friend, Willow, who's happily preggo with her hubby, Stavros in Greece. She goes to the university there and tries to move on, but she can't forget about Willem. Especially when he SHOWS UP at her school! (The school, bt-fucking-w is a Greek branch to Christopoulos University, a college in lovely Florida where all the hottest fucking men with toys attend. Just saying. lol)


So back to Ser and Willem. He only begins to figure out that what he feels is in fact love, but Stavros has already recommended her as an assistant to another billionaire, Acheron, and it looks like someone else wants a taste of Willem Jr. But seriously, Tee sold their love to me far too well because I didn't believe it for a second. If anything it just added to the drama rather than a sincere "omg, is she going Greek?" So long story short, she makes him suffer (while suffering right along with him, which- Ser? That's not how you're supposed to do it -_-') and they get back together. :3

And then the epilogue comes. >:3 *pun intended*

Months into their HEA, Willem's decided to make a film about everyone involved in their affair and sends out invites to come stay in the palace. To everyone's horror, he invites Shane, who's now married to a very old Sheikh (billion guesses why). Ser's alright with it because she has her HEA, but Shane continues to make the entire palace miserable with her rude, conceited stories about things she's (never) done. But it gets better. :) Shane decides to talk Serenity's ear off about the things her husband does for her, playing it to death for the cameras. Shane can't stand the fact that Serenity's won; she has the hot husband with billions who's a god in bed, and it just sucks ass that she's had a taste of it. BUT (lmfao) she thinks- are you ready? She thinks she can actually take him away from Serenity. This bitch is relentless!

When Willem walks in on them, he gives Ser a gift of cute-looking treats. Shane, unable to help herself, brags about already having them. Amused, Willem offers one to her, which she responds with an open mouth. Is she hoping it'll remind him of what she looks like when she's begging for it? Hmm, just when I thought I couldn't get turned off... lol. He actually feeds it to her, not doing a thing when she practically sucks the treat from his fingers (highly unnecessary, you whore) and then she smiles at Serenity. What does Serenity do? She winces, says her sister's name as if in apology, and tells her those treats are... 

for the dog.
(Mairi's adorable dog, Eslee from The Art of Kissing A Greek Billionaire series!)

Oooo yeah, baby. Willem de Konigh, the second most powerful man in the Contini family, actually fed someone dog treats. Why? He's fucking pissed. He takes Shane's jaw in his hand and glares down at her, whispering so the cameras can't hear about the things he could do to her if she ever fucked with his wife again.

"Nod like a good little dog if you understand me."
HE KNOWS!!! Bitch, he knows that you treated Serenity like a dog the day she left. And seriously! How the fuck are you gonna kick down your sister who has a limp and continue to kick her? I hope you felt every ounce of dread Willem de damn Konigh instilled.

Choke on your damn treats.

Willem smiles for the camera and offers her another treat to take "all in good faith", and like a good little dog she eats it. He pets her on the head like a motherfucker and says, "Good girl." BOY!!! You are one sly badass. Daaammn, Willem. I didn't think you had it in you. Serenity didn't think so, either, and she kinda shows her wariness about this side of him. I think we all know how much of a turn-on it really is.

grin photo: Movies Grin.gif

And here it is. They go to the ballroom where his grandmother the Queen is, as well as other members of the royal family, and take a seat next to his younger brother, Jaak (I hear he's rather rakish). It's three a table for dinner tonight, to keep the atmosphere intimate. Sounds good for the couples. Horrible for the third-wheelers. But then... a program for their dark dining requires that all the lights go off. Jaak teases Willem about loosening up, saying that his usual self wouldn't have made a hundred people wait to eat just so he could kiss the lights out of his wife. Willem, this badass gentleman who's perfection and elegance, merely smiles and tells him...
"You, my brother, haven't seen anything yet."
And then the lights go off.

wait what photo: wait what what.gif

Out of nowhere, Willem's fingers grasp Serenity's chin and he engulfs her in a scorching kiss before nibbling down her neck, doing all this with the brother right next to them eating! He stops when the waiters with the awesome night vision come out for the next course, and as soon as they leave, his arm hooks around her and his breath rolls over her breast. Before she can question him, he tweaks her nipples and reassures her no one will notice. And the torture drags on with the courses.

And then he drops his fork.

grin photo: Grin grin.gif

Already hot and needy, Serenity doesn't bat an eyelash before dropping her legs open for her husband to dive into tongue first. *squeals insanely* And then suddenly Jaak asks-
                "How's your steak, Willem?"
                                "Juicy and soft." 
And he goes back to eating out her pussy. As soon as the desserts are served, he makes her sit on his lap-

-and impales her right onto his cock.

sweating photo: sweating sweating.gif
 You. Sly. Fuck.

