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Pollyanna and The Greek Billionaire (Innocent and Betrayed 3)

Greek billionaire Kyrillos Gazis finally knows what love is... but only when it might be too late for him to salvage his marriage.

What was supposed to be the happiest night for Kyr and his young wife has turned into a nightmarish episode. Pollyanna has found out about his past in the most hurtful way possible, catching him kissing not just any woman but his first love Ana.

With every secret from the past exposed, Kyr knows his wife may never trust him again. But even so, he's determined not to give up.

He loves her.
He finally knows this.
And now, he will do everything to prove it to her.


constantine photo: Constantine Constantine.gif

My God, this... *sighs* It's not the most draining thing I've read (Helios still takes the gold), and the latter half makes up for all the emotional suffering that happens in this book. And boy, is there a lot of suffering. But I must say, I think it was all well done. Even if at times I'd come across another chapter and I just wanted it to stop making me cry so much. My own eyes were starting to give me attitude.

The little shits.

It picks up from the last installment with a naive Pollyanna finally knowing what true pain is. The sight of her husband kissing another woman, kissing that woman, is more than unbearable, but she bears it. For her kids. Because she knows that if there is anything to salvage from this catastrophe... it's the happiness of their four beautiful, innocent children. She continues with their anniversary, smiling and maintaining a strong front at the party, but she cracks when the crowd starts to cheer for a couple's kiss. Like fuck, seriously? Seriously? From there, the book takes on a depressing tone. And I fucking mean, depressing.

are you serious photo:  tumblr_inline_mxg34vbrj81qce30r_zps5e827763.gif

Tell me, what does a married woman do when she's caught her husband cheating? She isolates him from her. How does she do it with little children? A smile on her face and a hand over her mouth when she thinks no one's listening late at night. And how, with the whole world waiting to see her fuck up, does a twenty-six year old young woman prove the assholes wrong? She gets a career and maintains the well-being of her family like a boss.

It was very hard for Pollyanna to keep him at bay with a cruel hand, because it's not the type of person she is. Then again, being herself didn't exactly crack the case on his lies and deceit, did it? So she goes the opposite- she plays the cruel, resentful bitch (a little too well) who doesn't need her dog of a husband to survive. She struggles with it because it goes against everything she's been taught, but at the same time, a part of her revels in it.
*I know it does, Pollyanna. Don't lie.*

*What is that?*
*I'm pretty sure it's, "Why you Lyin."*
*I don't know what that is.*
*Then go fuck yourself. I'm in the middle of a damn rant.*

It's a side of herself she doesn't get to see often except maybe when she's growing a child in her belly, then the gloves are off and it's every man for himself. Lord save the poor souls who cross her when she's in the works of creating life... For years, Pollyanna had believed that giving everything up for her husband was the right thing to do. She practically did the opposite of Ana, something I'm sure she figured out later on, and instead of being appreciated for it, she was still kept at a distance, and THAT, my dear Watson, is what ruthlessly shoves her over the edge.

Ana chose her dreams over him and left, and he still loved her. Polly dropped her dreams four times and then some to keep him happy, and he couldn't even reciprocate. Fuckhole's been lying for eight yeas about loving her, but he couldn't lie with three words to make her feel less like shit? Did he think he was saving her some pain by not uttering those words or could he just not say them because they weren't to Ana?

not even a little photo:  tumblr_me7hjhDKNe1rm750oo1_500_zpsa44e6bba.gif

With hubby somewhat out of the way, she feels like shit, so she then decides to resurrect her dead dreams of being a career woman. Kyr helps, of course, because he's at a level beyond groveling, and she takes it, both knowing it'll keep her as close as she can to their children. I can't even appreciate this because it's something he'd planned to give her before the incident, and now it's forever ruined as the 'one more thing' he does to seek forgiveness.

The whole time this story is going on, Kyr is discovering more ways to be humble, regardless if she ever takes him back. For Pollyanna, she's trying to adult but the only way she knows how is completely negative and the worse way to adult, Pollyanna, Jesus Christ. The tables are turned and now instead of despising Kyrillos for even thinking of being with someone else, it's Pollyanna over the grill. Not only are her actions harsh towards the father of her children, she chooses to follow her head instead of her heart. Frustrating, frustrating, frustrating.

Buuuuut she just got fucked over for the past eight years so again, it's not her. It's Kyr. And a little bit of her, yeah. Yeah...

Keeping up with her will to do the right thing that wasn't actually the right thing, watching him suffer for something that he had years to correct, seeing them in so much pain when you know all it'd take is forgiveness and love- it was all so exhausting.

exhausted photo: Exhausted tumblr_lzytr1HuVY1qbivto.gif

And to be honest, she started to get annoying. Kyrillos was trying his damn best to move on from this, but she couldn't. She needed to see him suffer for all the things he put her through, and believe me, it helped him to change, but it was at the cost of her losing herself. She just couldn't get over the fact that he would never forget his first love, and her insecurity, driven by his deceit, only made her jealousy worse. Rather than a healthy dose of possessiveness, she became this jaded lover constantly comparing herself to Ana. It was ugly, pathetic and really really sad. T_T And what's worse, she even got confronted by Kyr about it, who told her himself to cut the shit with all this 'she's better than me' whining. Everyone but her knew that she was by far the better woman, but because she just couldn't let it go, she let it get to her.

Pollyanna dreaded the stereotypical confrontation of wife and mistress (THERE'S NO GODDAMN MISTRESS POLLYANNA JESUS) so much that she fucking got it. I mean, she went there herself so she's really just asking for it, but I just hated it. I understood it, but I hated it with a fiery passion. Her insecurity and need to protect herself made her into this bitter woman that brought up all of the little things she let slip past her for their sake, and see what good that did her. Ugh. Fuck. T_T It's so frustrating to see her turn so horribly after seeing such a sweet soul in the first installment! But now she's all Kevin Hart on Kyr's ass just refusing to believe anything ever again, and trusting- TRUSTING -other people's opinions on how she should act. Um, what? You're gonna rely on other people after your husband screws you over?

are you serious photo:  tumblr_m45hbln8LP1r4g6t6.gif

Oh, and Ana? You're assertive, which I like, but you're six letters short of being anywhere close to Pollyanna's level. So in the most graceful, appreciative way possible...

you ain't shit photo:  gofuckyoursel_zps9a00427d.gif

Despite the clusterfuck of, like, the first half of the book, I did appreciate the times that slowly brought them closer together, even if it didn't always last, you know? Like him driving her home after work, getting her little things, crashing a friendly date with a guy that had no business being anywhere in her vicinity (grrr) or that time when the twins watched something scary on Youtube? It was so cute to see them watch it together and get scared. *cough* Kyr *cough* Here let me see if I can pull it up...

