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My Dutch Billionaire (My Dutch Billionaire #3)

His name is Willem de Konigh. The 33-year-old Dutch billionaire who was her first crush, her first lover, and her first heartbreak.

Her name is Serenity Raleigh. The 19-year-old childhood friend whose innocence he had stolen, and whose heart he had shattered... only to realize that hurting her meant hurting himself more.

Willem is determined to do everything to earn Serenity's forgiveness and make her love him again.

But what if it's too late?

What if Serenity has found someone else?

This is the final book of Willem and Serenity's love story.


***I'm in a rather emotional state right now after reading this book so please bare with me and my attempt to be mature about this***

*cue sexy voice* Previously on 'My Dutch Billionaire'...

Willem had left a heartbroken Serenity to think that he'd fucked like a fucker fornicated with her half-sister just after he'd taken her virginity. I'm not defending the guy, but he wouldn't touch that hoe with a ten-foot pole.
*Hey, that rhymed!*

Anyway, he hatches a 'plan' to keep them both safe from the evil that is love by bribing Shane to keep Serenity away from him. What Shane doesn't follow, is to keep the cruelty out of it. Of course the little witch is going to rub it in to a sister she can't stand! Willem thoroughly misjudged that cracker, and I will never know how she escaped his crazy radar. Isn't he supposed to be a smart businessman?

Months pass by, and both their lives are different. Willem's become a workaholic, taking riskier deals in countries that have yet to put him in the grave; Serenity's had about enough of Shane's adventures with Willem as a newly engaged couple, and when Shane goes too far, she decides to leave. To hell with her father's will. She decides to leave Amsterdam once and for all, but not before Shane gets in a few good kicks like a heel to a puppy.

Serenity finds refuge at her best friend's house in Greece (omg Willow and Stavros!) and attends the Greek branch of Christopoulos University. I loved seeing a very pregnant and blunt Willow help out Serenity, but I especially loved the moments when Stavros came into the picture. It's still apparent that they aren't each other's favorite people in the world. XD So she has a good haven to mend her broken heart, but it's become something else entirely. To Serenity, Willem didn't just abandon her; he played her for the naive fool they believe her to be and got engaged to Shane to laugh at her latest humiliation. None of it's true, of course, but like a young fool who's never really had to trust men until now, she believed every lie her sister threw at her.

And Willem has to undo every single one of these lies if he ever wants a chance with her.

This last installment was definitely the tear-jerker, but a lot of the drama I usually love left me frustrated at times. Serenity's innocence wasn't a positive in this case because it made her revenge on Willem feel so cruel once he realized what an idiot he'd been. Dude's on his (proverbial) knees begging to be taken back! I can't even picture the proud Greek billionaire begging without it feeling so wrong. T_T She had a lot of chances at hurting him or letting go, but I understood that it was a well needed thing for her to get over with. It was still sad. :(

Drama was as thick as ever, and I really enjoyed the author's flow of writing. The entire time I felt like I was watching some Korean soap opera featuring Europeans and Americans with this totally X-rated warning sign flashing every time something was coming up. The sexiness was there, but the majority concentrated on the couple working through their issues.

And OMG Mykolas and Velvet (The Greek Billionaire and I) are in here!!! It's not at all relevant to the review (teehee) but if you've read Marian Tee, you'd know who they were and why it felt like such a treat to see them. The same goes for Willow and Stavros, especially since Willem and Serenity played a part in their love story.

But through all the drama and 'wtf guys?!' moments, I've got to say, the epilogue was just the fucking cherry on top. I don't wanna spoil, BUT I REALLY DO, but I'm trying not to. So let me just say: I wouldn't recommend going to church this Sunday.

faint photo: faint faints.gif

This series was a very entertaining ride, though I get more pleasure out of it because of their prior introductions to my life. Serenity was a very straight-laced young woman who'd been forced to deal with life when her one stone abandoned her. In a sadistic way, it was nice to see her struggle through hardships with her romantic beliefs. Willem was a complex character who played both the knight and Cupid murderer, and although there were many many many times when I wanted to kill him, in the end I loved him, because Serenity did.

I recommend you start with the first book because these aren't stand-alones, though if you really want to get their story, you'll probably have to go to the series before this one. Certainly heightens the drama and the budget towards tissue boxes. It's a great romance series with some of your worse fears come to life, as well as the happiest moments you didn't think would come to pass. But that's just me.

Happy Reading =^-^=

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