"Is everything alright?" Jaak asked.
"Everything. Is. Great." She gasped.
glee let it go photo: Glee gleepush.gif

Mmm, I bet it is, Serenity. I. Bet. It. Is.

The lights come back on and Serenity and Willem are already in proper distance, back in chairs like a proper gentleman and lady. Until Jaak looks at his brother with laughing eyes and says, "You've got sherbet on your lips, brother."

HE KNOWS!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD I DIED SHE DIED WE ALL DIED He knows they just had sex at his table!! Serenity dies in embarrassment with the realization and the poor thing can't catch a break, because then Willem says, "Do I?" and licks it right off his face like it's fucking chicken omgIcan'tbreatherightnow.

Then he tells Jaak that he'll help himself to another serving and sweeps her right out of the chair! Serenity turns to apologize to the rest of their dinner guests, but when she sees them all, their faces are beet red. And the queen can't look her way.

laughing hard photo:  laughcry1_zps882f4e91.gif

"You told me no one will know!"

They walk out and she just can't on a scale of one to even, but she loves him anyway, wickedness and all. And the epilogue ends with her still calling him Sir and him insisting on Willem, and when he threatens to go back and ravish her all over again over coffee, she says-

"I love you, Willem."
"Too late. I've changed my mind." And the billionaire turned around to take his fiancee back into the ballroom, where coffee was indeed being served, with the lights on.
- My Dutch Billionaire, Marian Tee

If the world were to ever end just at that time of the sexual threat, I'd die a happy woman. Unfulfilled? (pun intended) Sure, but a happy woman nonetheless.

*Cue Sappy Unsexy Moment*

This epilogue made the whole thing such a happy send-off for the couple. I watched her grow as a young lady who didn't think she deserved to live or love and turn into this poised, empowering and elegant woman who would make Elsa run for her money. But what I loved most is that she never lost her innocence. Through all the tragic and heartbreak, she still kept most of herself untouched and unchanged. Well, I mean aside from trying to get revenge on Willem. And Willem! My God, you were like this marble God statue with all this perfection, poise and mannerisms of a gentleman. To see you so out of sorts was a very sadistic thrill for me, really. Thank you. But most of all, thank you so much for the kindness you showed to Serenity.

*hint* The covers of these stories? They're shoes Willem made especially for Serenity to help with her limp when she walks. HE GOT HER CUSTOM-MADE HEELS TO WALK IN SO SHE DIDN'T STRUGGLE SO MUCH. *hint*

*End Sappy Moment*

Marian Tee's My Dutch Billionaire trilogy was a beautiful, whole romantic tale for me. I got the soft kind of love that comes before the hardcore shit, the hardcore shit (like hoooly sheeeeet) and a little bit of that sweet, psychotic alpha moment of protection before falling right back down to 'too naughty for church'. And I've gotta say, after that epilogue?

You are my second favorite, Willem.

Sorry dude, but you never forget your first XD And he's the Alpha werewolf.

And so, kinky fuckers, so concludes the end of my rant on this sexy piece of perfection. My Dutch Billionaire is definitely a recommend, though it's easier to get into their story if you read Willow and Stavros' story first, since Willem and Serenity become major players in their chance at happiness. But that's just me and my experience.

It was laughter, embarrassing moments and times you wished didn't end. It was fucking hot sexy and downright fun-kinkery, with enough tears to balance out the drama. I usually don't mention much of the technical stuff, but since I'm worshipping this, I might as well lol. The flow of all three books were amazing; it didn't feel like I was reading a book, but rather being transported straight to the minds of the characters. They made me feel everything with them and more. The lines were never too long, nor was anything worth skipping over. It was overall fantastic. I mean, if a book can make you cry and risk jail time over a fictional character, what is it if not a perfect book?

I wouldn't read it on Sundays

sweating photo:  tumblr_lhckkjUMNt1qaho1po1_500_zps0625674d.gif

But then again you just may be that kind of person.
Good for you, kinky little fucker.

Happy Reading :)

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Unseen (The Unseen Trilogy #1)

Mackenzie Day constantly struggles to silence the voices in her head. The inner thoughts of those around her intrude upon every aspect of her life, threatening to turn it into chaos.

All her life, she thought she was alone as a mind reader - a freak.

