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Pollyanna and The Greek Billionaire (Innocent and Betrayed 1)

Greek billionaire Kyrillos Gazis once fell in love, only to be betrayed.

Now without a heart, he is determined to see the young and innocent Pollyanna as a fling. He doesn't realize how important she's become to him, doesn't realize how much he's become used to seeing the stars in her eyes... until the day he sees her packing, intending to leave him.

This is Book 1 of 3 of Kyr and Pollyanna's epic love story.


Before reading it:
Oh, god. She's gone and done it. She finally wrote a love story with more things to break your heart like marriage and kids.
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As if questionable love wasn't frightening enough. You just had to make it scarier, didn't you?

After reading it:
Marian... your power of making things more painful is rather intimidating.
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*Warning: I have tendencies to randomly yell address the author*
*No, I'm not crazy*

Not gonna lie, I usually have to review Marian's books on other websites, attempt at reviewing them in another language, eat some chocolate, sleep, and watch Ellen before attempting to review on my blog. Feeling pretty calm right about now. Thank God for the way it ended, because I would rather hang from a cliff than be subjected to waiting three fucking days like roadkill on the ground after being run over by your sadistic writing.

But I can't complain. Turkeys are dying left and right to make the Americans' Thanksgiving an epic weekend, so who am I to complain about not having to wait a whole year or so for the next part? Oh, right. A reader sick of a certain Greek billionaire's shit.

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What the hell, man?! Dude, I can't even be mad at you right now, it's so fucked up. This was fucking perfect with the way it started, building up the scene so nicely that I thought I was the clientele and the janitor, all watching Kyr by the poolside from all glorious perspectives. It felt very posh, up until he started fucking the shit out of his childhood friend and first love, Ana.

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*I think I'm more annoyed with myself for being turned on by that scene -_-*

I can't deal with you right now, Marian. How you gonna give him a sweet story like that when we both know that's not who he ends up with? UGH. T_T And nine years?! Of course it's nearly a decade. Cause otherwise, Kyr would have no excuse on why he's such the biggest fucktard ever!

Momentary Off-Track Rant Commence

Kyr, you've got problems buddy, and the beginning of this book tells me why. You had a girl you grew up with and loved for nine long years. Not even adults can do that without putting a ring on it. Even when she was a brat and ungrateful little shit, you still loved her, because you firmly believed in loving someone no matter what, and she was it for you.
...until she left you.

You inherited a large sum of debt after your parents died, and I am so sorry about the burden you carried at only the age of 24. And I'm also sorry that Ana couldn't stay by your side. She was a severely selfish woman who couldn't sit on the sidelines. I get that she needed to pursue her dreams, and didn't think it was fair for her to back down, but you know what? She did not do something that one would do from the heart. She chose her "dreams"- which we both know was really just a life she felt she was owed -over supporting you.
She. Didn't. Choose. You.


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*You drove me bugfuck in this thing!!!* *Shit, calm down. His self esteem was shot down, not his heart.*
*Are you telling me he believed her bullshit about always loving him?*

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*......*walks away*.......*

End of Kyrillos Rant

So like, after that tragic back story, it starts off super adorable with this unsuspecting 18-year-old visiting her godparents, and Pollyanna Graham gets told about where to pass the time on the island. She mistakes Kyr for a worker, and it's fate the rest of the way. Both are annoyed with the other but they can't seem to say no. One day becomes a week and before he knows it, Kyrillos is addicted to her presence. The only problem is that he wants nothing to do with anyone and she's pretty much found her first love.

What really breaks my heart about this guy is that despite all the shitty things about Ana, he still loves her. I both commend and admire that kind of dedication, but it's. Not. Pollyanna. And I think that's where it just makes me ill, because in his mind Pollyanna isn't a girl to be pursued, she's a girl barging in on his last chance with Ana. That is frightening. Cause Pollyanna is such a sweetheart with a magical set of eyes who only sees the better things in life. Ana's this spoiled little shit who- in my opinion -doesn't have a very good heart, no matter how misguided.