Okay I can't pull it up so just click THIS. The thing's less than three minutes but it does not fail to build the suspense. Or fuck up your hallways... Yeesh. Let's just say that I will never look down a hallway or doorways or any which-ways for the safety of my sanity. So, I needed to escape from the emotional massacre and got sidetracked and watched it, until I saw the beginning.

nope photo: NOPE NOPE NOPE tumblrm7agjc7fsb1qbngk1.gif

Then I sucked it up aaaaaand- I paused every other second and happened to pause on the fucked up face so I wasn't scared lol. Yay for an anti-climax. ^-^

But back to my experience on the story.

you ain't shit photo:  tumblr_inline_mvnkce0QU41r0fglh_zps8914e462.gif

I felt bad. I felt really, really bad for the guy. Pollyanna pulls no punches when it comes to him, and she did so many things that effected her kids, I started to get mad at her instead! I understand that she was hurting and couldn't take it lying down, but the fact that it still effected the children made it so sad. Eventually I was like, "Shit woman, it was one kiss!" But then I have to remind myself, it wasn't just that one kiss with a first love. It was about finding out that all this time, he'd never loved her before or after their marriage, even when they had children. Yeah, he found out he loved her after, but she doesn't know that, and how can she trust him, after all the lies he told her for the past eight fucking years?

stare photo: lil wayne smh stare disgust lilwaynesmh.gif

And I think I hate them both a little, him for even thinking about another woman and her for wishing her kids weren't around to further question his dedication to her. I KNOW I KNOW she doesn't hate her kids and she'd never want to wish them away, but I hate that for a second, the heartbreak he caused her made her almost wish that her children weren't there because, now she'll never know if he'd have stayed with her if not for them.

why would you say that photo:  tumblr_lpohrfqJCa1qb40o0.gif

That's what did it for me. I resented her for that. I felt like she was being a coward and using her kids as an excuse to 'be strong'. If you ask me, she's secretly a bitch (and that's okay girl) who was hammered with manners and etiquette, so the only way to get back at him the way she really wants to is through these ridiculous "Do it for the children" spiels in her mind. They aren't helping her at all. Being herself would've completely fixed it up, if she had the courage and strength.

Sadly, shit doesn't get anywhere until the day she ends up in the hospital due to exhaustion. T_T By then, Kyr's had enough with going after her if all it got him was a hospitalized wife who can't stand his ass. So he says goodbye. And he lets her go.

And it's only BY THAT POINT, with her children reminding her the very thing they teach them about forgiveness, that she and the kids start yelling for daddy. Dude runs back to them. They make up. And that's how it ends. o.o Then that yummy of an epilogue comes up but I won't say anything about it here because I'll be saving that for later.

I've got to say, the ending was a little weird considering all the shit that happened, but it was still sweet with the kids reminding her of the simplest things.

I loved this series despite the number of times it made me cry, especially this one. I swear to God, it was like I cried at every chapter, the worse ones making me cry twice or more. Pollyanna and Kyr were an interesting couple, different from the other ones this author's written. It's not just the marriage and children, but rather the way they were with each other. She fell for him no questions asked, and he didn't care to acknowledge his own feelings until it was too late- hmm, maybe it is like the other ones she's written, then. This one was just more intense, because the fucktard didn't realize it until the BLOODY LAST BOOK JESUS KYR WHAT THE FUCK.

But anyways. When Kyr wasn't being a delusional dick in the series, he was being a sweet and nearly perfect man for Polly. She was sweet and too cute with her love for him, making me smile when she gave him a thousand more reasons to be grateful for the life he had. I'll admit that Pollyanna turned out to have a few traits I wouldn't have guessed at, but it's not bad. If anything, it adds shades to her personality and makes me adore her all the more for it.

The writing was well done and flowed nicely in my head. I devoured the whole thing in one sitting when I wasn't choking on tears or envisioning ways to kill Kyr. The struggle to their happiness was a nice- albeit weary -drama. Seriously, this author is too dangerous with her heart-breaking love tragedies that still somehow manage to obtain a surreal happily ever after.

I recommend this series (can't start with the last book, silly) to anyone who loves a good romance with heady drama. Enjoy a good laugh? This author is it. Love the cute girls with hearts of gold and too naive to know better? Look her way. Do you go crazy over books that make you cry? Yup, this sadist over here.

There isn't a book of hers I hate, and this series made no difference in my love for the heroines too brave to know better and the alpha heroes too dark to see the light until it was too late.

God, I love her men.

Happy Reading =^-^=

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Sexy Night Sunday: On Dublin Street

Jocelyn Butler has been hiding from her past for years. But all her secrets are about to be laid bare...

Four years ago, Jocelyn left her tragic past behind in the States and started over in Scotland, burying her grief, ignoring her demons, and forging ahead without attachments. Her solitary life is working well- until she moves into a new apartment on Dublin Street where she meets a man who shakes her carefully guarded world to its core.

Braden Carmichael is used to getting what he wants, and he's determined to get Jocelyn into his bed. Knowing how skittish she is about entering a relationship, Braden proposes an arrangement that will satisfy their intense attraction without any strings attached.

But after an intrigued Jocelyn accepts, she realizes that Braden won't be satisfied with just mind-blowing passion. The stubborn Scotsman is intent on truly knowing her...
down to the very soul.

Samantha Young is easily one of the best authors to get into today. I fell for her fantasy novels and this one is just as great. Her writing pulls you in, and Joss was a wonderful character to delve into with her sarcastic, guarded exterior battling against a bleeding heart. Braden was just as yummy, with his assertive and easily-endearing way of always getting what he wants. I loved seeing such a playboy change for Joss's sake.

I just loved it all.

Not only is this thing hot when it wants to be, I loved the world Young created. Joss is a bartender in Scotland living a life that doesn't involve the horrible past that's made her to be the woman she is today. Braden, the brother of her new roommate, changes all that. He makes her question the safe little world she constructed for herself and begins to wonder... just what would it be like if-? What if? I was a fan of Scotland before I read this, and after falling in love with Joss and Braden, it's made me adore Scotland even more.