Then a member of a secret organization called The Unseen suddenly introduces himself, and she's immersed in a world she never knew existed. They teach her to hone her skills as a reader, but to what end? Secrets surround her, humming just out of reach, filling her with questions.

Who are they? What do they do with their mind-reading abilities? In the end, just how far will Mackenzie go to be part of The Unseen?



I struggled with giving this a 4 or a 5-star because of my conflicting emotions with Mackenzie, but in the end it I gave it a five. Why? Because despite the pain in my ass that she was towards the end, my mental argument concerning herself as a young woman thrown into chaos concluded that- well, that she was just a human being with a personality many would refer to as hot-headed, or perhaps stubborn. Maybe even unrealistic morally optimistic, to some degree. Am I confusing you? Well let me just get on with the review then, hmm?

Mackenzie Day's had to accept the fact that she's a freak among the good, the bad and the hideously deranged, until one day, her one time to take a chance on a spontaneous date ends with her being nearly raped. Mitchell, her savior, leaves with an awkward taste in her mouth, but stranger yet is the fact that she can't read his mind. Who the hell is this guy, right? She spots him again during an outing with her best friend, Maddie, but this time he's with a hunky guy. And said hunky guy sneaks a business card into her bag, leaving her none the wiser. Until she sees it, of course. Cause it's her purse.

This story is nothing if not mysterious. lol just kidding, Unseen definitely had the mystery down, but it also engaged me with humorous interactions between characters, making the ride feel a little more real. I felt her frustration with the group, her struggle between a life she'd built and a life she could've never imagined, and the warring thoughts about Owen and his role in all of this. I was drawn in until the near end, and that's when the party ended for me.

Mackenzie was a strong character who practically raised herself, having been taken in by an aunt who despised her, and dealing with a gift she knew nothing of. With making a life of her own, from no other influence or inspiration besides her best friend, it's no wonder that she exceeded in harnessing her talents. You'd need a strong will to combat a strong mind. However, I didn't quite agree with her at the end.

*cue spoiler*

She learned from The Unseen despite knowing they kept secrets from her, but when they told her that they were an organization of assassins who took out terrorists, she balked. She immediately judged them for killing, for being murderers who would take lives like they were nothing.

Not wanting to kill is perfectly fine to me, I'm all for whatever floats your boat. But I really didn't appreciate the way she judged Owen for what he did. He took out killers to save innocent bystanders, and she made him feel like he was a disgusting person who killed for shits and giggles. If her argument's about the importance of life, well guess the fuck what, Mackenzie, in killing one father, he SAVES a hundred more. In exchange of staining his own damn soul with a mother's blood on his hands, he assures that a hundred other families get to see their mommy at the dinner table. So yes, I get that killing is just wrong, but he works for a group that makes those sacrifices. Suck it up, just like how I have to suck it up that you just don't understand!

Sorry for the rant, but in the end I got turned off by her reaction. I expected better from her, because she had a hard life. I just assumed she'd be mature and more understanding about the way people worked. *end of spoi-* WAIT A MINUTE. One more thing I need to talk about, cause it really bugs me. So let's get this straight: she's a grad student, which means she's intelligent. Why in the fucking hell did she tell Maddie about The Unseen? They TOLD her that if anyone knew, it'd be trouble. She heard about the stories and the hits on people involved. Why would she put her bff in such danger?! I just don't get it! I can see that she needed a release and that's why she told her everything, but damn! Was she really so SHOCKED by the thought of 'murderers' that the safety of her bff overrode her need to offload and feel better? I just don't agree. And then Maddie had to fucking DIE OMG LIKE WHATTHEFUCK?!?! I loved Maddie because she shook Mackenzie back into shape if she overthought something, and she seemed a little 2D at times but her issues with guys and her undeniable love for Mac made her a little more real to me. SO, because I wasn't completely sold on Maddie having that depth, her death seriously made me feel like she died so Mackenzie, with her unrealistic morals about killing, would join The Unseen. Like seriously, that's how I felt about her death, and that's just wrong.

frustrated photo: Frustrated Frustrated.gif
This needed a gif. I was really frustrated with her.


This book was entertaining because I love secret organizations and strong woman. I have my personal opinions about some of the things that have happened (some will never make it to this review) but overall, it was great enough to make me sign up for her newsletters in exchange for book two, Unforgiven. The plot was intriguing, but the events itself in book 1 didn't flow as well as I'd have liked. It was more about her trust issues and less about the plot moving beyond her "initiation" in the group. The romance also left me unsatisfied, mostly because it felt rushed due to a lack of explanation on Mackenzie's part. It wasn't bad, but I think maybe Ms. Erickson did too good of a job of making Owen unreadable. Not only did I feel disconnected with the changes, I felt confused about the way he operated. Like, I had a lot of 'wth dude' moments.

