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When She Fell for the Billionaire (House of Argenti)

Anxious to get answers about her past, Sabrina Connelly is desperate to attend the royal wedding. The perfect opportunity comes in a beach encounter with sexy billionaire Luca Argenti, cousin to the princess bride.

Frightened and thrilled with his pursuit, Sabrina proposes an outrageous deal - a casual, holiday hook up in exchange for a slot in the royal guest list. Believing she's a gold digger, the Italian agrees to the exchange. He gets a vacation fling. She scores an invite.

But Luca Argenti makes it hard for Sabrina to stick to her end of the bargain. A few days in his arms and she's already in danger of falling for the hot billionaire. Keeping things casual would protect her from heartbreak, but she fears it's already a little too late and resistance is futile.

This is a complete standalone novel. No cliffhanger.


*received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*
*slight noted spoilers because- well, I can't properly rant without it*

The first installment in de Borja's new series, House of Argenti, somehow managed to be frighteningly adorable and scarring at the same time. So many near-trouser-combustion moments, with all the lies and deceit! I kept holding my breath and getting all wary whenever something was about to happen. And what a surprise it was, reading the synopsis and being introduced to something far more intriguing.

The first line killed me, immediately setting up for a hilarious yet sexy interaction between strangers who were really anything but. *thumbs up* Sabrina Connelly is just on a mission to meet with Markos Konstantinos, a mystery that won't be revealed until the end, though I sort of guessed at it before the third chapter. Nonetheless, I'm sure de Borja enjoyed throwing curve balls and throwing me off my guessing games at times, but it kept me on my toes.

Sabrina and Luca couldn't be anymore different with their trust issues, but I just loved seeing them fall for the other despite the false pretense. So many stories within stories within stories. The writing was well done with painting up the situation nicely for Sabrina, carefully depicting her as a good woman to everyone but the constantly suspicious Luca... and Markos... and jealous exes. He had a right to, sure, but he eventually caved. :3

Luca, like any other challenge, was one Sabrina unknowingly took in stride. It just tickled me to see such a sweet woman play the part of a gold-digger.


So while I was reading this, I kinda already guessed that she was his sister. The fact that she or Markos didn't tell Luca they were lovers validated my guess, though at times I did wonder if maybe they were something else by the way Sabrina's train of thought went- well, everywhere lol. Veeery sneaky, but I think I stuck to my guns 100% the moment she mentioned her fucking eye contacts *fist pumps* I liked the hints, and the way some other details made me think twice. It had me on my toes, but it also felt like a soft guide whilst I read. But MARKOS-

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I could go on and on about how I feel, but the point is, I'm sad that this ends with him having bad feelings about Sabrina, even after his own mother pretty much relented their relationship. I don't like the way he distrusts her so after all we went through together, but at the same time, I get his problem. :/ *sighs* Other than Markos, Sabrina also drove me a bit crazy. She was putting herself out there, and I just wanted to hide her away from the world! What did she really think was gonna happen? Like, seriously? I expected Markos' realistic reaction, which is probably why I have a hard time backing him up completely (cause I actually DON'T want that to happen),


One thing I love about book series is seeing not the characters, but the side characters, like Chase Latimer, Sabrina's good Hollywood actor friend. He was the somewhat aloof actor who couldn't get enough of Julian in The Duke Takes A Bride. I just laughed because I saw him in the Entitled series, and he was a little cold towards Imogen (Julian's bride) but gaga for the Duke. To see him again in this from a different light was just the icing on the cake.

I really loved this book because of how much it made an impact on me. Sabrina's got her one-track mind going on but she's falling for Luca, and because of the whole lying situation, he can't help but fight against his attraction to her. And they're both attracted to each other, so much it isn't even funny. Markos certainly isn't laughing *silent laughter* Seeing them fall in love gave me such good feelings, and the numerous mini climaxes before the final one was just- gaaaaaah. WHO DOESN'T LOVE LOVE?

The writing was excellent, pulling me into the minds of the characters and making me cry and scream (good, bad, ugly). The sex was nice (very nice. God I feel like a voyeur) and the drama was good enough to drive me nuts but not past the point of too much. And I really hope I see Chase again because he is just adorable, not to mention all those hotties at the reception??? Possibly the only time I ever got distracted from the love story.

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Happy Reading =^-^=

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