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Sexy Night Sunday: The Hostage Bargain

When small town girl Melinda Prescott is taken hostage by three hot bank robbers, she quickly discovers that a life of bank heists, luxury hotels, and kinky menages is way more exciting than working on the family farm. She should be scared of her dominating, fierce captors... but there's something wicked inside her that's craving to obey their every dark desire.

Melinda eagerly throws in with her three smoldering fugitives... and soon realizes that these are no ordinary bank robbers - and that bad guys aren't always who they seem. But will her delicious captors overcome their own demons enough to let her in? And can these underdogs fight an evil conspiracy that's larger than all of them?

Warning: This book contains a sexy bank-robbers-and-their-captive sandwich, light bondage, teasing hints of domination, and a little play-time in a hot tub. Oh, and some all-too-delicious alpha heroes who bend the heroine to their will.



orgasm photo: horny, orgasm 6986618_zps04353a9f.gif

Okay, who doesn't have those fantasies of more than one masked man? Seriously. This was a very hot read that followed the exciting journey of Melinda who decides to show her captives that she'd be an amazing asset to the team. Too bad they're reluctant with letting a female back into their ranks. All but one actually don't mind, but seriously, that just makes things hotter when he watches the rest of the naughty guys show their appreciation for her enthusiasm. I loved that they used different gods as their code names, and their "initiation" for a now named Isis? Fuuuuuck. And let me just say, you'll never think of driving the same way.

orgasm photo: orgasm tumblr_lj54yjPZXZ1qduemx.gif

This is a fun and exciting story with an actual action-packed plot that balances out the bullets with orgasms, and with more than one guy to drool over, it's also amazing when they have their own little attitudes to swoon to. Definitely a read to check out if you like that sexy action. The end certainly takes a... hot turn.

God, I love team work.

Happy Reading =^-^=

Friday, November 27, 2015

Pollyanna and The Greek Billionaire (Innocent and Betrayed 1)

Greek billionaire Kyrillos Gazis once fell in love, only to be betrayed.

Now without a heart, he is determined to see the young and innocent Pollyanna as a fling. He doesn't realize how important she's become to him, doesn't realize how much he's become used to seeing the stars in her eyes... until the day he sees her packing, intending to leave him.

This is Book 1 of 3 of Kyr and Pollyanna's epic love story.


Before reading it:
Oh, god. She's gone and done it. She finally wrote a love story with more things to break your heart like marriage and kids.
scared photo: Scared tumblr_lyqz6ahsBB1r37s67-1.gif

As if questionable love wasn't frightening enough. You just had to make it scarier, didn't you?

After reading it:
Marian... your power of making things more painful is rather intimidating.
scared photo: Scared tumblr_lynbuqgGII1ro0cbpo1_500-2.gif

*Warning: I have tendencies to randomly yell address the author*
*No, I'm not crazy*

Not gonna lie, I usually have to review Marian's books on other websites, attempt at reviewing them in another language, eat some chocolate, sleep, and watch Ellen before attempting to review on my blog. Feeling pretty calm right about now. Thank God for the way it ended, because I would rather hang from a cliff than be subjected to waiting three fucking days like roadkill on the ground after being run over by your sadistic writing.

But I can't complain. Turkeys are dying left and right to make the Americans' Thanksgiving an epic weekend, so who am I to complain about not having to wait a whole year or so for the next part? Oh, right. A reader sick of a certain Greek billionaire's shit.

GLARE photo:  mylife.gif

What the hell, man?! Dude, I can't even be mad at you right now, it's so fucked up. This was fucking perfect with the way it started, building up the scene so nicely that I thought I was the clientele and the janitor, all watching Kyr by the poolside from all glorious perspectives. It felt very posh, up until he started fucking the shit out of his childhood friend and first love, Ana.

grossed out photo: SPN grossed out faces 22.gif
*I think I'm more annoyed with myself for being turned on by that scene -_-*

I can't deal with you right now, Marian. How you gonna give him a sweet story like that when we both know that's not who he ends up with? UGH. T_T And nine years?! Of course it's nearly a decade. Cause otherwise, Kyr would have no excuse on why he's such the biggest fucktard ever!

Momentary Off-Track Rant Commence

Kyr, you've got problems buddy, and the beginning of this book tells me why. You had a girl you grew up with and loved for nine long years. Not even adults can do that without putting a ring on it. Even when she was a brat and ungrateful little shit, you still loved her, because you firmly believed in loving someone no matter what, and she was it for you.
...until she left you.

You inherited a large sum of debt after your parents died, and I am so sorry about the burden you carried at only the age of 24. And I'm also sorry that Ana couldn't stay by your side. She was a severely selfish woman who couldn't sit on the sidelines. I get that she needed to pursue her dreams, and didn't think it was fair for her to back down, but you know what? She did not do something that one would do from the heart. She chose her "dreams"- which we both know was really just a life she felt she was owed -over supporting you.
She. Didn't. Choose. You.


rage photo: rage black_man_rage_gif1.gif

*You drove me bugfuck in this thing!!!* *Shit, calm down. His self esteem was shot down, not his heart.*
*Are you telling me he believed her bullshit about always loving him?*

stare photo: BRET STARE BretStare.gif

*......*walks away*.......*

End of Kyrillos Rant

So like, after that tragic back story, it starts off super adorable with this unsuspecting 18-year-old visiting her godparents, and Pollyanna Graham gets told about where to pass the time on the island. She mistakes Kyr for a worker, and it's fate the rest of the way. Both are annoyed with the other but they can't seem to say no. One day becomes a week and before he knows it, Kyrillos is addicted to her presence. The only problem is that he wants nothing to do with anyone and she's pretty much found her first love.