Unseen is a recommended read. The little bad there is mostly relies on my expectations, as the general rate of entertainment and sass is enough to get you into Mackenzie's world. I loved Mackenzie in the long run, and her complex character only makes the journey more interesting, in my opinion.

Happy Reading =^-^=

W(REC)K A BOOK: The Duke Takes a Bride

She was in love with her best friend's brother.
He was known as the Delicious Duke, a sexy, out-of-her-league billionaire engaged to a princess. He was off-limits until that night Imogen dared kiss him and he kissed her back. For a few hours he had been hers.

Now Julian Walkden was back. Jilted by his fiancee, he thinks Imogen would make a suitable replacement bride. He promised to give her everything as his wife, except the one thing she needed... his love.

This is a complete, standalone romance with no cliffhanger.



This is the second book to the Entitled series. Why I read this first and not the first, I have no clue, but I gotta say- AWWW! I loved this so much! <3 The story was entertaining and interesting, with great writing and an amazing flow that gradually reached the end of a horrid waterfall until-

i can't photo: I cant, frodo tumblr_m3nuzjgOvu1qjj9hm.gif

When Imogen has to go to the birthday dinner Julian's throwing for a birthday girl who won't even be there, Imogen has second thoughts. She wants to go, but then it'd be like a shark to a bloody piece of long, hard... bait. And the last thing she needs is to throw herself at the man she's loved since they were kids. Not only is he engaged to a real princess, but he's so out of her league, she can't help but listen to her insecurities. However, when she goes to dinner, the lack of her bubbly best friend forces them both to actually see each other. For Imogen, it's torture; for Julian, it's like seeing Trouble for the very first time.

Julian's a really hard man-

smirk photo: Evil Smirk tumblr_lgnrue3H4f1qc5sg6o1_250.gif

-who doesn't need love in his life. It turned him into a shattered vase glued together twice- there may be no coming back from a third crash if he ever lets his guard down again. Unfortunately, jet lag, alcohol and a beautiful woman to make him laugh causes all sorts of problems for him. Not only does he finally see how amazing Imogen is, she's also able to get under his skin, and that is a problem he needs to end. Now. Too bad his two heads couldn't come together to think up a plan. Ha ha. Ha.

In the end, they end up at his place, and under the influence of a streak of 'fuck it', she blurts out her curiosity on how he tastes. He basically challenges her to taste him, so she goes-

lick photo:  tumblr_m59p8lc4VM1r3zat8.gif

*cue spoiler*
Imogen and Julian give in to their sexual desires, but when she fails to let him know she's a virgin, it puts a bad taste in the duke's mouth. They have sex because there's no denying the chemistry, but afterwards, Julian can't help but feel guilty for taking the innocence of his little sister's best friend. What's worse, he sees that look in her eyes that automatically brings his shields up. Humiliated by the awkward moment, she runs away, and for two years, they don't see each other.
*end spoiler*

A night both would rather forget started a very intriguing love story, especially because it was more of a childhood love on Imogen's part. (Oops, was that a spoiler? Sorry not sorry.) It's battle after battle of misunderstandings and the FEAR of being hurt or rejected by someone who could possibly have all of you, and I know how scary that is. Imogen had a rough journey, and Julian did as well, but he was the dick in this (teehee) so Imogen gets my sympathies. He certainly didn't make it easy for her.

*maybe spoilers? idk probably shouldn't risk it*

Aside from Imogen and Julian, I fucking LOVED Lukas, Julian's friend and business partner. As a doctor, he's called upon when Julian finds Imogen bed ridden in her apartment. A lot of characters in here were cool with their own personalities, but I loved Lukas because I felt like he was given more. I can't say what it is per say, but... I'm not sure. He's described as a laid back genius cutie with a good heart, but his moments of muttering random smarty things to himself or staring off into space really made me feel like there was more depth to him- as if there was more to him that I was privileged to see and admire. I fell for him *sighs* And I want more!


This book was amazing. Well written with a flow that did well for the pictures in my head. The only problem I had when reading was the lack of visual breaks for my eyes whenever a scene or POV changed. It jarred me a few times and took me away from the story, but eventually I got used to it. Another slight for me is the way some characters were put into depth while others sort of felt two-dimensional. I'd hoped to see the characters I wanted to love play more than one role, then I would've had a lot more people to happily rant about.

