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Trouble in Paradise (Trouble #5)

When I met Tyler Cook, it was the end of a past I didn't want to look back on and the beginning of a future I couldn't wait to start.

One lick of Tyler, and that's all it took. I was addicted. To him, to his wild, raucous life as a rock star on the road with the band Trouble, and eventually, to most of the drugs I discovered he was taking to make that life - and the secrets he was being forced to keep - a little more bearable.

But I couldn't quit him, no matter how much it hurt. If you met Tyler, you'd understand why I think he's so worth it. The man plays guitar like he fucks- plugged in, turned on, and set to the ultimate high. Every girl wants him but I'm the only girl he wants.

Now he's clean, he's mine, and I have everything I could have ever dreamed of.

Until it all comes unplugged and our world goes blacker than black. And then I have to decide if the tormented, broken man I love more than anything is worth everything- even risking my own life.


*received an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review*
*warning: mild crass foul language*
*warning: I spoil. I tried not to, but there are some. Randomly placed....*

If you don't like it, then get off her fucking page. She rants. There are spoilers
hidden like victims of the Yakuza.

Otherwise enjoy yourself and hopefully you'll be tempted to read this.
Or it'll stick with you for the rest of your life.
As another ''what if' moment added to your 33-page list.

Holy shit, this was intense. I've never read a book about drugs before (do detective novels count?) so it was definitely new territory for me. I didn't know what to compare it to or what to expect from such a story. And I enjoyed every terrifying, sappy 'oh my god' moment.

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It started out frighteningly enough with the whole 'my best friend almost died', like what? But I got so caught up in Katie's follow up memories that I totally forgot how the whole thing started before she started going back to that point, repeating how bad the situation was and how it was her fault. What was her fault?! Why did the bf almost die? I had to know! And then I did.

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By this point, I was anticipating the tear-jerkers as if I was watching a bloody crime show. And God, did they come. I kept dreading the next page because it seemed like more shit just kept hitting the fan. Like what the fuck are they feeding these monkeys-*chimpanzees*-that turned them into endless shit throwers? Very heady and whoa. This is the first book I've read from this author and series, so I'm not sure how old Katie is, but I found that it's actually not at all important. After all, age doesn't defy pain or tragedy, and it certainly doesn't define one's maturity. The small details I'd usually find in other books didn't matter to me. Why would they, when this girl's a recovered heroin addict recovering from a fucktastic relationship-breakup-getbacktogether with the love of her life?

Her roller coaster ride was seriously heady, and Rollins did an amazing job at emphasizing on the anxiety. Katie didn't come off as annoying because her worries were so natural and intense, you couldn't help but agree or just sit back and see what she'd do. Every instance was almost like a shock to me, freezing me into not knowing what to do until I saw Katie doing it. The clear, thought out process and repeats on some things made not so subtle hints on things meant to be burned in the back of your mind because of their importance, but I didn't mind them so much, because they served well as reminders for what was going on or had happened in the past four books.

The ARC I received had a few errors in them, so it took away from the flow of reading, taking away from the initial enjoyment. Rollins also has her own way of writing, with a lot of good details and thought processes that force you to slow down and actually take in what you're reading, so it took a few chapters for me to get into it, but once I did, the experience went from reading a book to watching something on HBO (inside joke). As I got deeper into the story, I noticed that a bit of the dialogue died down and the story got told more through Katie's POV and recollections. I didn't mind it, but again, it was something to get used to. It was well worth it.

For a time I didn't think I'd recover from reading something with dark subjects. First off, I hate pedophiles so as soon as I aw Ty's line, I was like, "What the fuck, seriously? I just got away from another pedophile book and now this-" but I fell hard for Katie and Tyler's love. <3 Their tragedies made me understand a part of why people go off the deep end, and how different people are with their priorities and strengths. Tyler went through a lot of shit, but when he killed himself, it threw me off.
*He doesn't die so fucking relax*

It wasn't him, but more 'me'. When Katie couldn't forgive herself, I understood why she'd want to overdose. I was in her head, I went through her pain and the shock of doing something seemingly unforgivable. So I understood. But when Ty killed himself? I freaked out with Katie. First thing that came to me was, "Don't you love Katie enough to stay?" I immediately killed the thought. Why was I questioning Ty when I was just nodding with Katie in sympathy? Wouldn't the same question be for Katie? It was then that I realized something: I was so used to reading about a certain type of man, the kind who couldn't live without their loved one, that I completely spazzed when I read about a new type: Tyler Cook. It was an experience for me, seeing him commit suicide. Dying didn't make him love her less, he just didn't feel deserving enough to be in her life. Such a common 'yeah we know' thing, but I never really thought about it until now. Just something I wanted to share. You may get these 'whoa' things-*they're called epiphanies, Einstein*-also, and that's always a good thing when reading and getting lost in a story.

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I cringed less and cried more every time something was about to happen. Excellent job at the suspense and giving near heart attacks, btw, Rollins. Amazing. And the sex scenes? First one came out of nowhere like a well respected right hook. *thumbs up* I do, however, thought it was weird that Tyler would go without protection for the first time. He made the conscious choice, but he still freaked out about it. Was that just him going through the motions?

A few instances confused me a little with their actions and some time changes threw me off when a new detail would be added in without a build up, but I just may be used to different flows lol. The ending was a nice full circle but still teary because of Ty's problem. :/ And the final final final climax? Fucking yikes, I did not see that coming.

On a last review/rant note, I liked the characters. Jesse was rarely around but he somehow came off as this cheeky bastard (I like you) with an adorable Celeste as his beau (rarely there as well). Funny how little details still gave me such huge impressions. They were cute ghosts. I also loved Daisy, and the comparison to Carol Brady haha I could totally see that. Ty was an intense rock star lover that I just wanted to put in my pocket, and I loved Katie. Interesting, reading about a sassy-mouthed girl who did drugs and did her best to recover from it. Certainly a different strength that isn't in my life enough. Probably has something to do with the dark theme. Fragile mind just can't handle a lot of the baddie without needing my own numbing fix to calm my nerves...

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I recommend this book to those who love a good romance between two seemingly broken people who have to learn to live again. And again. And again. And again (damn it, Ty). There's drugs, mention of pedophilia, major psychological wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am, yummy sex scenes to balance out the crazy, and an intense action thriller feel of what it's like to love one of Trouble's hottest rock stars.

This is overall a story filled with a different twist of romance, a darker twist with fuck yes sex and themes that make you think twice about life and basically everything you know. Unless that was just me, then ignore that. Just a bit. It was enough to make me cover my mouth at one point denying whatever lines I read. Trouble in Paradise, part two to Ty and Katie's love story (yeah there's a fucking part one!) is a ride, a heady and interesting view of a woman who went through a lot of things, including her own cage of a mind, to get to her HEA. Definitely not a book to regret.

Happy Reading =^-^=

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