The characters are great, with their own stories to add to the overall HEA, and Joss and Braden's relationship made for an entertaining and heartfelt read. The scenes are as hot as they are sweet, funny and emotional. I totally recommend everyone read it. I'm a fantasy fan, but even this book set in reality made me laugh and cry. It's just the perfect package.

Happy Reading =^-^=

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Demons in Disguise (The Divinicus Nex Chronicles #3)

Survival. Time to make it their problem.

With dead bodies piling up on this side of the Waiting World and the Mandatum closing in, Aurora is so over being prey. So the hunted becomes the hunter. Targeting the dangerous traitor who wants her dead catapults Aurora out of Gossamer Falls and way past her comfort zone.

But the master of deception won't go down easy, armed with a diabolical plan and a legion of evil to take down anyone who gets in their way... including the Hex Boys. Aurora and her six Hexy Knights dive into the belly of the Mandatum beast and wade through murky moral waters where trusting the wrong people is the only way to make things right.

What could possibly go wrong?

In Aurora's case... everything.

* * * * *

Continuing the action-packed Divinicus Nex Chronicles, Aurora and fan-favorite hotties The Hex Boys are back with more mystery, non-stop action, romance and laugh-out-loud humor that makes this thrilling series irresistible. Come along for the ride where...

Nex, Thugs, and Dead Souls Roll!

I fully intended to review this book on here, but I just have too many feels to even bother attempting at another non-spoiled review. I already did it on Goodreads so feel free to check that out, otherwise enjoy my rants on A&E Kirk's Demons in Disguise.

*Warning: Major Spoilers*
*just the way I like it...*
*...with 'minor' swearing...*

So let me just vent for a minute with GIFs, okay? Yeah? Cool.

Jesus friggin Christ!!!!! I've waited so long for this- song as old as bloody rhyme -and now that it's out and I've read it... I feel so sad. A whole 1,000+ year's worth of anticipation devoured in a day.Why can't I be those people who take months to read? Why?

And what's worse!!! All this time I'm anticipating hours and hours of Hex Boy fun, waiting for my fill of humor, ripped abs and idiocy, and what happens??? They get goddamn detained by the Mandatum! Not only do they come and go in the middle of the book, another character we've kept hearing about is officially introduced:

The Seduction Guru himself, Cristiano Cacciatori.

My fangirl side wants to burn him for even thinking about coming onto Auora who is clearly taken Mr.!!! but you know what? I've been bought, and I've never felt so cheap in my life. T_T A few cute English-Is-My-Second-Language words, a dash of psycho, and a whole bottle of Sexy that God just so happened to 'accidentally' spill in his concoction- *wipes drool* I have this cold feeling- a bag of chills, really, or maybe a bag of frozen butterflies... -that he's a lot more important to Aurora than anyone thinks.

I think he's the Bellator.

Yes! And you'd have to be an idiot not to guess it! He's large and ridiculously indestructible, she feels safe and familiar with him whenever they're touching, and his history of having an episode coincides (nearly) exactly with Aurora's attack! Seriously. The night she gets attacked, he just happens to be going through an episode? Gee I wonder what caused him to go ape shit?!?!

I really hope he is the Bellator because I've fallen for him so hard. For Aurora's sake, of course. My whips are reserved for a certain... Aussie.

I just don't want her to get close to this guy and have him not be the Bellator, because then another guy will come and she's already got Ayden and the rest of the Hex Boys- another is a crowd! But who am I to complain if another god comes along... T_T Ugh not even reading book four and I'm already conflicted.

And you know what? This book really was more of Cristiano's formal introduction to Aurora's life than anything else. Having the Hex Boys take a momentary backseat freaked me out, and I just got plain annoyed when Aurora kept trying to escape from him because she assumed he was there to kill her. NO. If he's taking up Hex Boy space, you better not waste those pages, missy!

Maybe I wouldn't be so annoyed if I also thought he was there to kill her, but the authors did too good of a job at hinting at his possible, more important role as Aurora's protector than just being Sophina Cacciatori's son and head of the Sicarius Squad. And ohemeffingGee but I did not think of any of these boys as under-eighteen-high-school students when all these naked skin scenes came up. Like... no.

First off, it'd kill my mood since I'm a college student XD But aside from that, high school guys just don't look that yummy or come off as that confident and awesome! Maybe the rare oddity sure but unless the universe decides to bring all the ducklings together and create a live version of the Hex Boys, the cast in my head are college-level and rated NR-17.

Let's me sleep better at night knowing my lust isn't so awkward.
Don't judge me -_-

Okay, time to review!

This book was so damn awesome, like holy shit. I held out as much as I could and only lasted a day -_- but it was too good to not pick back up. At first I was trying to get a hold of the plot that demons were in disguise and causing trouble (WHY?), but when the Hex Boys got replaced by Cristiano (pretty much) I then wanted to know what the deal was with Aurora and her Divinicus Nex duties. Like, does she even think about them? Or the whereabouts of her Bellator? Or what the Hex Boys are to the Mandatum, and if they're gonna be recruited for showing off their powers?

OMG do they know they just did everything with their uber powers at Mandatum HQ????

Is the series going to take a frightening turn towards the Mandatum now that Aurora is exposed more than she cares to be?? And what about the demons? Who else is pulling their chains?? Just what is going on with Flint's family problems??? UGH I NEED ANSWERS. There's no way I'll be able to let it go... But alas, all analytical business aside, this book brought on Cristiano with heavy emphasis that he's the Bellator (kinda like how I'm doing it in my blog). This book pretty much sets their connection so that the next time Aurora sees him, she doesn't flip the frack out like before. I know this is true because once she did feel comfortable with him, they went to go save the Hex Boys. Like, "Okay, we cool? Yeah? Let's move on."

Okay, the assassination attempt on my boys? Totally did not see that coming. Like first they're here, then they're gone, then they're- whoa, what? Aurora races to go save them, even dares the portal to the Waiting World again to get to them in time. And man, but I wanted Cristiano to touch something in Flint's secret cave like a fat kid to candy and just activate something radical- but it'd probably take away from the Hex Boy rescue. *sighs* And ahh, the Waiting World. Or Dub 9 as I like to call it. (Oh, hush) What's up with it now, huh? It's totally different, and creepy new things are lounging with the ghoulies. Not to mention that some of the Hex Boy guardians are there, like Ayden's fairy, Pearl? She's such a little tyrant ugh. But I feel bad for her. She was unneeded and so was sent to the Waiting World to wait-


*.... I need some time to take this in....*

And the boys. My Hex Boys! They were so... vulnerable at some points. :( Blake totally broke my heart when he thought they were taking Aurora away. I cried DX I never would've thought that he'd be from an abusive house, but I'm dying to know what happened to his mom and little sister. And it explains why he freaked earlier in the book. Which just makes me more sad. T_T A little more got revealed for the other boys, too, which I loved. Logan showed that he's not all shyness and meekness. Tristan... blew my mind away. *winks* Nice taste of what they're all really like without getting into it too much and taking away from the story. Then again, anything Hex Boy doesn't take away, it adds haha.