*maybe spoilers? 'character analyzing*
Maggie and Olga, Julian's sister and stepmother, didn't come off as that deep to me, and I was a little disappointed. Maggie's this amazing woman for our hero and heroine, but I didn't feel anything more than her excitable dialogue and constant trips to China where her passions awaited. I like Maggie, and the support she gave both Imogen and Julian, but compared to the guys, I just felt that she wasn't given enough. The same goes with Olga, the mean gold-digger. She does seem to be a little different towards the end, but it isn't really shown, so most of it is speculation.
*end of spoiler*

This is a great romance story that I recommend. The romance was always there for Imogen, but we got to fall in love all over again with her, and I think that's what did it for me. It was brash with the duke's cold decisions and their banter; innocently adorable with her inexperience but quick understanding; humorous with the embarrassment of being caught half naked at the office their cutesy moments; and it made me cry you fucking bastard. Who doesn't love a good cry with their hormones and cheddar popcorn?

Happy Reading :)

My Dutch Billionaire (My Dutch Billionaire #3)

His name is Willem de Konigh. The 33-year-old Dutch billionaire who was her first crush, her first lover, and her first heartbreak.

Her name is Serenity Raleigh. The 19-year-old childhood friend whose innocence he had stolen, and whose heart he had shattered... only to realize that hurting her meant hurting himself more.

Willem is determined to do everything to earn Serenity's forgiveness and make her love him again.

But what if it's too late?

What if Serenity has found someone else?

This is the final book of Willem and Serenity's love story.


***I'm in a rather emotional state right now after reading this book so please bare with me and my attempt to be mature about this***

*cue sexy voice* Previously on 'My Dutch Billionaire'...

Willem had left a heartbroken Serenity to think that he'd fucked like a fucker fornicated with her half-sister just after he'd taken her virginity. I'm not defending the guy, but he wouldn't touch that hoe with a ten-foot pole.
*Hey, that rhymed!*

Anyway, he hatches a 'plan' to keep them both safe from the evil that is love by bribing Shane to keep Serenity away from him. What Shane doesn't follow, is to keep the cruelty out of it. Of course the little witch is going to rub it in to a sister she can't stand! Willem thoroughly misjudged that cracker, and I will never know how she escaped his crazy radar. Isn't he supposed to be a smart businessman?

Months pass by, and both their lives are different. Willem's become a workaholic, taking riskier deals in countries that have yet to put him in the grave; Serenity's had about enough of Shane's adventures with Willem as a newly engaged couple, and when Shane goes too far, she decides to leave. To hell with her father's will. She decides to leave Amsterdam once and for all, but not before Shane gets in a few good kicks like a heel to a puppy.

Serenity finds refuge at her best friend's house in Greece (omg Willow and Stavros!) and attends the Greek branch of Christopoulos University. I loved seeing a very pregnant and blunt Willow help out Serenity, but I especially loved the moments when Stavros came into the picture. It's still apparent that they aren't each other's favorite people in the world. XD So she has a good haven to mend her broken heart, but it's become something else entirely. To Serenity, Willem didn't just abandon her; he played her for the naive fool they believe her to be and got engaged to Shane to laugh at her latest humiliation. None of it's true, of course, but like a young fool who's never really had to trust men until now, she believed every lie her sister threw at her.

And Willem has to undo every single one of these lies if he ever wants a chance with her.

This last installment was definitely the tear-jerker, but a lot of the drama I usually love left me frustrated at times. Serenity's innocence wasn't a positive in this case because it made her revenge on Willem feel so cruel once he realized what an idiot he'd been. Dude's on his (proverbial) knees begging to be taken back! I can't even picture the proud Greek billionaire begging without it feeling so wrong. T_T She had a lot of chances at hurting him or letting go, but I understood that it was a well needed thing for her to get over with. It was still sad. :(

Drama was as thick as ever, and I really enjoyed the author's flow of writing. The entire time I felt like I was watching some Korean soap opera featuring Europeans and Americans with this totally X-rated warning sign flashing every time something was coming up. The sexiness was there, but the majority concentrated on the couple working through their issues.

And OMG Mykolas and Velvet (The Greek Billionaire and I) are in here!!! It's not at all relevant to the review (teehee) but if you've read Marian Tee, you'd know who they were and why it felt like such a treat to see them. The same goes for Willow and Stavros, especially since Willem and Serenity played a part in their love story.

