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My Dutch Billionaire (My Dutch Billionaire #1)

I was fourteen, he was twenty-eight.
I was a failure and the black sheep in my family.
He was the Dutch billionaire every girl wanted to marry.
I wanted him to be mine, but he was dating my older sister.
And so I tried to forget.
I tried to stop loving him.
I tried, but it just kept hurting until I realized that nothing would work.
Nothing... except learning how to live without Willem de Konigh.

- Goodreads

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'...except how to live without Willem de Konigh'??? Stop that right now!

So Marian was sweet enough to still give me an ARC in exchange for a free review. Thank you so much, you have no idea how grateful I am first of all. A certain Heart Racer may had permanently scared me for the rest of your writing career but it doesn't make me love your romances any less. XD Your romances are the epics worth fighting for. I mean, if true love was so easy, everyone would have it, right?


Damn the ending! But I suppose it wouldn't really be Marian Tee if there wasn't some form of heart-tearing scene in any of her books. *glares* I really enjoyed this one. Serenity was introduced in Willow and Stavros' Greek Billionaire and His Secretary, and I immediately fell in love. She's a reserved woman with traits similar to Elsa the Ice Queen but with dreams that rival Willow's own.

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In the first part of My Dutch Billionaire, Serentiy's had a hard life. From the time she was twelve, her famous father put the pressure on her to carry on his legacy and be the best dancer there ever was. However, a helpful advice unintentionally lays out her fear of her father and right before her eyes, he commits suicide for his failure.

Six months later, while staying with her step-mother, Melanie, and half-sister, Shane, Serenity meets the infamous Dutch billionaire in Shane's current sight for the taking. Willem is at first curious about the younger, less dazzling version of Shane, yet her demure beauty and innocence leads to him researching her background. He now knows she's had a troubled life, what with her father and her self-inflicted leg injury, but with fate continuing to put the two in each other's paths, they eventually form a platonic relationship.

I thought Willem was sweet to care for a young Serenity and raise her to become a better version of herself. He has two younger sisters he cared for because of their own lack of paternal guidance, and with three other brothers, taking care of those he cares for is just something he adapted to. What he doesn't seem to realize is that Serenity, the younger sister of a current bedmate, is indeed someone he cares for. It's confirmed during a time with his younger sisters, Anneke and Fleur, as he opens up Serentiy's birthday gift. They see how much Serenity means to him, but as wise as Anneke is, she discretely lets her sister know that they shouldn't interfere. Why?
Because he's not ready to fall in love.

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Serenity's always known about her affections for Willem, but because of their situation, she first thought it was nothing but a reaction to being shown kindness and attention, something she hasn't had since- well, ever. It isn't until she's fourteen that she realizes what her feelings are- love for the billionaire. A love she could never reveal to anyone. Pleasant weeks turn into months and years until seventeen-year-old Serenity gets a pleasant surprise visit from Willem during a visit from her shrink, the very doctor to care for her just before her father died. She thought things were going well until Willem shouts at her to get over her self-pity and negative assumptions of his honor in a moment of misunderstanding. He never shouts at her, but what she doesn't know is that just before they'd left the office, her doctor had none too subtly accused him of having wicked intentions for the nearly eighteen-year-old young woman.

Never mind that he would never be such a beast where 'the child' Serenity is concerned, Willem isn't ready for love! That means the feelings he does have towards her will not only be looked at differently, it'll make him panic. And he did just that in the car. Ugh. His blowup sends Serenity in the opposite direction (see silent treatment) but despite her hesitation in speaking to him again, she still sends and wishes for his emails and phone calls. But those die away, and then eventually, any special feelings he ever had towards Serenity gets buried with it.

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It's true. He eventually forgets the thing they had and when she becomes his assistant, she also inherits his title Willem Jr. Damn it lol. We come full circle (for those who read The Greek Billionaire and His Secretary) with Serenity, at nineteen, admiring her new friend Willow, and her risk in taking her own Greek billionaire's love. The story ends with Sere taking the chance herself, quitting her job, and telling a very upset Willem why with a surprise kiss. A kiss... that he doesn't return.

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He accepts her resignation much to her horror, and it ENDS RIGHT THERE. Damn it, Marian! You just had to put in a heart-ripping scene! To be honest, I was reading this and loving it. Up until that scene, I noticed how clean and fast paced it was- because no one's heart was being torn apart. :( So of course your slap in the face at the end was like-

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I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it. I loved it, actually, but it doesn't make it any less sad. :( OR annoying! Damn cliffhangers. Ugh.

So in conclusion this was a clean story of sweet affection between a girl new to love and a man who isn't ready to know about it. I love fated love, so seeing their unusual draw to each other- along with fate's constant step in -was something very entertaining for this hopeless romantic.

The only thing I can think to point out is Shane's plot line. She starts off as this bitchy gold digger and social ladder climber but quickly gets turned into a bedmate. I'm not complaining, lol, but I do wonder what happened to her. How does she feel about her plot to get Willem locked in marriage vows? Does it just annoy her to death that Serenity is getting something she isn't? I wanna know!

I recommend this story because 1- in a very unbiased way, Marian Tee is a note-worthy author who has a way with drama, true love, and the will to not give up on something you want. 2- Sere and Willem's growing affections took a very sweet turn despite the horrible things that this young woman went through. If you love-a the romance-a, the drama-a and the whatthefuckahappened, you'll like this.

Happy Reading :)

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