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So binabati kita (heh heh thanks April) jackass, you're relentless in love. Just with the wrong girl. *sighs* Look, there's a difference between never giving up on someone and knowing when to stop. Ever heard of that quote, "Let it go; if it comes back, no one wanted it which means you don't, either"?
*wrong quote, idiot*

It's one of those quotes. Lookthepointis, there is only so much you can do for someone you love before you exhaust yourself. If you never stopped, you'd never know if they would do the same. Your fault in this was never stopping until it was too late and she was leaving you. In a way, you saved her from having to show her true colors to you because then, instead of exposing her spoiled self, she got a hall pass from having to show jack shit and left you forever thinking, 'what if'. She had you, even when she wasn't there to care for such a gift.

So I see why you're such an internal jerk with Pollyanna. She's an innocent you don't wanna hurt, but she's just too alluring (because you're meant to be together jackass). Doesn't excuse you, though, because you had a lot of chances to face your problem and move the fuck on. You yourself found her amusing in the beginning! You're probably the only one who'd think her blowfish face is adorable (though really it's because of you that she does it) and she's everything Ana isn't: unselfish, dedicated and kind-hearted.

When her godparents gave you an outing of the hole you dug yourself in, I think you should've taken it, because this lie you're building up around yourself to keep from FACING YOUR PROBLEMS MY GOD will only make it worse for her. You're still pining over Ana and she's practically pining over you! What do you think is gonna happen when she finds out you've been lying to her?

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This was so frustrating because I was frustrated with him and frustrated with being frustrated when things got really sweet (thank you Pollyanna). And I figured out why Kyrillos was so grumpy; it's because he had to move on in order to get over the hurt she inflicted, but never actually moved on because he was still in love with her, waiting for her to come back from whatever ridiculous thing she just had to do. He pretty much fucked himself when he spent time with Pollyanna and saw that other women weren't bitches like Ana. And I do get the struggle, do you choose chemistry or history? When you've loved someone for so long, do you stop when they do? Or do you go with the person who refuses to? Are we all just thinking about this a little too much?

Let's just look at a quote by Johnny Depp:

*wise words you fucking fuckable immortal hottie bleesssss*

Sooo this is just me, but I'm pretty sure that means Pollyanna is your girl. Then again, you don't realize you're in the beginnings of love so does that mean you really don't love her right now?

*Oh God I think my heart's gonna break*

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But you know what I think? I think you're just in denial, because despite liking the time you spend together, you see how pure she is and yearn for it. You just don't act on it because you're too busy being dedicated to the wrong woman who doesn't even want you. She wants your money. Pollyanna could care less about your money! So she's the better choice, and I'll keep repeating myself until you get it through your think skull. TOO BAD YOU'RE SUCH A HORRIBLE GUY ON TOP OF BEING THE SWEETEST. You're cute with caring for her, but for fucksake, did you have to take her fucking virginity on the same bed as you did with Ana?

GLARE photo:  1.gif

You've just ruined it for me. -_- And yeah, buddy, you better beg her to marry you! I know, I said you'd have been better off leaving and confessing, but I can't complain about you wanting her to be next to you. Almost like you're trying to heal but something's still holding you back. Like closure.
*Ugh, fucking closure.*

I've read a lot of Marian Tee's books and this one, like several others, have a hint of her writing style changing a little bit, which I'm happy about. Just love when I see authors leveling up ^-^ But I swear to God, Marian, if your tragic plots level up with you I'll turn my reviews into diaries you'll never see for as long as I live.

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This was a terribly sweet beginnings of love set in one of Greece's beautiful islands for Pollyanna, covering up the tragic past no one on the goddamn island wants to talk about. I took this to be about Kyr's struggles with choosing Pollyanna, but there wasn't enough groveling to balance out the way he made me feel. </3 Marian's writing never fails at pulling you in, which is probably a bad thing for those who are a few heart strings short of dying, but she always makes you feel. Always. T_T Nonetheless, it's all fucking sweet whenever Kyr isn't giving me reasons for killing him and Ana. Ugh. Ana. A recommend to this author for making up the cutest and most devastating love stories.

Part Two is out now (took me a few days to pull my shit together and edit this) so you can bet your ass I'm going to read it right after this.

Last Thought: Wait... has he never loved her or is he just delusional? Marian?

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Happy Reading =^_^=

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