But through all the drama and 'wtf guys?!' moments, I've got to say, the epilogue was just the fucking cherry on top. I don't wanna spoil, BUT I REALLY DO, but I'm trying not to. So let me just say: I wouldn't recommend going to church this Sunday.

faint photo: faint faints.gif

This series was a very entertaining ride, though I get more pleasure out of it because of their prior introductions to my life. Serenity was a very straight-laced young woman who'd been forced to deal with life when her one stone abandoned her. In a sadistic way, it was nice to see her struggle through hardships with her romantic beliefs. Willem was a complex character who played both the knight and Cupid murderer, and although there were many many many times when I wanted to kill him, in the end I loved him, because Serenity did.

I recommend you start with the first book because these aren't stand-alones, though if you really want to get their story, you'll probably have to go to the series before this one. Certainly heightens the drama and the budget towards tissue boxes. It's a great romance series with some of your worse fears come to life, as well as the happiest moments you didn't think would come to pass. But that's just me.

Happy Reading =^-^=

Monday, October 12, 2015

My Dutch Billionaire (My Dutch Billionaire #2)

He's Willem de Konigh. 33 years old. A coldly handsome, excruciatingly polite Dutch billionaire who's always gotten what he wanted. Only this time, he realizes what he wants the most is the one woman who wasn't for him.

She's Serenity Raleigh. 19 years old. A painfully insecure childhood friend of the billionaire who used to love him from afar... until she realized that it would never work between them.

But things have suddenly changed.

Willem now wants her back in his life. In his arms. In his bed.

But he also wants her to play by his rules.


Okay, TBH I was dreading the synopsis because I wasn't sure what fuckery was gonna happen for the couple... but it doesn't sound scary! *meek yay* Sooo-

*reads book*

face palm photo: facepalm 1260528522_itcrowd-facepalm.gif

DAMN IT, MARIAN. Your ending has once again clipped at another heart string of mine. One can only hope I have enough to last me the length of your writing career.

My Dutch Billionaire Part II did not disappoint, following up from the heartbreaking rejection Willem dealt Serenity in MDB Part I. Two months have passed, and Serenity's managed to keep her cool despite dying on the inside from feeling a fool. Willem, the little tramp the elusive Executioner as he's called, has overworked himself and gotten lost in bottles and countless whores women with the failure of forgetting Sarah Marshall Serenity. And their kiss. He doesn't believe any of it to be right, but one thing's for sure: there's just no getting rid of Willem Jr.

boo you whore photo: boo you whore tumblr_mc5v5y3MTC1qgbguro4_250.gif

Knowing the inevitable, he accepts Shane's invitation to dinner and insists they have it at her house. Melanie and Shane = happy. Serenity = whatthefuck. She couldn't possibly see him after the humiliation of being put in her place, but she bears it, and after a rather scandalous moment of drunkenness, she's momentarily left alone with him at the dinner table. He apologizes, and when she tries to run away, he stops her with a kiss- and an order to come back to work the next morning.

She ignores him for days (LOL) with no help from Willow, her very blunt and happily married best friend, but fate- and Willem -will always have their way. She's forced to tag along with her half-sister and stepmother to meet up with Willem, and what she first assumes is an announcement to their engagement quickly turns out to be a trick set up by the Dutch billionaire himself. He'd wanted her to react, and by instead congratulating him on his engagement, she'd just proven to him and herself that she didn't really love him.

what photo: what whut2.gif

Willem had to give up his heart a long time ago when he watched how his parents' love tore their family apart. He vowed never to love, and would hurt anyone that tried to change his mind. Even Serenity. However, instead of being normal and, like, IDK, loving his other half, he confesses his thoughts to her and says that since they don't love each other, it's 'perfect', because then neither one's lives would be ruined.

face palm photo:  tumblr_lgs1twQhjg1qeeklq_zps786bdaf8.gif

Serenity knows he's an idiot now, but with the later revealed childhood he had, she understands that she just needs to show that he does love her- and months of love-making-without-the-love-making will prove that. So she lies, agreeing with the confused man that she may not love him after all, and she goes back to working with him the next day. Months pass, and it's been bliss for the two of them, but something so perfect without things straightened out comes to collect its payment.

On the fucking hot and holy shit bothered panties are wet night she gives him her virginity, she believes she's helped him realize that he loves her. But to no avail, she's failed. She hasn't convinced him he loves her; she's convinced him that she indeed is in love with him. She lied to him. And we all know what will happen next...