What really breaks my heart about this guy is that despite all the shitty things about Ana, he still loves her. I both commend and admire that kind of dedication, but it's. Not. Pollyanna. And I think that's where it just makes me ill, because in his mind Pollyanna isn't a girl to be pursued, she's a girl barging in on his last chance with Ana. That is frightening. Cause Pollyanna is such a sweetheart with a magical set of eyes who only sees the better things in life. Ana's this spoiled little shit who- in my opinion -doesn't have a very good heart, no matter how misguided.

clapping photo: Clapping Hobbits clappinghobbit_zps28c1aea4.gif

So binabati kita (heh heh thanks April) jackass, you're relentless in love. Just with the wrong girl. *sighs* Look, there's a difference between never giving up on someone and knowing when to stop. Ever heard of that quote, "Let it go; if it comes back, no one wanted it which means you don't, either"?
*wrong quote, idiot*

It's one of those quotes. Lookthepointis, there is only so much you can do for someone you love before you exhaust yourself. If you never stopped, you'd never know if they would do the same. Your fault in this was never stopping until it was too late and she was leaving you. In a way, you saved her from having to show her true colors to you because then, instead of exposing her spoiled self, she got a hall pass from having to show jack shit and left you forever thinking, 'what if'. She had you, even when she wasn't there to care for such a gift.

So I see why you're such an internal jerk with Pollyanna. She's an innocent you don't wanna hurt, but she's just too alluring (because you're meant to be together jackass). Doesn't excuse you, though, because you had a lot of chances to face your problem and move the fuck on. You yourself found her amusing in the beginning! You're probably the only one who'd think her blowfish face is adorable (though really it's because of you that she does it) and she's everything Ana isn't: unselfish, dedicated and kind-hearted.

When her godparents gave you an outing of the hole you dug yourself in, I think you should've taken it, because this lie you're building up around yourself to keep from FACING YOUR PROBLEMS MY GOD will only make it worse for her. You're still pining over Ana and she's practically pining over you! What do you think is gonna happen when she finds out you've been lying to her?

GLARE photo: Glare kkbb10.gif

This was so frustrating because I was frustrated with him and frustrated with being frustrated when things got really sweet (thank you Pollyanna). And I figured out why Kyrillos was so grumpy; it's because he had to move on in order to get over the hurt she inflicted, but never actually moved on because he was still in love with her, waiting for her to come back from whatever ridiculous thing she just had to do. He pretty much fucked himself when he spent time with Pollyanna and saw that other women weren't bitches like Ana. And I do get the struggle, do you choose chemistry or history? When you've loved someone for so long, do you stop when they do? Or do you go with the person who refuses to? Are we all just thinking about this a little too much?

Let's just look at a quote by Johnny Depp:

*wise words you fucking fuckable immortal hottie bleesssss*

Sooo this is just me, but I'm pretty sure that means Pollyanna is your girl. Then again, you don't realize you're in the beginnings of love so does that mean you really don't love her right now?

*Oh God I think my heart's gonna break*

scared photo: scared a16bg7.gif

But you know what I think? I think you're just in denial, because despite liking the time you spend together, you see how pure she is and yearn for it. You just don't act on it because you're too busy being dedicated to the wrong woman who doesn't even want you. She wants your money. Pollyanna could care less about your money! So she's the better choice, and I'll keep repeating myself until you get it through your think skull. TOO BAD YOU'RE SUCH A HORRIBLE GUY ON TOP OF BEING THE SWEETEST. You're cute with caring for her, but for fucksake, did you have to take her fucking virginity on the same bed as you did with Ana?

GLARE photo:  1.gif

You've just ruined it for me. -_- And yeah, buddy, you better beg her to marry you! I know, I said you'd have been better off leaving and confessing, but I can't complain about you wanting her to be next to you. Almost like you're trying to heal but something's still holding you back. Like closure.
*Ugh, fucking closure.*

I've read a lot of Marian Tee's books and this one, like several others, have a hint of her writing style changing a little bit, which I'm happy about. Just love when I see authors leveling up ^-^ But I swear to God, Marian, if your tragic plots level up with you I'll turn my reviews into diaries you'll never see for as long as I live.

stare photo: whatever stare please 20gxjrq.gif

This was a terribly sweet beginnings of love set in one of Greece's beautiful islands for Pollyanna, covering up the tragic past no one on the goddamn island wants to talk about. I took this to be about Kyr's struggles with choosing Pollyanna, but there wasn't enough groveling to balance out the way he made me feel. </3 Marian's writing never fails at pulling you in, which is probably a bad thing for those who are a few heart strings short of dying, but she always makes you feel. Always. T_T Nonetheless, it's all fucking sweet whenever Kyr isn't giving me reasons for killing him and Ana. Ugh. Ana. A recommend to this author for making up the cutest and most devastating love stories.

Part Two is out now (took me a few days to pull my shit together and edit this) so you can bet your ass I'm going to read it right after this.

Last Thought: Wait... has he never loved her or is he just delusional? Marian?

scared photo:  HOLYSHET.gif

Happy Reading =^_^=

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Talion Witch (The Greaneth Series: 1)

It has been a year since the First and Third Greaneth of Velesi arrived in Pathen. In that time, Alorn and Mellis have hunted and sent back some of the UnderRealm's deadliest of denizens that escaped during the Closing.

But a new threat has been awakened by the expected arrival of new blood which will open the gateway for an ancient evil to return to Velesi.

She is called the Talion Witch, and she will stop at nothing to take vengeance against those who exiled her to the realm of Pathen. Unfortunately for our heroes, one of their own possesses the new blood and the Talion Witch is killing all who stand in her way to get it.