*sighs* I just want to wrap them all in my arms and protect them.

So the vulnerability, the intro to Cristiano, it was all amazing male fun. And the Lahey's! OMG The twins, Lucian and Luna are hilarious. Their speech patterns are a little different but it definitely adds to the creepy twin thing, especially when they're all about torturing poor Aurora with her guy problems or getting in on their missions that totally aren't secret at all. Mom and dad also showed a different side to them. After the incident with Aurora before they moved back, it's no surprise that mom would freak after seeing Aurora banged up all over again. It was a little sad, but not so much that I couldn't giggle at the way Mr. Lahey would explode. Irish blood is a blowin'! Poor guy just wants to make sure his family's okay, though, so it's no wonder that he'd get mad every time someone keeps something-something from him.

And let me just quote:

"Bathroom's all yours," Luna said as she headed out of my room. "You'll need a shower. Talk about sweaty. And wow, you're such a screamer."
"Bet that's what Ayden says," Lucian snorted as he came in.

They're so evil lol. Glad they're not my siblings. -_- I get enough sass from my own.

Aaaaand I'm getting distracted again. Boy, oh, boy. Demons in Disguise. Okay. I feel like this doesn't even need a proper review *snorts* because of how perfect it already is. Right now the most I can do is rant about it. And what I have to say, is that this was beyond entertaining. I've already sold my soul for this series so just visiting the Hex Boys again brings me joy. Their rants are hilarious, it's never a dull moment with Aurora, and she holds her own against the six guys with her sarcasm and wit. Don't even get me started on her with Cristiano. Just... don't.

Okay I will. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEIR CHEMISTRY. At first I was annoyed with the whole 'he's here to kill me because my assumptions are always right!' thing, but when she actually stopped to give him a semi-chance, things got so much better. I loved him finishing her sentences. I loved that she always got frustrated and it didn't change the way he felt about her. I loved that he could make her so crazy and still hold conversations with her. It was all... things she was missing with Ayden.

Don't kill me! But it's true. All this cute shit with Armani is what she used to do with Ayden before they turned official. Now that they're bf and gf, he's constantly trying to put her in a bubble and they've only talked about, like, how hot the other is. Given there's rarely any time for them to spend time together, there just wasn't much fire between them, and whatever fire there was, was really just them fighting about each other's safety. It was either them making out, him stripping (thank you so much), or him being a reckless, coddling jerk. I so miss the old bad boy Ayden.

And okay, but I need to say it again. Why is she assuming so much and getting it so wrong??? This girl is constantly assuming things that turn out to be the complete opposite. Literally the complete opposite. You'd think that after all the things that went down with the Hex Boys, she'd learn her lesson and take some things meant at face value. 

But worse of all is her multiple attraction to Ayden and Cristiano. She can obviously appreciate a good-looking guy and not feel anything (like seeing the Hex Boys shirtless) but unlike the rest, she actually has a connection with Cristiano. Why does Aurora have this problem?

It must be it. Otherwise, why give her such an option of someone other than Ayden? I love Matthias so if she ever decides to go with him I won't complain- ahahaha -but Aurora looking at anyone else besides Ayden kinda freaks me out tbh. Like I break out in hives just reading her moments with the Seduction Guru. At least that's how it started. Once they hung out I fell in love with their banter. But I feel like I'm betraying Ayden. But Aurora chooses her flame lord! But she feels the feels with Cristiano....

I hate this!!!! How dare you make me choose between these beautiful guys???? I hate it!

I really look forward to the next book. You've no idea how excited I am, because shit just got real! Finding the traitor is finally done with though we need to find out who she is to Aurora and why she did all this crazy shit with demons, and now it's time to concentrate... on Aurora's true identity. Hopefully. BAM! I wanna know why her family is so freaking awesome. They're a great support for her, but there's also something fishy going on and don't tell me anything different. Dad's too good with concoctions, mom is something fierce, and there's too much mystery behind dad's side of the family and Aunt M!

This is like a dream book for the Young Adult shelf. It's got six hot guys with demon-hunting prowess, hilarious moments, a strong borderline reckless heroine, and awesome action scenes. The writing sucked me in and Cristiano... well, let's just say that Ayden has something to worry about, regardless of what Aurora thinks. I recommend this series but I seriously suggest you start with Demons at Deadnight, or you won't get the full experience of falling for these characters. I know I got it, and I don't regret a single page.

Review is Over
Time to Fangirl


Okay, can I just say how fucking hot it is to see a guy take charge? No fuss. No need to be told to handle your shit and chill. I mean, okay, he freaked out once, but who wouldn't? Yeah, I'm shamelessly comparing him to everyone else, and the Hex Boys are always okay in my book, but amongst everyone else... he's just got it going on. Otherwise he did very well being the leader and bringing his team back in whenever something horrible happened. Two thumbs up, my sexy dark but oddly goofy shadow man. You can stalk my dark hallways anytime. Whip me into shape. Persuade me to the Dark Side. Fill my dark tunnels with your essence.

*You mean presence?*

You're. So. Bloody. Haaaaawwwwttttttt omgwhyyy????? I loved that your hair's a little longer, and you felt a little older, too, though maybe it's because you weren't there to annoy Aurora so much as you were there to keep her safe. Makes you even more amazing, btw, checking up on her and shit.

And speaking of sleeping in other people's beds-!
*But you didn't mention-*


And by bedroom scenes I mean Aurora always ending with one of the guys in her bed. Literally sleeping together without her knowledge. lol I'm on the same boat with the twins in that nothing ever happens ahahaha. Damn.


Dubois was a total psycho and I know she isn't dead. It was an interesting plot twist (I'm not mentioning Heather) to reveal her as the traitor, but in a way I also knew Cristiano and his mother weren't trying to kill Aurora. It was too obvious. Dubois, however, I did not see coming until the end. But now I'm dying to know: how'd she get the demons? Who's her partner if she's able to overrule them all with her gadgets? How'd she know about the gadgets and why would someone make such a thing?