He'll have to prove her wrong.

opening a door photo: cat opening door catopensdoorforcat.gif

Know what that GIF is? It's the sight of
Willem leaving Shane's room the morning after he fucked Serenity eight ways to Sunday.

DAMN IT, WILLEM. My heart strings just went all shikaka after the stunt he pulled on a searching Serenity. But what was worse was when she chased him to the point of injuring her leg further and falling to her knees, begging to know why he'd do such a thing, only to hear-

"That's the problem, Ms. Raleigh..."
"...You thought I loved you."
-Contini Village Idiot

Those are literally the last words to the book. The last words. Oh, God my heart.

faint photo: I can't- fb73d54f.gif

So this book was definitely more sexual, heated and intense in comparison to the first book, which frankly I and my tear ducts enjoyed much more, yet at the same time, that schizophrenic side of me prefers the drama of love. *sighs* Part II of My Dutch Billionaire was a nice change of pace for the reserved Serenity. To see her change from a little girl who couldn't believe she deserved to live to a woman who knew she deserved to live and love was amazing. Their fourteen-year difference hasn't really hit me whenever I read, but I do take notice of the way Serenity is nineteen. It's hard to explain, but I can almost see the innocence Willem sees, and the need to protect it, which he does. In a way. A weird way. A fucked up way really-

what photo: yeeesss 2quqlbqjpg_zps5a58da02.gif

New characters are introduced to MDB and I gotta say, I loved Egbert and Queen Wilhemina's small scene in the beginning, it really set the tone for the severity of Willem's fucked up situation. I am interested in knowing more about Nicolaas, Willem's youngest (bastard) brother whom he protected from his scary dad. If Willem's life was shit for protecting his little brother from Daddy Cuckold, what was his life like? Scary. Another brother, Gabe, had a small role in playing the hilariously charming brother whom Serenity dances with at a charity event they attend. I LOVED his small part in making Serenity (and every Shane-hater I'm sure) happy. haha! And if he's third in line to the Contini throne, does that mean we'll be seeing him more? *wiggles eyebrows*

I also enjoyed the minor characters like Rachel and Andrea, who brought the funny to the office when it was the last thing Willem was putting down (LOL), or even Mr. Smit and Mr. Molen, Willem's bodyguards Serenity had spoken with the first time she met the Dutch billionaire, I loved seeing their return again. Even though they didn't have like, enormous speaking roles (though you gotta admit, their role at the House of Ivy was hilarious, too) I did feel the comfort Serenity did by just seeing two familiar faces. It was cute.

All in all, this second installment was a very hot (and tearful) continuum to Serenity and Willem's love story. Definitely balanced the cuteness and innocence of the first book. I recommend this book to fellow romance and smut lovers who love a good drama and oe-em-gee throw-down. The pace was steady and made their new found ro-sex-mance timeless despite the few months and fewer pages. It was just overall good and I really hope like Hel that Willem learns to grovel in the FINAL BOOK OMG.

what photo: what? samuel_L_Jackson.gif

I think the only thing that will forever bug me is... why the hell does the House of Ivy (Willem's cousin's store) sound so bloody familiar?! Have I come across it in another reading and forgotten?

what photo: what tumblr_lnkv1yiXMa1qg2l7v_zps95d66468.gif

Happy Reading =^-^=

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My Dutch Billionaire (My Dutch Billionaire #1)

I was fourteen, he was twenty-eight.
I was a failure and the black sheep in my family.
He was the Dutch billionaire every girl wanted to marry.
I wanted him to be mine, but he was dating my older sister.
And so I tried to forget.
I tried to stop loving him.
I tried, but it just kept hurting until I realized that nothing would work.
Nothing... except learning how to live without Willem de Konigh.

- Goodreads

gasp photo: Jumpin' Jack Flash - Gasp! jjf_gasp_01.gif

'...except how to live without Willem de Konigh'??? Stop that right now!

So Marian was sweet enough to still give me an ARC in exchange for a free review. Thank you so much, you have no idea how grateful I am first of all. A certain Heart Racer may had permanently scared me for the rest of your writing career but it doesn't make me love your romances any less. XD Your romances are the epics worth fighting for. I mean, if true love was so easy, everyone would have it, right?


Damn the ending! But I suppose it wouldn't really be Marian Tee if there wasn't some form of heart-tearing scene in any of her books. *glares* I really enjoyed this one. Serenity was introduced in Willow and Stavros' Greek Billionaire and His Secretary, and I immediately fell in love. She's a reserved woman with traits similar to Elsa the Ice Queen but with dreams that rival Willow's own.

elsa photo: Elsa frozenelsa_zps21297fcf.gif

In the first part of My Dutch Billionaire, Serentiy's had a hard life. From the time she was twelve, her famous father put the pressure on her to carry on his legacy and be the best dancer there ever was. However, a helpful advice unintentionally lays out her fear of her father and right before her eyes, he commits suicide for his failure.