However, before they can get to the Witch, they must first face the deadly, but beautiful, Sister Assassins and a horde of shimodos.

Demon dogs.


Before reading:
haha I read the 'Sister Assassins' and got a little more excited for the heroes than I probably should've.

prince of bel air photo: Fresh Prince of Bel Air tumblr_lt1j571ZwQ1qcqqpjo3_r1_250.gif

After reading:

crying photo: Crying - Rapunzel tumblr_lri11cuxFO1qdlkgg.gif

Oh my God, there's so many feels right now, but they're not so overwhelming that I'd turn into a potato.
*but a cute potato.*

As a returning reader to L. Filloon, it was nice to see the gang again. A year's past since Mellis and Alorn have left their home in Velesi to get back all the demons that escaped back in the Velesi Trilogy, and have come across more shimodos under the control of Kil'iria, the Headmistress of the Talion witch coven. Her story goes beyond the gossip and rumors hinted throughout the story and my heart went out to everyone involved in her expulsion. :( However, Kil'iria wants to return home after centuries of being banished, and the only way to do that is through the child of one of Velesi's queens, and Katherine, the doctor needed to save the baby's life.

Mellis is as big a flirt as ever, with his cousin Alorn remaining just as sullen and serious. His heart still aches for Lily (UGH IT'S BEEN A YEAR DUDE!) and it's left him more guarded than he already is. Yikes. The story starts off on a note of stealth, Alorn finding some shimodos that eventually alert him to the witch searching for something, and the mood changes to hilarity the moment Mellis steps onto the pages to save his cousin's life. One of my favorite things about this book is the author's writing. Her style is so sleek that the moment I slow down to read, it's almost like I'm tasting a different culture of food. It's weird, I know, but stay with me. The entire time I was reading, I felt transported to a different plane of existence, one more sophisticated than the pink sheets stained with paint I'm on at least, and somehow the melding of old speech and slang made things amazeballs... and I feel like I've lost you already.

titanic photo: Titanic tumblr_m4ghwqTr5W1rn95k2o1_500_zps1a62247a.gif

Our heroes, being the hotties that they are, get thrown trial after trial, one of them involving the Sister Assassins (yaaaaaaas). I loved their explosion of an entrance, especially when the sight of them had Mellis running out just to do a little more than say hi. Poor Alorn, forever the serious one lol. I also loved how they resembled the cousins, one being a major flirt while the other one looks on with a serious demeanor. Anna and Cricket were adorable- especially Cricket -and I found it ironic, though not surprising, with Mellis' pick of an assassin sister.

smirk photo:  tumblr_lvji2dFtBF1r4hqrso2_500.gif

The POVs are only ever from Mellis and Alorn, but I still got a sense of perspective from the other characters as they came and left the scenes. I just fucking loved that the barely-there characters were given touching back stories to further enhance just how sweet my elven boys were. And, ah, my boys, I forgot how well-mannered they were. Their culture built up in the Velesi Trilogy felt like a familiar thing of comfort for me as they battled it out in Pathen (our world) while still maintaining their sense of morale propriety and sticking to the golden rule. How beautiful, to have somewhat polite elves with assassin reflexes and degrees in The Arts of Seduction.

*I'm looking at you, Mellis.*

ryan reynolds photo:  tumblr_lovg8m4lrH1qhjvwi.gif

Alorn and Mellis really were a great balance for this book, because it was fun to be in a cynical mind learning to open up and jumping over to a relaxed, more mischievous mind who enjoyed being God's gift to the world. Or at least to the female (and okay male) population. The whole story was just so well done. With Mellis I wanted to trust anyone who seemed worthy, but as soon as I was with Alorn, I'd immediately question that character's true motives. I'm not gonna lie, I struggled with trying to figure out the real deal and just enjoying the ride. Pretty much gave up on trying to guess the next scene by around halfway through lol. However, I did totally guess on the assassin's identity in the forest scene.

hair flip photo: Hair Flip + Best Week Ever HAIR1_zps284ec87b.gif

The ending was especially intense, more so because I was torn between Alorn and Mellis when shit went down. Could they be trusted or not?! And it was a little sad. :( On one hand, the bad guy is willing to kill an infant to exact her revenge! But at the same time, I couldn't help but think if I'd turn out like her after being sent to a hellhole for so long... But things got better- or worse? -shortly afterwards. AND LILY AND THARIN MAKE AN APPEARANCE. But Alorn, dude seriously what the hell? She kisses you and you say "She's not the one." What does that even mean???

cocky photo: Cocky tumblr_mo11iyDd7Z1stfjhzo1_500_zps6cf2d3171.gif

I loved this so much, it's insane, but again, a calm sort of insane, a feeling one might get if they'd experienced a hell of a storm years ago; war streaks are still there, but it's faded to a state of familiar comfort.

Filloon's writing is unique with an amazing flow that makes you feel like you're reading something 'olden' with the perks of today's better sense of humor and sexy that only Mellis can pull off. I was pulled into her writing, easily falling in pace with Mellis' and Alorn's process of thought. The additional characters were all amazing with their own little quirks. Katherine grew on me once I wasn't so suspicious (curse you, Alorn) and now I have this need to own a hoodie with a pair of mouse ears...

cocky photo: Cocky tumblr_mqutr3KDNC1sr1o48o1_500_zpsf605edb8.gif

Again, a huge THANK YOU! to the author for gifting me this. I almost cried when I checked my email and saw the little red bow. You have no idea how happy I am to have Alorn and Mellis in my life again. Yet another amazing reason to be thankful.