And Aunt M... I wanna know how this preggo lady's making shit that makes the Mandatum look like amateurs. Is Aunt M a part of the Flint conspiracy?

Cause see, this is what I'm thinking. Flint's niece/nephew was hidden somewhere and only he knows of the whereabouts (as far as we know). His niece/nephew is the child of the Divinicus Nex and his sister. The Divinicus and his Bellator are only ever couples with each other, and every one hundred years, it's only ever been a male Divinicus and a female Bellator. So why is the new Divinicus female? What are the chances that Aurora comes from the bloodline that changed tradition? And Flint is this tack-savvy dude, so who's to say Aunt M isn't somehow meant to protect the Lahey's? Their creations, after all, are pretty competitive with each other. Aurora may have been the bloodline hidden from the Mandatum because she's not supposed to exist, and she got hidden with- um, like, maybe a friend of Flint's, who shared the same occupancy. And the bloodlines stuck together until eventually it birthed Aurora, and she became the Divinicus Nex. Who's to say the Lahey's aren't special in their own way? After all, they do have these suspicious things going on that wouldn't be looked at twice if not for the fact that their descendant is a demon tracker. Grandma's a self-proclaimed fairy slayer, why wouldn't it all be true?

Maybe the baby was Aurora's grandmother, and Flint hid her in Ireland where she later married a Lahey and they had kids. She passed on her blood to her kids, Aurora's dad and his brother, and Aurora happened to get chosen.

And here's another thing. Fiamma, the name Cristiano calls Aurora? Turns out it was a nickname for a girl he'd been tasked to watch over. She and Aurora look identical. Thing is, he watched her die. Dead end, then, right? Wrong, because despite being an amazing assassin who knows when someone's dead, he had doubt, affirming it when he told Aurora that he thought she was alive because he knows how the 'demon gods love to play tricks'. Meaning, I don't think Fiamma really died. I think she's alive... I just don't know who she could be.

Last Thought:
Cristiano Hot-As-Hell Cacciatori was a great protector for Aurora.
And he did it shirtless.

Happy Reading =^~^=

Hide'n Go Seek (Psychic Visions 2)

A twisted game of Hide'n Go Seek forces an unlikely alliance between a no-nonsense FBI agent and a search-and-rescue worker.

Celebrated search-and-rescue worker Kali Jordan has hidden her psychic abilities by crediting her canine partner Shiloh with the recoveries. But Kali knows the grim truth- The Sight that she inherited from her grandmother allows her to trace violent energy unerringly to victims of murder. No one knows her secret until a twisted killer challenges her to a deadly game of Hide'n Go Seek that threatens those closest to her.

Now she must rely on FBI Special Agent Grant Summers, a man who has sworn to protect her, even as he suspects there's more to Kali and Shiloh than meets the eye. As the killer draws a tighter and tighter circle around Kali, she and Grant find there's no place to hide.

Are her visions the key to finding the latest victim alive or will this twisted game of Hide'n Go Seek cost her... everything?


Oh, shit!

I had the awkward moment of reading the first book, the latest book, and then this book. There's no particular reading order, but this book definitely brought back the suspense of some good ole' psychic detective hunting that the latest installment didn't prioritize. Yaaas.

I loved Kali in this. She's not exactly a psychic (her own words, I ain't saying nothing) but rather a body finder; a seer to the black threads of death who call out to her, especially when someone's been murdered. The plot was pretty nice. A religious nut who feels like a loser and decides to blame it on Kali and her 'black magic'? Um, hell yes! Who doesn't love a good wacko sprouting false prophecy? The game he plays with her was almost like a cold war, and it sucked that he won so many times in the beginning.

She's barely figuring out her gifts despite having it for a while, but something so supernatural is still weird so I guess I can understand her stumbles. Stefan, the sexy psychic who always has a hand to lend out comes, once again, to the rescue, though it's more of a slight hi-and-bye with a small, surprising visit one last time. The story kept hold of its creepiness, and I loved the romance going on in here. However, Kali was a little annoying because her insecurities caused her to treat Grant unfairly and I really didn't like that, especially when he did nothing to warrant such harbored thoughts.

Grant! Grant, Grant, Grant. He was a cool cop, and it was hilarious how he border-line worshipped her, yet incidentally turned into a hard ass whenever he was around her. I admit I chuckled more than a few times at that. And he kept her grounded. Whenever her thoughts would wander, he'd be there to fence her back in and get her head in the game. I thought he was also most appropriate for her, because although she has a lot of heart, she's also reckless and stubborn. I wouldn't mind such strong traits if they didn't get her almost killed every single time.

My favorite part about this was not figuring out who the bad guy was. At first I thought it was Jarl, but he seemed too obvious a choice, and then there was Brad, who seemed the least likely, or Dan, the seemingly nice older man with a religious background. A lot of people came up suspicious throughout the novel, but like I said earlier, I just couldn't choose lol. So kudos, Mayer! You did a brilliant job on that.

And okay, you know what? This author has a way with making things so creepy that you can't help but read her stories under a light or thick blanket. Especially the endings. I think I've learned my lesson in making sure I'm safely in a corner before reading beyond the 70% marking. Seems like every time I enter the last 30%, things get fucking crazy and I'm just like-

Dale Mayer does creepy very well and creates these complicated psychics with amazing gifts. I also love the authoritative companions she pairs them with, and how different their characters can be while still maintaining some form of attraction to each other. A definite recommend for those who love cop romance, murder mysteries and women with more power than they realize they have.
Maddy's Floor, here I come.

Happy Reading =^-^=

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Now You See Her (Psychic Visions 8)

Energy. The life force of good... and evil. And sometimes evil is stronger.

Tia spent years imprisoned in a 'special' program. When she finally escaped, she ran as far away as she could. But it wouldn't leave her alone.

Only one person can help her. Stefan. But when she contacts him for help, she gets more than she bargained for. Six weeks later, she awakens from a coma to find more problems than ever - and she's still being hunted.

Dean, moonlighting as a guard at the hospital, finds himself in an impossible situation. His belief system is stretched out of control by someone whom he can't forget... and can't believe. Until he has no choice.

With everything on the line, Tia and Dean must work together to solve the problem that has somehow- in a very unique way -entwined them both.


*received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*

It took me a second time to read this before feeling good about giving this book a 4-Star rating. My first experience wobbled between a 2 and 3 because the writing was a unique style to get into, the dialogue wasn't very engaging, and a bulk of the middle did a weird repeat of Tia getting hurt again and Dean freaking out like he hadn't already gone through it eight times.