Six months later, while staying with her step-mother, Melanie, and half-sister, Shane, Serenity meets the infamous Dutch billionaire in Shane's current sight for the taking. Willem is at first curious about the younger, less dazzling version of Shane, yet her demure beauty and innocence leads to him researching her background. He now knows she's had a troubled life, what with her father and her self-inflicted leg injury, but with fate continuing to put the two in each other's paths, they eventually form a platonic relationship.

I thought Willem was sweet to care for a young Serenity and raise her to become a better version of herself. He has two younger sisters he cared for because of their own lack of paternal guidance, and with three other brothers, taking care of those he cares for is just something he adapted to. What he doesn't seem to realize is that Serenity, the younger sister of a current bedmate, is indeed someone he cares for. It's confirmed during a time with his younger sisters, Anneke and Fleur, as he opens up Serentiy's birthday gift. They see how much Serenity means to him, but as wise as Anneke is, she discretely lets her sister know that they shouldn't interfere. Why?
Because he's not ready to fall in love.

sad photo:  seesomthingsad.gif

Serenity's always known about her affections for Willem, but because of their situation, she first thought it was nothing but a reaction to being shown kindness and attention, something she hasn't had since- well, ever. It isn't until she's fourteen that she realizes what her feelings are- love for the billionaire. A love she could never reveal to anyone. Pleasant weeks turn into months and years until seventeen-year-old Serenity gets a pleasant surprise visit from Willem during a visit from her shrink, the very doctor to care for her just before her father died. She thought things were going well until Willem shouts at her to get over her self-pity and negative assumptions of his honor in a moment of misunderstanding. He never shouts at her, but what she doesn't know is that just before they'd left the office, her doctor had none too subtly accused him of having wicked intentions for the nearly eighteen-year-old young woman.

Never mind that he would never be such a beast where 'the child' Serenity is concerned, Willem isn't ready for love! That means the feelings he does have towards her will not only be looked at differently, it'll make him panic. And he did just that in the car. Ugh. His blowup sends Serenity in the opposite direction (see silent treatment) but despite her hesitation in speaking to him again, she still sends and wishes for his emails and phone calls. But those die away, and then eventually, any special feelings he ever had towards Serenity gets buried with it.

sad photo:  headshakecry.gif

It's true. He eventually forgets the thing they had and when she becomes his assistant, she also inherits his title Willem Jr. Damn it lol. We come full circle (for those who read The Greek Billionaire and His Secretary) with Serenity, at nineteen, admiring her new friend Willow, and her risk in taking her own Greek billionaire's love. The story ends with Sere taking the chance herself, quitting her job, and telling a very upset Willem why with a surprise kiss. A kiss... that he doesn't return.

gasp photo: GASP tumblr_m0yjofAfVs1qac02ro1_500.gif

He accepts her resignation much to her horror, and it ENDS RIGHT THERE. Damn it, Marian! You just had to put in a heart-ripping scene! To be honest, I was reading this and loving it. Up until that scene, I noticed how clean and fast paced it was- because no one's heart was being torn apart. :( So of course your slap in the face at the end was like-

gasp photo: GASP SPN_GASP-gif.gif

I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it. I loved it, actually, but it doesn't make it any less sad. :( OR annoying! Damn cliffhangers. Ugh.

So in conclusion this was a clean story of sweet affection between a girl new to love and a man who isn't ready to know about it. I love fated love, so seeing their unusual draw to each other- along with fate's constant step in -was something very entertaining for this hopeless romantic.

The only thing I can think to point out is Shane's plot line. She starts off as this bitchy gold digger and social ladder climber but quickly gets turned into a bedmate. I'm not complaining, lol, but I do wonder what happened to her. How does she feel about her plot to get Willem locked in marriage vows? Does it just annoy her to death that Serenity is getting something she isn't? I wanna know!

I recommend this story because 1- in a very unbiased way, Marian Tee is a note-worthy author who has a way with drama, true love, and the will to not give up on something you want. 2- Sere and Willem's growing affections took a very sweet turn despite the horrible things that this young woman went through. If you love-a the romance-a, the drama-a and the whatthefuckahappened, you'll like this.

Happy Reading :)