Last Thought:
Wait, Greaneth series? Does that mean there's gonna be more than three books?

eyes widen photo:  tumblr_lykq3krEJp1r5jtugo1_500_zps74a5d9b7.gif

Happy Reading =^-^=

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The Soul Summoner

Blessed- or cursed -with a connection to the souls of others, Sloan Jordan can see the best in people... and the worst. For twenty-seven years, she's kept her ability a secret, but eleven young women have been murdered in the mountains of North Carolina, and Sloan may be the only hope of finding their killer.

She has just agreed to help Detective Nathan McNamara with the case, when a stranger- who is as alluring as he is terrifying -shows up at her doorstep with a dark past and another puzzling mystery: she can't see his soul at all.

Now Sloan is on the hunt for a deadly psychopath with two irresistible men. One of them would die for her, and the other would kill to keep her safe.


First off, that ending in the synopsis? I see what you did there *winks* I have not laughed in a long time with a murder mystery. This was fucking amazing!

happy photo:  tumblr_lhinnbLf3V1qe3twro1_500.gif

I don't even know where to begin with this. It was creepy, dark and had a lot of angst for me but it never left me feeling annoyed. Strangest thing! Sloan is stuck in a love triangle with the most adorable guys in the sexiest way possible, but it's not a frustrating thing, which is how a lot of triangles usually are. Oh, no. Hyder wrote it so brilliantly that her struggle with choosing in the beginning inspired me to cheer her own rather than slap her for not knowing what she wanted.

Hyder started it off nicely with a peek into Sloan's younger life, and having her save that little girl? Gave me the feels, but it also put her on the path to doing something more with her gift. She's always had to struggle with wondering if people liked her for her, or if her gift was at play, and I can understand why some relationships would never get that far. Especially so with Detective McNamara, whom she first meets at his swearing in ceremony. I got really excited about them because they were cute together, but when Warren came into the picture, it blew my mind how easy I accepted him as well. He's her polar opposite, and has taken a lot of life's beatings because of it, making me want to ship them even harder.

will smith photo: Will Smith Cry Noo Will_Smith_Noo_Cry.gif

The romance and decisions on who to be with was well done, and I just loved how the other characters not only made their presence known, but helped to move the story along. If she was with Nathan or Warren (or both *wiggles eyebrows*) for a good amount of time, they'd come and move it back to the murder case. It was a really good balance between her personal endeavors and their responsibility towards the dead. The mystery was creepy, but not so much that it overshadowed the rest of the things going on in here.

My favorite thing about this is how I can love Nathan and Warren. It just boggles the mind that she can be so comfortable with them, and there's no drama. I love that. Warren is a set stone and Nathan is an irreplacable guy. Yeah, I totally question some of his decisions (like seriously, dude, Shannon?) but he's an overall teddy of a bear that I just wanna squeeze when he's not roaring at Warren for Sloan's protection.

grinning photo: Dean grinning tumblr_mqiamnJzh01sp9fcho1_500-yep-grin_zps0dc44154.gif

The climax was a good one and I'm not gonna lie, I was getting really sad as the pages shrunk towards being a page away from THE END. I never would've guessed "him" as the serial killer, and when "he" finally did show up, I didn't think of "him" as a possible suspect until afterwards. Again I was blown away.

This is an amazing read. Like, seriously. It pulls off the creepy-as-fuck mystery with all the feelings that come with missing people, evil, and sad families, and turns it right around with the relief and gratitude you get when they come back home. *tears* Her relationship with the guys made it even better and really made me laugh out loud. Warren's this really sleek and perfect guy with a good heart despite the death that surrounded him in life and Nathan's just this adorable friend with his sometimes cantankerous ways when it comes to Sloan. They complimented her in so many ways, it was ridiculous.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good murder mystery and love triangle. AND I PROMISE YOU, there is no drama, just good humor and natural pissing contests that never go beyond pissing off Sloan. So many feels with this thing.

applause photo:  hpapplausecrowd_zps7dee2c77.gif

Last Thought:
Her mom.... :/ That topic hasn't been touched on further, but I feel like the way she acted during her walking in on them was a foreshadow.... and I really don't want anything happening to her!
But alas.
Happy Reading =^-^=

Monday, November 23, 2015

When She Fell for the Billionaire (House of Argenti)

Anxious to get answers about her past, Sabrina Connelly is desperate to attend the royal wedding. The perfect opportunity comes in a beach encounter with sexy billionaire Luca Argenti, cousin to the princess bride.

Frightened and thrilled with his pursuit, Sabrina proposes an outrageous deal - a casual, holiday hook up in exchange for a slot in the royal guest list. Believing she's a gold digger, the Italian agrees to the exchange. He gets a vacation fling. She scores an invite.

But Luca Argenti makes it hard for Sabrina to stick to her end of the bargain. A few days in his arms and she's already in danger of falling for the hot billionaire. Keeping things casual would protect her from heartbreak, but she fears it's already a little too late and resistance is futile.

This is a complete standalone novel. No cliffhanger.


*received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*
*slight noted spoilers because- well, I can't properly rant without it*

The first installment in de Borja's new series, House of Argenti, somehow managed to be frighteningly adorable and scarring at the same time. So many near-trouser-combustion moments, with all the lies and deceit! I kept holding my breath and getting all wary whenever something was about to happen. And what a surprise it was, reading the synopsis and being introduced to something far more intriguing.

The first line killed me, immediately setting up for a hilarious yet sexy interaction between strangers who were really anything but. *thumbs up* Sabrina Connelly is just on a mission to meet with Markos Konstantinos, a mystery that won't be revealed until the end, though I sort of guessed at it before the third chapter. Nonetheless, I'm sure de Borja enjoyed throwing curve balls and throwing me off my guessing games at times, but it kept me on my toes.