The writing style matches the serious ambiance of cop/detective-work, but because it was already a bad start, I wasn't in the mood to adapt. It lead to me further getting annoyed with the dialogue because not only was it stiff, the conversations themselves didn't really have any point. It was either Tia and Dean bickering, convincing her of something over and over again, or mentioning small details that I didn't feel were important. They were fillers, and not very good ones, as some seemed more like rambles than a good, standing hypothesis. I know the characters are intelligence and able to have better topics than whatever I just read. I wanted to see it.

The romance. It'd be okay if it wasn't the most important thing in this book, but because Tia and Dean spend the majority of this book together, it's obvious that there should be some romance factor. I didn't feel it. I expected the slow buildup because that's what it was, but it went from hating each other to suddenly wanting to move in together. I didn't get any of the transition.


Let me talk about the good things first. I absolutely love the powers that Tia displays because I've never read anything like it, yet. Not only is it fascinating, it makes the situation a thousand times more exciting as she struggles against other power players on the game board. Mayer has a certain way of writing that fits the cops-no-nonsense ambiance, and the plot was completely creepy in the best way possible.

I rated this a four-star, as it would be a five had it left me feeling satisfied no matter the mood I was in, and I was in a rather lifeless mood at the time. About a week and a half is what it took for me to finish this, and it's not entirely about any problems in this book, so much as it was the way it left me after every chapter.

The first half of Now You See Her was a little difficult to get through. It was interesting, but I found myself skipping some parts or rereading sentences. This was one of my biggest peeves because the writing was already something I had to get accustomed to rather than just be sucked in, though I think it's just a personal thing of mine. The floral old speech is nearly second nature to my eyes so this short, choppy(?) and precise way of writing was just one more thing to do before getting to sink into the pages. Doing this on top of keeping up with what was going on made it even harder to do so.

I won't spoil it too much, but I'll say that with every new piece of evidence that came up, it completely changed the way I saw things and so when a character would act accordingly to the new info, I'd be left confused rereading the same passage until I could keep up with the change. I'd like to think I'm not that slow, but it was other things, as well, like Tia or Dean getting surprised and causing drama. I'd get confused all over again because I didn't know where this was all coming from. So what'd I do? Go back, read, and see that although something was heavily insinuated for the reader, the same didn't go for the character.

That's it. I felt like I was being updated as a reader but whenever a character would throw a fit, I'd get confused, wondering if I'd thought ahead or assumed things. It was jarring, and made me take unnecessary trips back and forth. Not fun.

The writing style also carried into the dialogue, which again, made it hard to get into the story. Albeit cool and appropriate for a mystery/detective-work novel, the stiff and formal way of writing didn't belong on Tia's lips. Meaning, the stiff way Dean and his partner spoke was okay because they're cops, so I can see them speaking like that. What I couldn't see was Tia talking with a lot more formality than was normal for anyone in this day. It was the little things, but they do carry influential weight. To add on, I felt that they all spoke the same way, and these characters are all very different. Maddy held her own, as did a bit of Stefan's. It'd have just been nice to see them express their own individuality through their speech patterns. I wanted to land randomly on a page and know immediately who was speaking.

The plot was very intriguing, but because something kept happening to Tia, I felt like the book was more about Tia figuring her shit out before finding the bad guy. If anything, the bad guy took the back seat, which then made it all weird for me because the story would bounce between Tia's problem and solving a cold case. I don't mind juggling both, but it got a little boring for me because I'm in Detective-mode, and all the action I'm reading for a little more than the first half of this, is Tia dying and getting awesome and dying even more and then rising and- you see what I'm saying?

          Rant Over          

I had a lot of problems with this the first time I read it, but rereading it while in a better mood changed the initial impression for me. Some issues still stood, like the small dragging and the dialogue, but everything else was great.

Anything mentioned about her past was seriously creepy and just-

-and I absolutely loved it. So if you love a good, creepy story with a bit of a side one involving two characters who get their character development a little later in the book, check this out. The psychics (so sorry) with their own special flavors was pretty neat, and I loved that some characters made reappearances to help Tia out. The writing is consistent, and if you can avoid the little things that I couldn't, I think you'll enjoy this very much. Romance wasn't sold on me but damn. This is the psychic-murder-mystery destination.

Happy Reading =^-^=

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sexy Night Sunday: Here Be Sexist Vampires

Sam Parker is a vampire with a gift so strong and substantial that she is invited to partake in a test for a place in the Grand High Master Vampire's private army. She finds that not only has the army never included a woman, but it has never included a Svente vampire; a breed that is regarded by the super strong Pagori breed and the hypnotically beautiful Keja breed to be too tame and human-like. Most refuse to take her seriously, especially a Pagori commander named Jared who she craves in spite of herself.

The Grand High Master, however, sees her potential and offers her the position of Jared's co-commander to help train the newest squad in time for the impending attack on his home. Sam has to demonstrate to Jared and the squad of chauvinists why it is incredibly foolish to underestimate a willful, temperamental, borderline-homicidal Svente female.

Warning: This novel contains an iron-willed female vampire with an energy whip, a sexist male vampire who is determined to have her, explicit vampy sex, and a romance story with real bite.


Easily one of the best authors to get into. Like, seriously. Not only is this book hilarious, the main characters are both strong yet complete opposites in their mannerisms. Sam's been forced to be the top assassin in order to survive the multitude list of shits life dealt her. Jared's position in life forced him to be nothing but the best in order to carry out the heir title. Told from both POVs, this story revolves around their primitive attraction and growing respect for each other. What's best about this romance is that despite wanting to shag like bunnies in the bush, they can't stand each other. And who doesn't love a love story before it was a love story?

The sex scenes, as mentioned, are indeed combustion-worthy and I highly advise that you bookmark those things to read later, when you're alone and not in public nor in reach of another human/responsibility. It'll be awkward. Take my word. And as hot as the scenes are, the plot is steady to rise with the risks and heat and ends in true Sam fashion; no one wins against her. She's this undefeated woman with the brains to back up her spontaneous yet reasonable decisions, often leaving the rest of the men in her life dumbfounded or amused. It's refreshing to see such a character take charge with the things dealt to her, especially when it comes to dealing with sexist old male vampires who gossip more than the average old biddy.

