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Sexy Night Sunday: Enslaved by The Alpha 1 (Shifters of Nunavut)

To avoid being left for dead in an icy wasteland, Astrid surrenders herself to the local werewolf pack and its alpha, who is as tantalizing as he is terrifying.

In a time when shifters are facing extinction, Erick is alpha to the largest wolf pack in the arctic. As harsh and unforgiving as the tundra, he is accustomed to wielding control over everything. Astrid is no exception.

This is the first part of an ongoing story. It is not a sweet romance. It contains sexual themes that may be upsetting to some readers.


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WOW -fucking- ZA

So it's less than a hundred pages, meaning I don't usually get much out of it when it's not done right as well as I'd like. But this fucking thing blew me eight ways to Sunday. THIS. THIS is my Alpha. No questions asked. Just holy fucking shit.

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Holy fucking shit.

Astrid is an idiot. I'm sorry, but I have to say it. What woman hires a group of men who are gong-ho for poaching weres? Okay, maybe she didn't know when she was first doing it, but STILL. Did she not check their backgrounds or something? If she didn't, then I've gotta say- she has the worst luck in life. First her sister is 'kept prisoner' by another pack, and now she's stuck with potential murderers? Uh oh. But never fear! He comes and kills them all.

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Erik and his wolves kill every single man while she's sleeping with Noona (her dog). Turns out they'd been in their territory for a few days and the pack had heard every fucking evil plan in stored for Astrid. You would think she'd thank them for not killing her and getting rid of some despicable men. But no, crazy woman has to defend them and start an argument with Erik, the head wolf. He doesn't kill her, rather interested in what she has to offer in exchange for her life. He takes her frivilous gifts to part her, but when she begs for his help in getting back Ginnifer, he proposes a different trade:

Her life for her sister's.


That man is fucking fine.

She goes knowing it's either do or die, and she meets some interesting characters like Sabine, a nice enough wolf with a nasty attack instinct, or Sten and Halley, Erik's handsome brother and niece (Halley you are fucking adorable). So she's in their haven now, but the situation's finally hit her, and she's annoyed. I'd be too, except I think we both know that frustration comes from the very hot yummy man that carried her all the way in.

Erik sells this story for me. Who's ever heard of a psychopathic werewolf? I haven't. But it's so brilliant. I like all levels of bad boys, so seeing this seemingly emotionless man think of ways to get the most out of Astrid was entertaining. On one hand he doesn't see what's so appealing to her, but his wolf says different. It smells her, and it wants her. For once, it's actually gonna fight the man in charge. *cheers*

His wolf makes him wonder about Astrid, and the more he starts to unintentionally listen to his wolf, the more he loses control until BAM-

He throws her against the wall-
 pulls her fucking legs up and open-
and starts thrusting against her pussy.

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HOLY SHIT. YES. Yaaaaaaaas. Definitely Sexy Night Sunday recommend. I. Rec.-*moans*-Mend. So much. lol. Now, I know what some of you assholes might be thinking. "What's so great about this one?" Well, for one thing it just calls to that fuck kinkery side of me. Thrown against the wall? Dry humped because the guy's too horny to rip my clothes off? Fuck yeah! This rough sex is on point as far as I'm concerned. But it's not just that. Like I said earlier, it has a very interesting character.

Erik. Alpha of the Amarok pack.

The beginning was perfect, mentioning this sexy man who may actually be a psychopath. Like what? *inhales deep* I smell a challenge. And then there's the dialogue. Every word out of Erik's mouth and mind? Done right. He was sarcastic, smooth like a motherfucker and scary. But a good kind of scary. The kind that turns you me some people on. I think he out-shined Astrid in this, but maybe I'm just cock worshipping right now. Probably should've let it out of my system before giving my honest opinion...

Nah lmao. This would still be a hot read.

Astrid's sentiments with the human fuckboys was a little annoying, but I may just be too blood-thirsty. But like- shit. She herself was just thinking about the danger she'd put herself in when she really thought about their intentions. Why defend them when they're already dead? Especially when it'll just annoy Erik, the guy that spared and then saved you? I don't get it, but on some level, I get her dedication to get her sister back, and that I highly commend her for. Aside from Astrid, the secondary characters were pretty intriguing, what with their albino-like features and complex roles with their flash appearances.

The writing's a well done, Erik is one fucking hot Alpha who really brings back the term 'bad boy', and by the end of this story, you'll be wanting to pick up the next book. God knows Erik's ruined me for any other Alphas.

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Happy Reading =^~^=

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