Sabrina and Luca couldn't be anymore different with their trust issues, but I just loved seeing them fall for the other despite the false pretense. So many stories within stories within stories. The writing was well done with painting up the situation nicely for Sabrina, carefully depicting her as a good woman to everyone but the constantly suspicious Luca... and Markos... and jealous exes. He had a right to, sure, but he eventually caved. :3

Luca, like any other challenge, was one Sabrina unknowingly took in stride. It just tickled me to see such a sweet woman play the part of a gold-digger.


So while I was reading this, I kinda already guessed that she was his sister. The fact that she or Markos didn't tell Luca they were lovers validated my guess, though at times I did wonder if maybe they were something else by the way Sabrina's train of thought went- well, everywhere lol. Veeery sneaky, but I think I stuck to my guns 100% the moment she mentioned her fucking eye contacts *fist pumps* I liked the hints, and the way some other details made me think twice. It had me on my toes, but it also felt like a soft guide whilst I read. But MARKOS-

reading photo: What's that? vd-1x04-03.gif

I could go on and on about how I feel, but the point is, I'm sad that this ends with him having bad feelings about Sabrina, even after his own mother pretty much relented their relationship. I don't like the way he distrusts her so after all we went through together, but at the same time, I get his problem. :/ *sighs* Other than Markos, Sabrina also drove me a bit crazy. She was putting herself out there, and I just wanted to hide her away from the world! What did she really think was gonna happen? Like, seriously? I expected Markos' realistic reaction, which is probably why I have a hard time backing him up completely (cause I actually DON'T want that to happen),


One thing I love about book series is seeing not the characters, but the side characters, like Chase Latimer, Sabrina's good Hollywood actor friend. He was the somewhat aloof actor who couldn't get enough of Julian in The Duke Takes A Bride. I just laughed because I saw him in the Entitled series, and he was a little cold towards Imogen (Julian's bride) but gaga for the Duke. To see him again in this from a different light was just the icing on the cake.

I really loved this book because of how much it made an impact on me. Sabrina's got her one-track mind going on but she's falling for Luca, and because of the whole lying situation, he can't help but fight against his attraction to her. And they're both attracted to each other, so much it isn't even funny. Markos certainly isn't laughing *silent laughter* Seeing them fall in love gave me such good feelings, and the numerous mini climaxes before the final one was just- gaaaaaah. WHO DOESN'T LOVE LOVE?

The writing was excellent, pulling me into the minds of the characters and making me cry and scream (good, bad, ugly). The sex was nice (very nice. God I feel like a voyeur) and the drama was good enough to drive me nuts but not past the point of too much. And I really hope I see Chase again because he is just adorable, not to mention all those hotties at the reception??? Possibly the only time I ever got distracted from the love story.

flirting photo:  tumblr_lcbk4jjJLJ1qa87r9.gif

Happy Reading =^-^=

Interview with a Hex Boy: Volume II (The Divinicus Nex Chronicles)


Those Hextraordinarily Hot Hex Boys are back with more hilarious character interviews with the wonderful ladies of the blogging world. It's Ayden, Jayden, Matthias, Blake, Logan, and Tristan all sharing their innermost thoughts and feelings, PLUS this time AURORA even gets to have her say, including tips on how to work with Hex Boys!

And there's more!

BONUS!! You get some of your favorite scenes from the books written from the Hex Boys' point of view. And for extra excitement, there is a brand new alternate point of view scene! It's over 20 pages from a section of DROP DEAD DEMONS that is completely from the dark, brooding one's point of view. Yes, you get a look into Matthias's head!

Don't miss the Aurora and Hex Boy fun! And look for DEMONS IN DISGUISE, the third book in the Divinicus Nex Chronicles series arriving for the 2015 holiday season!


Okay first of all, the About the Author? "Supernatural continuum warlords"? "supernatural continuum warlordian high command"? "inter-dimensional paranormal prisons"? "Ooarchtohuthlamadilfrump"? You guys are fecking hilarious XD And I seriously think Jayden wrote that for you, with a bit of help from Blake (purely because of mentioned 'sexy hex boys'). Nonetheless, this citizen of Earth is very pleased.

OH MY GOD, MATTY!!!!!!!!!!!

So I fecking LOVE THIS INTERVIEW SET. There's so much Matthias! And it's got Aurora in it!!! And there's so much Matthias in it!!! *cough* Sorry Aurora. So I missed my homegirl, too haha She's just the same snarky little wit-minded lass that I remember from Drop Dread Demons. I've missed her and the boys so much XD The multiple bloggers who got to interview the boys (lucky girls, lucky giiiiirls) asked some awesome questions, but I think we all know we just wanted more Hex Boys. They could be put in a room for an hour and we'd be entertained and freaking thrilled with whatever they do.

So on with the applause for the bloggers who did this:


She had an amazing interview with Matthias and Blake- my two favorite men! (I'd say Ayden but he's already in the 'couple' section with Aurora as far as I'm concerned lol) AND I LOVE WHAT HAPPENED! I always knew Blake was a major flirt and Mr. Seduction, but whoa man whoa!

He brought on the SEXHEYY in these interviews (crashing or not crashing, does it really matter?) Why are you not 21 yet???? Or legal? This is so unfair.... T_T Our love will forever- okay like four years -be from a distance. But my God dude, was I hallucinating or did you really bring on the kinkery? Please tell me it wasn't a dream... oh, who cares! I'll dream about you anyway. No safe word necessary. *winks* <3

Matthias, I seriously want to know who've you kissed! Have you kissed? What else does your dream girl look like besides being a book worm and the complete opposite of Aurora? I gots to know! And okay... I already hook Aurora and Ayden together but I CAN'T HELP but ship you and Babe together as well, even if it is a forever platonic relationship...aaaaaaaand I'm feeling stared at by a certain redhead. Maybe Ariel?