It's all amazing: the plot, the setting, the characters, the dialogue. The writing flows with distinctive flavors only matching Sam or Jared; if you were to randomly land on a page, you'd instantly know who was speaking. As an avid reader, it's something I highly appreciate. Many times I've reread this book and instantly fallen into the story. If it's not the witty and entertaining dialogue drawing me in, it's the way their thoughts are written out, filled with a certain amount of vulnerability or hubris to touch a part of me.

A high recommendation for this book and the author. She's amazing.

Do it for the lines.

Happy Reading =^-^=

Friday, December 11, 2015

What You Wanted (Chic Manila 5)

It's the classic one-night stand: Beach wedding, bridesmaid, groom's friend. When Andrea and Damon meet, sparks fly, and they give in to the attraction. Sounds simple, but Andrea's still getting over someone, and Damon thought he'd be hooking up with another person that night. It could still be simple, really, if they chalk it up to a weekend tryst and move on.

But one night becomes lunch the week after, and then dinner the next weekend... and before they know it, Andrea and Damon are still together, dealing with the feelings they know they might still have for other people. How hard can it be to get exactly what you want? How do you even know what it is?


*received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*
*There may be some spoilers here and there...*
*Skip to last paragraph for clean review with extremely minor details NO ONE could avoid to give this a good review. Psycho.*

OHMYGAWD!!! This was so good.

First off, I loved that it was in the Philippines. It's on my bucket list to go there and seeing Andrea and Damon go to the islands in their "spontaneous" adventures made it more exciting. And I've never read a book with Philippines in the setting so maybe that's it, too lol. And her parents! They were adorable, and I don't know why, but them and the food and setting just made it all the cuter. It was just so cute... Anyways, 'What You Wanted' was fucking amazing. Like... I don't even know. Let me try to put my thoughts together.

Where do I begin?! Andrea is this no-nonsense woman who enjoys what she likes and doesn't let anyone tell her different. But when it came to Thad, a friend she'd known for years, all her rules went out the window. She fell for him, and she didn't do a thing about it until the day he accompanied her for a weekend of hiking.

He broke her heart, (that TRAMP) but with the pathetic way he acted, I quickly figured out that he probably liked her a lot and just wanted to dump her before she hurt him. Asshole. Low life son of a gut-licking coooowUGGGHHH. He wasn't in the story enough to make me feel this annoyed, but he seriously played with her mind enough to make her feel weird. And anyone who makes this goddess of a woman weird makes me feel like I need a new pair of balls to hang over my door...

He wasn't a bad guy, she just could've totally done better, which she does. ^-^ The story was great at hooking me in. Not only did the words drip down my mental throat like honey- liked that, did you? -it brought me into Andrea's mind and just as easily made me experience her story as if I were a voyeur to her pain and struggles. Her friends were a nice support, but I didn't get into them as much because of the amount they offered to the story, which is appropriate anyway. Thad and Gretel The Hag (her name's not Gretel I just like calling her that because it reminds me of a hag) were also good supporting characters, and although I despise them both with a passion (Thad more so) I won't lose any sleep over thinking of ways to bury them. This was all about Andrea and Damon, and although there was drama to make things interesting, in the end it always came back to Andrea and knowing what she wanted.

Esguerra did an amazing job at writing this out and sucking me in which, as an avid reader, is something I so appreciate. The characters were great to read and although many came and went to move the story along, I loved that it mainly focused on the couple. More to engulf. ^-^ And the way it happened!!!! Like omg, I'm not even exaggerating. I fucking loved the way they kept coming back to each other. Every time they did, something would happen with their 'others' at the same time, like they'd both get a phone call after a lunch together, blah blah blah. It made for an interesting excuse to constantly see each other in order to further deal with their past issues. And what's more, despite Damon having his own thing with this- er, thing-

*I'm trying to not spoiler, give me a break*

-I loved that he pretty much got over Gretel and was completely invested in Andrea (whom, by the way, was too crazy not to see it).

And Damon... he was such the perfect guy. I'm not kidding.

At first, I thought he was a little shallow (writing wise) because not much was revealed on his behalf, making me question the depth to him as she tried to figure out what the hell love really was. He was great, just like Andrea thought, but I didn't really fall for him until a little later, when things got more obvious. By then I was like, 'Oh shit, you're perfect'. He has a reputation just like Andrea's, but instead of it being flaunted so crassly, it was merely something of his history, because the moment Andrea came into his life, not once did I feel like he was this playboy. He was the perfect gentleman, the sweetest guy who thought of everything. Yeah, they were plotting for revenge against their "others", but I never felt conflicted with loving him. It was as easy as breathing, which got exceptionally better when I was for sure aware that he loved her. By then I was annoyed with Andrea for not realizing it, yet- ohmyfuckingggeeeeeee.

I didn't fall for him until around the time Andrea did. I only thought of how amazingly great and perfect he was, like Andrea. I felt easy with him. Like Andrea. Mother. Fucker. Did the author just write it to where I felt what Andrea did???
*Maybe you're thinking too much.*

coincident i think not photo: Concidence? I think not coincidende-ithinknot.gif

But brilliant deductions aside. I loved how much comfort Damon gave me through Andrea, even more so when he was there to do what she wanted, silently promising to always be there for her until the end. Yes, he had his moments with Gretel the Hag, but that was never an issue.
*shoos it away*

Her mind was a wonder to get lost in, bringing up the issues on whether or not it's really okay to not be a manang like her sister, goody-two-shoe virgin bride with sprinkles of perfection. I loved their relationship and the way they balanced out each other, and although I felt for her whenever her choice of loving got brought up by everyone, I'm glad she stuck to her guns until she felt an appropriate change was for the better.

I so recommend this. Not only was the flow great for the mind, it also revealed plot twist after plot twist until I was so invested, I didn't stop til I saw their happily ever after. Gobbled it up all in one sitting. Esguerra wrote a very beautiful love story about a woman who has no idea what love is until she's wearing the other shoe. I believe it was because he made her feel so comfortable that Andrea was able to love without needing her guard up, and when it came to realizing what she really wanted, I'm glad she was able to do so without me needing to slap some sense into her. The other characters were great at adding to the story, especially her adorable parents, though I may just be partial to them. The growing and withering of love mixed with humor and a few tears made this for a very perfect reading.

*almost as perfect as Damon*

Last Thought:
Where's the nearest gun range?

Happy Reading =^-^=

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Pollyanna and The Greek Billionaire (Innocent and Betrayed 2)

Marriage is nothing like the heartless Greek billionaire Kryillos Gazis imagines.

But more than that, it is probably his young and innocent wife Pollyanna that is the biggest surprise. She makes him happy beyond belief, and when she gifts him with the most beautiful twins, Kyrillos knows that his life will never be the same again. It will always be better each day, and all because of his family.

