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My Dutch Billionaire (My Dutch Billionaire #2)

He's Willem de Konigh. 33 years old. A coldly handsome, excruciatingly polite Dutch billionaire who's always gotten what he wanted. Only this time, he realizes what he wants the most is the one woman who wasn't for him.

She's Serenity Raleigh. 19 years old. A painfully insecure childhood friend of the billionaire who used to love him from afar... until she realized that it would never work between them.

But things have suddenly changed.

Willem now wants her back in his life. In his arms. In his bed.

But he also wants her to play by his rules.


Okay, TBH I was dreading the synopsis because I wasn't sure what fuckery was gonna happen for the couple... but it doesn't sound scary! *meek yay* Sooo-

*reads book*

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DAMN IT, MARIAN. Your ending has once again clipped at another heart string of mine. One can only hope I have enough to last me the length of your writing career.

My Dutch Billionaire Part II did not disappoint, following up from the heartbreaking rejection Willem dealt Serenity in MDB Part I. Two months have passed, and Serenity's managed to keep her cool despite dying on the inside from feeling a fool. Willem, the little tramp the elusive Executioner as he's called, has overworked himself and gotten lost in bottles and countless whores women with the failure of forgetting Sarah Marshall Serenity. And their kiss. He doesn't believe any of it to be right, but one thing's for sure: there's just no getting rid of Willem Jr.

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Knowing the inevitable, he accepts Shane's invitation to dinner and insists they have it at her house. Melanie and Shane = happy. Serenity = whatthefuck. She couldn't possibly see him after the humiliation of being put in her place, but she bears it, and after a rather scandalous moment of drunkenness, she's momentarily left alone with him at the dinner table. He apologizes, and when she tries to run away, he stops her with a kiss- and an order to come back to work the next morning.

She ignores him for days (LOL) with no help from Willow, her very blunt and happily married best friend, but fate- and Willem -will always have their way. She's forced to tag along with her half-sister and stepmother to meet up with Willem, and what she first assumes is an announcement to their engagement quickly turns out to be a trick set up by the Dutch billionaire himself. He'd wanted her to react, and by instead congratulating him on his engagement, she'd just proven to him and herself that she didn't really love him.

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Willem had to give up his heart a long time ago when he watched how his parents' love tore their family apart. He vowed never to love, and would hurt anyone that tried to change his mind. Even Serenity. However, instead of being normal and, like, IDK, loving his other half, he confesses his thoughts to her and says that since they don't love each other, it's 'perfect', because then neither one's lives would be ruined.

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Serenity knows he's an idiot now, but with the later revealed childhood he had, she understands that she just needs to show that he does love her- and months of love-making-without-the-love-making will prove that. So she lies, agreeing with the confused man that she may not love him after all, and she goes back to working with him the next day. Months pass, and it's been bliss for the two of them, but something so perfect without things straightened out comes to collect its payment.

On the fucking hot and holy shit bothered panties are wet night she gives him her virginity, she believes she's helped him realize that he loves her. But to no avail, she's failed. She hasn't convinced him he loves her; she's convinced him that she indeed is in love with him. She lied to him. And we all know what will happen next...

He'll have to prove her wrong.

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Know what that GIF is? It's the sight of
Willem leaving Shane's room the morning after he fucked Serenity eight ways to Sunday.

DAMN IT, WILLEM. My heart strings just went all shikaka after the stunt he pulled on a searching Serenity. But what was worse was when she chased him to the point of injuring her leg further and falling to her knees, begging to know why he'd do such a thing, only to hear-

"That's the problem, Ms. Raleigh..."
"...You thought I loved you."
-Contini Village Idiot

Those are literally the last words to the book. The last words. Oh, God my heart.

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So this book was definitely more sexual, heated and intense in comparison to the first book, which frankly I and my tear ducts enjoyed much more, yet at the same time, that schizophrenic side of me prefers the drama of love. *sighs* Part II of My Dutch Billionaire was a nice change of pace for the reserved Serenity. To see her change from a little girl who couldn't believe she deserved to live to a woman who knew she deserved to live and love was amazing. Their fourteen-year difference hasn't really hit me whenever I read, but I do take notice of the way Serenity is nineteen. It's hard to explain, but I can almost see the innocence Willem sees, and the need to protect it, which he does. In a way. A weird way. A fucked up way really-

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New characters are introduced to MDB and I gotta say, I loved Egbert and Queen Wilhemina's small scene in the beginning, it really set the tone for the severity of Willem's fucked up situation. I am interested in knowing more about Nicolaas, Willem's youngest (bastard) brother whom he protected from his scary dad. If Willem's life was shit for protecting his little brother from Daddy Cuckold, what was his life like? Scary. Another brother, Gabe, had a small role in playing the hilariously charming brother whom Serenity dances with at a charity event they attend. I LOVED his small part in making Serenity (and every Shane-hater I'm sure) happy. haha! And if he's third in line to the Contini throne, does that mean we'll be seeing him more? *wiggles eyebrows*

I also enjoyed the minor characters like Rachel and Andrea, who brought the funny to the office when it was the last thing Willem was putting down (LOL), or even Mr. Smit and Mr. Molen, Willem's bodyguards Serenity had spoken with the first time she met the Dutch billionaire, I loved seeing their return again. Even though they didn't have like, enormous speaking roles (though you gotta admit, their role at the House of Ivy was hilarious, too) I did feel the comfort Serenity did by just seeing two familiar faces. It was cute.

All in all, this second installment was a very hot (and tearful) continuum to Serenity and Willem's love story. Definitely balanced the cuteness and innocence of the first book. I recommend this book to fellow romance and smut lovers who love a good drama and oe-em-gee throw-down. The pace was steady and made their new found ro-sex-mance timeless despite the few months and fewer pages. It was just overall good and I really hope like Hel that Willem learns to grovel in the FINAL BOOK OMG.

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I think the only thing that will forever bug me is... why the hell does the House of Ivy (Willem's cousin's store) sound so bloody familiar?! Have I come across it in another reading and forgotten?

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Happy Reading =^-^=

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