The boys pretty much took over the interview with this lol but I've always wondered what they love, so this one was one of my favorite interviews. AND MY FAVORITE SHFDHSFADFHDSFH SCENE OMGGG! Tristan's all ----- and Blake's all -------- and I'mjustlike -

 fangirl GIF

*Blake....why aren't you.... I just.... we..... uggghhhhh.....*

Matthias totally takes it all with his favorite pastime (reading with Selena!) Awwwwww Matty!

*and okay... this is surprisingly HARD not to spoil....*


So Jenny asked the boys what they wish they'd be asked in an interview. Very cute, very cute. The answers were hilarious XD Jayden, you surprised me! And I seriously want to know now what they'd cosplay as.... T_T This interview took on a dangerous turn (gaah Matthias) but leave it to Blake and the boys to make it another LOL moment.
*I really wanna spoil this T_T*


You the man, Auggie! Er, I mean woman. Person. Thing... YOU MY GIRL! Aurora finally makes her appearance in an interview and her sass is on point but- *sighs*. Aurora, I love you, and I LOVED seeing you, but I'm sorry, just the mention of the Hex Boys distracts me.

And you know what? Caution to the wind. *hurls caution to the wind* Auggie is the man because she asks Aurora a very important question: "Do you have a favorite [Hex Boy]?" THANK YOU! And Aurora- being Aurora -doesn't say who she really wants to say, and instead says they're all hot and equally fitting. *silence* Did you hear what I said? She said THEY'RE ALL HOT. That includes, Matthias, Aurora! Don't you dare back out now!
*hmm I think I hear Matthias throwing up*

A whole bunch of other stuff just tumbles down from here and I won't spoil XD But yes, this is one of the most awesomenessnessnesssnessssss interviews ever. Not only is she in it, but the boys make an appearance (no surprise) and- *coughs*


This one was glorious because it was a little scene of all of them trying to control Blake with his diabolical way of crashing other people's interviews. AND THEY CHASE EACH OTHER (think we all know by now who I'm fangirling over). Ugh, such a beautiful gift of life.

 fangirl fangirling freak out freaking out GIF

Danny, you.... Blake is mine T_T
Just one question: "What did Aurora do???"


Finishing off with Ayden's interview, it's no surprise that the boys show up. I... don't know how I'd talk about this without spoiling anything. So use your imagination.

Little mountain town above Los Angeles? Constant fog? I'm going to Gossamer Falls. Have I mentioned that before? I think I've mentioned that before.

This was a great treat for those who read Demons at Deadnight and Drop Dead Demons. Definitely made the waiting easier, because now I have a little more to dream about while Demons in Disguise is being finished!

I firmly believe that this is a series to get into. Who doesn't love a reverse harem? A smart cookie with a quick wit and quicker tongue? Literally hot love? Matthias Payne? Annoying fairies and cooky awesome guardians? Matthias Payne? I'd say this is a fun world with a poor girl who can't get a break from demons wanting her dead. Or maybe she does get a break. With these five hottie hexies.

*I thought there were six?*
*There are.*
*So where's....*

 smirk GIF

*Oh. (Yikes) Right.*

Ich liebe die Hex Boys. So much.

Last Thought:
So... what's Blake's safe word? lol

Happy Reading =^-^=

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sexy Night Sunday: Feral Sins

If your inner wolf and your body react rather enthusiastically to a psychotic Alpha male who's own wolf has a tendency to turn feral, it can't be a good thing, can it?

Entering into a bargain with him wouldn't be good either.

Unfortunately, Taryn Warner, a latent wolf shifter, doesn't have many options open to her right now. Okay, she has no options. Basically it comes down to whether she'll do what it takes to escape the arranged mating with the sick SOB that her father set up. As the answer in this case is yes, it looks as though she'll have to agree to Trey Coleman's deal... she'll have to mate with him instead.

Having always disliked shifter politics, Trey Coleman hadn't bothered trying to form alliances with other packs.

Now that his uncle - a wolf with many alliances - means to take Trey's territory and his pack, he has no option but to form some alliances of his own very quickly or he'll be easily outnumbered in the upcoming battle. He figures that the easiest way to do that would be to make with a female whose Alpha is powerful and influential. There's only one problem with that -

he would then be stuck with her, and the last thing Trey wants is a mate.

When he hears of Taryn's situation, he offers her a deal- if she falsely claims he's her true mate and allows him to claim her, he'll save her from her arranged mating and then let her leave after the battle with his uncle is over.

Sounds like a pretty straightforward deal... but soon Taryn and Trey realize they got more than they bargained for. Their mating instincts to protect and possess are weighing on them, they crave each other's touch and company, and their inner wolves don't like it whenever they're apart. Add in that they'll have to deal with this for an entire three months until the day of the battle finally arrives, and they've got themselves a recipe for disaster- or maybe for something quite the opposite.

Warning: This novel contains an extremely sarcastic Alpha female, a broody possessive Alpha male, bitter in-laws, voyeuristic enforcers, a whole lot of dirty talk, and steamy bedroom battles for dominance.