Now, the only thing he must make sure is for Pollyanna to never find out that he's lied about loving her.

This is Book 2 of Kyr and Pollyanna's epic love story.


Ah, yet another numbing moment.

The feels will probably come up later in this review/rant but that's what you get when a book stunts you and you can't really think about what just happened. Marian.

you ain't shit photo: aint dis some shit aint_this_some_bullshit.gif

By Part Two, I can now see the difference between this series and the rest of the books the author has written. Marriage and children added into their lives are not only blessings and a future that many couples fight to have, they also play a part in threatening to pull them apart. Kyr married Pollyanna to keep her, but when problems start to arise, he actually starts to regret it, thinking them as chains to a freedom he no longer has access to. Like the freedom of a single man. The freedom of a life with Ana.

why you lying photo: UGH WHY tumblr_lzf0tlLPL71r16ucr.gif
*Oh, I think the numbness is wearing off.*

I felt like I was stabbed in the back, but mostly I just feel like a piece of assuming shit. -_- The entire time I'm reading, he has beautiful moments with Pollyanna and his family. It's obvious he loves his kids, and he appreciates Pollyanna. I even thought he loved her, and maybe he did? But his ultimate betrayal now leaves me to question if he actually loved her.

you ain't shit photo: Bridesmaids tumblr_inline_mhivvsmUFJ1qz4rgp_zps39d5b3c0.gif

Let's get one fucking thing straight. He loved Pollyanna and just didn't know it until the end, because if he didn't love her, he wouldn't have come to the conclusion he did. So he loves her. Ye-fucking-ha. What I don't like is that he loved Polly... but didn't love her enough? I'm so confused dammit!!! He realized he loved her, but he also loved Ana? Or was he just realizing that he'll always have feelings for his childhood love, but loves Pollyanna more?

you ain't shit photo: Jon Stewart seriously_zps15b102a6.gif

If he loved her more, why the fuck did he kiss Ana back and think about life with her??? Like... is this your way of showing that everyone has these doubts and it's normal to think about the what-if? Are you trying to make him human or something? I'm talking to you, Marian. Well don't. Stop it right now.

I guess what I'm supposed to get out of this is... he fell in love with Pollyanna but will never forget his first love. However, because his first love was a vindictive and selfish bitch, his love was tainted and he ended up hating her for it. When he fell in love again, that hate turned back into... idk, the poster child for the ghost of Christmas past? And when he finally had what he'd wanted in the past, he realized that it wasn't something he wanted anymore. He wanted the dream he was already living: Pollyanna and the kids.

Well you fucked up, asshole, and I hope you suffer for the shit you just put Pollyanna through with all your goddamn lies and deceit.

I just want to fucking slap the shit out of him! Looking back at all the men I've ever read about, I don't believe I can recall a man who made me want to choke him more than this one. Some have done sexual things with others in the throes of misguided betrayal, others going as far as to throw their own loved ones out in anger (I'm looking at you, Damen). Even Kellion (from Kellion), with his perfect first love, didn't make me this mad. Is it because he never had kids or married Aria? Maybe, but the point is, Kyr is a douche. Just a horrible, horrible douche I'd like to see sink to the bottom of the ocean so a shark will tear him a new asshole.

I JUST DON'T GET IT MAN! You're getting ready to celebrate your eighth anniversary with your WIFE and when your childhood lover comes to fuck you up again, you let her? Out of rage to see her hurt, which you don't even do? And of course that's all she needs to throw herself at you babbling about leaving your wife to be with her. And what happens? What happens. I'll fucking tell you what happens. Instead of throwing her off, Kyrillos FuckingGodDamn Gazis legit thinks about what it'd be like to finally be with Ana again.

snape hits harry photo: Snape tumblr_li3jgclQYq1qa257v.gif


Did he just- what I think he just- are you fucking kidding me, Kyrillos??? You're married to a beautiful woman inside and out with four fucking precious kids and you're gonna fucking contemplate? That's it, I'm tired of this shit! I don't care if you never did get over her, you've been lying to Pollyanna, the kids, ME YOU SACK OF SHIT and yourself about being a pussy where Bitchana is concerned.

snape hits harry photo: Snape angry tumblr_lkwp7y8fq01qem7u8.gif

Things were going so well for Kyr and Pollyanna, and despite how sweet it all was, in the end reality won; he never got over Ana, and as great as Pollyanna was, it just wasn't what was needed for him to get over her. Yes, it had a helping hand in making him see just what it was that he should've been fighting for all these years, but what's been done has been done. And it took a second too long of touching the wrong lips to break the heart of the only woman who loved him so readily.

So, after all the shit I got from the first book with his DEVIRGINIZING HER ON HIS OWN EX'S FUCKING BED WHERE HE DEVIRGINIZED HER WHAT THE FUCK KYRILLOS and the sass Pollyanna got from the gossipers and jealous old bitches of the world, what do I end up with? A deathly betrayal far worse than anything I've ever read. Then again I'm a pretty sheltered reader and I can actually think of a worser fate I read years ago but that's not the fucking point.

This second book to the Innocent and Betrayed... don't read it. Stop now. Abandon all hope and get the fuck out of this trap before you start losing heart strings and your sanity and your love for all Greek billionaires. You'll end up crying and wishing you could burn this thing, and will probably cry even more because you bought it for your kindle so now the most satisfaction you'll get is reveling in pushing the delete button or even tossing it out of your device, never to touch again.

*They might need reverse psychology.*

Fine, then. Buy this book. Fucking start with the first one, watch this idiot fall in love with a man who's perfect to everyone but his own self. See this innocent young lady lose herself on the beautiful Greek island Teleios, and in those beautiful Greek arms that refuse to let her go. See her fall for a liar. See him struggle with his addiction for something so pure and naive, it's impossible not to love her for all that her loving and trusting eyes refuse to give up on. See him ruin her chance for happiness before it's even begun. See it all, with the way Marian so wickedly sends the words through your mind like a peaceful stream only to fuck you over the minute you go in, because you'll drown. You'll drown in their thoughts, in their raw feelings, in the lies. Drown until all you'll be wanting is the next book, this book, and the next one.

Fucking. Read. This. Series.

Last Thought:
I just want to forget what I just read. Find a way to distract myself-

snape hits harry photo: Snape tumblr_lomzt6YVo41qhdexto1_500.gif

Happy Reading =^-^=