Reader Advisory: This book also contains a graphic menage scene - not for the faint-hearted.


orgasm photo:  ovariesherlock_zps8aaa0b4a.gif

God, where do I even begin with this book? Not only does it put nearly every dirty erotica I've read to shame, it also places itself in the Forever Favorites category. The first-person POVs of Taryn and Trey are distinct with their thoughts and actions; it's almost like I'm reading different books but without the extra purchase. The writing immediately sucked me in so good, I forgot I was reading and really connected with the characters. And it's not even that! The dialogue is so witty and perfect, Taryn's sarcasm is just outrageous with never going over the line of annoying. And Trey...

applause photo: snape applause Snape-Applause.gif

Don't know what it is about psychopaths, but they have one of the most intriguing minds with a wonderful (albeit sadistic) sense of humor. Trey's initial reaction to Taryn and vice versa was perfect because it's not a normal romance. Neither want anything to do with the other, but it's the only way to get what they want. Seeing the romance in action is what makes it golden, seeing that annoyance and need to skin turn into something passionate and encouraging.

The thing with Taryn is that despite not being able to bring her wolf out, she's a very powerful Alpha female who keeps it on the down low. When she meets a very controlling Trey, it pushes her to be a better shifter- and boy, does she gladly accept the challenge. I think that's what is so great about Trey: he pushed her to be more than what she played all her life.

These are deep, deep characters with their own shit to deal with, yet they still manage to find time to play and enjoy life. Dark lives they lead, belonging to a somewhat rebel pack who broke off from another, but they never forget the importance of family. Again, something that Taryn desperately needs after being alone with an asshole of a father.

So the story line, the plot that goes beyond T&T, it's fucktastic. But the sex scenes?

orgasm photo:  tumblr_lcdblyK8YM1qzf96b.gif

The very first one we get is after they convince his pack that they're 'mates' and they go to seal the deal. His need for control and her usual thoughts on that brought upon a set of sex scenes that just shouldn't be legal. I mean, fuck! The primitive way he goes after her! And the way he tries to pin her down (to no avail, she's just too fast). And the way he grabs her hips and just-

orgasm photo: Orgasm did_you_just_have_an_orgasm-11_zpsed659b53.gif

What's hilarious about all this is that she fights him at every turn, refusing to be the underbitch and have her and her wolf be undermined by some cock and bull. Maybe that's why her surrenders are always so much sweeter... hmm. Wright has a way with writing it all- the plot, the dialogue amongst all the characters, setting the tone, sucking you in so good. Think I said that already, but just- gaaaaaaaaaaah. It was already so hot before I got to the menage and then when his betas all came I was just all-

orgasm photo: orgasm rickman alanrick.gif

*Rickman! You devious little pervert.*

This is sexy at its lowest, ridiculously drenching at the climax right along with Trey and Taryn *winks*. The sex and the things that go on are simply delicious, but it's the other things, like the bickering with Trey's grandmother, the relationships with his pack, that make it all so much sweeter and precious.

Feral Sins set the standards so fucking high for books with sex and a well-written story to go with it. It's hard to find them, nowadays, books that mix an amazing story with equally horny-induced pages. This was the total package. And that's not even mentioning the other stories I've read from Wright.

orgasm photo: Orgasm Orgasm.gif

Happy Reading =^-^=

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dying By The Hour (Jesse Sullivan #2)

After 83 deaths, Jesse Sullivan knows how to die. As a Necronite, she is one of the population's rare 2% who can serve as a death replacement agent, dying so others don't have to. But using her NRD to save lives is why she's being hunted.

For Ally Gallagher, death is permanent. If she fails to protect Jesse again, there will be no third attempt. After a quiet year the signs of serious danger have returned. People connected to Jesse are disappearing. Her home is vandalized and threatening messages are turning up in the safest of places.

Then Jesse is taken and Ally has only hours to get her back. But no salvation comes without its price.


*received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*
*if you want the review go to goodreads, this is a rant*
*take no offense to this, it's just how I talk when I'm passionate*

I got this over a year ago but I haven't read it until now (Sorry, Shrum -_-) what with life going on and some pretty scary authors with their deadlines. Yikes. But I live for danger, and I've finally read this. Right now I'm a bottle of mixed emotions, but I don't know if that's because of this book or because it's just me at that time of the month. Who knows?

The story starts off with Jesse dressed as a clown at a client's birthday party. Ugh, clowns. I hate clowns, so all I saw the whole time reading was:

It clown photo: it m_456d665f8e6e4c543df4f60293988b4a1.gif

She's a clown because the husband is a religious nut who goes against Necronites, however, Jesse isn't just there to save another little girl; she's there for a few of Daddy's naughty things hiding in his office. She does what she set out to do, but not before realizing one frightening thing: she's starting to see Gabriel again.

What's already known: Jesse's father, Eric, did not die during her childhood but was actually a Necronite like herself, rejuvenated and now running the lead in the religious department against other NRD carriers. He's a major psycho, almost had her killed by a prostitute sex worker and ended that beautiful night with Jesse bringing Ally back from death... after choosing between her best friend and her boyfriend.

frustrated photo:  tumblr_inline_mfquki8TM01qzqhv2.gif

A lot of bad things are happening and it's all revolving around Jesse and her dad. The question is, why? Well, because there's something seriously wrong with him (hasn't been revealed with the whole why yet) and what does any dastardly villain want? Power.

There were a lot of things that annoyed me, but the funny part is that I can't complain about them. Why? Because the characters acknowledged what they did wrong, making it a part of their character development- and trust me, there were a lot, or at least enough to make it painful -and thus made it something I can't complain about. Someone makes a stupid mistake and I'm pissed at them, and then they realize what they did and fix it, and it's like- damn, logically all is well now but I still feel pissed. It's like I'm not given enough time to accept that they've changed before the same thing happens again!

frustrated photo:  tumblr_lwfq342gyJ1r3zat8.gif

The whole process was a little draining. The only one who wasn't draining was Jesse, until the end, when she decided to be stubborn about- um, idk, not dying by Daddy's hands? Is she seriously gonna fight with her imaginary friend when her damn life is at stake? And that's the other thing! How can she refuse to 'go crazy' by letting Gabriel in but beg for death when Daddy Caldwell doesn't off her right away? Does she just not want to die crazy? Cause I'd rather go crazy than die by the hands of an enemy like him. And if the 'crazy' is something as hot as Gabriel, that is not a bad thing. At all.

My complaints are my own, but to cut the bullshit, I just thought there was a lot of unnecessary drama that played on my nerves enough to take the enjoyment out of reading this. I loved the plot and the eventual reveal at the end, but the build up was a little tedious for me. Ally hates this, Ally does that, Ally cries. Her moral priorities confuse the hell out of me because she judges some of the darker methods of her co-workers without thinking it through. She just did a lot of judging and throwing her two cents around. Even if she amended her mistakes afterwards, it still bothered me because I didn't think she was so judgmental before. I didn't like this side of her, however human.

Jesse... the only problem I have with her is the way she chooses her partners. Ally is this fucktastic woman who also happens to be her best friend since like, forever. They obviously know they work well in bed and in the office, so why the fuck did she go with Lane? As far as I know, Lane is a bit of an egotistical jerk who thinks of himself before he does Jesse. He even admits it to her in the end! So why is he there? I get he's sweet and adorable and hot and has a warm dick, but the way he treats her and her line of work sometimes is just appalling. What's worse, he makes her go through all this shit only to tell her at the end that they need a break?! If you already think you don't deserve her, fucking dump her and get out of here! None of this halfway bullshit!

frustrated photo: frustrated leveragemarkshepardelevator_zpse0ed0150.gif

This is by no means a bad book. The plot was fucking amazing, the characters all had their own minds without me even having to read from their POVs, and the dialogue was fantastic. I did catch myself skipping a few things to get to the point, and now I'm pretty sure it's because of the unnecessary drama and details. There was either drama that didn't add to the story (Ally's constant jealousy with Lane, Lane, Jesse's attempts with Lane) or details that dragged the intensity of the story. For example, I don't need five fucking pages of what Ally's doing in her apartment before something better knocks on her door. If it was supposed to slow things down and catch me off guard whenever something happens, I apparently failed to be captivated.

I was left feeling annoyed at all the stupid things they did and it makes me annoyed that I feel so annoyed. On one hand I see the logic and know that shit happens, we're all human, and some things cannot be handled delicately. On the other hand, my heart's ready to burn everyone in here because they're too prideful or stupid to go on with Jesse. Gloria is not among these idiots.

pitch perfect photo: #Silently judging Ssilentlyjudging.gif

I guess in the end this was just a very intense read with extremely strong characters who made it hard to watch them fuck up at times. There was so much depth to them that their opinions reached beyond the pages and occasionally bitch slapped me whenever they felt like it. Don't like the way they're beating up the female kidnapper cause she's a woman? Sure, go and stop them! She's only fucking helped abduct and murder little kids. Oh? Jesse's missing now and she's the only way to find her? Sure, Jerimiah's already fucked her face up, go ahead and taser her ass! God, lot's of hypocrisy going on here in the guise of character development.

*sighs* You know, I think what also threw me off was the POV itself. I got to see into Ally's mind and it was different. Maybe I just haven't read book one in a while but this Ally was very... seemingly... closed minded. She jumped down Jeremiah's throat for torturing the kidnapper because it was a woman, she got on Brinkley's ass because he didn't want more people to worry about when he's just trying to get Jesse back in one sane piece, she 180'd her thing with Jesse, and she was a dick to Lane. But of course I can't complain because at the same time, she did something worse to that woman than Jeremiah ever did, she said 'fuck it' when Jeremiah and Nikki went AWOL, and she finally, finally attempted to see where Lane was coming from, no matter how annoying he was. Why?

Because of Jesse.

pitch perfect photo:  tumblr_mfm2zaT8kS1qjr5dzo2_250.gif

The whole reason why she decided to ice herself from Jesse was because she wasn't chosen. Kinda rude of her to forget the fact that she died for her. And if she's gonna ice Jesse out and get it on with Nikki, then why make all this fuss about Jesse? I could understand denial but there was no epiphany. She just went 'fuck it' again and fuckity fucked everyone else up the ass so she could do what she wanted and save Jesse. And she expected everyone to follow her, not an ounce of shame for expecting a shitload of help from people she was hella judging not too long ago. But I don't know, maybe I'm just expecting too much from her and I'm really just projecting all my frustration from Jesse not choosing the perfect woman oh my fucking God Jesse!

I gotta say, though, LOVED the different time frames between Ally and Jesse. I didn't catch on until a few chapters in, and by that time, things got really exciting, making me wonder what was gonna happen next. Very cool. All in all: Jesse needs to get her priorities straight, leave the wimp tendencies at home if she's gonna be a bitch to everyone else but Ally, and fucking accept that she's different and that it isn't a bad thing; Ally needs to just accept that she's Jesse's or stop acting like she's still the proverbial light in Jesse's dark skies because she can't be fucking Nikki (who honestly is interested in her) and be Jesse's to-go girl; Lane needs to man up; someone needs to give Gloria a fucking box of chocolates.

And please, for the love of God, someone give Winston a walk.

pitch perfect photo:  tumblr_mf6k63wyb21qa0247o8_r2_250.gif

Happy Reading =^-^=